Jim Carrey Steps Away From ‘Dumb & Dumber 2′

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Jim Carrey Out of Dumb Dumber 2 Jim Carrey Steps Away From Dumb & Dumber 2

Last fall we got word that Dumb & Dumber 2 - a film which has been rumored for over a decade – was in fact happening. That news was followed up with further confirmation by the directors of the original, Peter and Bobby Farrelly (Three Stooges), who let it be known earlier this year that stars of the original – Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels – were up to reprise their roles as Lloyd and Harry, respectively.

Unfortunately, the latter part of that happy news is no longer true: Jim Carrey has reportedly stepped away from doing the Dumb & Dumber sequel.

ETOnline grabbed the exclusive, stating that, “according to sources,” it was friction between the Carrey and studio Warner Bros./New Line that led to the comedic star’s decision to split. While the usual assumption would be that money was the root of this evil, it was apparently the studio’s ‘lack of enthusiasm’ that ticked Carrey off. The actor went so far as to release the following statement to ETOnline:

“I would have thought Dumb and Dumber To was a no-brainer, after all it’s implied in the title.”

It’ll undoubtedly be a great shame if this project doesn’t come together. After the disappointing 2003 prequel, When Harry Met Lloyd, fans of the Farrelly’s original were yearning even harder for a true follow-up that reunited the original team.

Of course, on the other side of that coin: it’s easy to understand why the studio would be hesitant to push forward. The franchise hasn’t been relevant for nearly a decade (save cable TV reruns of the original); Carrey is no longer the box office draw he once was, and the Farrellys are a fraction of the box office draw they once were. Put all those pieces together and how does the picture look from an investment standpoint?

dumb dumber 2 Jim Carrey Steps Away From Dumb & Dumber 2

But let’s be honest: if Dumb & Dumber To (which is indeed a great title), were to hit theaters, there would absolutely be an audience waiting to receive it. There are many fans (like myself) of ’90s-era Farrelly films who remember Dumb & Dumber fondly. Those aforementioned cable reruns haven’t done that bad in terms of keeping a new generation aware of the franchise, and the combination of Carrey and Daniels is potent enough marketing to convince those unaware that the film would be a funny good time.

That’s all to say: WB/NL may want to give the matter a second look, before an opportunity slips away. Can’t coast on The Hangover series forever.

Source: ETOnline

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  1. If Jim isn’t in it, then it isn’t worth making. I was excited when I heard the original cast was coming back, having seen the first one at the theatre, I knew it would be great… Just going out on a limb here, but I’m willing to bet that if Jim pulls out, Jeff Daniels won’t be far behind.

  2. Meanwhile Jeff Daniels continues to be quietly steady and always watchable.

  3. At least Jim Carrey knows what’s Dumb and what’s Dumber just like this idea of a seuqel.

    I agree with the article, that Jim Carrey isn’t that big that he used to be, also the directors to.

    People have moved on.

    I hope this seuqel isn’t ever made.

  4. NOOOOOOO! I was so looking forward to this film. The original is a classic. Please, Jim, reconsider…

  5. I really hope this is just a power play by Carrey in an effort to get the studio on board.

    • It is. It’s the big take away. Now he’ll go make a killing with Bruce Almighty 2 and Ace Ventura 3, then the ‘Dumb and Dumber To’ studio will come crawling back on their knees waiving briefcases filled with cash.

  6. Have to say, as much as I loved this movie, I’m glad it may not happen. Not that the original is some masterpiece that set the bar to unreachable heights but I’d hate to see it tarnished if this true sequel flopped.

  7. “Jim Carrey Steps Away From ‘Dumb & Dumber 2′” and so does my enthusiasm for this film (if it gets made). I really hope they get it pulled together. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve just randomly wondered what these guys would be doing after so many years.

  8. I enjoy Carrey as a comedian and (usually) as an actor; I love Daniels as an actor and as a comedian/straight-man; I had a minor crush on Lauren Holly. That said, I thought the movie was just dumb…and NOT in the good way. Chances are that, if I were to see this sequel, if ever made, it would be on a lazy, boring Saturday afternoon on TBS.

    It seems a moot point, at the moment.

    • “I had a minor crush on Lauren Holly”

      “Minor” doesn’t cover the crush I had on her. :)

      • Haha!
        Lauren Holly was a dream to most teens in the mid-nineties.
        And who was the other girl? She had dark hair. She also had a big following from the MTV generation.
        Oh great, I just turned into the creepy old man didn’t I? ;)

        • Karen Duffy. Don’t see much about her anymore. I remember she wrote an autobiography a few years ago. She was diagnosed with a rare disease that left her partially paralyzed.

  9. I was very much looking forward to this. What a damn bummer, man. Hopefully New Line and Jim Carrey will reconcile their differences.

  10. Kofi…if you could please keep us updated on this. I hope this is just a temporary setback, and actor and studio will resolve their differences!

  11. I want this movie made, the characters are hilarious and if done right, the movie could be “to”.

  12. I disagree with this article on the point of Jim not being as big as he used to be… I still watch all his previous films and think none less of him now. He is one of the greatest actors I’ve ever seen. He gives life to his characters that most other actors wouldn’t even attempt. Also Jim has been used in a lot of internet ‘meme’ for his various signature facial expressions so even when not making films, he is large on the web and very loved.

  13. i’d accept another Ace Ventura

  14. One should think a film like this could be made
    with a modest budget with little risk for the studio to
    make money so perhaps that logic may yet prove compelling.

  15. No Jim, No sequel. Period.

  16. I would say Jim Carrey is dumb and studio Warner Bros./New Line is dumber, in this case. No Carrey: no point.

  17. No Jim Carrey, no point in seeing the movie. Both Daniels and Carrey made the movie work. It would be like Abbot and Costello, without Bud Abbot…

  18. Carrey has to know his acting career is not as big as it once was and his name does not bring in viewers like it use to. This sequel was the only hope he had at becoming a big star again.

  19. dammit. guess carey would rather do another penguin movie :-/

  20. It’s a shame that this isn’t going to happen but I must say that I applaud Carrey for putting his foot down. I think he knows that if the film isn’t going to be done right then why do it at all. The studio would be stupid if they move on without Carrey. I agree with a lot of people on here as to if there is no Carrey then there shouldn’t be a sequel. Hopefully the studio wise up and gets on board with this film. Me personally, I would rather watch a sequel on Dumber and Dumber any time of the day before a sequel to Anchorman.

  21. Somebody musta made him do it!

  22. I have to say that Jim Carrey not being as big a draw should not in and of itself have scared people off. This is not a huge sci-fi project, so it does not have to make tons of money (although maybe Jim and Jeff themselves are very expensive). Dumb & Dumber is one of the most classic 90s comedies, and a lot of people would see a true sequel simply out of loyal nostalgia. But I agree, no Jim, no point.

  23. I have no doubt in my mind that they’ll continue without Jim regardless.

    If they could make constantly unfunny movies like The Hangover series and American Pie and give us crap we don’t want like the terrible romcoms that fill every season of the year, then they’ll find a way to erase Lloyd from the picture and have Harry screwing around with another character instead.

  24. Lame!!! I really wanted to see that!!

  25. Why don’t they just shop it around to other studios that Carry would be happy to work with? As said, Jim isn’t as big as he once was, until he chips his tooth again for this roll!!

  26. Fist of all, I thought lack of popularity is WHY Jim Carrey was finally doing this… and Secondly, IT “IS” about money if the studio isn’t interested. And that is pretty obvious I think. Can they shop it around? Or does the studio own the rights?

  27. PSSS !!!… he prefers a clumsy Penguin sequel

  28. that is way lame. i had always talked about how awesome a sequel of dumb and dumber would be ever since i was a kid, it was one of my favorite movies ever. warner bros is retarded for not pushing this movie to the max, it would’ve been the best and funniest movie all year and most likely the highest grossing movie too. the hangover is f****** garbage.

  29. JIM Carrey, Did’nt like the script,in it, HARRY wants to have a sex change.