Jerry Bruckheimer Confirms ‘Top Gun 2′ Discussions

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Tom Cruise Top Gun 2 Jerry Bruckheimer Confirms Top Gun 2 Discussions

Do you feel the need? The need for speed? Well if you do, then you might be excited to learn that Hollywood is still tinkering with the idea of a sequel to the Tom Cruise classic Top Gun.

Recently, Jerry Bruckheimer discussed the possibility of Top Gun 2, confirming there have been talks of making a sequel to the 1986 blockbuster film for years.

Speaking with MTV, Bruckheimer had this to say:

“We tried to develop [a sequel] and we couldn’t do it…And then Tom took it over and he tried to develop something and it never quite happened. We were recently approached again to start talking about it but, you know, nothing yet.”

Bruckheimer went on to explain how the most recent talks have focused on incorporating Tom Cruise’s character, Maverick, into the modern world of Naval aviation.

“We kicked around some ideas because the aviation community has completely changed since we made the movie a long time ago. So we have to find a way in and how to incorporate the Maverick character into it.”

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumor of a possible Top Gun sequel. Almost two years ago, UK newspaper the Sun (admittedly not the most reliable source on the subject) floated a story about a Top Gun 2 plot, saying, “The idea is Maverick is at the Top Gun school as an instructor — and this time it is he who has to deal with a cocky new female pilot.”

Check out Bruckheimer’s remarks for yourself in the video below.

After his latest film, Knight and Day, premiered to a lower than expected box office, I could see why Tom Cruise might want to revisit one of the major high points in his career (especially considering the fact that Paramount was using Knight and Day‘s success as a measuring stick for a Mission: Impossible IV budget).

Nevertheless, I’m not sure a Top Gun sequel is the best idea. It’s been almost 25 years since the original movie was made. That represents a whole generation of adults who were born after the movie came out. Plus, a sequel to Top Gun wouldn’t be the same as a sequel to other 80s classics like Indiana Jones or Die Hard - since both of those films were part of already established franchises.

topgun Jerry Bruckheimer Confirms Top Gun 2 Discussions

“Don’t tell me I can’t open a movie!”

If they do end up moving forward with Top Gun 2, it is important that they do more than simply appeal to our 80s nostalgia. The film has to be smart, entertaining, and well-written. Oh, and if possible, it would be great to see actual jets – not just CGI. Maybe the Air Force would be cool with loaning a few F-22 Raptors?

Even though Knight and Day was underwhelming, that doesn’t mean Tom Cruise is no longer a bankable actor and it certainly doesn’t mean he has to run back to his glory days just yet. He may be past his action movie prime, but come on, he’s still only 47 years old. If Cruise could win our hearts by playing a character as ludicrous as Les Grossman, no one should be very quick to write the actor off entirely.

Obviously Bruckheimer didn’t say anything is actually happening just yet, but what do you think? Would you return to the theater for Top Gun 2? What would you like to see happen in the film?

Source: MTV

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  1. I’d be there to see it. Top Gun was a great movie back in the day and with todays technology it has the potential to be great again.

  2. i think it’d be hard to do, as NAS Mira Mar has been taken over by marines. but yeah i would be down for seeing and even PAYING to see the potential sequel…Top Gun is really the only Cruise movie i can stomach

  3. Everyone seems to think Tom’s career is over. I hope not.

  4. The only reason I saw TOP GUN, and bought the blu-ray, was simple:

    The F-14 Tomcat.

    The most beautiful military aircraft ever to grace the skies.

    They were finally pulled from service about three or four years ago, after amassing a brilliant service record of thirty-plus years. Without them, there’s just no reason to go see a Top Gun movie.

  5. I hope he makes this one. It will be the death kneel of his career.
    Top Gun always struck me as a campy pro military Air-Force production. Starring a bunch of semi macho erotic actors…
    (Sorry fans, that photo above speaks volumes)
    I can see it now, Cruise would play the flight instructor who has to get back into the cockpit when one of his young hot crew members goes down behind enemy lines.
    (I’m riveted,,,)
    Top Gun 2, Highway to the Green Zone…

    • Air Force?

  6. It sounds like they are taking this slowly.
    They should.
    If this happens, I hope its a really tight script .

  7. Top Gun was the best Tom Cruise move ever. I would pay to see this movie. Granted it has to be made correctly. I am from a naval family and will not except it not being made correctly. I am excited at the possiblity of a sequel. Bring back Cruise and Kilmer as instructors and given the true modern day world and all its problems they can make an awesome movies with Bruckheimer as director.

    • Denise,

      What about Cruise in Risky Business? Yeah, he was great in Top Gun, but man, what a breakout performance in RB…


  8. Bad, BAD idea…

    Have you seen Kelly McGillis lately? Yeesh!!
    Maybe Mav married Carole (Meg Ryan)? “How ya like me now, Goose!?!?!”

    Top Gun 2 -New (young) cast. Straight to DVD- If they’re lucky- Tom Cruise cameo. More likely Val Kilmer cameo.

  9. Immediately upong reading the headline of this piece I rolled my eyes and thought “Oh man, please dont do the mentor of a cocky new youngster thing ala karma”.

    I got halfway through and sure enough, that’s the idea being regurgitated. :(

  10. And Ironically, Cruise fell into this camp of cocky new young thing in The Color of Money (The Hustler 2). It wrecked my fantasy of a good follow to The Hustler starring Newman.

    I was an avid pool hall junkie and worked at one for a few years as a teenager in Chicago Heights, Illinois. If anyone doing air-karate swinging their cue stick around with 1 foot tall fonzie hair, they wouldnt have lasted 2 minutes before getting a well-justified tune up.

  11. I wish for more original projects. Top Gun 2 should’ve happened in the 80s, not now. I’d like to see more dramatic roles in smaller movies for Cruise. Am I alone in liking “Lions for Lambs?”

  12. topgun was epic movie, and should be left alone. no sequel will do it justice.

  13. @790,
    Lol man, just too funny!

  14. ” it would be great to see actual jets – not just CGI.”

    watch the commentary on the DVD nothing is CGI. not everything is real cause idk if anyone really wants to get shot down for real but nothing was computer generated

  15. Maverick is a Captain, and the new Commander of the Top Gun school at it’s new location in Nevada. The aircraft used are F-18s. The students/instructors are Navy and Marine Corps aviators. Try to incorporate Val Kilmer or another co-star from the original as the CAG of an aircraft carrier. Make the enemry combatants either North Korean/Chinese or Iran.

  16. Yes you should have Tom in the movie-that’s a no brainer! With Jerry involved, I’m sure the picture will be wonderful. O.K. “couch jumper” get on board, we love your smile on screen. You know…his good friend John T. would make a good Goose!

  17. Yes I think it would be great to see Mav back as an instructor since that is where we left off the last movie. And having a female (MEGAN FOX)take his place as the troubled young youthful pilot would be great.

  18. Tom was at NAS fallon on 8/17/2012 new movie?

  19. Top gun 2 could be made as a sort of remake to clint east woods (Firefox) North Korea has made a fleet of new mega destruct war planes , they stole the designs from Russia , so the US can’t have an international indicent, do they most go it alone , steal a plane from inside North Korea , get it back to US soil, this would draw out the other war planes into a mother of all dog fights across oceans and countries , maverick has to refuel twice at hidden roundevoux points without been caught (see Firefox) movie is broken into 3 sections , 1. Montage of maverick over the last 30 years, been forced out of retirement .2 dark espionage triller as he goes behind enemy lines with help from double agents .3 the flight home , maverick shows us his stuff in air with Kenny logging mix tape on repeat… Retro , nostalgic , and kick ass in the air.
    Top Gun Afterburn