Comic-Con 2012: Jessica Biel Joins & Talks ‘Wolverine 2′ [Updated]

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Wolverine 2 Viper Madame Hydra Comic Con 2012: Jessica Biel Joins & Talks Wolverine 2 [Updated]

[Update: Jessica Biel will not be in The Wolverine.]

With the sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine entering production next month, casting reports have been rolling in all week. Four days ago we found out that The Wolverine had cast its main villain, the Silver Samurai, along with several other Japanese actors, and yesterday we found out Jessica Biel was in line to nab a lead role opposite Hugh Jackman.

After playing coy about the reports in interviews here at Comic-Con (bad timing for her) the news was since made official and Jessica Biel will be playing Viper in The Wolverine.

After the news broke from Twitch that Biel was offered the part, Deadline confirmed that she’s taken the role and that she will indeed be playing the first-reported Viper character, who also goes by the name of “Victoria.” By the name, we can safely say the character will be a variation of the Viper/Madame Hydra from the comics.

Madame Hydra from Marvel Comics is more of a Captain America character than a Wolverine one, although they do cross paths for a key Wolverine story – that being the Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s 1982 arc for which this film is based on. For licensing reasons, Twentieth Century Fox cannot use the Hydra organization since it belongs to Marvel Studios, hence the name change from Ophelia Sarkissian to Victoria.

Biel has a starring role in the upcoming Total Recall which made a splash at Comic-Con during Sony’s panel where new footage was shown. She’s no stranger to the genre or action, having an extremely physical role opposite Ryan Reynolds and Wesley Snipes in Blade: Trinity and other action roles since.

jessica biel wolverine viper Comic Con 2012: Jessica Biel Joins & Talks Wolverine 2 [Updated]

In chatting with HitFix during press interviews at Comic-Con yesterday, Biel was asked about The Wolverine news where she responded reluctantly

“People keep talking about this. I don’t know anything about it. It’s a little bit too soon for that kind of an announcement. I’m excited about this series…”

“I love wolverine, Hugh Jackman is so cool… people are surprising me about it all the time. When you see that people actually really think that could be an amazing character… when other people are excited about things.”

That was hours before her camp reportedly took the offer. Will she rock the green outfit? Is Biel the right fit for this comic book character? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments and keep an eye on the Screen Rant Comic-Con page for all the convention news.


The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013.

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Sources: Deadline, HitFix

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  1. It would be impressive if, instead of feigning ignorance, a celeb would just admit they’re at the table but cannot say more about it yet. I like Biel, but, her career seems up and down. Also, if being in Blade Trinity is a casting requirement for this franchise, I’d like to nominate Kris Kristofferson for Wolverine 3. :)

    • Actually, he’d be great for a movie based on the ‘ Old Man Logan’ storyline.

  2. She’s very attractive, but a mediocre actress. iWould much rather she an actress who fits the role, rather than someone who uses his/her name to draw viewers.

  3. Oh god please never call it Wolverine 2 again… Actually made me remember what they did to deadpool :(

    Hopefully this shapes up well.

  4. jessica biel ! HEIL HYDRA ! she will join captain america 2 and hugh jackman in captain america moive. please what is your thought on this list.

    • Won’t happen.
      Fox owns Wolverine and Marvel Studios does Captain America.

      • then why jessiac biel hydra in 20 fox movie. that’s the reason captain america 2 she will be in it. hugh jackman in it.

  5. i hope bob agent of hydra in deadpool movie 2014

  6. Guess we can scratch Biel for wonder woman.

    • Jessicia was on the list to play Wonder Woman until the news hit the web. There was an out cry against is so she walked away from the role. I would like to see that or Hawk Girl.

      • That was the reason why she turned it down? Never heard of this story. She should have taken it. Its freaking Wonder Woman, who cares what the whiny fanboys think, they’re never satisfied anyhow.

    • Why?
      Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds have both played multiple comic book characters in their careers so why can’t Biel? And besides, Biel will only be a supporting character in this flick so I doubt it’ll take up all her time.
      I’m not saying I want her to play WW, but she CAN if she wants to…

      • Using Reynolds is not a good way to make your case with to some people. I’m just saying…….

  7. She’s awful, just awful…

    Why does anyone cast her as anything?

    • The answer to that is boobs.

      • And her sweet rump.

  8. I really don’t know why Marvel does this. Why take characters you spent many years making awesome in comics to then just mess it up on the big screen? Specially the with the X-Men movies.

    Turning Deadpool into Baracka from Mortal Kombat, that horrible rendition of Blob and now this. I love Biel in a lot of things, but how hard is it to find a talented Asian actress to play a Japanese character?

    Marvel is not helping themselves by making movies that are radically different from their comics, as it alienates current comic book fans and confuses the hell out of new ones.

    • Marvel is in the other room when Fox is in the kitchen. I don’t blame Marvel for anything Fox cooks up.

    • In the comics Madame Hydra/Viper is from Europe though, not Japan… so I dunno where you’re going with this because so far, the biggest part of the cast consists of Asian actors.

  9. They should’ve gotten that hot Asian chick who played Miho in Sin City to play the part. Whatever happened to her?

    • Technically, the character is most likely Hungarian, so it would more fitting for a non-Asian person to portray her.

  10. Needs a complete reboot. Jackman has been Wolverine for all about 3 moments.
    1) Wolverine cage match in X-Men
    2) Wolverine fights Stryker assualt team at X-Mansion in X-2
    3) First Class cameo.

    • Seeing as how much (blind?) hatred TASM is getting/got for being a reboot, I don’t think Fox is gonna do that.
      They did their “semi-reboot” with First Class, and I think they’ll be solving a few things with Days of Future Past (time travel), so let’s wait and see…

      I do agree though, Jackman has only been WOLVERINE for a few short moments, but I still think he’s cool and that he can pull off the REAL Wolverine with the right direction and the right script.

      • I dont blame Jackman, the fault lies completely on the writers/director.

        TASM gets blind hate for rebooting practically the same origin story. It comes of arrogantly and off putting for many. TASM should’ve had Spidey already a costumed hero, with a quick voice over or TIH styled pre credits origin telling. Like the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, he could have only been in costume a few months with no supervillains.

        • Jackman has the charisma to play to likable, basically decent side of Wolverine that helped make the character popular. They have never be able or willing to really show that angry, out of control side except for the brief moments mentioned here. If (and this is a huge if) they are playing to the core of the mini-series story in this film Logan’s struggle with being an honorable, sane, good person and the wild, killing machine are front and center as part of the character development.

          Like what Miller did with Daredevil and Batman later, this Wolverine story has a great deal of introspection mixed in with the character fighting and sometimes losing his instinct to kill. Whether they will look to show that in a demographically based, PG-13, cash investment remains to be seen. The thing is that as much of an influence as Wolverine and that whole anti-hero concept became in comics over the years, it has just become a gimmick and I doubt anyone would even do that type of story now if they thought it wouldn’t sell like crazy. That was a different time and money wasn’t the main driver behind everything.

    • Now that iThink about, the worst Wolverine scene was when he gave the “we’re X-Men” speech to Kitty Pryde, Iceman and Colossus in X-Men the Last Stand. A much better scene was the alternate one where he says “you kids aren’t going”

  11. Even the comic book-based character did appear in the Wolverine story being adapted to this film, it almost seems as if Biel’s character, whatever name she will end up with, is pretty superfluous. It does seem as if they cast her just to have a pretty white face in a fairly Japanese/Asian-based cast.

  12. It’s a shame. Would of been great to see Viper in Cap 2. I thought the recent take on her in Avengers : emh was good What I don’t understand is how Fox are able to use this character? Surely they can’t just use any character that has appeared in an xmen book?