Rumors: Hugh Jackman’s ‘X-Men’ Contract; Jim Carrey in ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ & Orlando Bloom’s Batman

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Rumor Patrol

Wolverine Contract Hugh Jackman RumorIt's high-time for comic book superhero films and the headlines generated from Comic-Con International in July and Disney's D23 event this weekend - let alone box office performances - speak volumes for the genre. Even with Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and The Wolverine out of the way, the fans have their eyes set on Kick-Ass 2 and this fall's Thor: The Dark World, and that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what studios are producing in the coming years.The latest rumors surround many of the highest profile upcoming projects, characters and stars and we have three new ones to share and dissect.
  • Hugh Jackman's contract extension with the X-Men franchise
  • Jim Carrey's cameo appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Orlando Bloom as the next Bruce Wayne
Let's get to it.

Wolverine Forever

Hugh Jackman X-Men Contract RumorWhile on the set of The Wolverine in October I asked Hugh Jackman how he was enjoying the role after playing it so many times and if he planned to continue long-term. At the time he wasn't officially attached to X-Men: Days of Future Past although we knew he'd be involved, but he led us believe that the three-hour workouts and extreme diet were getting tougher for the Oscar-nominated actors in his 40s and that he was excited to take a break.His starring role in Days of Future Past seems to have given new life to the character and actor since Hugh was in his highest spirits at Comic-Con. He (and the X-Men producers) told us from the beginning that it would be down to the story and making sure that they're keeping Wolverine fresh for Jackman to have a challenge in playing him. Rumor has it, from the questionable National Enquirer, that Fox has offered a $100 million deal to Jackman to reprise the iconic role an additional four times after X-Men: Days of Future Past.Given Jeff Wadlow's (Kick-Ass 2) role in developing X-Force, and Fox consultant Mark Millar teasing a major announcement about the future of the franchise within the next two years, it's reasonable to assume they'd want to secure Jackman's role in the series' future. Will he continue playing Wolverine or could he become the Ultimate Marvel Comics version of the time-travelling mutant Cable?

Jim Carrey's Carnage

Carnage Spider-Man Movie RumorFrom one crazy comic book character in Batman Forever's villainous Riddler, to Kick-Ass 2's vigilante ex-mobster Colonel Stars and Stripes, Jim Carrey's run at key (and extreme) comic book characters may be far from over. An under-the-radar and unverifiable rumor began earlier this year from a user on the SHH forums claiming that Jim Carrey had a role in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Not long later, Spidey sleuth SevenWebHeads claimed that Carrey could be playing either Mysterio or Carnage (Cletus Kasady), potentially to setup the character for another film.Adding some credence to the possibility, at least one Twitter user nabbed a photo with Carrey (see it here via from the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in March. And since the Ravencroft institute will be featured in the sequel - and its scenes were shot in March (coincidence?) - that puts Jim Carrey's cameo (if there is one) inside Ravencroft. Kasady, a psychotic criminal, spent time at Ravencroft and when Venom's spawn used him as a host, he became the terrifying villain Carnage.With a Venom script having been written years ago and Sony still interested in the character - not to mention a fourth Amazing Spider-Man (that may not be about Spider-Man) confirmed, it wouldn't be surprising to see Webb planning out the franchise's future and laying groundwork for both Venom and Carnage. Whether or not Jim Carrey is part of those plans remains to be seen.

Orlando Bloom vs. Superman

Batman vs Superman Movie Casting RumorArguably the biggest announcement coming out of Comic-Con 2013 was Zack Snyder's on-stage revelation that the sequel to Man of Steel would include Batman. With Christian Bale confirming on multiple occasions that his time as Bruce Wayne is over, rumors and reports are running rampant listing candidates that Snyder, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are looking at to wear The Dark Knight's cape and cowl.We have our own list of five actors who could play Batman in a 'versus' film, but according to London's Express, who are hyping the British invasion of American superheroes (i.e. Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker & Henry Cavill as Clark Kent), claim that their source at Warner Bros. is saying that Orlando Bloom - another Brit - is the top contender to play Batman opposite Cavill's Supes and may get the part before the casting call.Bloom, who makes his return as his career-starting role Legolas in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug this fall, is 36 years old. Can you picture Bloom as Bruce Wayne?

Rumor Patrol

Batman vs Superman Logo List PostHugh Jackman returning as Wolverine makes sense. Whether or not him agreeing to a four-picture contract up front or that amount of money remains to be seen but he loves the character and we doubt he'll give it up. As for Jim Carrey, we'd love to seem him play a dark and scary Carnage and make a cameo in the Spidey sequel. As for Orlando Bloom, that may be a stretch, but we hope to find out who plays Batman (and Lex Luthor!) in the near future.Marc Webb directs The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Andrew Garfield, Chris Cooper, Dane DeHaan, Emma Stone, Felicity Jones, Jamie Foxx, Paul Giamatti and Sally Field. Zack Snyder directions Batman vs. Superman with Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, and Diane Lane.Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman,  along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 releases May 2, 2014, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014 and Batman vs. Superman releases 2015.Follow Rob on Twitter @rob_keyes for your comic book movie news!
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  1. orlando bloom really? He does not have the body ability to play a really maskulin batman, you know what i mean?

    • I actually find some truth in the Orlando Bloom thing, the curve-ball is that it will be for Oliver Queen, not Bruce Wayne.

      • And if he tanks in the role, who’s gonna be first to say “You have failed this movie”?

        • Me!

      • Good idea. I’d be cool with that!

      • No no no, just because Legolas is handy with a bow don’t mean that Orlando is.

        Amell is doing a decent job on Arrow and should be given a crack at Oliver Queen on the big screen (if it happens)

    • He can always bulk up, look at Christian Bale’s body when he did The Machinist. Not too long after he bulked up for Batman Begins.

      • @ComeON

        True but then he probably got the Batman role before he turned himself anorexic for The Machinist.

        I personally just can’t look at Bloom and think “yeah, he looks like Bruce Wayne”. I could see him as more of a minor character (minor in mainstream audiences anyway) like Ted Kord. Someone who could be projected into the public conscience with the help of a known actor who can pull it off and turn a little known character (again, talking mainstream) into a major success, like RDJ did for Tony Stark.

    • Idk if they are looking for masculinity

  2. I, for one, would not watch a Batman vs. Superman movie if Orlando Bloom was cast as Batman.

    • That’s a pretty weak reason to pass up on the prospect of watching Batman and Superman sharing a screen, but to each their own I guess…

      • @naledge


        If you’re someone like my brother who has zero interest in Superman and is worried about Bale coming back (he never liked Bale as an actor and dislikes Bloom even more if he gets the role) then that’s more of a legit reason to pass.

        I don’t like Superman much as a character but thought MOS was ok (not great though, just middling and average) and won’t pass up the chance to see this movie.

        • I think, and this is my reasoning, that people want Bale back not necessarily because of Bale. Understand me. People want Christopher Nolan’s Batman. The Tumblr was an awesome edition and intuitive way to show off the Barman, the suit and Barman logo are awesome and, the reason why most people LIKED the Dark Knight-Heath Leger was amazing! I think people want
          Bale because Bale was tied to Nolan’s amazing franchise.

          • I’d have Bale back because he was my fave Bruce Wayne and equal to Keaton in the cowl but I just hate the idea of people including Bale saying “I’m done with it now” and then being forced to return because WB are desperate for a huge hit to overshadow Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Star Wars 7 and because of the people who just can’t let go of the fact TDK trilogy is over.

          • Give Me Michael Keatons Batman, Batmobile, Jacks Joker, and the 1989 Batman Logo over Nolans any day of the week!

    • Why? Have you seen Kingdom of Heaven?

      • I passed on that. I heard the director’s cut on disc of is actually great.

  3. I could see Bloom as Jean-Paul Valley. Not Bruce Wayne.

  4. 100mil for 4 more times playing wolvy? I’m pretty sure Hugh Jackman would do it for way less since he said before that he loves playing the character and doesn’t care about the money

  5. Jim Carrey would be great as carnage! If he does turn out to be Cletus Kasady, then he would most likely be the villain of the third one. It would probably be either Green Goblin or Carnage for the third one.

  6. Love Orlando bloom as an elf and pirate, but not as Batman

  7. JIM CARREY AS CARNAGE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I’m sorry, but that is freaking awesome if true.

    • Hell yeah!

      • Definitely. Jim deserves a great villain role and man, I can’t think of many roles better than Carnage. I also thinks he fits the tone of the world Webb’s set up so, I’m all for this.

        BUT, that does mean they’re finding a middle road between Ultimate marvelverse and normal, because it means Gwen Stacy can’t go the ultimate route of that character.

        • I think it’s a mix. I prefer the classic Carnage over Ultimate Carnage.

          I don’t mind Ultimate Venom at all though, I always thought that was very interesting. But there is no Eddie Brock as of right now and that worries me because, IMO, you have to have Eddie Brock at least be the 1st Venom.

        • Taking a role like Carnage would only further cement Carey’s hypocrisy. He’s completely against violence, remember?

    • Orlando Bloom for Oliver Queen!!!

        • Actually, real archers routinely make fun of Bloom’s terrible form. Archery pros began referring to really bad form as “Legolasing” after LotR.

          • I never knew that…I guess you learn something new everyday :P

            • However that is not to say that he would not do great in the role. He has the look and the personality, all it takes is a few more archery lessons

          • Yeah but how many orcs and goblins have THEY killed huh?

    • It may be to violent of a character for Carrey him now.

      Bloom may be in the age range they are looking for but he does not look 36. I would wait for streaming to see Superman VS Batman if they cast Bloom.

      • Not necessarily true.

        The issue Jim had with Kick-Ass was the fact that he was a hero who solved his problems by killing people.

        In the role of Carnage, he still has Spider-Man who understands the responsibility of letting someone live so that they can change one day. I think Jim doesn’t mind playing a violent character as long as the character is brought to respectable justice.

        I could be wrong, but that’s how I look at it.

        • Good point.

      • I think that if he bulked up, he would be great, because look, body mass doesnt matter, acting REALLY matters, and he is good actor. With the right amount of working out and training, he could get big, and then maybe he could be just perfect.

          • Sorry, did you mean Carrey?

            Yeah, he shouldn’t bulk up at all. He’s just an ordinary guy overcome with a symbiote that gives him powers, I don’t think everyone in a superhero movie needs to look like a pro athlete.

          • Well, we’ve never seen him try, so we can’t say for certain.

    • Provided Carrey does not go on one of his “Anti Violence” crusades.

      I would not touch Jim Carrey for any Superhero movies that might have violence in it.

      • There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Carrey knows this. If he really had a change of heart he wouldn’t have said anything about it. He would have simply refused to do press for it. It’s all a big marketing scam.

  8. Please, not Orlando bloom, he doesn’t have what it takes to play batman. I’d be fine with a Brit playing him but not bloom

  9. Hmm.

    One newspaper reported that WB are willing to offer £40million to Christian Bale to return and say he’s a top priority according to the (unnamed and not-verified) source.

    I also remember in 1997 when Jim Carrey was rumoured for the role of Judge Death in a Judge Dredd sequel and absolutely hating the idea.

    • Doug Jones for Judge Death!

    • Pounds? He’s British?

      • Christian Bale is Welsh and yeah, it was a British newspaper so they only deal in pound sterling, they never mention the price of things in dollars.

        • Sorry Dazz. Wasn’t trying to be a jerk. Just asking.

      • Yes he’s British, it’s just that Bale got his start as a teenager here in the states in the Disney Musical “The Newsies,” and has played predominantly American characters in American films. Though to be fair they never usually confirm his characters nationality in the majority of his films. You should look at his interviews, he has an interesting accent. :)

        • I heard that on the radio too yesterday about WB wanting to give bale $50 million to return … N he wants to think about.. Who would turn down that much money…what a dweeb take the money

  10. I actually like Orlando Bloom a lot. He was a terrific Legolas, and he was also good in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (don’t remind me of the sequels, please) and the rather underrated Kingdom of Heaven. Also, he hasn’t done anything in ages, replaced by the younger, equally talented Sam Claflin. However, I think that Batman vs. Superman is a horrible idea and will only see it if Christian Bale returns as Batman. And while I think that Bloom is a good actor, he is nothing like what Batman should be like.

    • @ Vlad

      Then I guess you’re not gonna see the movie because Bale is done and his iteration of Batman was still under par for what Batman is like in the comics.

      • That’s why I was hoping that rumour of Bale being offered 40mil to come back turns out to be false.

        Bale was great but he and the rest of us should move on.

  11. would’nt it be more likely that carrey would be playing the VULTURE before he would play Carnage? And i’m sorry but O’ Bloom is not gritty enuff to play bats. he would need to bulk up. and has anyone else ever heard him lose the accent? SUPERMAN vs BATMAN should be the hardest movie in the world to screw up and yet they are trying as hard as they can to accomplish this.

    • I don’t see how it would be likely for Jim to play Vulture. He has an energy that would be wasted on a character like that. Carnage is always hyper and off the walls, he’s perfect for that.

      • I think Rob used The Number 23 to help people see Carrey as Casady because when he started going crazy in that movie, that’s how Casady would act.

        I dunno though, as much as I loved The Number 23, I still can’t take Carrey seriously in any role. Who knows though, if it’s true and I get to see a little more (set photo with him scarred up or short clip of him turning in a Nic Cage impersonation while trying to fight his way past guards) then I might change my mind.

        Nobody thought a comedy actor could be Batman but Michael Keaton proved them wrong.

        • :)

    • yeah they are doing a horrid job with actors for batman

  12. What a bunch of garbage. Just bring back BALE already and pay the man what he wants. This conjecture is all ridiculous.

    • Not only that, I think it is setting WB up for a lot of upset people. A lot of people are getting “geeked” up for actors like Ryan Gosling, Karl Urban, or Scott Adkins. Only one and likely none of them will get the role and that means now they have created a new set of fans who will be critical because Batman is “not” Scot Adkins in addition to the MANY MORE people who would be upset because the actor is “not” Bale. All could (should) have been avoided!

      • +1

        Good point. I think the longer they wait to announce the casting, the more fans will create a final decision in their mind and reject anything other than what they have in their mind. It doesn’t go for everyone but there’s definitely those butt hurt fans out there.

        While I’d love to see Karl Urban or Michael Fassbender take the role, I’d accept any actor whose right for it. Look at Cavil, an unknown in the film industry yet near perfect for Superman.

        • This is indeed a good point, but on the other hand, it seems incredibly messed up to rush something, just because fans become narrow minded over time.

          I definitely have my strong preferences and dislikes for certain people getting this part, but ultimately, I’m a Batman fan and thus I will go see this film with the best of mindset I can muster.

          • Same.

            As long as trailers show Batman looking badass and Bruce looking like a spoiled man-child in public then I don’t care who plays him as long as it’s an actor that can pull it off and not distract from being fully immersed in what’s happening on screen.

          • I believe that USED to be true for fans such as yourself. But now they are competing for attention in a crowded movie market. They want fans to see films more than once and on IMAX so if your interest level wanes even a bit, you wind up going to see the Avengers 2 again instead of the Batman/Superman team up for the second time. I personally will go see the film no matter who is cast but if it is Tyler Hoechlin as Batman I will probably see it one time at a 2D matinee whereas if it is Christian Bale, I will probably see if four times all on IMAX (as I did with TDKR and MOS each!).

            • Funny, I’ll see the film more then once if t’s good and worth seeing on a big screen. That is it. A film can be great even if the casting isn’t what I considered best.

              I love certain actors, and Ill sometimes watch films because of them, but nevertheless if a film’s good, it’s good, and you can’t say that just by knowing what thecast is, you can’t.

              So yeah there’sno reasonable excuse to rush this casting. They should know what the hell they’re doing, and fansshould just have patince and an open mind for once.

              By the time the first trailer drops, that’s fast enough to start making up your mind and maybe even start disliking it.

            • I am pretty much only going to see any film once in 2D anyway (don’t have IMAX option, uninterested in 3D). But I do not think that I represent the average consumer.

              I doubt they will make a mistake in casting Batman. That sounds probably too optimistic, but I seriously am a lot more concerned with the quality of the story and screenplay, as that is what I expect will make or break this thing.

          • True, I wouldn’t want them to rush anything either, but I also wouldn’t want them to take too long. They’re taking the right amount of time for all we know. In the end, while there can be those narrow minded fans, the general audience will most likely overshadow them. Maybe not on the internet but in the ticket sales? I would think so.

            Exactly, I’m a bat fan as well as a movie fan so as long as they’re good, I’ll enjoy it, regardless of who the cast is.

            • Also, I’m pretty sure they already have their actor. I can’t see them heading into this without already having a clue of who should be Batman. We’ll find out soon enough, my guess is at the New York Comic Con. I think it’s in October.

          • That’s about the only thing we can sensibly do instead of hewing and hawing rabidly about it.

    • From what I gather it’s not about the money. The ball is clearly in Bale’s court and then there’s Nolan.

  13. Orlando Bloom as playboy Bruce Wayne, yes.
    As intimidating Batman, I’m not so sure.
    However, this “rumor” has the ring of
    sounding like it just might happen.

    • What about Orlando+movie magic ? Will that = badass Batsy ?

  14. After seeing Carrey shy away from KA2 due to the violence I see no way he does Carnage

    • Carrey’s aversion to KA2 came after the Sandy Hook incident because there are children in the movie behaving violently and violence against children. I think if he plays a bad guy who fights Spiderman it’ll be a little different.

      • They could avoid showing Carnage as a true psychopath so it could be safe to bring him in.

        I doubt they’d show women and children being hurt in a Spiderman movie.

        • Avoid showing him as a true psychopath so its safer to bring him in? Have you seen some of Jim Careys roles? He plays psychopaths. I dont think he can do anything else.

          • Kick Ass is a franchise that plays fast and loose with violence, Webb’s spider-man films don’t do that.

            I think that’ll be a crucial difference for Carrey now.

          • @CreacK

            Yeah, I’ve seen some of them and can only name one movie where he acted “psychopathic” (although it was more sociopathic and borne from lack of human contact growing up) and that was The Cable Guy.

            Carnage is a psychopath but still a part of a world where kids are the main target audience so the character has never truly become the Hannibal Lector type of killer that he should be for that reason.

            That’s why I can see Carrey being more open to this. He can go on rampages but never be shown killing people in the violent way we assume and more of a PG-13 kind of death for his victims. Wouldn’t be morally questionable for him to accept the role.

            I think the bottom line is that Carrey would play a Carnage that’s as violent as Sony will allow in a Spiderman movie rather than going the ultra-violent route if it was a Blade or Punisher type of movie with a higher age rating. Otherwise, they’d be looking for a new actor.

        • Guess Gwen can rest easy then!

    • No, he doesn’t.

      • +10000000

        A bit of pectoral development and a goatee a Batman doesn’t make

    • No.

  15. First rumour seems the most believable, except I think it’ll be for more money. That’s a huge commitment to make for Jackman, considering the shape he needs to be in each time. You would think that 4 movies is at least another 6-7 years for him, no?

    Second rumour I can only hope is true.

    Third rumour I can only hope is false. Does Bloom ever play rolls with short hair? There’s no way Bruce is going to have some Fabio head of hair hahahaha.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Great minds…

  16. Enough about Bale. It’s not about the money. He doesn’t want to get type cast as Batman and spend the rest of his career in a franchise.

    I am very against Bloom as Batman. He’s not intimidating at all. He could not pull of a good Batman. He’s also 5’10″. Absolutely not. Still rooting for Karl Urban or Manganiello or even Brolin. I just some rumors about the Joker and I’m hoping Burn Gorman gets the part if in fact he ends up the movie.

    • Brolin is an interesting choice, he’s got the voice and the jaw line and would look pretty intimidating in the batsuit. Not sure if he pulls of Bruce Wayne, though. And that’s the catch. Lots of actors look good as either Batman or Bruce Wayne, not very many can pull of both. That is what made Bale and Keaton so good in the role. Clooney and Kilmer were both good Bruce Waynes, but horrible as Batman.

  17. There is nothing about any major past performance of Orlando Bloom or any recent one that would cause me to consider him for Batman. Especially one in which he is supposed to be at odds with Superman. He does not look that much older than Cavill and I cannot think of any film in which he demonstrated a lot of physicality. If he were cast I think it would cause a huge backlash. The only way I could see this being even remotely true is if he signed up for like a 6 picture deal for essentially “pennies” and Warner Brothers is hoping people buy into it. Otherwise this is REALLY hard to believe!

    • +1 for you Mr. Bayard

    • +1

      I don’t care how many films, just get the right actor! In the end, how many films will Batman even appear in? I’m thinking 3, at most 4.

      • He could do more. If you included a solo Batman in the off years of the Justice League…especially since Batman is their moneymaker. That would be 6 movies PLUS the Superman/Batman film.

    • Kingdom of Heaven. He was obviously overshadowed by Liam Neeson and Edward Norton, but honestly who wouldn’t be? Still did a decent job of carrying it, but that was 8 years ago so I’ll give you that.

  18. Bloom could be the new Hal Jordan or maybe even Kyle Rayner?

    I dunno, struggling to think which character he should play if WB were determined to hire him.

    • I don’t know about that. If only because I’d rather we see John Stewart as the chosen Green Lantern to focus on. Rayner is a bit more obscure to most fans and they kind of already screwed up on Jordan. Plus, Stewart would bring some diversity to the group. Nothing wrong with that.

      • Idris Elba for John Stewart = £1billion box office lol :)

        • Idris Elba would be an interesting John Steward, might be a little old though. But his presence on screen is undeniable, he could pull it off. Mark Strong’s Sinestro on screen with an Idris Elba John Stewart could be extremely awesome.

  19. Only problem with casting Orlando Bloom is the accent. He has trouble losing it. Otherwise it’s not a bad call. They could do worse, that’s for sure.

    • The fact that we’re saying “they can do worse” worries me aha. Even if it’s better than saying “they can do better”. Either way, I don’t think it’s good enough, especially for the first Superman/Batman film.

      • For sure. I think for this to work either Bale will come back (hope he doesn’t) or it will have to be BEST possible actor for the job. There’s always going to be naysayers though. A curve ball might work to Sups vs Bats’ benefit. Look at what Heath Ledger did with the Joker.

        • If the joker ends up in this movie as well I’d like to see Burn Gorman play the part.

          • I think Joseph Gordon Levitt would be able to step into Ledger’s shoes and bring Nolan’s Joker back. He looks similar to Ledger, and under the make-up you may have a hard time telling the difference. He has the acting chops to pull it off as well.

        • Heath Ledger and Anne Hathaway are one of the reasons why I have a wait and see attitude now. You never know what the director and writers have in mind. And looking at the cast for Man of Steel, I think they have a good idea of who should play who.

      • @ ColdSc


    • Not a bad call? It’s a horrible call. The LAST person that comes to mind when one thinks of Batman is Orlando Bloom. Literally, the LAST person.

  20. I really like Orlando Bloom, he did great in Lord of the Rings and most likely the upcoming The Hobbit but as Bruce Wayne/Batman? I just don’t see it. Like Dr. Mindbender said earlier in this article, he’d be a good Green Arrow, he’s already got the archery down lol. Let’s hope they pass and get another actor for the Bat.

    I was against Jim Carrey as Carnage for a bit but thought about it more and now think it’s a great idea. I’d prefer him to be some sort of a secondary villain with Venom (maybe Dehann) as the primary. Not saying it should be a small role but not quite as big of a role as Venom. Sort of Jim being the hook to get into a Venom film.

    • It’s not about money for him though. Those other 2 actors are quite happy getting paid oodles of cash to play these characters for the foreseeable future but Bale is much more into developing the art than finding one character he’s good at. He’d rather expand as an actor than just be Batman for this franchise.

      • Yeah.

        That’s the reason Christopher Ecclestone gave for leaving Doctor Who (at least publicly). He wanted to explore more opportunities as an actor and not become typecast as one character for the rest of his life.

      • Is he not human, this Bale fellow?

        “It’s not about the money for him”

        Please stop. Bale is a great actor but don’t put him on some pedestal. Do you think he would be acting for minimum wage? If the price is right, it will be right. I’m not saying WB will even offer, but let’s not fool ourselves, money is the name of the game. This is his job he gets paid to act and he like it that way.

  21. Oh my gosh!!! that is such a bad idea!!! Orlando who? with all the actors out there, WB wants to go with Orlando Bloom? oh Lord!!

  22. I can see Jim Carrey as Carnage, that would be awesome.

  23. Im tired of jackmans wolverine, we need a total reboot.
    Orlando bloom?
    way wrong, but hed make a good metallo.

  24. Ok. I know the Bloom thing is a rumour, but they can’t really be thinking that’s good casting choice. If they are trying to base the Bats on Frank Millars The Dark Knight Returns, surely the actor needs to be in his mid to late 40′s &look like his massive form has been thru the wars and also put on a few ponds. Orlando Bloom is great as an Elf. He is an Elf. That boy can not age.

  25. There are years and years of comic books. Successful animated shows. Video games like Arkham City and Asylum. How can it be that these people have no idea what Batman should look like? I liked Bale OK, but I’m glad he’s moved on. I just want to see a big, square-jawed, intense, physical presence the next time out for Batman. Are there no good actors who fit that description? Bloom is fine in other roles, but not Batman. Why is this so hard?

  26. I dont get why they cant pick some unknown actor out there. Everyone doubted cavill for awhile because of smallville, but he was great. All these big names and older batman rumors are just terrible. bring a random actor who is young and then tell the world before every comic book fan decides not to see cause they picked wrong

  27. I’d be glad if Hugh plays Wolverine a total of eleven times. Clearly, Hugh loves being Wolverine and is grateful for how the told launched his cinematic career in 2000. Plus, he’s damn good in the role.