J.J. Abrams Discusses “Khannnnn!!!!” for Star Trek 2

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star trek 2 khan 570x407 J.J. Abrams Discusses Khannnnn!!!! for Star Trek 2

After the outstanding success of his Star Trek reboot, director J.J. Abrams has found himself fielding questions about the film’s sequel on a near daily basis. Who will be the villain? Does Chris Pine have as hard a time with Tribbles as William Shatner? Etc, etc. Luckily, Abrams is one of Hollywood’s more nerd friendly directors, so you can always count on him giving you a decent answer.

Recently, MTV caught up with Abrams for an exclusive interview about Star Trek 2. In the interview, Abrams discusses some possibilities  for the sequel and the relative leeway the screenwriters have in bringing old characters back to the big screen. Care to guess which name brought up the most excitement? You guessed it, KHANNNNN!!!!, a.k.a Khan Noonien Singh, the genetically engineered superhuman played by Ricardo Montelban in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.

From the interview:

“I think one of the byproducts of doing this movie was we were able to dispel the obvious and understandable concerns—how can ‘Star Trek’ possibly exist without those original cast members? Now that we are in a parallel existence with what fans of the original series love so much, we could introduce any number of characters, settings, references and situations that the original series introduced. Dealing with Khan would certainly be a challenge, but we had an equal challenge in finding our crew of the Enterprise.”

Abrams also clarified, however, that he didn’t necessarily want to simply remake old episodes or movies.

“While I don’t want to approach the second film as a remake of episodes we’ve seen in the past… nothing is off limits in terms of what we’re discussing,” he said. “When Bob Orci and the others who know ‘Trek’ so well, the fun of working with them is they know this universe so deeply they’re the ones who are always considering what it means to deal with the stuff in the past, so it’ll be exciting.”

You can check out the full interview by heading over to MTV.

Personally, I think Khan would be an amazing character to see brought back to the big screen, especially given the excellent casting of Kirk and Spock. On the other hand, it’s becoming rarer and rarer to find a good original story in Hollywood these days, so part of me would rather they start fresh with an interesting new villain for the new look crew.

What do you think? Would you like to see Khan in a Star Trek sequel, or should the writers try something new?

Source: MTV

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  1. Pakled?! Oh you mean where Mudflap and Skids came from. “We collect things. Things we need. Things to make us go.” :-P

  2. Actually Vic your making 790′s point. “Enterprise” wasn’t thought out and it showed from the beginning. This new team must do better than that. Perhaps if they were doing a weekly series it would be justified but to spend two to three years working on one show, the audience deserves better than left overs. Are you going to eat left overs for Thanksgiving this year? I think not…

  3. Kahn was awesome! But any new Kahn story would be a retread.

    As it’s been said; there are plenty of baddies to choose from. Why rehash. The next one pretty much HAS to focus on the Klingons (IMO). But there are plenty to choose from. Either the Tholians or Gorn would be cool.

    Personally, I LOVED what Enterprise did with the Andorians! (a diamond in the rough for that series) They’d play out well on the big screen I think.

  4. @the old man

    Allow me to use your own analogy against you. I may not eat leftovers for Thanksgiving. But the day after thanksgiving, I will eat THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS!

    In other words. Khan isn’t merely “leftovers”, he is best food you will eat all year! Who wouldn’t want to go back for another helping?!

    Some might even say that the LEFTOVERS the next day are EVEN better than the first meal. You know what you are getting, yet somehow, it is just as yummy if not more so. (I would)

  5. @790: Star Trek will be dead for you? Really? Then your fandom truly runs deep. Let it come to pass, then perhaps those of us who actually enjoy things can continue to discuss it. Dor sho gha!

    @Evan, I think your idea about them asking old Spock about Khan was utter genius. This would not be a tired revisit of old properties, but in fact a new take on one of the greatest stories of Trek lore.

    As far as Khan being overrated, WHAT?!!??! Really? TWOK was not just the best Trek film, it was overrall a great movie. To me, the writers would have to work infinitely harder to retail such a classic story with new twists and completely different circumstances. Maybe even have new Khan form an alliance with Klingons and the Enterprise crew have a full-scale war on their hands. I mean, come on! As far as nobody being able to portray Khan, I think I mentioned it earlier, but Javier Bardem? Perfect. The man is a giant. He is suave, sophisticated, physically imposing, a fantastic actor, and hails from Spain(Montalban was Mexican.) I’d love to see the story revisited. Not as a last resort, but as the most-desired story of fans of all ages, be it my parents that watched TOS when it first aired, or my generation that had to catch up via DVD.

  6. @huntthejest
    Yeah I should have typed Abrams Star Trek world will be dead to me,,, and it will,,,

    And sorry bro but the best parts of TWOK are in the last 30 min,,, deal with it.

    Peace through Landru,,, *#$0

  7. Evan TWOK IS the leftovers! Leftover from the TOS episode Space Seed. Your talking week old left overs, you know when the turkey gets slimy…

  8. Yeah its bizarre Old Man, Khan was just a blow hard alpha male in TWOK. What made that film amazing was the ship battles and of course Spocks death,,,

    What’s with all the Khan love? I don’t get it but hey whatever,,,

  9. If they must have their Kahn’s baloney then hey at least skip a movie. I’ll even concede that Evan’s idea is excellent, but to really make it pay they should put the scene in the movie following the entire one it will take showing Khan taking over the Klingon’s or Romulans or whoever. Then you would have time to build up confidence in old Spock’s experience. It would make the “rug pull” only that much better. OH yeah, better film the scene now though, Nimoy is getting long in the tooth, who knows if he’ll be around when you really need him…

    This kind of brings up a couple of questions. First of all Kirk would have nothing to do with killing Kahn’s wife. Where’s the revenge angle? Wouldn’t it take decades for even a ship full of meta-humans to take over an entire empire? Look how hokey “Star Trek: The wrath of Picard’s brother” was? What about them being human? If you think they were under heavy security in “Space Seed,” what would their captivity be like under the Klingons? Klingons following humans? I’ll defer to Kahless on this part…

  10. Shatner for sure. a young superpowerful khan, battled by young and old Kirk. and not necessarily winning.

    McCoy and Scotty and Uhura saving the day.

  11. Shatner for sure. Young Khan battles young Kirk and old Kirk, with Khan winning…until McCoy, Scotty and Uhura battle back…and Checkhov sticks something in Khan’s ear to finish the job. :)

  12. All valid points from all angle’s but no one touched on the fact that Khan was in the 2nd movie from the TOS, now almost eveyone wants Khan for the 2nd moive again WHY?????? Is it a must to have Khan in the 2nd movie??? The Gorn or a evil Harry Mudd (lol) on Mudd. I think if we redo a story from the TOS they should think of the Empire crossing over to our side this time….. just a thought but a good one IMO…

    till next time

    10,000 quatros for 20,000 quatros againt….

  13. I actually wouldn’t even mind if the Tholians were explored more deeply in the movie. I loved TWOK (although my favorite was TVH), but I think doing Khan again would be a rehash at this point. Bring in something new OR something that wasn’t explained as well in TOS. Let’s get something NEW.

  14. I think doing Khan could be saved for another film, but as far as him being in the second film-well, that’d be trippy. Just as an homage to the original sequel(wrap your heads around that one.) But maybe this one should focus on Doomsday machine, or the vast possibilities of a Klingon war, or even deal with a “force of nature” type villain, like one of various higher beings confronted in TOS, and have Botany Bay discovered in the process. Then Khan could be used in a later film.

  15. @Joachim
    Problem is Khan has not been affected by the timeline change, since he went into cryogenic freeze in the 21st (or late 20th) century. Having him be an ally to any Federation person would not be feasible.

  16. How about if they bring the Shatman back they could introduce Kahn from the new timeline as an ally of the new crew (until a potentially thrid movie). It would be fun to se the old kirk trying to get pass his old feelings etc…Having to rely on him, perhaps saving his life against the Kingons (or any other villan)

    Just a suggestion….

  17. Kahn could pretend to be an aly in order to learn more about the federation as in Space Seed, and then turn his back on them in the end for a cliffhanger thrid movie. Maby trying to get control of the entire federation, just waiting for the right moment.

    Then the Original Kirk would have been right all along…

    Regarding the Kirk issue…he is in the nexus so if the new crew would encounter the ribbon he would still be in there, leaving out yet another timetravel episode.

  18. Things in TREK 2 (this are my ideas and not any official news)

    # the SS Botany bay is found by the USS Hood by acsident. The Hood was undergoing repairs due a massive attack from the kingons.

    # Kahn is revived by the crew and helps with repairs (in order to learn and manipulate – “whats going on and when should I strike – Hidden agenda until the end of movie”

    # Meanwhile the USS Enterprise encounters a huge energy ribbon during a training exersise and gets hit, some die but in the pile of survivors the original Kirk appears. (Bones indentefies his DNA in medbay while he is knoked out)

    # Kahn is brought back to the federation starbase where the enterprise crew and the original Kirk notices Kahn and tries to warn everyone (but gets rejected cause of kahns kind actions of helping the Hood out of trouble- this is a new timeline and things have changes etc etc..)

    # Kahn and new Krik are sent on the same mission in order to neutrolize a big threat (no clue what that is…something we havent seen).

    # At some point Old Kirk and the New Enterprise crew relies on Kahns actions in order to survive – and he saves them (Hidden angenda – in order to pursue hidden interest…weapon etc) But at the time apperas as hero of the day.

    # The threat is neutrolized by new Kirk and Spock with old Kirk cooridnating (and is annoyed by new spocks lack of emotion)

    # Old Kirk retires from starfleet and encounters old Spock in the prosess.

    # Kahns hidden angenda is revealed and the plot for a 3rd movie is ready….

    This is very vague…lot of plotholes…but It’s something worth considering.
    And Old Kirk will get a worthy end in the prosess…killing him on the bridge was just cruel (generations movie)

    Yes…slaugter my idea all you want haters…but this would be kinda cool. IF SHATMAN IS COMING BACK THAT IS….


  19. Really Joachim what is with all the fixation on this character, Kahn? He was one baddie among many and can’t we get a Star Trek story that doesn’t involve just a one on one showdown? Hey I’ve seen the TOS series many times and I even considered plunking down some cash for the recently re-released “ST2″ on DVD, since my copy is on VHS. The extras alone are a good excuse. This rut thinking is counter productive to the franchise though. Just another fan opinion yeah, but one that’s for moving forward not constantly looking back…

  20. ” If wishes were fishes we’d all cast nets.”

    Hey buddy, I know, I wished they had secretly taped carefully crafted scenes of the characters to use in movies after their all gone. What do you think the chance of that is? Everywhere I’ve said that, it’s never even registered a blip on the interest meter. Maybe a season of animated shows would be possible? Seeing all the Trek activity on line I’m surprised it hasn’t already come to fruition…

  21. I see you point, but if they would bring Shatner back, it might be something I would enjoy watching. But a aprt of me wants to see something new with the new characters, withour any focus on the old ones…Let them become their own indipendent trek…..a well…lets hope they get it right :D

  22. willem dafoe should play khan

  23. willem dafoe should play khan

    • Javier B. from” No Country for Old Men” should play Khan !!

  24. Let’s let Shatner retire. I love the man, a true icon, but let him go. I want new trek adventures since we’ve seen how good it will go! Javier Bardem is it for Khan, he has even the same face as Montalbahn. I want maybe a Gorn army with Harry Mudd and some androids. I do like a Doomsday machine story.

    The ones I don’t want to see:


  25. A lot of Star Trekkers object to bringing back Khan as did the Batman fanatics object to bringing back “the Joker” , but look what happenned. Everyone had second thoughts of JJ Abrams doing justice to rebooting the Star Trek franchise , but he did a great job and still everyone has a problem with the rumors of re-intoducing the Khan character. If he does, It will be great!! If he doesn’t , it will be great as well ! Rumor has it the new cast is signed on for 2 new movies. Maybe he will do something different and set up the Khan reboot for the third installment to follow? Something like having the SS Botany Bay in the last scene before the end of the upcoming sequel with a shot of Khan in his cryo-freeze coffin. That also would be extra COOL !! Then maybe, It would be possible to get Javier Bardem to be Khan! He would be Ricardo Montalban on Steroids ! Regardless, I trust JJ with the Star Trek franchise in his hands! He deserves credit for the awesome job he did with Star Trek 2009 !!

  26. Think about THIS !! Why not Gene Simmons as Khan? He has that LOOK,one must admit! Plus , I think Javier is busy with the next James Bond movie! He is not known for his acting but he is very very intelligent (ex- college professor) and is more than capable of pulling it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!