J.J. Abrams Explains Why He Didn’t Want ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Directing Job

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jj abrams star wars J.J. Abrams Explains Why He Didnt Want Star Wars: Episode 7 Directing Job

J.J. Abrams has already endeared himself to sci-fi fans with his action-packed reboot of the Star Trek franchise, so it was no surprise when the director’s name popped up as a potential contender to direct Star Wars: Episode 7.

However, Abrams quickly shot down those rumors, explaining that he didn’t want to take on the burden of the iconic franchise and that he was content to simply be a fan like everyone else. In a recent interview, Abrams further elaborated on why he wasn’t interested in the director’s chair.

Speaking with Empire Magazine, Abrams admitted that, while he did have some initial conversations with Lucasfilm about the movie, he “declined any involvement very early on.”

“I quickly said that because of my loyalty to Star Trek, and also just being a fan, I wouldn’t even want to be involved in the next version of those things. I declined any involvement very early on. I’d rather be in the audience not knowing what was coming, rather than being involved in the minutiae of making them.”

To sum up: Abrams said he didn’t want to direct Star Wars a month ago, and he still doesn’t want to direct it. So you can file this one under the non-news category. That being said, it is interesting to consider Abrams’ perspective on the film.

Abrams grew up on Star Wars and the films have had a profound impact on his professional career. Because the movies were so important to him, it’s easy to understand why he wouldn’t want to ruin the magic of the franchise by getting into the nitty, gritty work of directing one.

star wars spinoffs kasdan kinberg J.J. Abrams Explains Why He Didnt Want Star Wars: Episode 7 Directing Job

However, the same can be said of virtually all of Abrams’ peers. Most every director who grew up in the 1970s will cite Star Wars as an inspiration. Are they all thinking the same thing as Abrams: that signing on to direct Star Wars: Episode 7 will detract from their fond memories of the original series?

One candidate that seems to be picking up some steam (at least on the Internet) is X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn. At 41, Vaughn would have been six when the first Star Wars film came out, so it’s reasonable to assume that the director watched the franchise as a kid. One can only wonder if he has any of the same trepidation as Abrams.

What do you think? If you were a big-time director, would you turn down the chance to direct Star Wars out of love for the franchise?

Source: Empire

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  1. I think if I was a director id be giving Star Wars the wide birth as well, Its just too massive, so much pressure and you have to get it right! Whoever takes it on has some big kahoonahs..

    • Yep. Nail on the head.
      Basically, no one wants to do it.
      If this film is coming out within 3 years they better find someone pretty quick.
      Back to you George Lucas.

      • I hope it doesn’t go back to Lucas man one word can describe my feeling for that… ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!

        • One word can describe my feeling for that also, but it’s more profane than your reaction, lol

  2. He’s almost contradicting himself. Not wanting to be involved with the next versions of those kinds of things…how is that any different than directing the Star Trek movies?

    He could’ve just left it at “I like Star Trek more than Star Wars.”

    • This quote from him might clear things up for you:

      “I was never a big Star Trek fan growing up, so for me, working on Star Trek didn’t have any of that, you know, almost fatal sacrilege, and so, I am looking forward more then anyone to the next iterations of Star Wars, but I believe I will be going as a paying moviegoer!”

      • The thing is that he doesn’t like Star Trek more than Star Wars!

        And that shows!

    • Star Trek movies are not even close to as iconic as Star Wars movies. Not my opinion, just the way it is.

      • 11 movies (almost 12) and six television series make up the bulk of the Star Trek mythos: The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. All the different versions in total amount to 716 Star Trek episodes across the 30 seasons of the TV series. And also close to 600 books.

        Star Wars has a lil over 100 cartoon episodes. Maybe equally as much novels as there are cartoon episodes.

        Star Wars did 4.3 billion in BO results. Star Trek did almost 1.5 billion. That might be the only thing that Star Wars would have over Star Trek. BUT! Star Trek has YET to re release their movies MULTIPLE TIMES IN DIFFERENT FORMATS in theaters.

        • @My Favorite Biker Breakfast Cereal.

          You mean the Remastered Special Edition Limited Edition of the Original Trilogy Remastered in Special Edition Blu-Ray with Retro Original Ending Redone to to Special Edition VHS Format compatible Laser Disc Added Bonus Feature of Stars Wars Episode 4,5 AND 6

          In Spanish?

          • Not to mention Betamax!

            • DANG IT!

        • You have to adjust. Take out the first run of Stars, 77,80 and 83.

          Was a different Time for movies, those movies were in theaters for nearly a year.

          Star Trek the Motion Picture came out in Dec of 79 and I saw it in theaters Aug 80. Movies back then were a different breed, where actually going to movie with 5 dollars actually got you ticket, food, drink and change.

          Matinees were only 50 cents, and god I saw empire strikes back with my dad and grandfather 5 times.

            • Whats wrong with you????

              LOL :)

              • I spend my entire work day being bored. This is my entertainment! lol.

                • I know the feeling, Operations Commander today, no flight time for me, I will be monitoring Radios and Computers all day.

                  • LOL everyday I monitor computers. Sometimes, I feel like that fat blob in Blade that was running scripts on the servers to try and decode the Blood Gods thingy. All except for the obesity is my job lol.

            • @leather

              Haha, that picture made me chuckle.

        • I don’t know about SW re-releases being the sole reason why its made it up to 4 billion. I actually did the math and added up the combined total of the OT’s original releases, and it totals at $1,788,879,251; which is nearly half of that 4 billion. Not too shabby for three movies, huh?

          • That’s why I gave it credit for having the BO results.

            • Star Wars 1977

              World Wide, 503 Million dollars.

              2.5 Billion adjusted for 2012.

              ONE MOVIE!

              • It wouldve given Avengers a run for its money lol.

                • Well. It was a different time, when there were no quick to dvd or in star wars case, I think almost 10 years for the movies to come on on VHS. Movies made their money on long runs.

                  Still if you think about the going rate, based on population of the United States alone, it saying every person saw the movie twice.

                  That alone is mind boggling.

                  • I wasn’t around back then but I remember watching That 70′s Show where the episodes of its release. I think Kelso saw it quite a few times himself lol.

                    I would love it if theaters would keep movies around a lil longer. Even after DVD release. And not in the cheap theaters. Or maybe the cheap theaters should get upgrades atleast lol.

                    Did anyone else experience in their day a $1.50 double feature theater? We had one here for a while. I saw Batman Forever there. I don’t remember the second movie playing. But it was awesome as a kid.

                    • Make me feel older than dirt why dont ya!


      • Star Trek Movies no where close to Star Wars when it comes to Movies.

        Wider Fan Base goes to Star Trek. Star Trek Movies were always the Achilles Heel for the franchise. But Star Trek had more TV Series, which resulted in more viewers who did not have to leave home to get quality Television science fiction.

        Both have Equally large fan base when it comes to books. But a Higher Quality of Story Telling comes from Star Trek over Star Wars. Star Wars, you get the point either it is going to be Rebel, New Republic, Empire, Jedi, Sith, Rebuild the Empire, Use the Force, Join the Dark Side..You know the end result is going to be.

        Star Trek, you have a bigger more wide open universe, which is planted in “Our” Universe, not a galaxy aa long time ago in galaxy far, far away. Star Trek, you can relate with the characters more, and you know they will have their flaws.

        I enjoyed reading both franchises growing up, but I felt Star Wars hashing out books by anyone who thought they had a good story. The Canon for Star Wars is broken down into 6 subgroups.

        Star Trek, its canon or its not. I like thins Simple. Star Wars just had fans adding things to it based on how well received their stories were.

        And in round about way. Disney buying Lucas LTD poses a problem. Industrial Light and Magic is the best special effects company in the business, it set the standard. Every movie who uses them, Disney has a hand in it. Which to me in the long run, will ruin Special Effects Movies.

        • ALI think there’s some good truth behind that

      • “Not my opinion, just the way it is.”

        Please quantify iconicness.
        Food for thought: TV Guide’s claim the end of ‘City on the Edge of Forever’ was the best television moment ever, the universal recognition of Star Trek characters, and the very fact that we’re talking about a director who brought back the original series in a new product line.
        If you want to get really technical, what are the icons of Star Wars? I mean literally the major images. Lightsabers? Every Force user makes his/her own. They’re all different. X-Wings? Cool but no. Ewoks? The Death Star maybe? Star Trek actually has much more signature imagery, eg the Enterprise, Spock, uniforms, the transporter etc.

        • ETA I’ll give you Vader and the Falcon too, but SW is more about mumbo jumbo.

          • The ship is reproduced for each movie and the bridge. More people have tv.
            The droids are iconic. Man on the street sees more ST in stand up comedy routines. (Eddie Murphy)

      • “Star Trek movies are not even close to as iconic as Star Wars movies. Not my opinion, just the way it is.” ~ Stephen

        Its your opinion. Its not how it is.

    • @ACW

      Star Trek for JJ was a challenge. You have 1 director to top, Nicolas Meyer. Star Wars poses another problem. How do you prove upon a cult favorite that had one weak movie.

      The Mona Lisa is a painting, but no one has ever tried to duplicate it because it would be under so much scrutiny. Disney might want to get Star Wars out quicker,why it still have relevance. Lets face facts, Episode 1 Is quickly approaching 15 years. Even as a big Star Wars fan, I had no great desire to see any of the second trilogy, and honestly, My Star Wars fix came with the Remastered Special Edition of Episodes 4-6. They may even attempt to reboot Star Wars, but love him or hate him. George Lucas was Star Wars.

      You can get any director to direct Episode 7, but truth for me. I have no desire intrest in Star Wars pass the first 3. IMHO

      • I think the best Star Wars director was Irvin Kershner which I think is why TESB is regarded (by most) as the best of the originals.

        He’s quoted as saying that he regretted turning down the job of directing RoTJ after seeing it.

        I wish he’d done it too.

        The originals in best order:

        The Empire Strikes Back
        A New Hope
        Return of the Jedi

        The prequels in best order

        Revenge of The Sith (just don’t mention the stupid artificial gravity)
        Attack of The Clones
        The Phantom Menace

        But I agree, the original trilogy is still the best of the series.

  3. Who’s that guy on the very far right of that star wars characters image? It kind of reminds me of the bad guy from Willow :).

    • Yuzzhan Vong, go look it up on Wookipedia, never really got into that war, I prefer the period from slightly before the original trilogy in books, to slightly before the Vong war, but I can tell you they come from outside the galaxy. The Blue skinned guy is more interesting, his name is Grand Admiral Thrawn, and the trilogy he was in that was written by Timothy Zahn helped to reinvigorate star wars(and one of the first EU books after a lull period after return of the jedi, first one in the trilogy was released in 91 if I remember correctly

  4. Whatever brave soul takes the directing chair for one or more of these new ‘Star Wars’ installments need to understand that the new trilogy needs to actually be about SOMETHING other than just the usual good vs evil malarkey; they need to engage out hearts as well as dazzle our eyes, they need substance and not just spectacle, pathos and not just plot, and they need a bold and visionary director with commercial sensibilities that will make the new trilogy stand tall on it’s merits not resting on the merits of past installments to cover it’s own deficiencies like the prequels did… and let’s hope Disney gives him/her the (relative) creative autonomy to forge a brilliant movie that’s one for the ages and not just for the bottom line.

    I remain skeptical about the reason and indeed need for these films’ existence, yet I also remain hopeful that lessons from the prequels’ innumerable missteps have been learnt, and that the new trilogy will be a glorious return to form for a brand badly tarnished and left in an appalling state by it’s creator, but it’s worth noting that we didn’t get a genuine classic like ‘The Wrath of Khan’ until Paramount kicked Gene Roddenberry to the curb, and we didn’t get the superb 2009 ‘Star Trek’ reboot until Rick Berman was ousted, let’s just hope the same thing happens to ‘Star Wars’ now that it’s creator is no longer involved or has final say in the creative decision-making process, that alone gives me hope we’ll see a ‘Star Wars’ movie worthy of it’s legacy, only time will tell, but it’s going to be one mighty interesting next two-and-a-half years…

    • The prequel trilogy wasn’t that bad. Granted it has some problems but the only Star Wars movie that I don’t really care for is Episode II. Now I might have some bias considering Episode I was the first movie I saw in theaters at the age of 7. I then grew up with the next two and watching them in theaters. So I may have a bias for liking them, but I did see the original trilogy before I saw the prequels, but being that young I had ZERO expectations coming from the prequels. In my opinion I think too much was expected from Episodes I,II, and III. That isn’t to say that they don’t have flaws, every movie does including the originals, but they are not as bad as everyone says they are. On a side note my favorite Star Wars movie is Episode III

      • episode V by Light years, i think my son was about 5 when i took him to see the prequals and he did not like them from the begining because he had already seen the originals many times! still to this day he will not watch them again, i have seen all of them multiple times as he has seen the originals many times since then but refuses to watch the prequals! I did not think they were all that bad, nowhere near what I was expecting but….

      • The Phantom Menace is easily the worst Star Wars film ever made. The introduction of Jar Jar Binks made me want to travel to Skywalker Ranch and punch George Lucas in the head. I’ve seen the original trilogy countless times and can watch A New Hope or Empire ANY time and enjoy the heck out of it. I’ve seen the prequels twice: once in the theater and once on DVD. Really don’t need to watch them again. I just hope that whoever takes on Episode 7 gives it the SFX of Ep 1-3 with the heart of 4-6. Personally, I’d love to see a movie about Boba Fett and the Mandalorians.

        • I agree there with Andy… well, kinda!

          A big “hell yeah!” to the Mandalorians putting in an appearance but not in a Boba Fett movie, have them as the main antagonists in the upcoming Episodes VII-IX trilogy… with the death of the Emperor and the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire has basically imploded, leaving the galaxy in a virtual state of lawlessness, which the Mandalorians take advantage of by launching a ferocious attack on the fledgling new Republic, leading to the creation of a new Jedi Order to defend the Republic and once again bring back peace and justice to a lawless universe.

          Imagine Sergio Leone in space, how would that not be cool…?

      • EGAD1, you’re right that the prequels aren’t that bad, they’re not bad movies per se at all, just mediocre with occasional flashes of brilliance, whereas the original Trilogy was anything but mediocre and was just a brilliant creation from beginning to end that merged old-fashioned storytelling with cutting-edge visual effects.

        I’ve said it here and elsewhere many times before, and I’ll say it here again; the problem with the prequels was not the story arc or the ideas contained therein, it was how said story arc and ideas were handled onscreen;

        George Lucas badly needed to have all three prequel episodes plotted out in detail in advance so he knew where and how it would all fit together.

        He badly needed an outside screenwriter for each prequel episode, to help shape and mold a dynamic script with sharp dialogue, strong characters, and tight action… something he clearly was unable to achieve himself.

        He should have hired an outside editor for all three prequel episodes, someone who understood story structure, pace, and character performance and interaction, someone like Walter Murch (a longtime Lucas friend and confidante), who could help shape a considerably tighter and more focused final cut than what ended up onscreen.

        And finally, if George Lucas was to utilize as much digital imagery as he did in all three prequel episodes, Industrial Light & Magic really should have been working EXCLUSIVELY on each episode during it’s respective post-production phase, so each and every visual effect shot could have been given the required time and attention to detail needed to render it to it’s fullest potential (within limits of time and technology), that way, the immersive world that Lucas was trying to achieve onscreen would have been a lot more convincing and with none of the ropey CGI that did end up onscreen.

        Just my humble opinion anyway…

  5. I honestly don’t see the big deal with directing a movie franchise that you are a big fan of. I mean come on?! All of us here talk about how much better a film could be if it was done a certain way. And we ARE the fans. If I was a Star Wars fanboy, Id say give me the chair. But I’m not. But I would love to direct Star Trek. Or atleast a pilot for a new series!

  6. Just glad he did decline !
    Wouldn’t like a Star Wars film with his imprint trademarks !
    Respect for the man,but he is the wrong guy anyway in my opinion !

  7. Good, because we wouldn’t be able to see anything anyway. And yes, as far as I’m concerned, I’ll NEVER watch one of his movies again.

  8. Well, no lens flare. :) Love J.J but I’m glad he declined.
    On the question of who is going to direct it, IMO disney have a hard time if all candidates decline the job.

    My top four stay the same :

    - Neill Blomkamp
    - Peter Jackson
    - Kenneth Branagh
    - Drew Goddard

    • Ah, Branagh could be good. I hadn’t thought of him – he directed Thor, didn’t he? I loved that. Peter Jackson could be good. It’s just hard for me to say, only being familiar with his Tolkein films.

      • Jackson did a great job on The Lovely Bones.

        • Also The Frighteners, great film.

    • I’m hoping Zack Snyder will do it, I love his style. :D

      • Ridley Scott should take the reins! Imagine that movie! ahhahaa

        • No thanks, I don’t like many of Scott’s films.

  9. What the heck. It is precisely *because I am* a fan that I would want to be the director. I have said it before; it does not have to be difficult to make a great Star Wars film. You just have to get it, i.e. understand what made the original films what they were. I would be far more afraid of letting someone else direct the film and inexusably mess it up. That is to all of the current directors who suggest that the prospect is intimidating, blah blah blah.

    As for J.J. Abrahms, it seems obvious that the same person who is doing Star Trek should not be doing Star Wars. Also, while I enjoyed the 2009 Trek film, I am not a huge fan of Abrahms, so I am not sad that he is out of this picture.

  10. If I was a big time director I’d welcome the chance to direct Star Wars with open arms! I would think my love for it would only be a benefit.

  11. Yeh I rate Snyder, Reckon he will do Justice League instead of Star Wars though, would love to see Zack take on Batman as well after hes done with Superman, he would make an epic Batman film imo..

  12. Please call Sandy Collora!

  13. I can’t be the only person commenting on this to point out how absurd the idea behind the article is.
    They said directly in the dvd extras for ST2009 that Star Trek has always been like classical music but Star Wars has always been rock and roll, and the goal of the reboot was to breathe new life (or as it turns out maybe death) into Star Trek by making it more like rock. There are plenty of videos out there that expose their similarity with brutal effectiveness.
    Abrams doesn’t need to direct a scientifically deficient space fantasy series because he’s already doing it.
    He’s another one of these current Hollywood hot shots that’s given credit for skill for misdirection and obfuscation but who is obviously often just toeing the company line. That’s the real reason to take what he says with a grain of salt.

    • I agree about the last part, particularely as it relates to Lost or maybe Fringe. I’m not sure what to think of Abrahms…

  14. Funny how no one wants to direct this movie.

  15. hell no. you dont want to be known as the director who ruined star wars

    • But imagine being the director known as the one who SAVED Star Wars!

  16. I would think the studio wouldn’t want to use Abrams for a Star Wars movie just to avoid the monotony. Having the same five guys directing all of these movies is the reason why they all look and feel the same.

  17. I can’t believe how many directors are passing up on this. I mean, it’s their craft, why are they so afraid? Anyone has to be better than what George gave us with the prequels. And what’s wrong with having a co-director for the films ? Two directors pooling their resources wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    • I think it’s expectations, everyone has high expectations and no one wants to be the goat. If its not a hit it will be laid at the feet of the director even if the problem is in the writing or elsewhere. Really Lucas pulled out all the stops in IV, V, VI if you duplicate that, say use those as a template, you’ll get called on it. One has to wonder too is the story that they have really all that interesting? With all the directors that have said no it makes me wonder if the job isn’t bigger than we imagine. Perhaps in the opinion of the directors that have seen the script they realize it could use more refinement or is just plain and that has them troubled.

      • I think that the directors who would want to put their own stamp on these films know that these Star Wars movies under Disney would just be like a 5-Star chef working at a chain franchise restaurant. They want something that will sell to the broadest audience and be a good advertisement for all of the tie-ins and merchandising.

  18. Most Directors today would want to put their own brand on Star Wars, and stray away from the Formula. There are many fans of Star Wars, but even the most diehard fan would get excited over Characters they have not known or seen.

    When you talk Star Wars, seldom do you hear anything outside the movies, you ask someone who just watches the movies and not read the book or play the game and ask..What do you think of Dash Rendar, or Lord Xisor, Say Rogue Squadron to the non literature fan and I bet you will be met with blank stares.

    I could sell a ferrari on the internet for 100.00 brand new, I just want to get rid of it, I will have tons of people knocking at my door, they show up and see the car, start it up and here the engine, and I take the first 100.00 offer, someone is going to bid 110, another 115…Winner gets the car for 25,000.

    Later he realizes that It is a Ferrari Body with a Ferrari interior but there is a Volkswagen engine inside. That is what we may get with a New Star Wars, which on the outside Yell Star Wars, on the inside it screams….Three Stooges.

    • That’s why the Farrelly Brothers should direct Star Wars… I can see it now… Luke and Leia have kids (because they still don’t know they are siblings) and have Siamese kids named Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon.

  19. I’ll make the movie the way it should be done. Lots of CGI and fire and explosions with less talking. Sound good, huh?

    How about I get Karl Urban (you people like him) to play Luke Skyjogger and have him blow things up for two and a half hours? I am so good at making movies.

  20. Thank goodness for small favors. I don’t think I could take three Star Wars films filled with vague imagery, flip-flopping plot lines, only to find out they are all dead at the end of it and the Force was really Jesus on Meth.

    • You sure you’re not confusing my movies with M. Night’s?

  21. I can see it now at Ticketsinventory.com ..Two directors pooling their resources wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  22. I would be interested to see what the Coen brothers would make of a Star Wars film.

    I quite like their work, they have a lot of style, Millers Crossing was brilliant, I enjoyed O’Brother Where Art Thou? and they did a great job with True Grit.

    They’ve never done anything in the genre so would be an interesting challenge for them as well.

  23. I can see most directors wanting to direct, but ultimately steering clear of the big screen Star Wars universe due to its more vocal and rabid fanbase. They can be, well very vocal and rabid. With the level of hatred some have built up over Lucas, it’s not to be taken lightly as a decision on career and personal life afterwards, regarding a thing some people consider their living universe… The number of podcast/articles/sites that have expressed a hatred of Lucas for his alterations in the orig. trilogy, and the direction of the prequels, as well as how that turned into personal attacks on his weight, his mental state, savage satire by southpark, . . . I almost felt that Lucas was making changes at a point just to be retaliatory and then finally said, screw it. JJ still wants to work in the business, his back unencumbered and fanbase only mildly irritated (some of the Lost viewers who didn’t focus solely on the showrunners).

    I do agree with the folks who said Lucas should have allowed for new media releases of the uneditted original trilogy (vhs to dvd to bluray), even as he worked on his special project versions, and let the market decide on which/what to buy. But I’m not that invested in the life of that universe to destroy someone in this, least not at the polarizing levels the Star Wars universe has gotten where subtle to not so subtle FU’s and die comments are leveled at its crafter(s).

    If he’s spooked, Abrams may not make a Cloverfield follow-up.

  24. Cloverfield, Star Trek, LOST. All overrated garbage in the end.

    Glad he’s no-where near Star Wars, it’s only lately escaped George Lucas’ singular lack of talent.

    • Hmm
      If Singular lack of talent gets me to where I can turn a dream into a multi-billion dollar franchise.

      Then sell it and donate the 4billion dollar purchase………….Where do I sign up?

  25. **** I haven’t read any other comments so I apologize if this has been said already. ****

    I’m at the point where I’d be surprised, very surprised actually if Vaughn doesn’t get the job…
    We’ve heard yes or no from almost every rumored director but things have been extremely quiet from Vaughn and IMO that silence says everything we need to know.
    My money is on an announcement within the first week after the new year.

  26. I agree that they need to find someone with a quickness. That would be a huge burden, especially after how awful the prequels were. Who wants to dive into something that they know will be universally panned and tarnish their career? If the Director-To-Be would REALLY have full creative freedom, but within the bounds of this universe, and Lucas and McCallum are out of the mix, this film might have a chance. If there is too much interference creatively, and no proper level of respect, then forget about it.

  27. George Lucas created Star Wars and it will always have his personal style imprinted into it,from the movies to the animated series Mr.Lucas was always personally involved one way or another, so having a new set of movies without George Lucas continous involvement would be a daughting task for any director,no matter how talented,its not an impossible task but it would very difficult because Mr.Lucas was very unique with his creative processes and vision for the universe that he created.George Lucas had a reason for every situation that happened in his universe and all the major characters had a backstory,Mr Lucas stories and style are so much more different than other film makers which in my opinion is why so many directors are turning down doing the next Star Wars movie,because face it no matter what you think of Mr.Lucas(he’s a genious IMO)he is a tough act to follow when dealing with the universe that is of his own design.

  28. Craig Gibson should direct it… oh wait that’s me

  29. Well I’d say the fans of Star Wars just put most directors off from making the next three films. Episode 1-3 were not the best films around but those films are nowhere near as bad as the fans pretend they are. Especially The Phantom Menace and yes I know Jar Jar but if annoying character was the turning point for what makes a movie bad, half if not nearly all the movies released since the beginning of the movie industry are bad.