J.J. Abrams Talks ‘Almost Human’; Says CBS Not Interested in ‘Star Trek’ TV Show 

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Urban Ealy Almost Human J.J. Abrams Talks Almost Human; Says CBS Not Interested in Star Trek TV Show 

After months of waiting, FOX has unveiled J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman’s futuristic sci-fi police procedural series Almost Human in an ambitious two-night roll-out, premiering the first two episodes back-to-back. The show has been worth the wait – (read our reviews of the premiere and the follow-up) – and looks to have already hit its stride.

With a strong hook – a haunted detective (Dredd and Star Trek star Karl Urban) reluctantly teams up with a unique android (Michael Ealy) to battle out-of-control crime in the year 2048 – as well as some top-notch production values, Almost Human has burst out of the gate with a level of confidence and forward motion missing from other high-profile series premieres (like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is still struggling to find its footing).

The creative team of Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams and Fringe co-creator J.H. Wyman is one of the show’s major draws, and in the wake of Almost Human‘s debut, Abrams talked to EW about his thoughts on the future of the show, his level of involvement, his other sci-fi TV show project, and why we might not see a Star Trek TV show for some time.

The future world of Almost Human is quite different from that of Abrams’ Star Trek reboot, which is to be expected. The new show is an original take on where humanity might go, while Star Trek‘s approached was inherited by – and to a large degree dependent upon – the vision of the original 60′s TV show. When asked whether he sees us heading in a utopian or dystopian direction, Abrams answered:

I like to think I’m more of an optimist. So the idea of this show is not my default vision of things. I’m not as optimistic as [Star Trek creator] Gene Roddenberry was. I fall somewhere in the middle. But as a romantic, I like to think things are going to get bigger rather than worse.

Michael Ealy in Almost Human J.J. Abrams Talks Almost Human; Says CBS Not Interested in Star Trek TV Show 

Just two episodes in, Almost Human has already established many of the ground rules for the world, with Urban’s John Kennex and Ealy’s Dorian developing rapidly into fully-realized characters. Abrams provides a generous overview of what we can expect to see from the show, without a single spoiler (although there’s a hint or two at future storyline possibilities):

One of the opportunities about this show is it not only has characters that make you smile and laugh, and relationships that feel  as unique as they are familiar, but its uniqueness comes from something that isn’t necessarily possible right now. Like any story-out-of-time, you want characters and situations where you go, “I know what that is. I know what that feels like. I know someone like that” — even though the person might be a different species. In this show, not only are the relationships unique, but the situations the characters find themselves in are equally unique. The paradigm is familiar, but the specifics are different. If there’s a new weapon on the streets, it won’t look like a weapon you’re familiar with, but you can understand it’s a dangerous thing that shouldn’t be in the wrong hands. It might be a bullet that doesn’t shoot the way you expect. It might be a drug that does something to you that’s insane and horrific. It might be something about harvesting organs that isn’t like anything in present day. The technology is part of what’s going on, but there’s a level of relatability and understanding.

The level of Abrams’ involvement in the day-to-day operations of Almost Human is also something that fans may be wondering about. He’s currently deeply entrenched in what is sure to be one of the biggest movies of the already-huge year of 2015: Star Wars: Episode VII. Given such a monster undertaking, Abrams clarifies how present he will be:

I’m as involved as needed. The good news about having [showrunner Joel Wyman] on the show is it’s his pitch, his idea and he’s running the show. When we hear a pitch we like and develop a show — unless it’s something I’ve created and I’m either going to direct the pilot, or oversee or write — we don’t get involved with people who need to be babysat. We are there as necessary. We read scripts, give notes, watch cuts, and just help out however we can.

That said, his relationship with Wyman naturally led to his input in shaping the overall concept of the series, even if that input did not necessarily translate into one specific aspect. According to Abrams:

There are things that happen in the show, all sorts of ideas that come out of conversations and things. There’s little moments and ideas here and there. When Joel was pitching the show, I got so enthusiastic. I loved The Six Million Dollar Man as a kid. The possibility of that as a kid was like candy. All of a sudden on the phone I was just spewing possible ideas of what it could be, and he was just laughing and spewing back. It wasn’t necessarily a specific moment or character, but I hopefully the cheerleader helped Joel do the show he pitched.

almost human episode 2 kennex dorian J.J. Abrams Talks Almost Human; Says CBS Not Interested in Star Trek TV Show 

Despite Abrams’ level of success and influence – there’s a reason he was handed the means to mold the next generation of two major franchises – his ideas are still rejected by networks. While he understands, he also acknowledges that it generally works out for the best: “And we have been very lucky, frankly, despite being told no, on almost every occasion we resolved it by finding something that does fit. I would never want somebody to say yes to anything they did not truly believe in.”

Almost Human isn’t the only sci-fi TV show Abrams has on his slate – the other is a television remake of Westworld for HBO, based on the 1973 sci-fi western written and directed by the late, great Michael Crichton. Abrams touched on this subject briefly, but could not provide details:

It could not be more different from this show. Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy, who are writing it, have a take on that particular [idea] that I think is mind-blowingly cool, and I cannot wait to be able to talk about it.


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  1. As much as I do like Abram’s Star Trek reboot on the “big screen” I feel that the premise of the ORIGINAL characters (Kirk, Spock, Bone’s ect, all ) and the beginning of their five year mission aboard the NC17 would have been much better suited to television.

    JJ Abram’s re imagined crew just now began their 5 year mission (at the end of “Into Darkness).

    Instead of being able to follow the continuing (EPISODIC) mission on television, we’ll have to wait almost 5 more years just to get the last film in this re boot that began almost 5 years ago!

  2. First two episodes have been decent enough. I am sure we all play count the references, but that either goes the familiarity way of an eye rolling sigh or a mini smirk nod. Seems to be the latter with this show.

    But what was that narration on episode 2 about? If there was a narrative point to it, it lost me every time the narrator was drowned out by actual dialogue/SFX.

    • i don’t recall hearing any narration, only the intro i believe

      • Really? Lasted throughout the entire episode for me. Distracting to the point I almost stopped. Weird.

        • might be a stupid question but was your hearing impaired option on your tv on?

          • I actually live in the UK and tend to watch these shows online (simply a complete lack of patience on my part). I don’t know what is more stupid. The fact I accepted the narration as a purposeful thing or the fact I didn’t check until now whether it was actually intended to be a purposeful thing.

            Turns out it wasn’t. Turns out I watched the version for the visually impaired online. The equivalent on walking into the ladies restroom is this…

            • haha i actually meant to say visually impaired sorry….walks out the ladies washroom

            • I downloaded this episode and also got the visually impaired version, at first I thought it was some elaborate plot device so I kept on watching lol

  3. I just watched the first 2 episodes of almost human and i loved it. While the 2nd episode didnt add to the overaching story of the plot, it added more to michael ealys bot character. The whole theme of being remembered and how it effects a bot like dorian was incredible. I have trouble watching freak of the week shows like this but i think ill stick to this one.

  4. I love Almost Human. My favorite show of the season by far. Karl Urban is amazing. You can put that guy in the sh*ttiest movie or show and he’ll make it worthwhile. I’ll go back and watch Priest or Doom again just for him.

    • There was talk once of a TV show or a second movie for Priest. Wonder what happened to those ideas?

    • Urban is definitely one of the most underrated actors active right now. I’m curious why he isn’t one of these so-called “big name” stars like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and whoever else is well-known by everyone…

  5. I have a funny feeling that CBS is waiting, so that they can bring the prime series back. I bet it will happen after “JJ Trek” is over.

  6. Almost Human is a near-perfect example of how television series should start. You shouldn’t have to wait halfway through the first season for things to get good.

  7. Wait a darn second…..CBS has the rights to ST and refuses to do anything with it except sit on it and kink out an occasional movie every 3 years? Talk about missing the boat.

    • edit……kick, not kink! ><

  8. If you are looking for the reason there is no star trek on TV look no further then JJ Abrams it is because of him that there is no trek television show on the air. JJ Abrams wants to make sure that nothing gets in the way of his movies so he is preventing it from happening when he says that CBS is not interested don’t believe it.

  9. “…But as a romantic, I like to think things are going to get bigger rather than worse.”

    that’s not right is it?

  10. Seriously, aside from showcasing JJ, this story had barely anything to do with it’s title and a Star Trek series

  11. I have not watched Almost Human yet, due to work schedule keeping me occupied when it was on. I will watch it on the web-site, tho, as it looks like it might be entertaining.

  12. AM is much better than the other big new SF show on the air (SHIELD)

    Though, I wonder why there aren’t other DRNs running around, now that they know the MX units have a weakness, they should get the DRNs up and running to run security about the station house.

    • i think the DRN’s got replaced by MX units cause the DRNs where to life like with feelings etc….

      kinda like Data vs. Lore

    • They explained it in the pilot……they were replaced because the DRN’s experienced, “glitches” (which in human terms is experiencing emotional conflicts when making difficult decisions).

      The MX units are nothing but upholding the law and following their programming to eliminate conflicts.

    • Oh and the DRNs have the same “weakness”. Dorian explained he ran on a different frequency. If they broke out a bunch of DRNs, the criminals could either change or add the DRN frequency.

      • It’s a police station, if you can take out the security grid, then add a second one. DRN + MX is better than being unprotected.

  13. The people at CBS are beyond me. Even back in the 90s Star Trek used to be quite a niche product. Yeah, Next Gen was a success for a genre show like that, but the movies didn’t take off, not even making 100 $ each domestically. Now we’ve got two successful mainstream BLOCKBUSTERS at our hand, general interest in Star Trek is huge and CBS overlook that opportunity to come up with a new Star Trek show. It’s so shortsighted it HURTS!

    New Doctor Who has already proven that a well-made, but still somewhat campy SciFi show can be a HUGE success with both the fan-base and the general public after a reasonably long hiatus. What are they waiting for? With a whole avalange of new Star Wars (both cinematic and televised) upon us, main stream interest in Star Trek will slowly fade away again because of genre fatigue. Even Marvel and DC shows somewhat take away from the attention a new Star Trek show could get.

    In five years from now, we might be back at square one, the same spot Star Trek was in in 2005 when ENT got cancelled, but this time without a SINGLE Trek episode made. 3-4 movies in 15 years is certainly not enough to uphold interest in the property. Star Wars, Avatar and the two comic book universes will get all the attention and the 2009 reboot would have been in vain!

    THEY NEED TO ACT NOW! Give us a Star Trek show until 2016, right in time for the 50th, or even I will be going to a galaxy far far away…

    • P.S.: If CBS isn’t willing to act, it is time for Paramount to buy back the rights to the televised Star Trek universe ASAP. This has to be possible and they need to act NOW or they’ll lose the ultimate business opportunity. Annual Star Wars movies, a potential live-action SW TV show, three Avatar sequels / prequels, at least three Marvel-based movies a year, the upcoming DC-JLA universe…If they want “a piece of the action”, they need to do something until chances fade away into oblivion…

  14. I like the pilot enough to comeback and I really like the 2nd episode which got so much better so I’ll stay. Hope Almost Human will continue to be awesome so we’ll have 2 great shows(still ongoing) from Bad Robot, the other one being Person Of Interest.

  15. I like that the DRN is robot enough to know he’s not as vulnerable as a human, but human enough to do the bad-ass “I know you can’t hurt me so I’m just going to calmly walk up to you as you shoot at me” thing, lol.

  16. What – does Abrams now own Star Trek ? Who gives a Rat’s Butt if Abrams is not interested. There a hundreds of talented Producer/Directors out there who could do a fine job on it ,if allowed. Think of the possibilities as a Cable Show. It could finally be what it never has been yet. A Quality Adult Show ,with great ideas -Executed correctly.
    Why is he Spokesman for the future of Trek ? He didn’t exactly make them THAT much money.

    • Derp? CBS is not interested… Abrams =/= CBS.

  17. if u want a good laugh read ajenos twitter,brett faulds

    • If you want a much bigger laugh read the dreadful piece he wrote on whatculture.com entitled Hannibal a doctor for all ages. His writing is horrific but the comments rock the big one.

  18. Please, Please, Pleeze no crummy low budget Star-Trek T.V. shows like Nixed Generation,or Star-Trek “We’re Lost” or whatever they called the stupid stuff churned out in the 1990s which almost ruined Star-Trek for the next 50 years. The new movies are fantastic..This guy J.J. Abrams has really got it right, and will take the franchise to new heights in the coming decades..let’s have one every year to discourage any thoughts of reviving cheap stuff like Dork Space Nine,(horrible)…Star-Trek Voyeur(an asinine T.V.show)…and I’m sorry, The Next Generation with the Holideck, “Q” and catch-phrases like “make it so” bordered on the absurd. The Next Generation movies were awful and should be banned from ever being shown on T.V. so as not to be confused with the new movies.