Jim Carrey Steps Away From ‘Dumb & Dumber 2′

Published 3 years ago by , Updated March 11th, 2014 at 9:29 am,

Jim Carrey Out of Dumb Dumber 2 Jim Carrey Steps Away From Dumb & Dumber 2

Last fall we got word that Dumb & Dumber 2 - a film which has been rumored for over a decade – was in fact happening. That news was followed up with further confirmation by the directors of the original, Peter and Bobby Farrelly (Three Stooges), who let it be known earlier this year that stars of the original – Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels – were up to reprise their roles as Lloyd and Harry, respectively.

Unfortunately, the latter part of that happy news is no longer true: Jim Carrey has reportedly stepped away from doing the Dumb & Dumber sequel.

ETOnline grabbed the exclusive, stating that, “according to sources,” it was friction between the Carrey and studio Warner Bros./New Line that led to the comedic star’s decision to split. While the usual assumption would be that money was the root of this evil, it was apparently the studio’s ‘lack of enthusiasm’ that ticked Carrey off. The actor went so far as to release the following statement to ETOnline:

“I would have thought Dumb and Dumber To was a no-brainer, after all it’s implied in the title.”

It’ll undoubtedly be a great shame if this project doesn’t come together. After the disappointing 2003 prequel, When Harry Met Lloyd, fans of the Farrelly’s original were yearning even harder for a true follow-up that reunited the original team.

Of course, on the other side of that coin: it’s easy to understand why the studio would be hesitant to push forward. The franchise hasn’t been relevant for nearly a decade (save cable TV reruns of the original); Carrey is no longer the box office draw he once was, and the Farrellys are a fraction of the box office draw they once were. Put all those pieces together and how does the picture look from an investment standpoint?

dumb dumber 2 Jim Carrey Steps Away From Dumb & Dumber 2

But let’s be honest: if Dumb & Dumber To (which is indeed a great title), were to hit theaters, there would absolutely be an audience waiting to receive it. There are many fans (like myself) of ’90s-era Farrelly films who remember Dumb & Dumber fondly. Those aforementioned cable reruns haven’t done that bad in terms of keeping a new generation aware of the franchise, and the combination of Carrey and Daniels is potent enough marketing to convince those unaware that the film would be a funny good time.

That’s all to say: WB/NL may want to give the matter a second look, before an opportunity slips away. Can’t coast on The Hangover series forever.

Source: ETOnline

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  1. Have you gone back to see the original? I did a few months ago after not seeing it for many years. It was amusing the first time around, but seemed lame the second…Maybe he too finally looked at it again…..I mean if you want to see dumb and dumber just turn on most any reality tv show or fox news….They both do dumb and dumber at length so it’s not really all that funny anymore….

    • Watch the UNRATED version

      • WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY FUNNIER also the many many deleted scenes are very hilarios

    • you got to be kidding. Could watch this movie over and over again and laugh my head off everytime.

    • Are you stupid ? Im 27 now and I hrew up with this movie. Its amazing acting they dont have actors like this anymore. Go watch Transformers then u dumb kid. Thos movie is a classic unlike all the crap the are filming nowadays with fake actors.

      • Man I’m 30, and I can laugh to that all day still.

        I think I know who you are, I used to pull down your pants every day at recess in 4th grade and everyone would laugh at you. I realize now that it was just cold out, and that time I put it between my fingers and… well lets just say went a little to far, and must of caused some psychological trauma on your end to make you act so miserable.

        Anyway sorry about that, learn to laugh a bit.

    • you have the story completely opposite, actually.

      Jim Carrey was apparently on the road for a production in a hotel and he flips on the T.V. where he catches a scene from Dumb and Dumber on T.V.
      it clicks in his head that he needs to make a sequel to this movie and finally signs onto the film.

      So yea, Jim is on board… it is just passionless executives/producers that are driving this idea into the ground. Having worked in the industry I can tell you that they are the majority, not the minority.
      Producers ESPECIALLY are notorious bloodsuckers.

      Don’t be surprised if Jim got tired of swatting the mosquitoes and decided to pack up camp.

    • This is fake as hell. They finished filming last year, and Jim Carrey has already completed all of his scenes.

      • They filmed in Atlanta.

  2. what is it with these kids hating on ‘dumb and dumber’?? this movie is a classic. and scew the money, everything not about a box office hit. D&D’r wouldnt break any records but it would break even and make everybody involved some money. i swear the greed in this world and this country ruins everything.

  3. Funniest movie I ever saw. So, so disappointed that Dumb & Dumber To may not be made. BIG MISTAKE!

  4. when i first heard of the sequal i almost crapped my pants of excitement. everything about the original movie is amazing, funny as hell through every scene. now that i hear this news, im gonna crap my pants from disapointment. im not understanding whats the holdback from jim, is he too busy making other movies about pinguins and kissin other guys. hey jim, your fans want dumb and dumber 2. i need another movie i can watch 500 times over and over

  5. They need to do this for the fans. Screw the greed.
    Carey needs to a accept a smaller paycheck for a change and give a little back to the fans who put him their.

    If Jim Carey and the farely Brothers really believe this movie is going to do well at the box office, they could write out a contract where the director and actors get their share of the money only AFTER the movie makes their original budget back. Sure it’s risky, but they said they would do anything for the fans….. Let’s see the love guys,

  6. This is just unfair! I had been waiting for the chance of the sequel, only to have it fizzle out like this? Come-on. To have all the orignal actors and screenwriters working on this was like printing their own money. So many from my generation would have seen this movie.

    And like others here, I rate the orignal as a pure comedy classic! Still quote lines to this day. Sort it out people!

  7. Please go to DumbAndDumberPetition . com and sign to show your support for Dumb and Dumber “To”!

  8. …found out today that the sequel isn’t happening…and although it may not seem like a big deal to some, to those of us who grew up with D&D’r and COULDN’T BELIEVE OUR EARS when we heard that Carrey and Daniels were coming back… This is a major disappointment. I will say, however, that Jim has every right to pull out if the enthusiasm isn’t there. The sequel, after all, would have some ridiculously large shoes to fill. I also quote this movie to this day – its one of those “never gets old” films that offers hundreds of one-liners and fond memories.

    I really hope the powers-that-be get their stuff together and see the potential behind this project. It COULD go down in history like the first!

    Here’s hopin~

  9. F&*k a monkey, g****** it mother f&*%ker. That sucks.

  10. Ugg, the first one was terrible, TERRIBLE, I never understood why people liked it so much. I left the theater it was so bad. TO make another one, a third really, is a waste of film and every ones time. I am not even going to touch on Carreys odd, and insulting, behavior lately. It is really just about the movie, WB was right to not be enthusiastic about it, they probably re-watched the first one and realized how lucky they were it was a hit and the likelihood of Americans are not that completely brain dead yet to come watch this disaster. Not to mention, Carrey really thinks Americans are dumb and dumber!

    • I think that you need a deep enema with hot soap watter. U are a retard. Go watch Transformers bia**ch . Ur a hater wjo deserves to get beat up . The movie is a classic.

    • Americans are completely brain dead actually

  11. Well good news the movie is still being made so everyone can calm down just a little bit its only a
    Movie lets not start a war over jim carrey making another film
    F…ing losers.

  12. inny fool that smacks on the movie is a knob I would love to see number 2 Jim rules

  13. Jim carrey sucks for stepping away from dumb and dumber 2 cuz dumb and dumber 1 was funny but funny cant decribe it dumb and dumber 1 was good now if jim carrey dose not make dumb and dumber 2 i’ll hate him for life ps jim carrey’s EX fan

  14. Jim carrey at least we know who’s dumb and who’s dumber jim carrey is dumber cuz he turned his back on dumb and dumber and he turned his back on his fans cuz im certanly not his fan anymore i wanted to see dumb and dumber 2 everyone wanted to see dumb and dumber 2 everyone with me jim carrey sucks jim carrey sucks jim carrey sucks jim carrey sucks jim carrey sucks jim carrey sucks jim carrey sucks jim carrey sucks jim carrey sucks jim carrey sucks your dead to me jim carrey

    • You need help.

  15. Dumb and Dumber is my all time favorite movie. I dont understand how anyone could not live this movie???? I really hope this mivie gets made. I soooooo want to see it. I think we should all weute jim carey and beg him to do it.

    • uhh you know this article is completely false? theyve already finished filming the movie and will be releasing a trailer most likely next month at the absolute latest. its coming out this year in november. look it up :)

  16. this is already made it only took them 3 – 6 months to complete because a dumb and dumber movie should be easy even jim said the same thing.

    both jim and jeff have said dumb 2 out does its original in almost every way. thank you very much. this old ad to be taken down.

  17. But the film has already been made. It was a wrap early this year and is scheduled to be released November of 2014. The movie had already been made, so this article is dead wrong.