J.J. Abrams Discusses “Khannnnn!!!!” for Star Trek 2

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star trek 2 khan 570x407 J.J. Abrams Discusses Khannnnn!!!! for Star Trek 2

After the outstanding success of his Star Trek reboot, director J.J. Abrams has found himself fielding questions about the film’s sequel on a near daily basis. Who will be the villain? Does Chris Pine have as hard a time with Tribbles as William Shatner? Etc, etc. Luckily, Abrams is one of Hollywood’s more nerd friendly directors, so you can always count on him giving you a decent answer.

Recently, MTV caught up with Abrams for an exclusive interview about Star Trek 2. In the interview, Abrams discusses some possibilities  for the sequel and the relative leeway the screenwriters have in bringing old characters back to the big screen. Care to guess which name brought up the most excitement? You guessed it, KHANNNNN!!!!, a.k.a Khan Noonien Singh, the genetically engineered superhuman played by Ricardo Montelban in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.

From the interview:

“I think one of the byproducts of doing this movie was we were able to dispel the obvious and understandable concerns—how can ‘Star Trek’ possibly exist without those original cast members? Now that we are in a parallel existence with what fans of the original series love so much, we could introduce any number of characters, settings, references and situations that the original series introduced. Dealing with Khan would certainly be a challenge, but we had an equal challenge in finding our crew of the Enterprise.”

Abrams also clarified, however, that he didn’t necessarily want to simply remake old episodes or movies.

“While I don’t want to approach the second film as a remake of episodes we’ve seen in the past… nothing is off limits in terms of what we’re discussing,” he said. “When Bob Orci and the others who know ‘Trek’ so well, the fun of working with them is they know this universe so deeply they’re the ones who are always considering what it means to deal with the stuff in the past, so it’ll be exciting.”

You can check out the full interview by heading over to MTV.

Personally, I think Khan would be an amazing character to see brought back to the big screen, especially given the excellent casting of Kirk and Spock. On the other hand, it’s becoming rarer and rarer to find a good original story in Hollywood these days, so part of me would rather they start fresh with an interesting new villain for the new look crew.

What do you think? Would you like to see Khan in a Star Trek sequel, or should the writers try something new?

Source: MTV

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  1. Bit late on this no? Seriously old news!

    Anyway, I really don’t think JJ will go down the Khan route, I think he has more common sense and credibility than that. He went to massive effort to transform Star Trek into something new and fresh, something no longer restrained by Trek’s flabby cannon, so while bringing Khan into the film makes sense in appeasing a few fanboys, creatively they will bring in a new villain and continue breathing fresh air into Trek.

    Bring Khan into the sequel will only serve to anger the fan’s, and I think for the most part JJ kept a hell of a lot of us happy with what was done. Khan is as important to Trek as any other character, why? Because Wrath Of Khan showed Trek could be more than sci fi, it was an amazing action film that happened to be set in space, it was thew first example of Trek appealling to mainstream audiences.

    There is no reason the New Enterprise will ever discover the Botany Bay, I suspect they will do something far more original. or at least thats what i hope

  2. I gotta disagree. I think there’s way too much draw for Kirk not to discover Botany Bay, and plus, how wany revenge stories are great enough to spill into an entirely different universe to wage war against one another. Or, they could merely have the space seed setup in this film and save Kahn’s wrath for a whole other movie. They could do so many new things with it, so it would be original, but damn would it be awesome. As to who could possibly play Kahn- Javier Bardem.

  3. Of course, it would have to the meeting first. No “wrath” until the reason for the finding of the Botanay Bay crew, the attempted take over of the Enterprise, and the revenge angle are shown.

  4. @DrSamBeckett
    Yeah, we know we’re a few days late to this story, but I think I made it up for it with the funny picture and the Tribbles joke.

    That’s some inspired casting. Bardem would make a pretty awesome Khan.

  5. Khan would be a good choice, and bringing Shatner back for a cameo wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Another person who should have a cameo is Sulu! George Takei! I think they could do some funny stuff with him and he’d probably be glad to be part of it. Who could play Khan though? That’d be really neat to see because I can imagine Will Shatner having a cameo just so him and Chris Pine can yell “Khaaaaannnn!!!” at the same time. How awesome would that be?!? It’s true though, they have endless possibilities with this and they could make a million sequels of this.

  6. I can see Khan coming back.. but since this is an ALTERNATE universe, how about he isn’t quite the Übermensch that he was in the other universe?

    I can see the PERFECT actor for the role: Verne Troyer!!!

  7. I think sticking fairly close to known species for material is a better idea, including Khan. One of the things that made DS9, Voyager and Enterprise lose their edge was the constant introduction of new species that were just like every other warrior species, but with a new color skin flap. They become cardboard characters. At least with Khan, Klingons and a few other regulars, there’s a familiarity to draw upon.

  8. Khan’s sleeper ship floating alone in uncharted space into the end credits

    Too soon for a full blown Khan

    Please no villian of the week movies. I want some of that Awe of the dangers and mystery of deep space. Like the early TOS episodes I would love to see a touch of strangeness, a splash of the Twilight Zone. Loved the last film but Nero was a slice of cardboard. Too bad because I loved Bana in Munich.

    The salt vampire, Charlie X, Gary Mitchell. Love to seee some of that bizarre scarry cosmic stuff.

  9. Well…. IF the ‘Q’ ‘were always there’ then there must have been ‘darker’ ones’ than the playful ‘Q’ that we all know and love. Introduce one into the new storyline and see where it goes. With the power of the ‘Q’ to ‘jump’ time and space, it leaves quite a bit of ‘history’ for the current cast to use as just ‘touchstones’ of icons along the way…

    Just thinking outloud again! ~ Stark

  10. Two words: The Borg.

    Attracted to our solar system by the space-time anomalies created by Nero’s ship and the red matter, humanity finds itself face-to-face with the Borg long before Q ever decided to introduce the two races.

    The Federation has been able to make significant leaps forward in technology thanks to insight provided by future-Spock and finds itself growing overconfident in its technological and militaristic superiority over others, including the Klingon and Romulan Empires.

    Enter The Borg to level the playing field. It is only through the cooperation of races and the sharing of technologies that the initial Borg attacks can be withstood.

    Let the Borg take a prisoner (a la Locutus) and let the new crew of the Enterprise prove their worth against such an enemy, while bridging the gap across alien races to bring the Federation back “down to earth”.

  11. Please, no, not the Borg. Most overused Star Trek villains EVER.


  12. I agree that the Borg would be too soon. Khan might be OK, but they should try something different, like the Romulans finding the Botany Bay, or the Klingons. Khan and crew would overpower them and he would become emperor. He could be a smaller background character when the Enterprise is trying to figure out some other problems, like the giant amoeba or the planet destroying Doomsday machine, or Nomad. Then in a sequel they could have an all-out battle and finally defeat Khan.

  13. I’m still waiting on someone to revive the movie “The Last Star Fighter!”

  14. As Voltaire sings in the best Star Trek spoof song ever “U.S.S. Make [Crap] Up”:

    We were looking for a way
    To make the ratings soar,
    So we orchestrated
    An encounter with the ‘borg!

    I know we try and be family friendly so the really funny follow up about 7 of 9′s jumpsuit’s ah… form fitting-ness… I will leave out. :)

    If you want to DESTROY this Trek give us the freeping ‘borg. I will never watch another Trek anything episode with them again.

  15. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar says: “Love to see some of that bizarre scarry cosmic stuff.”

    Have to go with Garth on this one.

    Redoing the show like they did has one problem that will always hang over its head. No matter what situation arises people will always throw up why wasn’t old Spock consulted? You can use it as a deus ex machina for any story or you can unfold this universe’s story in a unique way invalidating old Spock. Doing that for the most part makes sense to me because it forces new story. We know so much more about cosmology and Science in general now, why not take advantage of that to make the stories better?

  16. Please, no more Borg. I like them as villains, but in TNG timeline. They’ve been overused, but I admit First Contact was a very good movie using them. Let that be it. I want to see Klingons, Romulans, Tholians, Gorn, etc. before they even THINK about another Borg story. Actually, I think using the Gorn would be a really really cool idea since they’ve never been used in a movie before (to my recollection).

  17. I really would like to see the remake of a NEWER type DOOMSDAY machine with not just the Constellation and the Enterprise but a whole Wolf 359 feel to it, maybe bring in the lore of how the machine was a prototype weapon to fight the unknown Borg. OR a “Balance of terror” story with Klingons instead of Romulans!!

  18. Okay, @ Kahless
    Fantastic, sir. Fantastic. Definitely let Khan be discovered by some other ship, perhaps Klingons, and then he can rise to power, having not been thwarted by Kirk and co. Old Spock can be all flabbergasted at this and say, this is completely different than what happened before. Then the Enterprise crew can fight a younger Khan, making this story one of epic proportions. Maybe even require the help of future Kirk(whose death is void since the entire timely has been altered). But instead of Kirk having to go to the past, have young Spock get thrown into the future. Or you could even have old Kirk be in search of one more great adventure, so he returns to the Guardian and jumps into the psat to help his former self defeat Khan. Or not.

  19. Kahn is overrated…
    Abrams uses Kahn or Shatner and Trek will be truly dead to me…

    Abrams needs to prove that he can hire writers that can come up with something original.

  20. I am not a astrologist but surely the removal of a planet from a Galaxy, (Vulcan), would have some ramifications. Maybe they could start the story there. No more Borg!!! An evil ‘Q’ would be good but then how is he/she/it defeated? Surely the ‘Q’ win or lose because they want too.

    Seed planting Khan would be the best outcome for that character.

    Maybe Kirk could leave a Tribble on Kronos?

  21. I think that Klingons will be villains for the second one, with a story arc that hints at or even introduces Khan, with a third film actually being the Khan film.

    I could easily see Leonard Nimoy having a cameo again, and have young Spock and Kirk ask him about Khan.

    Kirk: “What happened when you confronted Khan in your time?”
    Old Spock: “I died.”
    Young Spock: (Raises an eyebrow)

    That would be epic!

  22. I think people are forgetting that Khan was a fart in the breeze as far as TOS goes. “Space Seed” showed Khan trying to take over the Enterprise. He failed. That’s it,,,
    He was nothing compared to Viger, The Whale Probe Spocks Bro or even the Planet killer,,, wtf???

    It wasn’t until 20 years later that his wrath was felt,,, even then come on get over it!

    What’s happened to people that they don’t have the courage to see something new? I don’t get it?

  23. @790

    It is not that I don’t want something new, or “have your but to me, it is no secret that Khan is an awesome villain. He was awesome in Space Seed. He was awesome in TWOK.

    In my opinion, not revisiting Khan is a missed opportunity. It can still be new. The game has totally changed. Their encounter can be totally different.

    Khan is still asleep somewhere adrift on the Botany Bay. The circumstances of his discovery will be different. How he responds will be different.

    Vger wouldn’t be different. Old Spock knows how to defeat Vger and the whale probe. I guarantee we won’t see Sybock.

  24. But Evan, why settle for leftovers?

    Let’s see if Rob Orci has the mojo to rock the casbar with some new aliens. ;-)

    Ricardo Montablan was Khan, do I need to see some other actor now try suck up the macho to live up to him? Lifes to short!!! Who cares I have TWOK on dvd.

    Screw that! Show me the Money!!! These writers get paid millions to what revive old characters?!?!
    Let’s get our moneys worth folks! Next time. No Nimoy No Shatner, No fraken Khan,,, try something new something as mind blowing as the Borg were when we first saw them. Impress me !!! Us!!!!

    How hard can it be with over hundreds of novel based aliens and fan based stories. You guys are lazy to revive Khan,,,

  25. 790 makes a strong case! J.J. and what ever writers come on board shouldn’t waste the chance to do this up to the Nth degree. They can go anywhere and do anything at this point. They should show their stuff! They have no shortage of analysis of all the pitfalls from 100′s of episodes of Trek. Simply stated they know what makes it bad or good, Their’s no excuse.

  26. Yes, 790 does make a valid point. There were species referenced in Trek lore that we have never seen before. We (Trekkies/Trekkers) know of the Preservers, but have never seen them. We only know of one First Federation member (Balok). And we have never seen what the Breen look like outside their helmets. There are also a plethera of Trek novels. Many of the things talked about here could be background/smaller things going on while the Enterprise is dealing with some new threat. Like 790 said, show us why you deserve all those millions.

  27. @790

    Let’s remember they tried to go with completely different aliens in Enterprise and that went over like a lead balloon.


  28. Just don’t focus on a Pakled origin film. 8-O

  29. I still wanna see Khan, even though you make a good point, 790.