Rumors: Hugh Jackman’s ‘X-Men’ Contract; Jim Carrey in ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ & Orlando Bloom’s Batman

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Rumor Patrol

Wolverine Contract Hugh Jackman Rumor It's high-time for comic book superhero films and the headlines generated from Comic-Con International in July and Disney's D23 event this weekend - let alone box office performances - speak volumes for the genre. Even with Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and The Wolverine out of the way, the fans have their eyes set on Kick-Ass 2 and this fall's Thor: The Dark World, and that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what studios are producing in the coming years. The latest rumors surround many of the highest profile upcoming projects, characters and stars and we have three new ones to share and dissect.
  • Hugh Jackman's contract extension with the X-Men franchise
  • Jim Carrey's cameo appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Orlando Bloom as the next Bruce Wayne
Let's get to it.

Wolverine Forever

Hugh Jackman X-Men Contract Rumor While on the set of The Wolverine in October I asked Hugh Jackman how he was enjoying the role after playing it so many times and if he planned to continue long-term. At the time he wasn't officially attached to X-Men: Days of Future Past although we knew he'd be involved, but he led us believe that the three-hour workouts and extreme diet were getting tougher for the Oscar-nominated actors in his 40s and that he was excited to take a break. His starring role in Days of Future Past seems to have given new life to the character and actor since Hugh was in his highest spirits at Comic-Con. He (and the X-Men producers) told us from the beginning that it would be down to the story and making sure that they're keeping Wolverine fresh for Jackman to have a challenge in playing him. Rumor has it, from the questionable National Enquirer, that Fox has offered a $100 million deal to Jackman to reprise the iconic role an additional four times after X-Men: Days of Future Past. Given Jeff Wadlow's (Kick-Ass 2) role in developing X-Force, and Fox consultant Mark Millar teasing a major announcement about the future of the franchise within the next two years, it's reasonable to assume they'd want to secure Jackman's role in the series' future. Will he continue playing Wolverine or could he become the Ultimate Marvel Comics version of the time-travelling mutant Cable?

Jim Carrey's Carnage

Carnage Spider-Man Movie Rumor From one crazy comic book character in Batman Forever's villainous Riddler, to Kick-Ass 2's vigilante ex-mobster Colonel Stars and Stripes, Jim Carrey's run at key (and extreme) comic book characters may be far from over. An under-the-radar and unverifiable rumor began earlier this year from a user on the SHH forums claiming that Jim Carrey had a role in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Not long later, Spidey sleuth SevenWebHeads claimed that Carrey could be playing either Mysterio or Carnage (Cletus Kasady), potentially to setup the character for another film. Adding some credence to the possibility, at least one Twitter user nabbed a photo with Carrey (see it here via from the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in March. And since the Ravencroft institute will be featured in the sequel - and its scenes were shot in March (coincidence?) - that puts Jim Carrey's cameo (if there is one) inside Ravencroft. Kasady, a psychotic criminal, spent time at Ravencroft and when Venom's spawn used him as a host, he became the terrifying villain Carnage. With a Venom script having been written years ago and Sony still interested in the character - not to mention a fourth Amazing Spider-Man (that may not be about Spider-Man) confirmed, it wouldn't be surprising to see Webb planning out the franchise's future and laying groundwork for both Venom and Carnage. Whether or not Jim Carrey is part of those plans remains to be seen.

Orlando Bloom vs. Superman

Batman vs Superman Movie Casting Rumor Arguably the biggest announcement coming out of Comic-Con 2013 was Zack Snyder's on-stage revelation that the sequel to Man of Steel would include Batman. With Christian Bale confirming on multiple occasions that his time as Bruce Wayne is over, rumors and reports are running rampant listing candidates that Snyder, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are looking at to wear The Dark Knight's cape and cowl. We have our own list of five actors who could play Batman in a 'versus' film, but according to London's Express, who are hyping the British invasion of American superheroes (i.e. Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker & Henry Cavill as Clark Kent), claim that their source at Warner Bros. is saying that Orlando Bloom - another Brit - is the top contender to play Batman opposite Cavill's Supes and may get the part before the casting call. Bloom, who makes his return as his career-starting role Legolas in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug this fall, is 36 years old. Can you picture Bloom as Bruce Wayne?

Rumor Patrol

Batman vs Superman Logo List Post Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine makes sense. Whether or not him agreeing to a four-picture contract up front or that amount of money remains to be seen but he loves the character and we doubt he'll give it up. As for Jim Carrey, we'd love to seem him play a dark and scary Carnage and make a cameo in the Spidey sequel. As for Orlando Bloom, that may be a stretch, but we hope to find out who plays Batman (and Lex Luthor!) in the near future. Marc Webb directs The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Andrew Garfield, Chris Cooper, Dane DeHaan, Emma Stone, Felicity Jones, Jamie Foxx, Paul Giamatti and Sally Field. Zack Snyder directions Batman vs. Superman with Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, and Diane Lane. Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman,  along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 releases May 2, 2014, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014 and Batman vs. Superman releases 2015. Follow Rob on Twitter @rob_keyes for your comic book movie news!
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  1. Did that source at WB saw Luke Evans’ picture and thought it was Bloom or something? It’s weird to me Evans has been suggested quite a bit, yet Bloom’s name now comes up, and is even quit negatively received in terms of physical presence no less. They could be friggin brothers man.

    It can’t be such a schock they might consider Bloom, if Evans’ name has been thrown around a lot as well.

  2. I can’t believe WB’s choosing of actor’s for Batman. I have a bad feeling about their universe & they should stick to solo franchises.

    • I am still taking all of this as rumor…but if they did cast Bloom, that would be a clear sign to me that the DC universe may be in trouble and I would start advocating for them to just do a solo Superman film and forget the team up.

      • +1

  3. 1. jackman must see the word sucker written all over fox, without the mcu
    characters to team up with the studio has no choice but to pay this guy
    a fat paycheck to keep xmen franchise revelant even though the grosses of the last three xmen movies continue to go backwards.
    2. casting orlando bloom as batman is like casting adam sandler as the flash… great way to kill off JLA and DC for a decade.
    3. if you have seen jim carrey as the creepy magician steve grey in burt wonderstone, he could play cassady (carnage) he should pass however because
    he needs an adult spiderman to go toe to toe with, not kiddie ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN which is what this franchise is anyway.

    • But Spiderman’s ALWAYS been a teen (until the comics in the 90s decided to finally age him and have him as a teacher at his old high school).

      What would age have to do with it anyway? I’m sure you must be some kind of troll hurling out ridiculous opinions for the hell of it. If so then I’m sorry I bought into it again and responded.

    • 2. casting orlando bloom as batman is like casting adam sandler as the flash… great way to kill off JLA and DC for a decade.

      And this is why I keep coming back to this interwebz thing.

    • ummm X-Men First Class was very profitable!

    • I don’t really agree with your last two points. Orlando Bloom might do well (but I can’t necessarily see him as Batman, only Bruce Wayne but it’s not the first time I’ve damned an actor who genuinely surprised me in how good they did). He definitely won’t ruin the franchise. He’s a good actor ( in my opinion at least).
      I’m pretty sure a teenage kid going up against a serial killer isn’t very “kiddie”. Besides, by the time they introduce Carnage, if that’s who Carrey is even playing, Peter will be well into his career as Spider-Man and much older.

    • Wolverine movies are spin offs about a X-Man. X2 made more than X1. X3 made more than X2. FC made less than X3. So only the last X-Men movie made less than the last one. No matter what you think of the X-Men movies, your kidding yourself if you think Days of Future Past wont make at least 400-500 million world wide. A big special effects super hero smash fest in an established movie franchise in a post The Avengers box office? Big bucks for Fox.

    • Somebody find Adam Sandler! I wanna see him as The Flash now.

  4. Wow, of course Jim Carrey would make a great Carnage. He’s the king of manic comedy! Only wish it to be true.

    Hugh Jackman’s RUMOURED deal is $100mil for 4 movies, which is $25 million per movie. Not that much for an A-list star in A-list movies. RDJ signed a 2 picture deal for Avengers 2 and 3 for $100mil. Would be great if he accepted the deal. Maybe the 4th movie could be an “Old Man Logan” adaptation, considering he’ll be in his 50’s. I love his Wolvie portrayal, the most passionate CBM actor there is.

    Orlando Bloom is better suited to Shakespeare than CBM’s. He’d make a terrible Batman. Of course there’s the people that go “Everyone hated the idea of Ledger as the Joker”, I didn’t. He had that great range, and was known for completely immersing himself in roles, which is what was needed for the Joker. Bloom should stick to LOTR crap, and B-Side films where he belongs. He’s a great actor, but only in niche markets.

    • Did you seriously just call LOTR crap?

      • He isn’t wrong.

      • Sorry, but I got very sick of the LOTR

        Saw them in theatres once, absolutely loved them. Tried to watch again, HATED them.

        Monumental achievements in filmaking, and some of the truest adaptations from literature to ever be filmed, but not at all recommended by me for repeat viewings.

        Just my 2 cents.

        • So you basically hate the films because they’re popular…interesting.

          • There are some pretty major changes to the book…

          • “Saw them in theatres once, absolutely loved them. Tried to watch again, HATED them.”

            How in the heck does that translate into hating the films because they are popular? LOL

            • I’m still LOLing over the “some of the truest adaptations from literature to ever be filmed” remark.

              • Yeah, you’re right about that; The books never focused on the battles so much (yawn – never been so bored at battles in my life). Legolas was never a superhero while Gimli was never comic relief.
                If there was any superhero like character in the books, it was Aragorn. Gandalf was a Maiar (pretty much a Demigod) in the book, so he doesn’t count.

                I think the first movie was an excellent adaption to the book, it’s just sad that the second two degenerated into too much of everything; oh my god, here it comes; YAWN

      • I second that LOTR was crap except for movie 1 – You could have cut out at least a quarter of the extra ridiculous fat out of those last two movies – funny that book one is crap, yet the last 2 movies are crap (any book that takes an entire half of it’s length before it gets interesting is crap no matter how good the actual English is – or how much kudos it is given). It’s almost as if SJ wanted to reverse that mistake by making the last two movies bloody yawn fests; OK, I admit thst TTT is borderline, but I was definately getting sick of the action by about halfway through the battle.
        Don’t get me started about the extended editions…
        If it makes you yawn; it is then not a good movie no matter how brilliant the acting or other elements are.
        I just can’t understand why hardcore LOTRites don’t see this, because pretty much most of every one else I know seems to see it – take those rose coloured glasses guys.
        Hmmm; I’m reminded of a time where ‘Titanic’ was thought of as sheer brilliance… what a sad day for humanity that was.
        For the record – I do think that LOTR is better than the Titanic, because with some proper editing, it could have been saved.

    • Wow, man, I gotta agree with you. The Wolverine character has had a bumpy ride so far in the movies, but there’s no question that Jackman is super passionate about the character. It’s probably why I’m so happy for him right now, in a way that is kind of bizarre for me. ( Why the hell am I “happy” for some actor?) I think he finally nailed the character in a film that serviced that portrayal rather than detracting from it (Origins). I’m not too happy however about the possibility of him doing Ultimates Cable, simply because I’d rather see traditional Cable portrayed. But at this point, I think they could do a lot worse. And it will indeed give Jackman the challenge he is hungry for, should that wind up being the course they take.

    • Orlando Bloom is no Ledger, to be sure.
      I’ve never really thought Bloom was a brilliant actor – just an average one – until ‘The Three Musketeers’ – where his true talents as an awesome villain were revealed. His role as the conniving Duke of Buckingham is the best of his career by far – it only made me weep (just a little) more when it didn’t do too well at the box office, because the set up for him to become the main antagonist in a sequel left me waiting with bated breath.

      Having said this, I really think he wouldn’t make a good Batman.
      Bale was good, excellent even, but he was a better Wayne than Batman.
      We need an actor who can give us a truly awe inspiring Batman. Yes, I’ve said it – I want to be blown away by a Batman in the same way I’ve been blown away by the two Jokers. Maybe this is impossible, maybe not, but I don’t think that Bloom would be able to pull this off.

      I know this sounds like a lot too ask, hell, I don’t even expect it, but I didn’t expect Ledger’s brilliance either. I think it, CAN be done, if given to the right actor.
      Daniel Day Lewis is the only popular actor that I can think of that has the sheer presence to do this. He’s proven in pretty much every role he has done that he could immerse himself in the role. Before you laugh at this, think of the Keaton Batman – albeit dated – I remember laughing when I heard he would be Batman, but I was very pleasantly surprised; Lewis is such a higher caliber of actor, he has the chops.
      In the comics and cartoons it has been done numerous times, why not?
      Having said this, I still love the Bale Batman, he has definitely taken it to another level, there’s no disputing that.

      • OK – maybe Fassbender could pull it off – but I’m not really fond of seeing actors play different superheros at once even if it crosses DC and Marvel lines, because of the unconscious association I would have with him as a young Prof X

        • Except he was a young Magneto… 😛

      • Weird but when you were talking about having a Joker-level Batman, DDL was the exact guy who came to mind, right before I read it.

      • @Rob

        I’m not too into the comics, so can you enlighten me on what the deal is with “Old Man Logan?” Thanks. :-)

  5. “we’re looking for an older actor to play batman”
    “how ’bout orlando bloom?”
    “sure why not”

    • Remember all of the reports about Batman’s casting are all rumors. WB has said nothing officially. All these casting rumors and rumors about an old Batman are all from movie blogs and gossip sites. In fact I would argue that the only rumor that might have had some basis is the one from Scott Adkins twitter which said that WB has asked him to audition for the role. Since that rumor came directly from the actors official twitter and facebook page.

  6. Sounds like jackman will continue to play wolverine which look forward to I also think carry would work well as carnage I tend to like him ore as a serious actor than a really comedic one (I still love Wharton hears a who though :) ) as long as they dont make carry like the toddler in batman forever but odds are they are a lot smarter than that I’m not sure if I can picture bloom as batman I think he’s a pretty good actor I liked him in pirates and in Lord of the rings but he doesn’t come off as an older wiser batman to me I’m more interested on who they cast as luthor to be honest

    • I don’t really see why Batman has to be older and wiser.

      If we’re going for a reboot, then I think a younger, hungry, Bruce would be better suited.

  7. Orlando Bloom as a version of Deadshot?

    He’d suit that role more. Plus him and Michael Fassbender as The Riddler sharing the same screen, even for one brief scene in Arkham Asylum, would be brilliant.

    As Batman though? I don’t see anybody who likes that idea.

    • For some reason, Dazz, I don’t think that’s too bad an idea. Bloom as Deadshop? Hmmm….

      I’m definitely not feeling the rumor of him being cast as Bruce though.

  8. jackman as wolverine??!! AGAIN??!!!

    NO! NO! NO! NO!

    arent you guys tired of this guy already??!!

    we need some NEW blood for wolverine! come on people!!

    jackman was a poor choice to begin with—he’s 6’5″, too pretty, not bulking muscular enough.

    wolverine is a short, stocky, hairy, buffer (not leaner like jackman, but more hulking), and not as pretty as jackman. i’m talking Marc Silvestri portrayal from 1992 wolverine issues 48-50.

    come on FOX, you need to cast a more gruffer, shorter, hairier, buffer, meaner wolverine for the next 3 X films. jackman is PLAYED OUT

    • That sounds like me.

      Only difference is, Jackman is a more believable Wolverine than I could ever be.

      The guy’s perfect for the role. He IS the Wolverine. He’s probably one of a handful of actors in the X-Men franchise that I wouldn’t want to completely recast (the others being Kelsey Grammar as Beast and Sir Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier).

      If we’re gonna recast though and it was possible to do it then Neal McDonagh as Magneto please. Not sure if I spelled his name correctly off the top of my head but hey.

      • Not Famke Jannsen? I loved her in everything but X3, but I don’t blame her for that.

    • So you have a problem with his physicality only?

    • Watch the new wolvie flick. Jackman is jacked

    • Jackman is the perfect Wolvie. Perhaps the character has been played out film wise, but its gonna be tough to find someone else as perfect for the role.
      I think that Wolvie should be in cameos or part of an ensemble only (such as a guest Avenger) – he’s just been played out as a starring main character.

    • 6’5″, is Hugh going through a growth spurt? He is 6’1″, maybe 6’2″ in shoes. People need to realize they will probably never get someone 5’3″ to play Wolverine in a live action project, the guy they originally cast was around the same height as Jackman so if that is the main gripe people have they might as well get over it.

      Acting-wise Jackman has the charisma and likability that is an aspect of Logan’s character, but the thing the films have danced around for the most part is the violent, out of control side of the character. At this point it seems like they are pushing more domesticated version of Wolverine that he evolved into and the berserk, raging Logan may only be seen in small doses.

    • @DarkKnightPredator

      Sorry, but I think you, like many others, care WAAAYYY too much about one aspect alone. Sure he’s not physically like the character in the comics, but as long as the change doesn’t take away from it and everything else works, I’m fine with that. I’d much rather him look different than in the comics but portray the character correctly and is played by an actor that actually knows how to act, than to have someone who looks like the comic book version but fails in everything else… We got lucky with Hugh Jackman getting the role instead of someone else who might not be as good of an actor…

    • Okay so you have your physical traits for the character, how about a list of actors that can play that then.

      What we doing getting Danny DeVito down the gym to tone up his fat ass….

  9. Orlando Bloom as Batman? that’s a bad idea and you can’t really believe that unless Joel Schumacher is the casting manager for that film.
    You have two options with this film and go with the total badass approach of casting Scott Adkins as Batman or go for the comic book novel storyline approach and cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Batman.

    Personally, I prefer Scott Adkins, if you dont know who he is. look up Uri Boyka from Undisputed 2 & 3.

    • Scott Adkins is a pure legend and would make an awesome Batman!

  10. I heard that waner had offered christian bale 50 million to play batman again in Batman vs superman don’t know if its true though

  11. If they are looking to possibly create the Sinister 6 then maybe Carrey has a cameo as Adrian Toomes aka “The Vulture”.

    • I think the Colm Feore is going to be Adrian Toomes. I mean look at that guy!

      Carrey can do anything, the guy’s a monster.

  12. Jackman should keep playing Wolverine, only problem is, he’s going to be old at the end of the deal.

    Jim Carrey shouldn’t go near a Spiderman movie set, his time has come and gone.

    Orlando Bloom would be perfect as Batman. A smart move on Snyder’s part if they can get him. He’s the best name I’ve heard rumored yet for the role.

    • They can work that into the story – and very easily :)

  13. In a British paper today it’s been reported that Bale has been offered $40 million to play Batman again.

    C’mon people, what more of a reason to come out of a retirement than ($40 million) aliens causing all that damage to earth!! The world needs Batman!! (the real one, not that Orlando guy..)

    • +1

    • I mentioned that newspaper article 3 or 4 times already in the comments and I still think he should refuse to take it.

      Bale was great but if he hears about RDJ and Jackman’s paychecks then he could demand even more than 40million and I’m not sure WB would want to do that (Jackman’s is split over several different movies, Bale could rightly say he wants RDJ money for a single film).

      I also don’t think I’d want him returning. He was great but the trilogy is done now and I want a different Batman so that we can have a Two-Face, a Bane, a Talia al Ghul that didn’t all die, a recast Joker, Ra’s al Ghul using Lazarus pits to live forever and villains like Man-Bat, Killer Croc and The Mad Hatter, villains that wouldn’t have worked in Nolan’s Batman universe.

      • I’m not attached to Bale in any way. In fact, the only movie I liked him in outside Nolan’s Batman trilogy is Terminator. But his heart doesn’t seem into the role. Yes I want him back for continuity of Nolan’s trilogy because it could and easily should continue. But honestly, he would have to win me over as a fan for me to join in any praise or hallelujah. He’d have to prove that he wants to be Batman and believes in the vision that Nolan and Snyder are taking.

        • I love how you just mentioned his heart doesn’t seem into the role after you mention Terminator, just found that funny and not sure if anyone else caught onto that.

          • I caught that just now when I read it but honestly, I liked Terminator Salvation and don’t see why the complaints about Bale’s performance in it have been going on. Compared to Nick Stahl, even “Mr Wooden” himself Sam Worthington was like King Lear and Bale’s presence really elevated the movie.

            The way I see it, if Bale is forced back into the cape and cowl due to a huge offer of cash then as great as that could be for fans of TDK trilogy (myself included), it sucks for the movie industry because it would take him away from roles like The Fighter where he gets to show how diverse and talented the man truly is.

            It’d be like taking Stewart and McKellen away from their stage version of Waiting For Godot purely because a group of nerds want them to appear in an X-Men movie to boost sales and box office takings.

            Or perhaps people saying “we don’t want Jim Carrey to play Carnage, we demand another Ace Ventura movie”.

            At some point, people have to accept that actors want to move on from a particular role and only willingly return if they love the character (like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine) or if they just want some extra cash (choose your own actor to fit this description, there are many).

            • @Dazz

              I like T:S as well. Much better then 3. But its no Cameron.

              But Bale doesn’t do it for me. Never really has.

          • Caught on to what? Are you trying to be clever?

            • @LC

              Your remark about Bale not having his heart into the role. Remember in the movie, his character damages his heart and needed to have it replaced…

              • Ha… so I was the one being clever. Didn’t catch on myself.

        • @LC

          Come on, Bale wasn’t that good in Terminator Salvation. If you want to see Bale actually act and do an AMAZING job at it, watch The Fighter. Bale was absolutely phenomenal in that movie, some of the best acting I’ve seen in… ever… But honestly, he’s pretty hit or miss and I think his acting in the Batman movies were just OK. There were times when I’m wondering if he forgot his lines and were reading from a cue card… I’d really like to see Karl Urban (sorry to be such an Urban cheerleader) take on the role because I’ve honestly never been disappointed with his acting. Watching the first Star Trek movie from Abrams, it was hard to point out, but somehow Urban was channeling the original actor who played Bones. Just some little things about his mannerisms and the way he said his lines, it almost felt like it was the same guy with a different look… And in Dredd, even though you only see his chin, you can still see when he’s angry or when he’s actually kind of impressed at Anderson, all the while never losing the frown… I have no idea how, but he did it… I want to see a Batman with that level of subtlety in the acting that just makes you believe it’s happening rather than thinking about the acting…

          • I’ve seen most of Bale’s movies. The Fighter was boring. I’ll agree, he can act. But the movie wasn’t anything special to me. It wasn’t that entertaining. For me, I don’t go to a movie/see a movie at home and say “Man, that was some good acting!” I say, “That movie was a lot of fun!” or “That movie barely kept me awake!”

            Different strokes for different folks.

            • My favorite Bale performance was in 3:10 To Yuma.

      • “I want a different Batman so that we can have…”

        In other words, you want them to retread things that have already been tread twice out.

        This is the biggest flaw with reboots; there are only so many iconic characters that people deem must be tackled and, by the time they tackle them, it’s reboot time again. You basically just get the same stories retooled (but not retooled so much) and nothing new ever comes out of them.

        Man-Bat, Killer Croc and Mad Hatter might be cool, but people would be all “oh, you can’t do them until you do Joker / Two-Face, ect” Crock would be looked at as a rip on The Lizard, and both Man-Bat and Hater would doubtfully pull an audience on their own so you’d be lucky to have them implemented as side characters… which leads to saturation.

        • When did I say I wanted a reboot?

          I’ve said before that I don’t want to see Bruce Wayne in this new movie, just Batman never taking off the cowl and already established in the MOS universe.

          That means no need to show why he became Batman.

          Plus they changed character origins and traits in TDK trilogy to make it more realistic, hence why we never got Penguin because Nolan said “I don’t know how we could have him in this universe realistically”. Batman’s rogues gallery has fantastical people like Croc, Man-Bat etc that therefore deserve some screen time.

          Batman Begins had Ra’s al Ghul and The Scarecrow, two characters that mainstream audiences had never heard of but the movie still did well and we got a couple of sequels from it.

          The Iron Monger was the main villain in Iron Man. Who outside of die hard Marvel comics readers could’ve even told you who Iron Monger was? Didn’t stop that movie doing well financially though.

          I dunno, I think your comment was reaching and failed to hit the mark and completely unnecessary. Like you wanted to argue a point but had no solid foundation for your opinion but went right ahead anyway and completely missed the point of what I’d said before missing whatever point you were trying to make.

          • When did you say you wanted a reboot?

            “He was great but the trilogy is done now and I want a different Batman so that we can have a Two-Face, a Bane, a Talia al Ghul that didn’t all die…”

            How exactly would you propose having a new Batman after a trilogy that you state yourself is “done” without a reboot? The only two choices you have is either a new Batman, which would mean the previous Batman doesn’t come into play, or a continuing series of films from that trilogy with the same Batman (but perhaps with a different actor.

            It was your choice of words. Perhaps you meant you wanted a new Batman movie, but that’s where your “trilogy is done” comment causes some confusion, as it would have to either be a different Batman than the one portrayed in the Nolan trilogy (i.e. a reboot) or the same Batman (meaning it’s no longer a trilogy and therefore not “done”).

            Since you stated that you would like your first three listed rogues to still be alive, you could have only logically meant a reboot unless you are suggesting that they reverse or retcon the deaths we were shown in the Dark Knight trilogy as it stands.

        • VERY GOOD POINT!

          Continuing on from the Dark Knight trilogy allows Batman to continue to tackle more characters from his vast rogues gallery which could cross into the issues that the Justice League deals with. I have been saying on other sites, instead of having the Joker teaming with Lex Luthor, honor the work of Ledger and have Hugo Strange partner with Luthor. If you do so then you could get Mark Strong (Lex Luthor) and Bryan Cranston (Hugo Strange) together as two very different types of villains. I honestly don’t think Warner Brothers is thinking about overly fantastic characters that require CGI to bring to life like Man Bat or Mr. Mxyzptlk. I think they are thinking they want human and human like aliens to populate their universe who are not imps, freaks or outlandish characters.

          • I will never understand the people that use the “wouldn’t fit in the world Nolan created” argument. I always ask them “How so?” Nolan created Gotham, period. Anything after that would be expanding the horizon.

            When someone uses Nolan’s Penguin comment, it’s because both they and Nolan are latching onto Burton’s abstract portrayal of the Penguin. What is the Penguin in the comics but a politician and a crime boss. That’s all he is. How exactly would that not fit?

            Then there’s the super-powers thing. Batman’s first major rogues were not super-powered people; he didn’t run across any super powered individuals until he did. I personally think it would be interesting to portray how this crime fighter would find himself having to adapt to this sudden influx of rogues that are much more than what he’s had to deal with previously and it would be an organic growth.

            He’d be out of his element in the beginning and that would make an interesting and compelling story without having to toss out what’s already there.

        • I think the only way to bring Batman into the Superman/Batman movie is to completely leave out a Bruce Wayne heavy story, and really focus on the dark and mysterious Batman – leave some mystery to the character so to speak (except for Superman with his X-Ray vision ;-P).
          There’s no need to reboot an origin, since we all know the basics of it, which have never really changed.

          • Completely agree. It’d be wise for them to not delve into Batman/Bruce Wayne too much and focus on Clark, after all, it is a Superman movie. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if they simply portrayed Bruce Wayne as a major character and not get into his back story at all. Focus solely on the impact of his presence on Clark and Metropolis without mention of Bruce’s life in Gotham.

            • Seems odd. I would more expect Superman to be in Gotham for this. We’re talking Batman vs. Superman, Bats is going to need all the advantage he can get. What better way to start than home-field advantage.

              Of course I’m sure they’ll only fight a few times in the actual movie before putting differences aside for a greater cause. All the same, I’d prefer Superman be out of his element vs. Batman. Gotham is a big part of who Batman is. To leave that out, I think would lessen the character a bit.

      • @Dazz

        No hate toward Bale, when he’s great, I’m the first to point it out like in The Fighter, but no way he deserves RDJ pay for Batman. RDJ IS Tony Stark. I don’t think anyone can really see anyone else playing that role. Bale was OK as Batman. To me he was a bit too wooden in his delivery of most of his lines. I personally think Karl Urban would own that role like he owned the Dredd role…

        • @ Ken J

          I agree about Bale as ok as Batman. I didn’t care for him as John Connor in Terminator Salvation & thought Sam Worthington should’ve been in that role instead.

        • Part of that may have to do with the fact, this is the first time Iron Man has been played. By default, yes RDJ is Tony Start, while there have been multiple Bruces/Batmen.

          Still, from what I remember hearing, given time we’ll see a new actor playing Stark one day.

          • @VaShaun

            I disagree a bit. There are plenty of people who really liked Michael Keaton’s Batman, but I don’t think it was as universally accepted that he is definitively THE person who owned the Batman role like RDJ owns Tony Stark back when Keaton’s Batman came out… Or Adam West if you want to go back that far…

    • Guess maybe you and EVERYONE else clamoring for Bale’s return need to finally catch a clue that it’s NOT about the money. Bales is richer than snot so whether it’s 40 mil or 100 mil, HE WANTS TO DO SOMETHING ELSE WITH HIS FREAKIN’ TIME.

  14. How come you guys didn’t mentioned the Tom Cruise as Bruce Wayne rumors yet? He would be an excellent Batman.

    • Good idea.

    • Because he is on the short list, lol

      • LOL. Maybe he could play Batmite?

  15. Orlando Bloom is a terrible choice for a Batman. He doesn’t look bad-ass enough for this…he cannot take down Superman…I hope they won’t choose him

  16. The decision to have Batman on film in the next Superman movie,
    whatever it ends up being called, has placed Warner’s in a bit of
    a straight jacket because the short time frame before this film
    ramps up production does limit the pool of available actors.

  17. I’d seriously rather have Jim Carrey as the next Batman than Orlando Bloom.

  18. What’s with all the Orlando Bloom hate? Ok, he wasn’t my first choice for Batman, but come on. He’s a good actor. Not saying he’s the right choice for Batman, but I promise you he won’t be the worst. I think George Clooney pretty much secured that title…

    • It’s just hard to imagine Bloom as the “hardened, aged Batman”, maybe I’ll be proven wrong. Not the first time its happened.

    • Well I think Orlando Bloom could be interesting, I have to say I wasn’t sure on Heath Ledger as Joker and they pulled that off, so I agree with you, no need for the hate on him.

      • Great comparison. Same thing with Michael Keaton when he was cast as Batman. Of course, nothing is official and this is all rumor. But if Bloom is cast as Batman, then I would assume he has a talent or an “edge” we haven’t seen yet and he was cast for good reason. There are plenty of bigger actors to choose from, why else would they get Bloom? It’s not like he’s the biggest actor in the world right now and their only concern is money. Like I said, it’s hard to imagine him as Batman, but I can totally see him as Bruce Wayne (and he is a decent actor after all).

        Who knows, I could be wrong, but there is a chance he could be a great Batman. God knows fans (especially superhero fans) aren’t the best at predicting how well a superhero movie is going to be, or if they’re making the right decisions…

        • @Robert W

          That last line is completely correct.

          Having said that, I still think Bloom would make a better Deadshot.

          • Fair enough, he would be a good Deadshot.

      • Hmm…you know, now that you mention the Joker, I feel that Bloom would be a great choice to portray him later down the road. He is a good actor, and a very theatrical one at that. Hey, he would even be a good Oliver Queen; however, as Bruce/Batman, maybe not. We will see…

    • As would Jim Carrey as the Batman potentially – the Riddler turns Batman ouch

  19. I was against Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and even Heath Ledger. I have been wrong before.

    All I want is to keep Jim Carrey as far from any movie I will ever see.

    • Yeah Jim Carrey is great news, but is anyone else worried there is just too much being added to this movie, I am just worried on this movie completely sucking. Now Jim Carrey as Carnage would be sick and for sure help to make a good Venom movie, if you did Venom vs Carnage, just hope we see it rated R than.
      Also Jim Carry has done tons of comic movies other than Riddler, was on the Mask also and newly in Kick Ass 2. So for sure not worried about him doing the role justice.

      • The thing is, Carrey’s Riddler was based on the camp version from the 60s and while it worked for Schumacher’s Batman movies, it really didn’t work for me as a viewer. What’s sad is that he was the only decent thing about that movie.

        As for The Mask, that was good too but I always wondered why they took a dark, violent comic and turned it goofy and silly and more like a live action Tex Avery cartoon.

      • I am for Carey as Carnage. Although an overabundace of characters in a movie can be a bad thing, I think it can be pulled off while still being successful (as long as they don’t get too much screen time). In other words, I have a feeling that if Carnage is in the film, it will only be as a cameo to set him up for the rumoured Venom spin-off.

        • Well, they keep adding on to Days of Future Past. Maybe that can be a good indication of how to do a packed movie well or poor.

      • What’s happened with Carrey’s stance on violence in films? Or was that just a temporary brain fart?

  20. wth JIM CAREY HATES VIOLENCE! and CARNAGE is more brutal than VENOM! even as person he loves violence so they should cast somebody else than a comedian who hates violence!

    • Carrey’s views may or may not affect his role choices in future but that’s up to him.

      Me? I hate violence, simply abhor it but I’ve always liked the idea of playing a violent character like The Joker, Venom, Judge Death, hell, I’d take a role in a Preacher movie if they adapted that.

      It’s acting after all and not meant to reflect the views of the stars.

      What I’m trying to say is that why should it matter if he personally doesn’t like violence as long as he’s ok with what the roles demands of him?

    • He will take the money, do the performance, and then condemn it afterward.

  21. The real question for me regarding the X-Men franchise is – can they successfully move beyond Hugh Jackman? I thought that First Class was a good start, but this talk of Wolverine possibly being involve in X-Force concerns me. I like him, but Fox would do well to branch the franchise out.

  22. Ned Kelly had Heath Ledger (Joker) and Orlando Bloom (Batman?). They both were great in it and both are/were choices that everyone seemed/seems to dislike. I’m curious about what Orlando could bring to the character.

  23. orlando bloom is not bruce wayne. period.

    • Venom wishes he could be Brock Lesnar.

  24. How are we supporting casting Jim Carrey, the biggest pansy in the world, as a crime fighter? He’s just going to whine about the violence like he did for Kick Ass… Someone call him the waaah-bulance, lol. 😛

  25. No no No you F**king dont bloom! you will not Ruin this! I was all for someone like Jon Hamm to play the Bat.

  26. i need a venom vs carnage movie.

    • If Carrey wasn’t happy about being in Kick-Ass 2, then he’s in for one rude awakening if he plays Carnage.
      The Carnage character was my introduction as to how vicious Marvel was willing to go.
      Carnage, is without a doubt the most mindlessly vicious, cruel, and carnage laden (pun intended) character of the Marvel universe. Even Venom is shocked by him for Christ Sake.
      If they don’t do Carnage this way; I am so NOT interested in this movie – Carrey, if you ruin this for me by demanding a softer version of Carnage, I’m tempted to boycott all Carrey movies for life on principle.

      I’m serious – Carnage was the first Marvel character that shocked me for real.

      • totally agree. after what is going on with kick ass 2. i don’t want him anywhere near carnage. I haven’t put a ton of thought who could play a good carnage, but he and venom and always been two of my favorite marvel villains.

  27. Answering tue question “Can you picture Bloom as Bruce Wayne?”: No, i can’t not. I really really can’t. But of course anything can happen in this travesty.