First Look At ‘Geordie Shore’ AKA ‘Jersey Shore’ UK

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geordie shore cast First Look At Geordie Shore AKA Jersey Shore UK

Looks like Vinny, Pauly D, Mike “The Situation,” Ronnie, Sammi, Snooki and J-Wow are going to have some competition, as MTV UK is expanding the cult-hit reality series Jersey Shore to England with Geordie Shore.

This time, instead of focusing a particular ancestry, the UK version of Jersey Shore is focusing on the North East region of England (typically Newcastle), where its inhabitants are (sometimes) lovingly dubbed “Geordies” because of their accents.

While famed British presenters Ant and Dec, Big Brother UK’s commentator Marcus Bentley, and The X Factor’s (UK and US) pop darling judge Cheryl Cole from Girls Aloud are all proud to be called Geordies, MTV UK’s Geordie Shore is moving past any sort of Geordie glitz and is focusing on delivering the best of the best of the “Geordie shore.”

Set to premiere on May 24, Geordie Shore has already cast their version of the famed Jersey Shore group. With cast members like “Diva” Jay (who is rarely pictured with his top on cause he’s so buff), and Holly (who calls herself the most real “fake” person you’ll ever come across), it appears that MTV UK is filling the talent pool with as many familiar Jersey Shore personality types as possible.

You can take a look at the preview of Geordie Shore below:


With the lack of familiar catchphrases like “cabs are here” and “it’s t-shirt time,” the cast of the Geordie Shore are going to have to create their own quirky tag lines… and that’s exactly what they did.

Here are some catchphrases that viewers can expect to hear:

“I’m as game as a badger.”

“My spare tire just means lads have a cushion for the pushin’”

“When it comes to the lasses, I do more groundwork than Alan Titchmarsh.”

“Has anyone got any sticky tape, because I’m ripped.”

While most of these may fall flat, those who consider themselves Anglophiles have to at least chuckle at the reference of the popular British Gardener Alan Titchmarsh.

geordie shore cast members First Look At Geordie Shore AKA Jersey Shore UK

Cast of "Geordie Shore"

Typically, in the world of television, viewers are most likely to see an American version of a British series, but with Geordie Shore, MTV is attempting to create a hit on both sides of the pond. Even though many people cite the drinking and promiscuity as the reason for Jersey Shore’s popularity, one has to give them credit for casting a group of people that not only treat each other as family, but also know how to be entertaining in front of the camera.

Considering that reality television has attempted this many times and very rarely succeeded, it’s hard to believe that Geordie Shore will be a hit. Of course, even if it is terrible, teaming Geordie Shore with Jersey Shore in the lineup may allow the new series to stick around longer than expected.


Geordie Shore premieres May 24 @10pm on MTV UK

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Source: MTV UK

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  1. I’m only watching if someone gets punched in the face in one of the first episodes… Preferably, the UK Snookie.

  2. Jeez, it’s bad enough Jersey Shore exist, and now we have a rip-off.

  3. why the f*** (sorry vic but its needed at this point) do we get these shows its bad enough having the only way is essex then we get the only way is chelsea now its geordie shore(people will say just dont watch them but when tv is getting flooded with this stuff there is little room for anything else) can we please have some entertainment that engages your brain like QI that show cracks me up every time i dont mind switching off my brain now and again but these shows make my brain feel like its had a stroke

  4. your a “Geordie” if you are born north of the river tyne in Newcastle, because newcastle sided with King George durring a war…and your a Maccum if born you were born in Sunderland on the river wear…due to a bitter footballing rivalry do not confuse the two.

    living and doing most of my drinking in Newcastle it is unfortunatly full of dreggs that will make good television but the vast number of geordies are the nicest people you will meet and Im a Cockney from surry saying that.

    did MTV not get the point when South Park spooffed it? South Park usualy has its finger on the Pulse if its mocking you doing somthing new MTV… play some music?

  5. alas, no country is safe from utter douchebaggery.

    • If you think that America is the only country in the world where women get drunk and fight and men tan then you need to get a passport.

  6. LMAO!!!!!! Why are UK people so desperate to be like Americans? First off there is no shore in the UK where this is being filmed. We ( i am from jersey) call the beach the shore because that’s how we’ve always called it. How about a little originality instead of trying to be the “uk jersey shore” Guidos and guidettes were a real thing before the show. Now the uk is making up “geordie” are you f****ing kidding me? As pathetic as it may seem to most people, nothing about the jersey shore was fake besides the tans and hair…it was a real place, is a real place long before the show came along. The reputation of jersey people is a real thing, whether or not most people from that state could be labeled that..the reputation still existed. It wasn’t made up for the show. The UK version of this show is a disgrace to all people. I have never seen such FAKE pathetic people trying to act like somebody who they are not or impersonating abnother way of lif. This show won’t last past the first season.

    • Geordie is term that has been used for a very, very long time in the United Kingdom. Some sources say the term may have been around for two-hundred may be three-hundred years, or more. It has definitely not been fabricated purely for this show.

      You should look into things before you comment nonsense.

      You’re correct that there is no shore in Newcastle-upon-Tyne although Newcastle-upon-Tyne lies in a county called Tyne and Wear – which does have a shoreline – and it may well be possible that the cast of Geordie Shore may travel around this county. To the shoreline.

      Geordie areas in the U.K., like the area of Jersey are (like you pointed out) real places and were real places long before the show came along. The people who live in Geordie areas also do have a connotations linked to them. As do most places. These connotations are mainly given by people who do not even come from the area, although they may have visited it, and often hold no weight when used in debates.
      For example, American people are often seen as being arrogant and overweight. English people are often seen as being very posh.

      I would not call the people on this show neither pathetic nor fake. I do not know them personally – and from the thirty second clip that is posted at the top of this page. It definitely would not give us enough of a glance into their personality and the way they act to pass judgements on them. So it really is quite stupid, at least from viewing this clip, to say they are impersonating another way of life.

      • Check a map!

      • OK Samantha.

        Have you seen MTV UK remake Cribs or Pimp My Ride or Super Sweet 16?

        Are you aware that the people from different cities in England are identified by different names? Cockney-East London, Scouse or Scouser-Liverpool, Brummie-Birmingham and Geordie-Newcastle

        Are you also aware that by acting like British people aren’t trying to act like Americans since British people were acting like this before America was America.

        While the people featured on Geordie Shore may be acting up the cameras, I defy you to find a reality show starring people who don’t play up to the cameras to some extent.

        The name of the show is a reference to Jersey Shore, I’ll give you that, but Geordies are real people and Newcastle is a real city often noted around Europe for it’s nightlife.

    • Look Sam,
      I have to put you right on a few things here. First Geordie’s are very real and nothing to do with America…they are a distinctive part of regional England with their own vey unique accents. Also Newcastle..where Geordies are from is on the coast..hence the shore. Whilst I admit this is a rip off of Jersey shore, please don’t think we are so obsessed with being American. We are so different from the stereotypical tv shows you normally watch. I would love you to go to Newcastle..they are fanrtastic down to earth people. So watch and learn a little about where you came from….

    • Its already into season 4. haha

    • And it is on the eight season now babe :)

  7. There will never be another show like the Jersey Shore! BUT, I’m not going to lie, the picture made me laugh a bit. The girl on the right looks like she’s trying to look like SNOOKIE. Well, I’ll give them a chance, I guess. So we’ll see how this copy cat show goes. OMG, this is going to be freaking hilarious…………………………………..

  8. The show is a bit amusing. I have watched all episodes of Jersey Shore and there are so many events that are the same as in Jersey Shore…
    Jay and Vicky are the Geordie Sam and Ronnie. Keep arguing over jelousy, breaking up and getting back together
    Holly – I think she is Angelina
    within the first 2 episodes Anna is going to fire someone for not showing up on time (didnt this happen to Snookie at the Tshirt shop – season 1)
    HOlly leaves and returns and leaves again because she feels left out (Angelina). Holly also cheats on her boyfriend and they house doesn’t like it….Angelina did this too
    I am not sure if Geordie Shore is copying events from Jersey Shore or if both shows are scripted…..It will be interesting to see what happens in Season 2 of Geordie Shore

  9. This show looks really pathetic, and the ratings are the proof of that!Geordie Shore, highest ratings, 1 million viewers, and the average, 600,000. Jersey Shore averaged 9 MILLION and the highest rating was 11.96 Million! HUGE difference! And The Only Way is Essex, which is just as much of a waste of time, 1.7 million, average viewers. That just goes to show that other countries should not attempt to copy Jersey Shore, it can’t be done! Not trying to be rude, just sayin’ :) Like I said, if any American show received ratings like that, said show would have been cancelled after only a couple of episodes! I LOVE the British, I have friends who are British, but I just can’t take it seriously, when a Brit is walking around, TRYING to act like a Jersey Shore Snooki! It’s like they’re too proper with their accents or something. It just doesn’t work. Plus, Jersey Shore is so wildly successful, because of its diverse cast, with their catch phrases, and drama… Sorry UK, but you suck at reality television! Which is not really any sort of insult! That just means that us Americans should get our acts together, and stop televising drunken idiots! LOL :)

    • Are you honestly making like for like comparisons for viewing figures between the US and UK?

      Average Geordie Shore figures are 600,000

      Average Jersey Shore figures are 9,000,000

      UK population: 70,000,000

      US population: 310,000,000

      What’s your point?

  10. First off I would like to point out that not all british tv is rubbish! we English have to put up with all the stupid American programmes that bombard out tv sets! but do you hear us moaning? NO! Just because Geordie shore is on your tv doesn’t mean you have to watch it. I personally love Geordie shore and after having lived in Newcastle for years i love their accent and their down to earth personalities. After i watched the first season of Geordie shore i started to watch Jersey Shore and my opinion is that they are nothing like eachother. They are completely different shows and the people are original. Being from England i personally prefer Geordie shore, i got bored after the first season of Jersey Shore. Geordie shore is now starting its 6th season here in the UK so anyone that is saying its rubbish before they have even watched it needs to stop being so ignorant, and realise other counties make tv shows other than America and not every British person wants to be an American. We Brits are known for having a different sense of humour and ‘funny accents’. However, being a scouser (born in Liverpool) and having a very strong and broad accent i take offence when other nationalities make fun of our accents. I am proud to be British and a Scouser!! So i would kindly ask others to think before they start sprouting abuse at people they don’t know!

  11. Also for those of you saying ‘uk snooki’ i am going to guess and say you mean Holly or Sophie as they wear fake tan and both have dark hair. Let me just correct you by saying neither are anything like her and in the second season Holly has bright red hair and Sophie is blonde!!

    • Is that really the best you got, Jessie?

  12. I’ve seen both Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore and let’s be for real, Jersey Shore is so much better and I’m not hating on Geordie Shore though. Its doing pretty well, I can’t stand their accents I’m sorry. Have to really focus at times when I want to hear what they are saying otherwise its ok

  13. Hi I am from South-Africa and I love your show I watch it every night an I wish I could be there