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super 8 movie trailer J.J. Abrams Super 8 Trailer

Last week we reported on the full description of the Super 8 trailer, the top secret teaser for the next J.J. Abrams project that no one had ever heard of. As it turns out, that description was 100% accurate in describing what you can watch in below in the official Super 8 movie trailer.

The first official Super 8 trailer is intriguing to say the least but doesn’t reveal too much outside of what we’ve already heard. According to J.J. Abrams, Super 8 is not at all related to Cloverfield and is a separate and unique monster movie.

While seemingly embodying the style of Steven Spielberg’s (he’s collaborating with Abrams on Super 8) early work from the 70s and 80s, all we know about the film outside of the trailer footage is the limited plot synopsis from Heat Vision:

“The possibility that a group of kids in 1979 are playing around making movies with their Super 8 cameras (as Abrams and Spielberg did as kids) and accidentally capture something … sinister, on film.”

The official Super 8 trailer:

Head to Apple for the HD version

Did you notice the kid at the end? Creepy:
super 8 kid from trailer J.J. Abrams Super 8 Trailer

With all things J.J. Abrams related, comes viral marketing and of course there is an online viral game for Super 8. For more check out the Super 8 fansite Super 8 News.

What are your thoughts and predictions on J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 mystery project?

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Super 8 releases summer 2011.

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  1. This is something that comes along once in a while and surprises everyone. I cannot wait for this film. I also found a screen grab where I THINK we see the monster/alien coming out of the train mess.

    Brilliant by all parties involved.

  2. Intriguing…

  3. That was a bad representation of a train crash. I work for a Class 1 railroad and I’ve seen plenty of really bad train crashes and head on collisions and they look nothing like that. I know I’m being silly but if I didn’t work in the rail industry it probably wouldn’t bother me as much.

    As for the movie…of course it will be fun to watch. It’s got aliens in it. Who doesn’t like aliens?

    • Bad representation in terms of how the crash takes place, or how it depicted the aftermath?

      • As how there was absolutely no weight

      • Both. The closest accurate depiction of a derailment on screen that I’ve seen was The Fugitive and that wasn’t really correct either.

    • Umm… How many trains have you seen carrying monsters transported by the military?

      Ya, that’s what I thought Paul.

      • It doesn’t matter what the train is carrying, the monster didn’t cause the derailment and crash, the truck supposedly did. It would take a hell of a lot more than that one pick up truck to cause a derailment of that nature. The train likely only serves the purpose of letting the monster go free in the film, which is why they probably didn’t do much research (if any) on the physics of train derailments.

        Like I said, it’s a minor nitpick on my part, I admit it; but being involved in the rail industry for 7 years, I can assure you that is not how it happens. Engines do not exploded when they fall over because they run on diesel and that type of fuel is not very flammable.

        • I applaud your observation Paul. I think the aftermath shot looked sloppily done too. But anyway maybe that’s the point they don’t want it to look too real for whatever reason. Cost? That or the much dreaded “rule of cool.” If you hang something like this out there and it’s not the best you can produce what else do you have to go on to judge the quality of the overall production? The reputations behind the production? I guess that accounts for something but I’m reminded by the fact anything or anyone can fail too. Besides it kind of bothers me that these guys can’t get behind a project like “Rendezvous With Rama” but they can pull all kinds of money and resources out of Hollywood to make a cheap idea monster movie…

    • I know what you mean. I dont know anything about trains, but i know that a truck like that will be a moskito in front of one.
      in fact was so ridiculous, that i just paused the movie to see what people say about that xD

      an accident like that… i believe maybe, and just maybe train against train at 300 km/h or more.

  4. this is a good summer film for summer 2011 i am going to see it next year

    • Succinct and to the point. Nicely played.

  5. Wow, only one vehicle can do that to a whole train? Well I am glad Spielberg is back dealing with Aliens !! I guess there is more than one creature in this show?

  6. Its an origins story about the aliens from Indiana Jones 4.

  7. Yeah I thought the same thing when I watched this trailer.

    One truck hitting a train won’t cause a derailment like that. That truck would have been vapor,and the train would have hardly noticed it.

    And why would the military transport this thing in a train, above ground?
    Abhrams really is such a half ars director.

    • Well the military routinely transports both weapons and hazardous materials by rail. That’s nothing new. However, with a cargo like this you would like (seeing as how it is in the open air desert) that there would be no less than 4 helicopters following and that every crossing between origin and destination would have been guarded to keep such a thing from happening.

      Hell, we move tanks and spent nuke rods and you should see all of the different types of convoys running with those trains.

  8. Looks pretty interesting to me and I’m glad it’s finally out so I can look at it again.

    I didn’t think the bit with the train made any sense, but it probably serves no purpose other than as a way to get the creature or whatever it is out. Thanks for the info though on why it wouldn’t work like that.

    I am quite curious as to who was driving that truck and why they did it if that even gets looked at.

    The idea that it’s a bunch of kids wit Super 8 cameras sounds a pretty cool way. I wonder if that means we’ll see it all from the camera’s POV like what was done with Cloverfield.

  9. That’s a problem I have with Abrams he sometime skips over details that a 6th grader would question.

    “Ah they’re not paying attention to that, because the tension of that door bursting open has them spellbound.”

    Yeah whatever,,,

  10. I think that this will be worthwhile to watch being that it is not all “superheroed” out or “3-D” to death & does not seem to be based on any existing movie “franchise”. Yeah, I know it has 2 do with aliens & such but it was the pacing that I felt was impressive because it dosen’t outright show you the alien or creature but more so leaves something to the imagination. I believe one of the reasons why Alfred Hitchcock films are so revered even in these modern times..

  11. it’s a movie, the whole point is to keep you watching, did you keep watching? well, then there you go…

  12. obviously, the focus is NOT how a truck derailed a train, but more so what was driving or controlling the truck and it’s role in helping the ” entity” 2 escape, as it PURPOSELY derailed the train. But that’s all I can say.

  13. Who cares that you’ve “never seen a truck derail a train”? obviously, the focus is NOT how a truck derailed a train, but more so WHAT was driving or controlling the truck and it’s role in helping the ” entity” 2 escape, as it PURPOSELY derailed the train.

  14. who cares that you’ve “never seen a truck derail a train”? The focus is not the truck derailing a train, but more so WHAT was driving or controlling the truck, and it’s role in helping the “entity” to escape the train car, as the train was PURPOSELY derailed. But that’s all I an say…

  15. Oh man I loved this trailer probably the most fun trailer out there, thanxs for the article it made me watch it frame by frame oh boy! so creepy ! I noticed the cutting frames before but didn’t pay much attention till now that you pointed out the kid, so i went over the letters in the end frames and I was able to make out the words’scariest (something in the middle but wasn’t able to come up with a word I think it has the following letters ‘thuier’ something like that) saw’ so it reads “scariest thuieer saw” don’t know the middle one sorry but I’ll keep trying lol,

  16. I went to a casting call in my area for this! The news keeps going that the movie is about a group of kids who grow up in a steel mill town or something. which weirton is all steel mill, pretty awesome though. they need 2000 extras so friend and i went to join :D hopefully i get a phone call. be AWESOME to work on the set of a movie like this, considering this genre of movies is what im into.