Rumor Patrol: J.J. Abrams Teaming With ‘Host’ Director Bong Joo-ho

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:28 pm,

Geektastic filmmaker J.J. Abrams certainly likes to keep himself busy.  He may have yet another film project in the works – one that involves the unique talents of Korean director Bong Joo-ho.

/Film is reporting that Abrams has held several meetings with Bong and that the pair are collaborating on a new movie that Bong will direct and Abrams would produce – understandably, given that Abrams will likely be busy directing both Super 8 and Star Trek 2 over the next year and a half.

Bong Joon-ho is best known in the U.S. for his 2006 monster movie The Host, which left audiences impressed with its blend of classic horror elements, personal family drama, and incongruous physical comedy gags.  While it received only a limited theatrical release here in the states, The Host remains the highest-grossing film of all time in South Korea.

This new potential directorial project for Joon-ho would most likely be shot in the U.S. – a first for the foreign auteur.  Abrams’ name carries a fair amount of weight with studio executives nowadays so his involvement would assure that the film has a larger budget than that of Joon-ho’s previous movies.  The FX work will likely be an improvement on those seen in The Host (see below) as well.

The Host Rumor Patrol: J.J. Abrams Teaming With Host Director Bong Joo ho

The union of these two filmmaker’s sensibilities could be something to behold.  Abrams is generally regarded foremost as a sci-fi/action director (see Mission: Impossible 3 and Star Trek), though he avoids sacrificing character development for the sake of flashy and/or explosive set pieces, a la Michael Bay.  While Joon-ho’s work tends to be darker and edgier than Abrams’, he too is well-regarded as being a more personal storyteller.

Could the two be working on a new Cloverfield-like project?  That would be the most obvious guess, given the directors’ respective backgrounds.  Joon-ho’s films tend to have stronger political overtones than those of Abrams’ so it will be interesting see how the two balance out one another.

Here’s hoping this rumor turns out to be true – does it sound like a promising collaboration to you?

Source: /Film

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  1. this DOES sound like fun.
    The two are responsible for two of my favourite films: The Host, and Star Trek.

    I saw The Host a long time before it was actually available in North America, we ordered it online. I thought the SFX were pretty amazing for something that did not come out of Hollywood’s money-printing machine.

    And for anyone of finding this little gem on DVD, don’t watch it in English. The dubbing is, as usually is the case with any Asian film, dreadful. Read the subtitles. It’s one strange little film. The bits of humour are a bit off-putting the first time you see it. I’m not entirely convinced they actually work within the film’s context. Even after repeated viewings. I’m wondering if the film maker didn’t have some niggling doubt in the back of his mind that a real monster movie, without the slapstick shtick, would actually go over well with audiences.

  2. Ironic how the younger generation loved the Star Trek reboot, and a significant majority of older fans felt it sucked a tad.

    Personally I feel Abrams was a right place at the right time director and he’s grossly overrated.

    • I’m sorry… are you referring to me as “the younger generation”? I watched Star Trek “live” on TV when it first came out. I still liked the reboot. Immensely. And I must be one of the rare “older generation” viewers who actually far preferred “Star Trek: The Next Generation” to the original series.

  3. Just making a general statement Mike,,,

    I can’t speak for everyone but the majority of Trek fans that I’ve run into at conventions etc didn’t love the film as much as some SR readers.

    I will cite Star Trek convention popularity as one example Mike. While Transformers and Twilight conventions are exploding, Trek conventions are dying. (Least we forget Star Trek created the modern day fan convention dynamic) I remember reading about a Star Trek convention that was canceled in 2009 the year the film came out,,, according to some here they should have been packed since the reboot was so remarkable,,, yeah right.

    Star Trek magazine sales are down 70% from what they were when Enterprise was on Tv. Where are the diehard fans?

    Another obvious tell, is the effect the film had on readers of Trekmovie. While the core group is still around comments are way down. Not even half of what they were pre Abrams Trek.

    If this rebooted Trek was so good why wasn’t there a Panel at this years Comic Con. Even so why was there no outcry from the massive amount of Trek fans. (Crickets,,, )

    The Trek fanbase is shattered. The new generation won’t cling to Trek and cheer for the hope of sequels because in my opinion JJ has attracted mainly a younger group. Who by example have a very brief attention span and have already forgotten about Star Trek.

    Sure the films will continue to make money but Trek has been humbled by a bunch of robots and vampires.

    A majority of older fans have moved on. Its obvious…

    • I don’t know. Maybe you’re right. Maybe not. I suspect that things like Toilet.. I mean Twilight, have their fans because there are films AND books presently available. As a matter of fact, the Twilight books had their Twihards even before the movies came out.

      At this point in time, other than the new Trek film, there’s not much “trek” going on, no new series, nothing. I think maybe as a “movement” trek may have lost steam, but I don’t think it’s because it’s lost fans. I watched the new Trek film last night (on my new Bluray player, with my HD projector, on our 9 ft screen… let me tell you!) and I was as emotionally invested in it as I was the first time I saw the film, as was my better half who is most definitely NOT a “trek fan” in any manner shape or form.

      I think that Trek may have lost some of the “convention” energy simply because its real die-hard fans have aged past the point of real rabid fandom. I certainly don’t view Transformers and Twilight fans as anything more than a passing fad. Let’s see how many Twihards are going to conventions in another 43 years.

  4. Abrams is over rated. He’s only directed two movies (one with tom cruise, cringe) and a “decent” reboot. Other than that he’s just done producing on tv shows that i can’t get into like the soap opera lost. And by the way he was a producer on armoggedon with micheal bay.

    • He may have only directed a few movies, but he’s directed some of the most industry-changing television shows in the last decade. I think that should mean he gets a chance to demonstrate more of what he can do.

      and saying “over rated” just sounds like petty jealousy.

  5. It’s just my opinion dude, not petty jealousy. Get over it im not changing my mind.

  6. Mike just because a lot of people liked Lost doesn’t mean its a great show. Days of our Lives has been on what 20 years. Would you recommend that show?

    A lot of people like the Iphone, I think its a trendy piece of junk.

    Felicity, Alias, Fringe, and Lost are all unoriginal ideas that JJ altered to appear original…

    His talent lies in taking other projects, ideas, concepts and shaping them into shows that seem original.

    That’s pretty easy to do in this town and he seems to think nobody is noticing.

    What’s he working on next, Mission Impossible 4,,,

    I rest my case.

  7. Well put 790. My thoughts exactly.

  8. The problem with hollywood is a film like The Host with its unique criticsm of US imperialism couldnt be made there …it might upset Washington and the patriotic zealots.

    • brian,