‘Jersey Shore’ Season 4 Headed To Italy

Published 4 years ago by , Updated January 25th, 2011 at 7:38 pm,

Jersey Shore season 4 Italy cast Jersey Shore Season 4 Headed To Italy

Now, some longtime readers of Screen Rant may be ready to blast me in the comments, but I’m sure that some of you reading this were lured here by the proclamations of the headline above – this news is for you. The rest of you who are ready to hate on this proud Jersey Shore lover – there are plenty of other articles for you to read. πŸ˜‰

MTV has confirmed that Jersey Shore Season 4 will be shot in Italy! Meaning that the JS cast will be taking their hijinks overseas, likely continuing to erode America’s international relations.

So how will Europe react to The Situation’s perennially missing shirts, Pauly D’s hammerhead blowout hairdo, gorilla Ronnie’s effeminate giggles and the entity only known as Snooki, I hear you asking? Well, my friend, therein lies the juicy trashy TV that millions of Jersey Shore fans have come to love wallowing in every week.

Said MTV Executive Vice President of Programming, Chris Linn:

“While the stateside “Jersey Shore” locales have become iconic for our audience it’s really the constantly evolving dynamic amongst the cast that keeps them coming back each season, and Europe is a fresh spin on a show that continues to reach new heights for us…The cast is headed to the birthplace of the culture they love and live by. We can’t wait to see what erupts as a result.”

The gang reportedly won’t be left out in the “Old Country” without a haven: cast member Vinnie Guadagnino has family in Italy who will open their doors (and their dinner table) to America’s favorite guidos and guidettes. More than that, though, there are several questions that this news raises:

  • Which cast members will we see in Italia (specifically, will Sammy Sweetheart be back)?
  • How will actual native Italians react to a group of (possibly offensive) American-Italian stereotypes?
  • Will Italians accept those cast members who aren’t even fully Italian? (Do your research, some of them aren’t Italian.)
  • Will Italian women swoon for M.V.P.?
  • Can America suffer this kind of foreign relations nightmare?
  • Will Snooki ever find love???

All these questions – and others – will be exactly the sort of bait that hooks me and millions of other Americans into watching Jersey Shore season 4. Love or hate it, the show is a monster hit for MTV (8.9 million viewers as of the last episode) and the fact that they change locales every season has certainly kept things…interesting.

Jersey Shore Season 4 Italy Jersey Shore Season 4 Headed To Italy

Personally, I’m glad they’re taking this act overseas. Watching the current third season of Jersey Shore (which has returned the cast to the Seaside Heights setting of season 1), it’s become apparent that what made the show so entertaining is no longer sustainable within an environment where these kids are now bonafide American celebrities. I’ve noted to other viewers all season that the increased presence of security guards and the hyper-awareness of every shore-head walking the boardwalk is robbing Jersey Shore of it’s natural, organic aesthetic. Ok, Ok, I’m really more upset that the security details mean the opportunities for fights are fewer, and that the fists that do fly do so for shorter amounts of time. Maybe the lower profile setting of Italy will change all that…

You excited to hear Jersey Shore is going to Italy, or are you ashamed that I’m reporting this?

Jersey Shore season 4 starts filming in Italy in Spring 2011 and should air later in the year.

BONUS: The cast celebrate the news that they’re going to Italy (not really, but suddenly this video is very fitting):

Source: MTV

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  1. I read the headlines and said, “oh no!”. I think Im confused that this show could have more than two seasons much less three.

  2. Well Kofi, Why I never… SMH. Never would have guessed that the toughest critic on the site actually watched Reality TV.

      • Kofi, sad to say this show is a guilty pleasure of mine LOL.

      • Lol its cool Kofi, I admit to liking Bad Girls Club. MY Gf started me and now Im hooked

        • Me too lastdrag0n89, me too…

          I also watch several of the “Real Housewives” shows because of my fiance…


          • HAHAHAHA Kofi, man those Real Housewives are just all over the place, I don’t even know how many cities they cover now.

  3. I gotta say, this show is absolutely stupid, whole cast is compose by idiots and it really insults the Italian-American culture…but DAMN it is an awesome guilty pleasure of mine! Hahaha

  4. M.T.V will spend a fortune on security, or else someone will murder them all O_o!

    • Mafia mafia mafia LOL

  5. Muff Cabbage!

  6. “Will Snooki ever find love?” – Only if she dies and comes back as a blow up doll πŸ˜‰

    • Sully, you make me laugh LOL. This show is just really funny to me for some reason.

      • I’ve never seen a single episode. Course I don’t have cable so that helps :). But on this last halloween I dressed as a guido and my other bartender dressed as Snooki. He kept accidentally bumping me in the back with his fake boobs lol!

        • LOL that is funny stuff. I think sometimes I’m better off without cable too, but then again I’d be bored to death at home after work.

  7. Most ridiculous show EVER made, next to JACKASS.

  8. I’m from Jersey and spent a couple of years living near the Jersey shore – it wasn’t QUITE as bad when I lived there (25 years ago) but the foundation of this show was there. I had a few, um, interesting experiences myself. 8)


    • LOL Vic, anything you can share here?

      • I hear if you walk the jersey shore you can find crack viles and hyperdermic heroin needle every ten feet :). Just kidding anyone from or in jersey!

      • LOL, I’d rather not – it would sound like bragging. πŸ˜›

        That was a LOOOONG time ago, anyway.


        • Vic,

          Please brag away. We are curious. :-)

          • Car. Bench seat. Tag team.


  9. I’m from Philly and spent many a summer at the Jersey Shore. We had a our freaking Prom after party at the Jersey Shore. This show is pretty accurate.

    • One thing I am tired of is the Sammi/Ronnie storyline lol.

    • Kofi,

      So then are American Italians from the Jersey Shore are actually like that? I thought the show was an exaggerated stereotype. :-)

      Most of the American Italians friends or relatives I know are from New York City or Boston and I’m glad they’re nothing like that. :-)

      As an Australian Italian, “Jersey Shore” makes me cringe but there are some elements of it that remind me of similar peer group shenanigans growing up. LOL, my sister married a guy named Guido. :-)

  10. I have to admit that every so often I will spend a Thursday watching this so i’m glad to see others admiting to doing the same thing. My shame is no longer as high as it was…I have also spent time on the shore. And I have to agree with the writer of this article. It’s pretty accurate. If you watch just look at the other people in the clubs. It’s all spray tan, ed hardy, house music and poofed hair. But i’m only 5-7 145lbs so I didn’t fit in to well and haven’t been back in a few years…..

    • It’s just a really funny show IMO. Those guys crack me up.

  11. I think that the show was fun the first two seasons but now it has run it’s course imo. But beingtaht the show does pull in the viewers this news does not surprise me.

    In oredr to keep the interest going Italy is a good move. The show needs to reinvent itself. Also dump Sammy, the whole Ronny and Sammy thing has been played out. Sammy is boring and the people in the house and the viewers are completely sick of her. Also getting rid of Sammy will open the door to Ronny’s idiotic drunken monster.

    Also bring in a few good looking girls, I mean Snooky and her friend are complete goblins and Sammy and J-wow are not that much better either.

    One way or the other I think this show should be put to an end, but I am sure that season 4 will come sooner than expected….what is even more unbelievable to me is that somehow I always end up watching it.

  12. Great article and great video to top it off. My boyfriend is half Italian and very close to his family in Italy. This will be terrible news to him and the native Italians, but great news for me and other Jersey Shore lovers. Apparently they find the stereotypical Italian-American guidos/ guidettes offensive. This is gonna be a great season full of entertainment! Can’t wait! N I’m sure Sammy will be back, if Angelina came back after leaving after the 1st day of season 1, then Sammy will definitely be back!

    It’s kinda ironic how I thought a couple weeks ago that they should send them to Italy and now I come to find out that is exactly what’s going to happen! Their producer is a genius!! He should get a raise.=P

  13. I’m shocked we have fans of this insult to television. Thanks for contributing to the end of good television. Please excuse me while I find a rope for my self.

    • LOL come on Daniel we ALL have our guilty pleasures. We all have stuff we watch that others don’t.

      • Anthony we all have guilty pleasures but this is to far. Reality TV it’s self is worse than a guilty pleasure but this show is the worst of the worst. The worlds dumbest most unlikable people doing dumb things and slow witted diealogue. The only way this is acceptable as a guilty pleasure is if guilty means guilty of murder because it’s not only killing the braincells of everyone watching but it’s killing not only television but film in general. People watching crap like this is the reason great shows get cancelled and replaced with more reality.

        What I find really funny is how many people admit to watching this and how many of those same people bash Idol. At least Idol is a competition for people with actual talent it has a purpose other than watching dumb people do dumb things and not only make Jersey look bad but the entire country. Other countries use this show to make fun of the US because it’s that bad.

        • Well said!!!!!!!!

    • I think part of the appeal might be something along the lines of “Thank God that’s not me.” 8)


      • Amen to that Vic!

  14. I can’t believe anyone contributes to the fame of these no talent fools by watching one minute of this show. And people wonder why kids are so dumbed down these days…

  15. Uhh… why is Screenrant covering Jersey Shore?

    • Because now and again, I like to actually cover the things I personally enjoy. I’m going to cover more Jersey Shore – and probably a bunch of other things you may not like.

      We’re starting to put up more articles so we offer variety. Feel free to skip any article you’re not interested in and trust we still remember our core audience πŸ˜‰

      • I don’t know Kofi it’s started to feel more and more like SR is forgetting it’s core audinece it’s certainly changing from what it once was. Especially by covering things like Jersey Shore. It’s actually a little sad to see it sink this low.

    • yeah, wanting variety or not SR took a step back on this one

  16. I watched an episode of this to see what the hype was about. This is the lamest show on TV with the ugliest people on TV. Ugly, stupid, pit stains of society. Why do people glorify this crap? I would enjoy lining up the entire cast and hitting them with my car in alphabetical order.

    • Alpine,

      It’s TV. We’re branching out. And now you had a place to complain about the show, isn’t that great? :)


  17. Never seen a full episode (don’t really feel the need to either) but i did see the scene where Snooki got punched. Now i don’t condone hitting women (unless its a movie/video game) but the sound she was making while on the floor made me laugh hard… Mainly because she reminded me of that lady that was crushing grapes and fell on while being interviewed. I might watch other moments like that from the show if i hear about them…

  18. Wow! I felt I had to say something! This show is my guilty pleasure and I wont apologize for it. This is on T.V. for entertainment only the people on this show have to know this! This is the reason MTV is paying them well. Please take the time to enjoy the show or just please stop complaining about it and don’t watch the show!!! Everyone has drama in their life they just choose to share it to the world for a price. I wish someone would pay for my drama and then I would bet set for life! Don’t hate!!! Just enjoy I guess!

    • i love watching JS haha it will be good if i would be paid to drink and party .. that is one heck of a job(=

  19. does anyone know who the cast will be?

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