J.J. Abrams Planned ‘Star Trek’ TV Show; Rights Issues Led to Jump to ‘Star Wars’?

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JJ Abrams on Star Trek set J.J. Abrams Planned Star Trek TV Show; Rights Issues Led to Jump to Star Wars?

Director J.J. Abrams transformed the Star Trek property – which had been semi-dormant since the Star Trek: Enterprise TV show ended in 2005 - into a franchise with broader appeal, thanks to his movie reboot in 2009 (for better or worse). However, for many longtime admirers of the late Gene Roddenberry’s allegorical sci-fi universe, Star Trek will always belong first and foremost on the small screen in the episodic TV show format (not the three-act blockbuster structure).

There have been attempts to return Star Trek to its television origins, ranging from Bryan Singer’s pitched Star Trek: Federation TV show – set in the year 3000 as the Starfleet “empire” has begun to collapse - to Michael Dorn’s proposed Star Trek: Captain Worf TV series (a spinoff for the Next Generation/Deep Space Nine character). Bryan Fuller (creator of Hannibal) has, likewise, expressed interest in another Star Trek TV show, but said it comes down to Abrams’ purview.

An exclusive scoop from The Wrap reveals that even Abrams had plans for a new Star Trek television show, as an extension of the altered timeline continuity from his movie counterparts. The obstacle that prevented this from happening is related to licensing issues; that may have been a contributing factor in Abrams decision to jump ship (pardon the wording) and direct Star Wars: Episode VII - given the opportunities inherent to the beginning of a new era for George Lucas’ mythology-inspired sci-fi juggernaut.

star trek into darkness jj abrams official 570x378 J.J. Abrams Planned Star Trek TV Show; Rights Issues Led to Jump to Star Wars?

Abrams’ vision of the rebooted Star Trek as a multi-platform experience has been partially realized, between the cinematic and digital entertainment products – including the newly-released Star Trek Into Darkness movie and Star Trek video game (read Game Rant’s official review) – as well as with comic book tie-ins, such as the cannon prequel series for Into Darkness. According to The Wrap, Abrams and his Bad Robot banner had something larger in mind, but the split-up of Star Trek rights between Paramount and CBS (which has the ability to create new Star Trek TV shows) prevented that from happening.

Here is what the publication is reporting on the matter:

Much to the dismay of Bad Robot, CBS’ merchandising arm continued to create memorabilia and products based on the cast of the original 1960s series and market them to Trekkies… Bad Robot asked CBS to stop making products featuring the original cast, but talks broke down over money… In response, the company scaled back its ambitions to have “Star Trek’s” storylines play out with television shows, spin-off films and online components, something Abrams had been eager to accomplish.

Paramount, Bad Robot and CBS have since managed to collaborate in harmony on Star Trek Into Darkness, as illustrated by the aforementioned prequel comic books and movie tie-in video game (in addition to toys and novelizations that are based around the rebooted Star Trek continuity and characters). Moreover, Abrams is expected to continue his relationship with the franchise, as he intends to produce – and maybe even direct – the followup to Star Trek Into Darkness, after he is finished with making the seventh Star Wars live-action film installment.

JJ Abrams Star Wars Episode 7 J.J. Abrams Planned Star Trek TV Show; Rights Issues Led to Jump to Star Wars?

Disney and the newly-appointed President of Lucasfilm – legendary producer Kathleen Kennedy – are reported to be designing the next generation of Star Wars by using the same blue-prints for success from the Marvel Cinematic Universe; that mean, a shared continuity between the central Episodes, the standalone films and spinoffs, new television shows, video games, novels and everything in between. If we use deductive reasoning, then Kennedy may have emphasized that idea during her month-long negotiations to get Abrams to direct Episode VII.

To quote the original report on this matter:

Jeff Gomez, CEO of the transmedia consulting firm Starlight Runner Entertainment, says there could have been so many more lucrative [Star Trek] tie-ins.

… “Right now the ‘Star Trek’ movies are movies,” Gomez said. “There is no apparent ongoing transmedia strategy behind them, just a handful of licensing opportunities around the release of ‘Into Darkness.’ Why would that be attractive to an artist who sees beyond the boundaries of the silver screen to envision a true multi-platform narrative all based on a global franchise?”

Disney’s plans to develop Star Wars properties that range from new amusement park attractions to TV shows – milking the property for everything its worth in order to recoup a $4 billion investment - are said to be similar to what Abrams had in mind for Star Trek. Abrams, when interviewed for Into Darkness, emphasized that he’s focused on making Episode VII as good as it can be; thus, he is not actively involved with developing spinoff films right now. Nonetheless, he did not deny being aware of the larger picture, as far as the rest of the next wave of Star Wars entertainment is concerned.

jj abrams star wars episode 7 J.J. Abrams Planned Star Trek TV Show; Rights Issues Led to Jump to Star Wars?

At the end of the day, this is (arguably) what makes Abrams a solid choice to lead the charge on the new Star Wars movies. He’s not an auteur who uses beloved pop cultural properties like Star Trek and Star Wars as a means for artistic expression (a la Christopher Nolan and his Batman movie trilogy). Abrams’ strength is that he knows how to surround himself with talented storytellers who can infuse his films with heart and soul – screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci on Star Trek and Michael Arndt for Episode VII – so he can focus on making everything work together (and ensure that the final product turns out nice and shiny).

However, a Star Trek television is a beast that requires the total attention and commitment from any movie/TV artist, even one as influential and far-reaching as Abrams (who can still be an executive producer). That is to say, it might be better that when the next Star Trek TV show does come together, it could result from a passionate vision (like Singer’s or Dorn’s) and not be a direct extension of Abrams’ interest in creating a multi-platform monster.


Star Trek Into Darkness is now playing in theaters.

Star Wars: Episode VII is slated to open in theaters by Summer 2015.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. I trust Abrams.

    I hope he could get the current cast from his Trek movies to commit to a tv show.

    That may be wishful thinking but if they did that I imagine that the next movie would be payoff for something developed over the series. Something that would stand alone yet have deeper meaning for those who follow on television also.

    • Would never happen. Pine is to big i could see everyone else tho

      • Nah, I’m thinking it would be another crew onboard another starship…

        • Yep. Cohesion and non-contradictory elements are one thing, but going from blockbuster movie franchise cast to weekly tv cast with the idea of returning to the movies…it’s too far fetched to hope for. The weirdest combo of Tv and movies I know of was when the successful X Files show had a successful big movie BETWEEN seasons of its convoluted mythology, and it worked! Newcomers watched the movie and came to the show, while fans got the most out of all the stories.

        • Couldn’t they have another crew and ship, BUT include special guest appearances with characters from the films? i.e. Spock meets up with a new character to do a field test on an unknown planet, or the USS Enterprise saves the new ships or whatever. And maybe reference from the films?

          There’s alot of people jones’n for a new Star Trek TV series

  2. If the quoted excerpt is correct, then I think that it was absurd for Bad Robot to make such a request. Do the people at BR not realize how many Trekkies there are across the world? Frankly, I am not one, but still. There would have been room for merchandise of the 1960s characters and their 2010s counterparts. Alas, I am glad that this occurred, since I am happy that Abrams is directing Episode VII.

    • This actually explains a lot. Abrahams is greedy, pure and simple. Aside from Star Wars, Star Trek is the biggest franchise ever. The merchandise money alone is tremendous. It the time, of the first film, Lucas still had Star Wars and didn’t seem to be releasing anything. So Abrahams jumps on the next biggest thing hoping CBS and Paramount would comply and turn over everything to him. That’s why he’s remaking everything in his own image instead of coming up with fresh ideas. He wanted it all to himself, lock, stock and barrel. When he saw that wasn’t going to work, he jumped ship.
      I hope he fails big time!!

      • I’m sick of Abrams and his vision of Star Trek.

        • @The Question

          Good to know. I’ll ask you again when I care.

      • His name is ABRAMS not Abrahams.

        How is he being greedy? Did you not read the article above? Kathleen Kennedy spent A MONTH trying to convince him to do Star Wars. If he was greedy they would have just offered him more money and he would have taken it straight away.

        And mate, Star Trek is not the second biggest franchise ever. Thats your opinion.

        Looks like YOU failed big time.

        • It certainly the second biggest Science fiction franchise ever. If you count Star wars as science fiction, which some people don’t. An you don’t count STW as a science fiction franchise then Star trek is the biggest science fiction franchise around by some margin.

          James Bond is the biggest action/spy franchise ever. Harry Potter is the biggest fantasy franchise ever.

    • Yeah, bad move on JJ’s part.

      For hardcore trekkies, the original cast will never die. There is room for both timelines/universes for fans to enjoy.

      The sad part is, yes, Trek needs to return to television. There are stories you could tell that really work with the television format. So, this argument with respect to merchandising only delays this move.

      It’s been said that someone else could bring back Trek to television. The problem is that Trek right now is JJ’s vision. Other Trek’s which have been mentioned have failed to come to fruition. I can’t see anyone else stepping up to the plate other than JJ (or whoever he appoints), and that ain’t gonna happen because he jumped ship over to Star Wars.

  3. If he does remake the TV show, I hope he comes up with NEW expeditions and not only re-tell old ones.

    Hopefully Mudd gets an entire modernization upgrade and we get a good space pirate story.

    • THANK YOU! You’re the only other person I’ve seen who’s brought up Harcourt (Harry) Fenton Mudd as a viable character to be brought back :)

    • It’s great that you mention NEW expeditions.

      So, why bring back Mudd? If you want a space pirate story, create a NEW space pirate story and character, and make it unique to the new timeline.

      I’m really a fan of the new crew establishing itself with new ideas, instead of rehashing old ones.

    • Yes, there is plenty of potential for new stories, but think there is plenty of room to revisit some classic stories that could have used greater story and continuity arcs…

      Trillane – Was he of the Q Continuum or a rival thereof.
      Kor, Kang & Koloth – Re-establish those rivalries. Maybe even going with the original No Ridges Version of them, linking them to the Human Eugenics Contamination in the Klingons to explain why they didn’t have their ridges originally.
      Mitchell – And a better explanation of why they couldn’t, Shouldn’t and/or Can’t cross the Galactic Barrior. Something that never made sense in the original, but maybe they can – just not there. Some other force in effect leading me to the next revisit…
      Kelvans – Maybe in this timeline they are the reason for the barrier instead of it being there already. And maybe this time the Kelvan Fleet is en route.

      There is no need to revisit the events of “The Cage”, “The Menagerie” or even “Space Seed”.

  4. You would never get the current cast to commit to a TV series. It would be another reboot of a reboot.

  5. I would love a new TV show but dont think its possible as all the stories have been told, and a new set of episodes with the same old stories in a different century really wont succeed. The only way a ST show can really branch out and be different is if it is set in the Mirror Universe. A universe where the Federation/Human Race are evil, as are most of the other species, would really be interesting and give scope for a darker story arc.

    • For a new TV show set in the alternative universe there are plenty of new stories to be told. The story arcs would deal with the reprocussions of the events from the first two films.

      Some main story arcs could be:
      1) A militarist Vulcan group who have ‘logically concluded” that they must become more aggressive as a race to avoid extinction. Some evil vulcans could be very interesting. I know they are not an aggressive people usually, but they all would be ‘emotionally compromised’ based on the events of the 2009 film.
      2) Splits within Starfleet and internal conflict, those who served under Marcus could be the military faction. Building to the Klingon War on the horizon in this new timeline. There is no reason why, provided the story is good enough, they could not split up Starfleet in this new universe. It is a new timeline and therefore new stories must be told. Starfleet trying to deal with staying in control. The Federation could fall apart.

      Maybe my suggestions are a bit controversial but I think they would make interesting stories. Also, if they did the show they should invent some new aliens. There are no rules about not having new aliens appear.

      • How about: explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations?

        Trek isn’t all about the military. Mind you, it’s probably easier to sell the idea to casual fans and the studio at this point. Military ideas/themes usually involve a great deal of action, and have bad guys that need to be stopped. That’s modern Trek in a nutshell.

        I don’t think that JJ has any interest in exploring strange new worlds anyway.

        • @chetc – I meant those as story arcs that are occurring over a season(s), to help link to the movies and to set up a few exciting action orientated episodes. After the events that have occurred in the last two films, in my eyes, what I have proposed seems perfectly plausible and quite exciting.

          Of course in Star Trek you must have exploration, ethical dilemmas, character driven stories – I thought that was a given. Especially if ST moved back to the medium of television. Many episodes could be given to exploration, that is why I said that I wanted to see new aliens, implying that new locations are going to be explored. I was just pointing out that actually the events in this new timeline would create some seriously interesting politics and agendas within Starfleet and around the universe.

          If a balance could be found between action, exploration and character driven stories then a new ST TV series, if given a big enough budget, could be a mega-hit!! :)

      • I don’t know about anyone else but I am not interested in a different time line Star Trek as much as I am in a continuation of the time line from the Star Trek Enterprise TV show line. I do think that the two recent movies were very well done but it was very hard to let go of the time line and previous history. I think a show set in the year 3000 has a lot of promise. Everyone wants to see the Enterprise continue into the future. Plus it will be far enough into the future that we only have to worry about the mention of Kirk and not see Shatner show up on the show. That ungrateful SOB just keeps slamin’ Star Trek when ever he gets the chance when that show is what put him in the public eye. If you don’t believe that watch the documentary he does called Captains. And to everyone that will mention that he did work on Broadway I will concede that he may have done good work there but I wasn’t born yet and have only been able to see one Broadway show. I can’t remember the names of any of the actors from that one. When it comes to the actors of the movies there is no way they will move from the big screen to TV.

    • Snichy, I think that your idea is excellent. I’d be down or that type of ST show.

    • While a small percentage of the Mirror eps were fun and interesting enough stories to tell, they are ALL first and foremost gimmicks. The idea is a gimmick, and the realization of the idea is a series of gimmicks piled on gimmicks. It is all about how different everything is from how we know it. If it becomes the weekly norm than it loses its purpose, but more importantly we don’t need a series based on gimmicks. Enterprise was going to do more of those eps, and maybe they would have gotten better, but they were just one-off romps. That’s why they kept killing main characters off.

  6. Can I just say that Star Wars also might be be better off not being “a direct extension of Abrams’ interest in creating a multi-platform monster”? I try to make a point of using positive language, but here it its – I think that Abrams is way overrated from an artistic standpoint. I definitely do not find myself drawing parallels between him and Christopher Nolan.

    I was not thrilled when Kennedy hired Abrams, although I understand that decision, given that he is probably the safest bet around. But I am increasingly suspicious of Abrams being involved in so many things, not to mention guys like Damon Lindelof writing for so many projects. The studios and producers need to branch out a bit. I hope very sincerely that Star Wars as a larger franchise does not become a giant vehicle for Abrams, but instead is opened up to a variety of directors (Brad Bird, etc).

    Joss’ Whedon’s role with Marvel and the Avengers bothers me less, primarily because of my great love for Firefly – that made me a believer. While I have enjoyed some of Abrams’ stuff, nothing that he has done has made me a believer.

    • It’s funny that you mentioned Lindelof.I read an interview of him by THR yesterday. And, he is WELL AWARE that so many people want him to stay the hell away from SW.

  7. Was sincerely impressed with Into Darkness and that Pine had better embraced the mantle of Kirk both in Acting and Script, but after reading this article, it confirms my belief that the updated Warp Trails were intentially (not coincidentally) were leaving clouds of Pixie Dust.

    Or was I the only one that noticed the Poof of Pixie Dust as they warped off each time. LOL ;-)

    • Umm it’s just there to look good in 3D mate…

  8. CBS shot themselves in the foot, an opportunity to sell ‘new’ stuff not churning out the old stuff. Star Trek show needed

    • Really? I am of the opinion JJ shot himself in the foot trying to alientate the old crowd that made this new “vision” possible. CBS sold merch for the old franchise because people, after all these years, still LIKE it and BUY it, people still went to see the movies when they came out, we still buy the old DVD’s, I just watched panels with STNG characters last week that thousands went and attended in their own neck of the woods. JJ admitted he never even liked the series and made an action flick with known characters after resetting the entire universe because he couldn’t do it any other way nor did he have an interest, yet CBS can still make money off putting the image of old characters from the old universe after so many years. Why? Because there was is and will continue to be Fans of it…

  9. Purely my opinion; I’d really like it if they did a JJ-verse show about the USS Excelsior. Fans are very familiar with the ship, but at the same time it had very little screen time and saw almost no action in the movies. I think the producers would have an excellent opportunity to create a new crew with new stories while still having something very familiar to fans. Also, since it would be close chronologically to the new movie universe, they would have the opportunity for guest appearances from the current movie cast as well as appearances from other former TOS characters. So it would essentially be new, but familiar.

    • I’d like that. I can’t remember offhand which film the Excelsior was in…III or V? But I was definitely disappointed that its awesomness wasn’t utilized more.

      • It was shown in 3 when it tried to chase the Enterprise going after Spock. Then it was shown at the end of 4 I believe, right before the surprise reveal of the new ENT. A. The same model was used as various Excelsior class ships in a few quick shots in TNG. Also it was long known that the ENT – B was the same class, as evidenced by the wall of golden ship models on Picard’s ship for the early seasons of TNG. This presented a problem when they wanted Generations to portray the launch of the B, since they didn’t want to use a model we had all seen many times for many years, so they modified the area around the deflector dish a bit. Still, it was essentially an Excelsior.

        As for the original though, after they gave it to Sulu I joined the letter campaign to give Sulu and the ship a new series. The same exact idea would be weak now though, using John Cho I mean. He is fine, but not the star of a new series. Having somebody take an alternate Excelsior on a new mission/tv show sounds very plausible and might be a good choice. I don’t feel that a conventional trek show is wise though, because the slow start of Enterprise proved that more fresh energy is needed. By the last season it had found its momentum and relevance with unmistakably trek stories that didn’t feel like TNG/VOY leftovers, this is where a new series needs to BEGIN, with inspiration and passion, not painting by numbers one week at a time.

    • Yeah, I agree.

  10. Frankly, I think an interesting premise for a new Trek show would be going back to the Prime universe and pick up immediately after the destruction of Romulus as mentioned in the previous movie and, essentially, the decline of the Romulan Empire. The movies can focus on the JJ-verse, but I’d love to watch a series based around this concept, including a brand new ship and crew, with occasional cameos from characters of TNG, DS9, and VOY, since at least according to the Countdown comics before the first JJ Star Trek movie, they’re pretty much still around for the most part, just older.

    • This isn’t incompatible with Dorn’s idea for a Warf show, and I think many pieces make sense. I’d love to take the TNG/VOY/DS9 era forward, with a few regulars we already know, lots of story resources and actors and ships for the era we knew so well, but tweaked by the passage of time. I would start earlier than the comic prequel, and would love to incorporate that story eventually from the perspective of the people who didn’t go back in time. The destruction of Romulus is a big story twist to work with, and the lead up and aftermath are ripe for a recurring theme.

  11. Frak off Jar Jar Abrams and his dumbass vision of Star Trek… Stupid SyFy with crappy punchlines, lot of vfx and fraking lens flare… The first movie was one of the fifth stupid blockbuster I ever seen, the second is too stupid…

    Gene is dead for a second time in 2009. I want Ron D. Moore, Branon Braga and Bryan Singer, they love and know the saga…

  12. Ive been a fan of Singer since he did Usual Suspects, but I wasn’t impressed by his idea for trek. It may be the perspective of a fan, but it sounds like somebody who doesn’t really like trek and wants to cause some upheaval to make it interesting. It doesn’t seem intrinsically trek, and might be better if it were just a completely unrelated story/franchise. Maybe JJ would rush something unspecial out the door, or worse allow a trek show to be as insultingly bad as Fringe became, but maybe he would bring good guidance and energy to it. I don’t know. I do fear for a new show because it has to do many things right without too much reinvention.

    Trek is vastly better in episodic form, and the best thing that can come of the JJ. Movies is another chance at a tv show. The public interest and funds are building, but what will finally be the result?

    A Warf show has the advantage of the history and the era we know. The resources and nostalgia are great, but not enough. An inspired setting, including ship/station and the larger universe are crucial. So is the cast, and with Warf as the center there are great possibilities.

    Can’t be a “Klingon show” since that is too one-note, and it gets old fast. How much snarling about honor and rusty yellow corridors can we take every week? But still we can have more than one, so how about his brother Kurn or Martok? As a doctor, how about the breakout star of Voyager, playing an appropriately aged version of his hologram? While we are cherry picking the shows for new regulars, how about Garak? Eventually the cast needs newcomers, and good ones. Plus they will want one or two women, but I don’t want to see Ezri or Kira shoehorned in there. Maybe they could cast some great actress for once? The cast could be half new and half “greatest hits” so to speak. Maybe a Jem Hadar could be security? I’m sure the pieces are there for a show that mines the best pieces of the best shows while moving forward with new ideas and evolving purpose.

  13. Testing

  14. I would love to see a series where Worf is Captain of the Defiant.

    • I would love that, but one thing I think we can count on is a minimum of revisiting specific elements that defined other shows. So just as I don’t think they would ever consider another series set on DS9, nor do I think they would set it on a ship we already saw. Also the chance to get people excited over a new ship is too much to pass up. However radical refit or next iteration of Defiant class or something similar would be possible. A small crew sounds great to me, with mostly the main cast and few others aboard. Plus a non-traditional geometry would be cool, like the defiant shape as opposed to the usual saucer and nacelles, but they might decide that picking a recognizable shape is crucial to the marketing aspect.

      • We need a section 31 series with the prometheus ship from voyager!

  15. I think the problem is that Paramount and CBS need to get their stuff together and agree on rights. It’s pretty much going to make money, so it’s stupid that they can’t agree on having more of it.

  16. OK, Abrams is a SW boyscout, He loves SW, so, he must make SW movies and tv series.

    ST tv series needs trekkers. Not marketing experiments…

    My choice: Singer, Whedon …This people loves ST.

    CBS’ bussines is the original timeline, and new timeline is Paramount bussines…
    So, impossible, a trek series based upon the new time lines.
    CBS will protect its bussines. Next ST tv series will be in original time line…
    No hopes for nu trekkers. Sorry.

  17. How about a series based on the Gorm? They have been given short shrift in the movies and Abrams-verse. With the new technology since the 60′s, they could make those suckers look impressive.

    • Featuring them prominently could be cool, but I don’t see the value in focusing on them in particular. They did look great on Enterprise, and pretty good in the Trek game that just came out, but they have a problem in that they lack personality. Giving them backstory and lore is important, but without human voices and human actors/faces it is very difficult to make them into characters and individuals. Treating them like a force of nature, encountering ships and swarms of warriors for instance, but going for depth of performance and subtlety is tough, even with the meticulous mocap work that can be done today.

  18. A TV show would have been great. An extension of Abramsverse in a much more mainstream format than just video games and comics. Only several thousand people read the IDW created Star Trek comic. This laughable in age when market share is measured by millions/billions!

  19. If I was executive producer on star trek series that would be how I would apppoarch it.

    1. I would introduced the new series through two part mini-series.

    2. I would center it on Enterprise c. Because it would interesting to see how the crew of Enterprise c handl following in the footstep’s of the first three Enterprise’s.
    3. I would make the series accesable to non star trek fans.

    4. I would set new star trek series in the time line that was established in new star trek movie’s.

    5. And that Enterprise c is the first Enterprise to have female Captain.

    6. Do show’s that are about morality, morals, ethic’s. But bring that sense of humor.

    7. The show would take current event’s of the day.

  20. These would be my casting chance’s for new star trek series based on Enterprise c set in the new time line.

    Enterprise C commanding officer Rachel Garret
    1.Lucy Lawless
    2.Gillian Anderson
    3.Charlize Theron outside of the box chance.
    4.Gina Torres

    Enterprise C first officer
    1.Nathan Fillion
    2.Amanda tapping
    3.Alex Kingston-British actoress from DR Who tv series.

    Enterprise C Chief Engineer
    1. Jewel Staite
    2. David Tenant
    3. Matt smith

    Enterprise C chief medical officer.
    1.Sean Mahar

    Enterprise C communication officer
    1. two outside of box chances Alison Scagliot from warehouse 13
    2. Karen GIllian from Dr. who.

    Enterprise Tactical oFficer
    1. Faran Tahir-warehouse 13
    2. Morena Baccarin-firefly

  21. JJ Abrams quote from an interview on SkyMoviesOfficial, May 3, 2013
    (available on YouTube)
    “Meanwhile with Star Trek I had friends who loved it. And I just never… I tried… I’d sit and watch episodes and try to find my way in. For some reason, I think that because it was a more philosophical sort of debate driven show. I loved the action of Star Wars and Trek never really seemed to have that.”
    So JJ Abrams isn’t a Star Trek guy. Whoever takes on the task of creating a Star Trek TV show needs to be one.

  22. I want to see Star Trek back on my TV Screen. Though, its sad to think that the next series will exclude Majel Barret as the computer voice. I will miss her dearly as both Gene’s wife and as Lwaxana Troi, a beloved character. Sad times indeed… but if someone can find the strength to fill those shoes I applaud them.

  23. I personally would like to see Riker as captain, we always knew him as the first officer of the enterprise. What about his future career as a captain, i think this would be a gold mine because many St fans would be hooked, i know i would. Als the concept of ST Federation seems awesome…

  24. I want to see a Star Trek tv series that picks up a few days,weeks,months or years after Cochrans first warp test in the phoenix and tells the story from there on.

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  26. I had my suspicions with Into darkness, but after seeing the 3rd picture (from the top) I swear Abrams is giving us the finger.

  27. I think that a show where John Cho commanding the Excelsior in a reimagined Star Trek alternate timeline is the only way to go.

    And I will point out the reasons as follows.

    First of all, every trekker has been aching for a revisit to the old skool Spock, Kirk, Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, Bones, Scotty era. There has never been a proper way to reintroduce these elements. Now that the Trek reboot is here, it would be a shame to waste all that new talent.

    A new series about the Excelsior is feasible vs a new series with the Enterprise. Its just alot more doable to signup John Cho for 5 seasons than it is to sign up everyone in the movies for 5 seasons. JJ can co produce it or be a consultant and guide for other writers, in case his hands are full with Star Wars.

    Excelsior can showcase the exciting 23rd century universe and new timeline with the engaging new formula of mainstream friendly trek. It could potentially be a primetime heavy hitter series in its own right. Move over CSI and what have you, this isnt your grandfathers Star Trek.

    The risk is minimal, the risk of introducing a formula already big screen proven is a godsend for tv execs everywhere. There is no better glowing endorsement than having 3 back to back movies raking it in. So the idea of extending it to the small screen with John Cho at the helm could indeed pay off. To try anything else at this point would be suicide. And we all know how timid the networks are about risking a flop at this point.

  28. I think a show about Pike’s years as captain of the original Enterprise set in the prime universe 10 years before Kirk would be great.

  29. Except that Abrahms totally destroyed the “heart and soul” of star trek by characterizing the universe then as a “worse-off higher-tech” version of today.