Jill Valentine Actress Sienna Guillory Confirms ‘Resident Evil 5′ Return

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Resident Evil 5 Jill Valentine Jill Valentine Actress Sienna Guillory Confirms Resident Evil 5 Return

Recently, we reported that Resident Evil: Afterlife had performed well enough for Screen Gems to set a release date for the franchise’s next installment, temporarily titled Resident Evil 5.

Given that Screen Gems is targeting a September release date for the film, it shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise to hear the studio is finalizing deals with returning cast members – the first of which reveals that fan-favorite character Jill Valentine will return for the sequel.

Actress Sienna Guillory, who has portrayed Jill Valentine since her introduction in Resident Evil: Apocalypse (the second film in the franchise) recently confirmed, via Twitter, that she’ll be reprising the role in Resident Evil 5. The announcement will undoubtedly excite fans of the series – as well as any fans of over-sharing:

RE:5 alert! Training begins! I aim to mostly put less in the big hole on the front of my face than comes out of the little one on my arse.

Director Paul W.S. Anderson has previously expressed interest in fan input for future Resident Evil films and, given the introduction of Chris Redfield in Afterlife, it seems as though Anderson is trying to tone-down liberties he took in the earlier films – in order to take advantage of identifiable game characters and plot-lines. That said, don’t expect the film to simply be a movie version of the already cinematic games – since there are plenty of holdover film storylines that don’t mesh with the game canon.

A word of warning, the following paragraph may contain mild spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen Resident Evil: Afterlife (or is sensitive about how the prior film might play into Resident Evil 5):



The return of Jill Valentine isn’t likely to surprise fans who stuck around after the conclusion of Resident Evil: Afterlife. During the credits audiences were treated to a brief cameo showing the ex-STARS member leading a helicopter squadron into battle against Milla Jovovich and her team. It was also apparent (as seen in the image above) that Jill is currently under the influence of an Umbrella mind-control device attached to her chest. The device was used earlier in the film (resulting in a feral Claire Redfield) and is also a major plot-element in Resident Evil 5, the game. How the device will play into the larger Resident Evil 5 story is unclear at this point – meaning, it’s possible that Jill Valentine could be a central villain throughout the entire film.



End of Resident Evil: Afterlife spoilers.

Resident Evil Afterlife Alice Jill Valentine Actress Sienna Guillory Confirms Resident Evil 5 Return

Moving the Resident Evil film franchise away from its reliance on Milla Jovovich’s Alice is a smart move – a move that we praised in our Resident Evil: Afterlife review. Not only has the Alice plotline become increasingly absurd, there isn’t a lot of uncharted character territory left to be explored. Obviously, Jovovich is likely to return for Resident Evil 5 but as the film franchise absorbs more fan-favorite game characters, it opens an exit door for Jovavich – should she ever want to walk away.

Aside from the basic movie-making need for fresh character arcs (and reliance on nostalgia), there’s no doubt that Capcom has an interest in creating a bridge between the games and films – so that there’s less of a learning curve for movie fans who might be interested in checking out a Resident Evil videogame.

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Resident Evil 5 is scheduled to hit theaters September 14, 2012.

Source: Twitter [via Coming Soon]

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  1. As long as Wentworth Miller is also coming back, I’m happy :)

    • he’s not, sorry

  2. I enjoyed that little teaser Miller was in during REA, but I thought she would have a bigger role (or an actual role) in the film. I’m glad she’s back for number 5.

  3. they should reboot this…funny,hollywood make unneeded reboots,but when a franchise is really in need of such,they just keep making crappy sequels.

    The re movie was good, second was also good but they screwed the real storyline,if they had just added alice to the re story instead of having her trample all over it,this series could have been great,but no,hollywood has to totally violate…oops no,let me use their term,adapt it (rolls eyes)

  4. Okay guys YOU HAVE GOT to get this guy in the movie! He is hilarious…. and he played one of the main bad guys in RE 5. (Ricardo Irving)

    Check him out here: http://kck.st/enqtE3

    Check out the RE 5 clips, that have an uncanny likeness to Allan. If Paul doesn’t cast Allan, then he’s missing a huge part of RE 5′s fan base.


  5. I agree with Gibson, Ricardo Irving is a must for this movie. The previous RE films have lacked the necessities of sticking to the real story (Do I have to mention any certain Marvel movies??). I’m not sure if the actual character that played in the game is available for this (I think this is Allan Groves out of Utah) but if he is this movie will be set for a nice rebound. I run an agency here in New York and I know for a fact that this film needs a stimulus. I vote Irving/Groves or don’t waste the money (I have projects much bigger than this if you can on) – JR Innovative Artist Agency New York, NY

  6. If anyone gets any word if Ricardo Irving and Albert Wesker will be in this next version, please do not hesitate to post.

    I really feel like they totally ruined the RE movie series by making Wesker such a incredibly dull character. I mean is that even possible?

  7. “Paul W.S. Anderson has previously expressed interest in fan input”????? WTF!?!!

    OK Fanbois, pony-up ideas for Paul Anderson as this multi-million $$$ baby can not think of anything new. So, yes, give your non-solicited concepts to a man and production company who carry wads of hundreds in their pockets compared to the pennies you have in your raggedy jeans.

    What will your steller ideas get you? Money? Fame? More money? Milla’s signed underwear? Nope; you get nada, nothing, bupkis.

    Don’t get suckered in by this ploy. Too many directors, producers, and Networks [Heroes, anyone?] sucker fans into giving up their creative properties for zero cash rewards, and little more then something resembling their lollipop.

    Just don’t do it.

  8. Hey Ben,

    It’s actually Resident Evil 5 (the video game) where Jill is a villain being controlled by the device on her chest… Which makes it rather fitting that it will be featured in the 5th movie.

    Other than that, all I can say is, Give Us LEON!!

    • Dello -

      For some reason I always forget about Resident Evil 4 (even though I loved it) – and, as a result, always think the latest game is RE:4 not 5. The fight with Jill and Wesker was the hardest part of my “Veteran” play-through of Resident Evil 5 – so you’d think I would remember.

      Thanks for keeping us honest.

  9. i only hope that wesker isnt dead that would kill the movie franchise like it killed the game franchise i would like to see ada and leon introduced to the series or maybe william burkin i have the theory that k-mart is really sherry burkin and it would make a good plot

    • wesker doesn’t die in the end does he? b/c if i recall; correct he gets stabbed and shot multiple times, only to appear in the chopper at the end flying towards the 3 stooges.

      res4 sucked real bad, the executioner seemed out of place, the action was boring, dialogue terrible and wentworth as a bulky kick a** chris redfield was an even bigger fail then have mila play the main AGAIN when her character has nothing to do with the franchise (games i mean).

      i didn’t pay to watch res4 and i’m glad b/c i would have been real pissed off if i had wasted my money and time for a worthless piece of trash.

  10. omg just stop with the horrible movies. i cant believe people acutally watch this piece of trash movies. ama resident evil diehard fan and i cant sit through one of these movies. a bunch of disasters. It goes to show you how mindless people are nowadays. you give them zombies with hot girls and guns and they go spend 10 dollars on it. and dont give me “oh not everything should be like the godfather” response cause thats not what am saying. Thanks capcom you idiots. selling your products watching them get shreaded movie after movie until it doesnt make any sense anymore and its just injecting characters in them without no reason. SMHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    screen RANT

  11. I anticipate the release of Resident Evil 5 with baited breath and the most urgent of impatience. Ricardo Irving is an elegant villain and I can scarcely wait to see him characterized in the movie. The voice actor must be cast in the movie else grave disappointment will certainly ensue, Irving’s voice on re5 is pure and brilliant malice and most undoubtedly must be cast identically or a facet of the thrill will lose it’s splendor. The nuances of Irving’s pernicious cunning deserve to be fully and most entirely exhibited. The character must not be overlooked, and furthermore, no impostor will satisfy. Ricardo Irving must be demonstrated honorably, and untainted, by none other than the possessor of those dulcetly wicked vocals; Allan Groves.

  12. Can only hope the whole movie is in 3D, filmed with a handheld shackycam going 90fps and captures the audience with a VO of milla talking nonsense about the past concerts by the band r.e.m
    Or something equally stupid, im sorry fellas i like milla, i like RE, i love zombies, freaking enjoy end of days stories, but the last resident movie showed me that mixing them all up doesnt mean i like the movie.

    They should end this series as any bad things that will not die by its own, with a headshot.

    However as this is probarbly comming, i will not see it in cinemaes, not on dvd, this movie makes me Think ill actually be enjoing it for its comercial breaks of broadcasting. Or mayby on a rainy day, somewhere in the distant future as the real gouls try to claw itsway in to my appartment, or maybe im lucky… …and they show something intresting, a broadcasting signal, or maybe the Color blue, or yellow, it doesnt really matter what Color they show, the world is at its end….

  13. not one of these movies has been good…whats wrong with every1

  14. Stop making movies based on video games plzzz……

  15. Before heading into the deep of this post; my suggestion for character additions to the RE5 film, aside from the key players that have already been presented, would be RICARDO IRVING.

    Why not Sheva Alomar, Excella Gione(both seemingly essential characters)you ask? The main conflict is dealing with the way the story is currently set up due to the previous films, which have strayed from the source. The problem is that the outbreak and conflicts created by Wesker are global, and do not pertain specifically to Africa, nor have they brought up the involvement with Tricell. Even in the earliest development of the game, before Sheva was defined as Chris’s partner or Excella as a wily romantic interest of Wesker’s; Irving was invented as a fundee and weapons dealer for the sake of pushing development on Bioweaponry(thus creating terrorism) further, Tricell or not. With prior history of working in the black market and vague connections to Raccoon City; Irving could easily be fit into the plot of any game or movie.

    Depending on if Wesker’s seemingly obscure fate from the previous film allows him to show up, the role of Jill Valentine as the brain-washed apprentice to run the show is more than likely. It would feel amiss if Ricardo was not there, working under or alongside Jill to help further their cause, perhaps for his own benefit. His unpredictable personality and devil-may-care attitude would be choice in this film, even if it were a small role. The voice and face of Ricardo, actor Allan Groves shows interest in this project, and Im sure he would appreciate any input or opinions on this matter. http://www.allangroves.com/
    It would be the first time the image of an RE character realized from game to physicality. I find the idea most amusing. :)

    Input on movie in general:
    Going by the book, instead of picking and choosing what seems flashy or extravagant, would be the only way to carry on the discombobulated plot from here. By the end of the 4th film, the story had dug itself into surface meat of Resident Evil 5, all the while skipping the side-adventures of agent Leon S. Kennedy from RE4(game); so there is no backing out.

    While fan input brings you closer to earth, you have to keep in mind that if Capcom allowed the franchise solely into the hands of fans, it would be a tangled mess of popular insert characters, inconceivable confrontations and needless fanfiction. So moderation in everything is the key. You want to tweak and mold the backbone of this story in a way that seems digestible, not break the foundation. Otherwise, you’ll end up rushing elements together in the end, because you haven’t found a proper conclusion.

    My suggestion? Stick to the source material. If Resident Evil 5, the game, wasn’t so popular by itself without any modifications, then the fans would have disowned it by now. And even with Alice, there are minor fixes that can be accomplished, even with the present story.

    Once again, for reference, I would suggest playing through any material you borrow from(dont select based on cutscenes), so you can get a better feel for the personalities and backgrounds of the entities in this production.

  16. Yeah i’ll give my input and for free

    Kill this bastardized take on re(Seriously,they have messed it up so bad it can’t be saved,they could claim alt universe but that’s been taken by star trek)

    apologize for screwing with the real story and the fans(except for the 1st movie)

    hand over the project to someone else so they can make a reboot

    new team can follow an amazing and brand new concept in Hollywood…not sure it’s ever been done,it’s a hot and fresh idea, DON’T SCREW WITH THE ORIGIN OR MYTHOS,

  17. Really people this is getting to much attention RE 4 was very bad, the plot was the worst one yet and now the are going to continue the Alice journey, what for? Zombies got old and boring thanks to the stupid plot lines.

  18. We run a string of video gaming centers dome of the largest in the US and we have the delightful opportunity to screen gamers regarding topics like discussed herein and I can tell you right now popular demand would agree that Mr. Ricardo Irving is an absolute must for this film and if the same character Allen Groooves from Capcom is coming on this would be absolutely brilliant. I’m all about RE-Revival. This film needs to go back to the story-line. Excited to see what happens. Quaid Temecula CA,

  19. swweeet

  20. I am excited for this next movie! I made a video on YouTube with the help of my amazing friend. Its the cast list of the next movie! Check it out if you’d like. It has confirmed characters on it and who should be on it. If you do have a YouTube account. Please rate, comment, and subscribe! Thanks and hope you enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyRqTCgH418&hd=1

  21. I feel like I’M THE ONLY ONE who has played the RE games on the psx when I see people getting hyped for this continuing atrocity of a movie series. I feel like Hollywood played a direct role mutilating the series into something it’s not. Matrix kicks? Martial arts? Super human speed? What the hell happened to the dark realism? What the hell happened to true survival horror? Wtf have they done to RE?

    • You are not the only one i share your pain

  22. kill Alice like she killed the movies and get it over with

  23. oh yeah and get a new Claire cuz that actress sucks

  24. i think its time for a reboot because the whole umbrella infected the whole world thing is stupid. half the fun of the games was the knowledge that u were always on the border from total world destruction. And I want to see Leon cuz he is awesome i was mad they gave Carlos such a big role in the movies when he played a small part in RE3. here is a list of characters they need in the movies. Jill Valentine, Chris and Claire Redfield, Barry Burton, Albert Wesker, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong. No Alice. And hire a new director cuz Anderson sucks. Have people who worked on the games write the scripts. Milla Jovavich is a lousy Actress get her off the screen!!

  25. Well, in my opinion, this resident evil sucks, the only reason why i see them is because i love the game. But…. as always, those movies end up messing with the whole original storie.
    Now there are characters we’ve never heard of, and stupid situations (if the whole world is infected, what are they going to do now?).
    Since it seems there will be a battle between alice and jill, it would be great that alice can vanish forever.
    Milla is good looking and all but resident evil already has great characters, and they deserve protagonism.
    This movies dont have any of the classic survival horror… and we need it back.
    Take alice out, dont put all the good characters together (because it’s not a good idea), and cast Jensen ackles as Leon, haha, it’s a little bit gay to say it, but anyways.
    If something is mispelled forgive me. My english sucks.
    Can’t wait to play ‘Operation Raccoon City’… and looking forward to Retribution…
    You have a good day people.

  26. Well well well I have been playing the games since I was seven I want them to get a younger Claire she was a teenager and the cast a late twenties lady from heros. Also I want alfred and alexia they were amazing in code Veronica alexia was a kick as villain. I’m glad Jill is back give some sex appeal and also in resident evil two the little girl angie is a ashford same alexia surname ok that’s all amy xx