‘The Lone Ranger’ Failure May Cost Jerry Bruckheimer Big Budget & Final Cut on ‘Pirates 5′

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Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides The Lone Ranger Failure May Cost Jerry Bruckheimer Big Budget & Final Cut on Pirates 5

Summer 2013 has already seen its fair share of blockbuster hits, including Despicable Me 2, Man of Steel and Iron Man 3, but the heavily subscribed release schedule has left a few casualties in its wake. Jack the Giant Slayer was this year’s major box office bomb until recently, with estimated losses of around $125-$140 million for Legendary Pictures,  but entertainment powerhouse Disney has just outdone this year’s record with their big-budget reboot of The Lone Ranger.

Between production and marketing costs, The Lone Ranger is estimated to have cost as much as $375 million, and its failure at the box office will likely cost the company around $190 million, making it this year’s equivalent of John Carter. As a result, Disney is taking a closer look at some of the other major projects on the slate, in particular one that is associated with The Lone Ranger producer Jerry Bruckheimer and its star Johnny Depp.

The Wrap reports that Disney is currently negotiating with Bruckheimer to restructure his deal for Pirates of the Caribbean 5, the forthcoming sequel in the movie franchise that made pirates cool again, and sources close to the project say that Bruckheimer is likely to lose final cut privileges and a portion of his expected budget for the movie.

There seems little doubt that this is directly related to the recent numbers from The Lone Ranger, since the Pirates movies so far have been consistently profitable. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides made over $1 billion at the box office alone, making it second only to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest in terms of its financial success.

lone ranger tonto johnny depp The Lone Ranger Failure May Cost Jerry Bruckheimer Big Budget & Final Cut on Pirates 5

The reasons behind The Lone Ranger‘s drastic under-performance are difficult to pin down. The cast and crew recently argued that critics were biased against the movie from the start and that the poor reviews dissuaded audiences from going to see it. While the critical reception may have been a contributing factor, it’s worth noting that the average moviegoer probably doesn’t have much nostalgia for a show that originally aired in the 1950s, and that co-lead Armie Hammer isn’t yet a big enough name to be an instant draw.

Whatever the reason for The Lone Ranger‘s poor performance, a renegotiated deal with Bruckheimer won’t necessarily spell disaster for Pirates of the Caribbean 5. The movie that kicked off the franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, was also the cheapest with its $140 million budget (others in the series ranged from $225-300 million) and is still considered by many to be the best Pirates movie. More important than having lots of cash to play with is the quality of screenwriter Jeff Nathanson’s script and the delivery by Kon-Tiki directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg.

Do you think that Disney is right to be worried about the fate of Pirates of the Caribbean 5, or was The Lone Ranger‘s failure out of Bruckheimer’s hands?


Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will sail into theaters on July 10, 2015.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. Everyone involved earned the kick in the butt! Don’t use Depp, he is not that good (or Burton where applicable, either). Don’t use cornball humor, flatulent or What’s-Happening-Dudes humor, bad scripts, dumb plots, whatever. Make every movie like you really want to put your heart and soul into having the audience appreciate it. This applies to alot of movies that get wrecked: Dark Shadows, Lone Ranger, Green Hornet…the list could go on and on. Movies that should have been good just thrown together. Just because it is on the screen does not mean it is good. Now I am holding my breath hoping Doc Savage will be good. In the meantime, speaking of the examples I just threw up there randomly, will some millionaire studio somewhere please do the world a favor and buy the rights to Dark Shadows, Green Hornet, and Lone Ranger, and make them RIGHT?!

    • The Green Hornet’s hands were tied by the Studio…

      • And Seth Rogen’s hackneyed acting.

        • I actually couldn’t sit through Green Hornet and wanted Seth Rogen to die in it. That is how much I disliked the film and his performance in it.

          • That’s how I feel about any movie I see with Seth Rogen in it. Also with Shia LeBeouf too.

            My cousin even cheered in the cinema when Shia died in Transformers 2, he hates him just as much.

            • Yes, Seth Rogen just gets under my skin, but particularly in that film. To this day, I have not seen the end of it. I suppose we all have an actor/actress who does that to us.

              • THE GREEN HORNET is best watched like this:

                Hit the mute button every time Seth Rogans Character speaks and you’ll find the film very entertaining.

                What woudl be really awesome is if someone with the skills and the hardware/software would re-do the film and dub over Serth Rogens voice with that of another (any voice is better then Seths) and the final product would be way above and beyound the current version of the film.

                When you boil it down, the problem with the Green Hornet is not so much Seth Rogens character but Seth Rogans anoying as hell voice. He’s like a whinney little brat that you want to back hand slap. Even though a dub over with another voice would not rid GREEN HORNET of Seths face it would be enough of a change to make the movie very watchable.

            • I’ve got a great idea for a movie. They are both kidnapped and put through deadly twisted evil tasks to survive. The audience will love to see them both die.

              • whoot sounds like a great Saw sequel

            • That’s how I feel about James Franco at times. Franco as a rapper is Spring Break was just wow. I wanted someone to just put the guy out of his misery

        • Seth Rogen’s casting was the reason I did not see it.

          • Same.

            The only Rogen movie I’ve forced myself through to the end was Monsters Vs Aliens, mainly thanks to the other actors and fantastic story.

              • That was the only funny movie I saw both Franco and Rogen in. Everything else was just eh

              • It was funny. I was surprised by Green Hornet too it was amusing

            • He’s also pretty good as Paul in Paul (Duh!!!)

              Hmmm as long as it’s his voice only he seems to do ok, actually put him in front of the camera and it all goes wrong… time to copy the Hamill and become a top class voice actor.

  2. Pirates movies are not that earth-shattering-good. I also just watched jack The Giant Slayer on Netflix, and it was OK; watchable, anyways.

    • On disc? Because Jack the Giant Slayer isn’t streaming. That would be one of those Mockbuster movies…Jack the Giant Killer.

  3. A guy doing s***** movies, that make hundreds of millions of dollars, wont get the money stated because his last s***** movie did poorly at the box office. How can you spend so much money in a film like that?

    • Easy… by spending way too much money on marketing and showing the (lame) trailers in front of every single movie for half a year before its release, so that everybody was already sick of the Lone Ranger and Tonto long before it even hit theaters. There is such a thing as overadvertising a movie, and The Lone Ranger did it.

      That Pirates 2 & 3 were utter crap (I didn’t bother with 4) probably didn’t help either, considering that The Lone Ranger looked like a carbon copy of Pirates with a different setting, thanks to the excessive emphasis on Tonto (basically Captain Jack Sparrow in a different costume) instead of the titular Lone Ranger. They really screwed the pooch with this one.

      • um…Pirates 2 was epic (long live Davy Jones) and Pirates 3 was an intelligent take on the political drama that went on during the period (which also made it a great movie)…so stop hating!

        • I thought Pirates 2 just wasn’t as good as the first and can’t speak for the 3rd, haven’t seen it yet.

        • Pirates 2 and 3 were pretty entertaining….4 wasn’t so good though and I saw it in theatres. I saw the 1st and 4th one in theatres.

        • Nope, first and foremost Pirates 2 & 3 were lame spectacles with tons of unnecessary CGI that failed to recapture the chemistry and movie magic that made the first one so very special. The humor was lame too and only really worked when it referenced the first movie (why’s the rum gone etc.). Curse of the Black Pearl was pirate movie with a bit of magic thrown in. Pirates 2 & 3 were big overproduced fantasy movies with a bit of pirates thrown in, which completly changed the tone and appeal of the movies. To my personal dislike.

  4. If they NEEEEED to do more pirates movies, then why not a prequel to the first one? I’d rather see why those two women slapped Jack in the face, then anything set after the third Pirates…

    • Who wouldn’t want to slap Johnny Depp?

      • I would, at least as concerns his salary…

  5. If there is one series that Jerry Bruckheimer has consistently delivered the goods,
    such as they are, it is the Pirates movies and since he is proven there penalizing
    him for an unrelated failure (Lone Ranger) does not make a whole lot of sense.
    I can see reduction in the overall budget somewhat as part of a general rule
    to reduce exposure for these tent-pole projects which have grown too big.

    • Uh, no, pirates 4 was unbelievably boring and I was very entertained by all three of the former ones…

      • Thank you, Silrian, arbiter of all things quality…

        • What matters regarding Bruckheimer’s contract terms.
          Not what matters as far as film quality is concerned.

          • (Misplaced duplicate reply.)

      • The movie was a financial success like the others.
        The bottom line is what matters not artistic merit.

        • @Robert Palmer

          Was POTC 4 A “Rest on Laurels” of the previous three. People went to see it assuming it was on par with the previous 3.

          • Yes, however he delivered financially like the previous films.
            Bruckheimer should have the same terms contractually as before.

      • What matters regarding Bruckheimer’s contract terms.
        Not what matters as far as film quality is concerned.

      • Hear hear. Pirates 1-3 were great. Pirates 4, not at all!

        • I bailed out after the second one.

          • I should have bailed with you. I liked the first two but thought the third was bad and haven’t seen anything since.

            • I haven’t even seen the 3rd one. Strangely, the 4th has been on the movie channels constantly so I couldn’t check out the 3rd even if I wanted to. Not unless I (*vomits a little*) pay for it on DVD.

              • Or rent it at your local library

                • My local library only has books.

                  Unless you meant Blockbuster but it’s a £10 join fee plus lots of documentation required and I won’t rent as many movies from them as would be necessary for all that kerfufffle.

                  Like I said, the movie channels have never shown the 3rd one but repeat the 4th all the time which is perplexing but I’m sure BBC One or something might show it sometime in future.

                  • What about LoveFilm…. or are you a Netflixer and will only stream.

            • Had there been no sequels the original
              would be held in higher esteem than it is.

              The first was a modern Disney classic of sorts.
              No one remembers that now after what has followed.

              • My original response is awaiting moderation, so let me rephrase…

                I did like the second one, primarily due to the acting of Bill Nighy as Davy Jones. In the first, I liked Geoffrey Rush as Capt. Barbossa. Despite these two being in the third film, though, I disliked that movie.

              • Let’s try this again, for a third time, using completely generic words, to hopefully avoid automatic moderation…

                I liked the villain in the first film and the villain in the second film, but even though these two were in the third film, I did not like that movie.

                Fingers crossed. :)

                • Oh…never mind…I see one of my two missing comments was just posted above before my third attempt. :)

                  • Your efforts were appreciated, Jeff, and your points well taken.

                    • Third one had too much Knightly.

                      Get her out of a period drama and she’s awful…. did anyone see Domino and not have a seizure.

                      Oh and don’t go down the “but she’s hot” route cause in my opinion she’s not.

                      Stick thin with a dodgy jaw line, much more attractive actresses around who can also act in more genres than just English period pieces, which she IS good at I will admit.

                    • Not at you Rob specifically, was agreeing about the general poorness of P3 and got on a Knightly rant.

                    • Gotcha, Jonathan.

      • +1

    • Agreed with everything you said, but Pirates 4 wasn’t that good of a movie, still better than most crap shown in cinemas today, but it was still the weakest entry in the Pirates franchise

  6. I don’t quite see the logic here, Pirates 4 did a Billion dollars, The Lone Ranger tanked BIG TIME, sooo, lets cut the budget and neuter it’s Producer??? All but assuring a box office bomb!!!! Gotta love studio logic, Apples to Oranges!!!

    • It makes sense though.

      The director they trusted with so much money produced a box office failure so why trust him with the next Pirates movie on a similar budget?

      Where it becomes illogical is when you ask “why not go with a different director and make sure the script and shoot are guaranteed to produce a quality film?”

      • Bruckheimer as producer using different directors
        was wildly successful with every previous Pirates film.
        This is one franchise he has proven himself repeatedly.

    • His last movie was a complete bomb and there’ve been mixed reviews about the priors. Let’s throw more huge amounts of money at him, hoping he’ll pump out something good. Don’t even let your directors think they’ll lose money for underperforming.

      • Ah…that’s not me, but rather, my evil twin, Jeff 2.

        • Get your self an avatar then Jeff 2 could get the same one with an evil mirror universe moustache :)

        • I am not EVIL!

          I am just misunderstood!

        • Thanks for clarifying. Didn’t sound like you, Jeff. The Real Jeff :D

  7. Jerry Bruckheimer is getting exactly what he deserves! He just not the same person anymore.

  8. Understandable move… I’ve just seen Lone Ranger and it really is POTC set in the Wild West. I wasn’t watching Johnny Depp playing Tonto but rather Johnny Depp playing Jack Sparrow playing Tonto. It’s not a bad thing because I liked all POTC sequels, but if Lone Ranger fails, it could affect POTC5. Everything about LR has written “Pirates” all over it…the score, the acting, the plot, the directing, the writing…just the setting is different.

    I still hope POTC5 will be getting made soon, but I simply don’t understand why LR had to fail. It’s basically POTC with a different setting and minus the direct fantasy approach.

    • “It’s basically POTC with a different setting”…and therein, lies part of the reason why it failed…the karaoke approach to film making.

      • I was surprised how clueless Bruckheimer & Co, were with The Lone Ranger.
        The concept had failure written all over it before a frame of film was shot.

        • Yes, and you have to laugh how they blame the critics for its failure. A bit out of touch, aren’t they?

          • Right.

            Blaming critics only proved they have learned nothing.
            They really don’t get it and apparently never will get it.

  9. The Lone Ranger wasnt expected to do well due to the controversy and “white washing” (which I found ridiculous and this is coming from a half native) and they planned on people being surprised with how good the movie was and I believe we will see a sequel with better results. The pirates films were all great, I hate when one person doesnt like something so they state their opinion as fact. The films have a huge following and will continue to do well. The fourth pirates film is actually my second favorite of the series.

  10. Why do you block my comment?

    • Don’t know what you said, but sometimes, I believe they block comments for moderation because a particular word that you use might be similar to a word that is red-flagged for some reason. I’ve had it happen to me, too. I know…frustrating, especially when you want to participate in the conversation.

      • Yeah, I had that in an article about a Marvel movie, had nothing offensive in there but one word which I won’t repeat here made my comment sit in moderation all day (I gave up checking eventually to see if it had been approved).

        Just click the link under the comments box though and it’ll be taken care of eventually.

      • I actually now have two comments awaiting moderation myself, responses to Robert Palmer above, and I have no idea why. Sorry, Robert, for my forced silence. :)

        • :D It happens. Too often at times.

  11. If it were up to me I’d be handing down budget cuts across the board. Not to be an ass, but because limitations in of themselves often lead to innovations to compensate for those very limitations. In the creative world of film making innovation can only be a good thing. This is usually why small budget indie films rack up all the awards. And then you’ve got the business side…

    • Yep.

      Monty Python And The Holy Grail only got made because of celebrity donors and because they couldn’t afford horses, they used coconuts instead and created a pop culture phenomenon.

      • Fascinating backstory to the coconuts, Dazz. I never knew.

        • If it wasn’t for their rich friends none of the Monty Python films would of been made, they needed a hand-out for Life of Brian so they went to George Harrison of the Beatles.

          He’s in the “what have the Romans ever done for us” scene in the Judea Peoples Front hideout.

          (or is that Peoples Front of Judea….. SPLITER!!!!)

          • Interesting history about those films, Jonathan. Thanks.

  12. Makes sense, PotC hasn’t been terribly successful (sarcasm dripping from my @$$) and Lone Ranger bomed (despite being a pretty good movie) so let’s make it harder for Bruckheimer to make a good movie that will actually draw in a lot of money! Good plan guys, good plan!

    Seriously, the Pirates films have been so successful, two of the films have drawn in over a billion dollars, the other two not too far behind. Lone Ranger had no precedence to go off of, it was a hit or miss, but Pirates has a pretty loyal fan base that is almost guaranteed to bring the money back in, and if it’s as good as the others it’ll only make more money!

    The only thing I can ask is PLEASE Hollywood, LOWER THE TIME OF MOVIES! God, I love movies, but I do not want to spend an entire afternoon having to sit through a 150 minute movie that could’ve just as easily been 110. Movie times have skyrocketed, and I really don’t like it much :T

  13. Lone ranger was decent and funny film. Depp did a good job of disguising himself with all that makeup. Shia’s ridiculous antics got old very fast and i cant see how seth rogen wrote himself into a role that he did not even come close to filling. His character was a complete joke.

  14. Pirates of the Caribbean 5′s production budget is going to be $25 million dollars less then what Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s chest production budget is. Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest production budget was $225 million dollars. So, With all that said, Pirates of the Caribbean 5′s production budget, is going to be $200 million dollars. You’ve heard it hear first ! :) .

  15. Hey Disney Studios, listen up, I’ll tell you why “The Lone Ranger” bombed at the box office…no, it wasn’t a bad script, it wasn’t a bad story (the story was pretty good, I thought), it wasn’t because you cast Armie Hammer as a leading man (I thought he did a great job as the Lone Ranger), and, for you Johnny Depp haters, it wasn’t because of Johnny Depp. The story was good, the script was also very good and respectful to the source material, the acting by both Hammer and Depp (and the Spirit Horse) were good and I thought Johnny was tame yet funny. The problem is going up against the mega-house hit that was Despicable Me 2. Think about this a sec…Despicable Me (the first one) was an EXCELLENT movie, and the promise of more minions only increased the ecstasy level of fans (of which I am one of the first on the list). The Lone Ranger is a property that people who didn’t grow up in the 50s and 60s can’t relate to, so younger audiences (the target audience for an action movie like this) felt alienated and, instead, went for the safer bet for the July 4th weekend that was Despicable Me 2. If you would’ve delayed it’s release to, say, this week when the only good (and let’s see if it’s actually good) movie that’s coming out is Elysium. This is a movie for older teens to adults and not kids…therefore leaving your target audience with a great choice in The Lone Ranger. Should they have changed their release date for something more safe, it wouldn’t have suffered as greatly. Now, on the part of Bruckheimer losing money and his rights to a final cut…are y’all insane???? Bruckheimer is a BOSS and Pirates is the one franchise that you just don’t tamper with. Even Pirates 4 (which was the weakest Pirates movie yet) was good and made a massive amount at the box office. Don’t screw up Pirates, Disney, please I’m begging you. Let Bruckheimer take the reins and both he, and Depp, will get you your precious green paper (that’s money, in case you’re wondering). Agreed?

    • oh and, for the record, that weekend I did a double-feature and saw both

    • That IS a valid point, kids, young teens and there folks given the choice will pick Minions over a dude on a horse with Captain Jack any day of the week.

      I wonder who announced release dates first, if Lone Ranger was locked first then fair play Despicable Me 2 for going after an easy target (due to the reason I stated not based upon any dispersions to the quality of LR – Not seen it)

      If Despicable Me 2 was locked first then Disney you’re dumb.

      How the hell even with marketing costs does a western cost $300+million they’ve been making westerns for over 40-50years when no one knew numbers went that high.

    • Hm. If what you claim is true…and it’s not…I wonder why people haven’t bothered to go see The Lone Ranger anytime since they saw Despicable Me 2. It’s been out for quite some time now, you know…

      The problems with The Lone Ranger are plentiful, and not any one factor caused its demise, but many, among them an antiquated story, an overblown budget, a misplaced focus/lead (in Depp), and a rehash of POTC in western form.

    • Wow! Awesome point you’ve made there Roberto! I could not agree with you more on all of that what you said! Would you like for me to forward to your post to Disney through e-mail, so that they can read it?

      • Yeah, Sean, I wouldn’t mind

    • @Dazz

      Actually, The Lone Ranger failed due to one factor. For some reason, it was determined to give Johnny Depp the focal point of the movie, not the titular character. If I were any actor working in Hollywood, in this time of setting, I would avoid working with Depp at all cost.

      • Jeff, I think it failed because it’s a summer blockbuster based on an old western television property. Remember Wild Wild West?

        • Wild Wild West actually did well at the box office. But after viewing the movie we all saw that it was just the Fresh Prince that got us in the theater. No one has seen that movie since, the exception being someone fell asleep watching TNT and Wild Wild West was on next.

      • @King MOOstafa

        But Depp is box office gold though and that’s why the focal point was him. I completely understand why the studio did what they did with the marketing and would’ve done the same myself in the same situation.

        Depp’s prominence in the trailers and marketing isn’t really a viable excuse and sounds more like something said by a person who has grown tired of seeing him as frequently as he has been rather than someone trying to find a genuine reason why the movie flopped.

        I really don’t think US audiences are tired of Depp either. I’m thinking it’s a combination of July 4th weekend and families deciding to take their children to see Despicable Me 2 with a choice of one or the other or others being busy that weekend for obvious reasons and deciding to catch the movie another time and then putting it off and eventually forgetting to go see it and other movies have released that they were interested in since.

        It has to be an audience issue. After all, box office revenue thrives on ticket sales in a completely symbiotic relationship and if the movie has become a box office flop then that means it didn’t take as much money as it had to in order to break even.

        That;s why the main problem has to lie in the public. Why didn’t they go see it? What put them off?

        I’m hesitant to say that they saw reviews first and decided not to attend because I’ve always said that we should base our movie viewing habits on trailers rather than sites like Rotten Tomatoes (I can honestly say I have never viewed the RT website myself). Sites like that are only there for a movie you’re unsure of seeing if the trailers didn’t sway you one way or the other.

        Again, I can’t say it’s down to Depp since he’s still incredibly popular (I’d liken his popularity to Ryan Reynolds, RDJ and Bradley Cooper at the moment).

        Normal people don’t care about who’s behind the scenes and they’ll only know a vague idea of the plot before seeing the finished movie.

        In this case, the fault doesn’t rely on Hollywood (because even if the plot is terrible, people would still go see it in droves as Grown Ups 2 will testify) so the blame is squarely on those who buy the tickets to watch.

    • My theory on my Pacific Rim underperformed at US box office is wives and girlfriends. I’m no misogynist, so just hear me out.

      Come the weekend and you and the lady decide to take in a movie at the theater. Is the lady going to want to go see the movie that is unfairly associated with Power Rangers or the comedy sequel with Adam Sandler.

      I know what the answer was for buddy’s wife and mine. I am sure I’m not alone in this.

  16. I’m not overly concerned with this. I think movies need to start reining in the budgets anyway.

  17. I made a BAD mistake in giving the last one a chance,.. that one was too lame to suck in so many clichéd levels, it was mentally dull from the introductory credits to the end credits.
    I’m not even going to give this inevitable less than worthless piece of film travesty a shot, chance, or even a slightest opportunity, nor benefit of the doubt. I’ve learned my lesson on the 4th sequel (which should have actually been learned on the 3rd one)
    And to be honest; the first one was great, the second was a good follow-up, and the third skipped the fall, and was already speed-dropping down-hill with the fourth one not far behind. I really hope this one tanks so bad, it just kills any chance for a sixth one to come around…
    no offense to Depp, but this franchise really needs to just die.

  18. Whoa…wait a minute. Pirates 4 made a billion dollars? I did not know that.

    • Domestically 241 Million
      Internationally 802 Billion.

      They say Americans have no taste…lol

      • LOL

      • The American audience and Americans in
        general get bashed often on this board and
        these facts prove the International audience
        can be even more clueless than the Americans.

        • +1

      • 802 BILLION? I hope that’s a typo.

  19. Great. All we need now is for ‘Pirates 5:The Question Mark of Why?’ to fail. Then ‘Transformers 4:Transform this!’. Finally ol’ Jerry, with his sexist, misogynistic view of manly men in their manly male world can disappear up his rear and hopscotch back to a time when movies like his actually mattered.

    Don’t hit me with box office numbers. If we viewed the worth of everything by popularity, whether that be due to a momentary trend or a preexisting indoctrination, there would not be one movie/TV show in that industry I would want to watch.

  20. Don’t Studios run census group and stuff anymore before they green light a script / production.

    Two biggest bombs

    Lone Ranger = Average 50s TV Show.

    Jack The Giant Slayer = Children’s nursery rhyme probably not told to children for a generation. All very politically incorrect nowadays to expose kids to poverty and murder of oppressors, hell you can’t even have black sheep anymore or actual sport on a kids sports day as they ALL have to be winners, don’t want to give them a complex for being losers…. ridiculous. Anyway that’s a different issue…. moving on there’s a point somewhere

    Ah the point…. was there much clamour for these titles to be made…. didn’t the Studio gauge public trends and run the numbers or whatever they do to see if there’s an ACTUAL audience for these things.

    Was anyone actually interested in seeing these FILMS, not the actors or their favourite directors next project etc. but the actual film, the actual story being told????

  21. Stop milking it and let it die. It was never good to begin with! And ” The reasons behind The Lone Ranger‘s drastic under-performance are difficult to pin down”…seriously? This movie was downright horrible! It was built solely upon cliches and overused motives. If you have seen ANY expensive western , you have seen LR. It was irritatingly predictable , blank and Armie Hammer’s role was so narrow and one sided that it made me wish someone would kill him. Even a 5 year old kid has a more complex personality than this masked poopster.

    So yeah , Depp should really stop starring these movies…Shadows , Ranger , Pirates…He is a great actor imho , i like him and i like Burton’s movies. But if he keeps baiting people into seeing s*** movies , just cause he is in the cast , people may lose interest to him…I already have…Let the Pirates die , come up with a new , fresh idea , put some effort to it , visual effects are awesome but without a good story and interesting characters , its not even worth renting.

  22. Who cares. He has more money than God. Am I suppose to feel bad? I’ve given him so much money through the years.

  23. I read the above comments about a movie not having to be good but success is about the amount of ($) the movie makes – that is extremely short sighted in this day and age. These films try to set up an opportunity for squeals to make more and more money, so one bad film can often ruin an entire franchise – just like Pirates 4 has done for me and Attack of the Clones very nearly did for Star Wars. The Lone Ranger (I’ve not seen it and probably wont), a film that could have had a trilogy easily, made more money than Depp earned in his life – I hope this franchise is a lone movie. As for Pirates 5?!?! Well, I read an above comment – I hope we get a story of what happened before the curse of the black pearl, Sparrow being captain and the mutiny, being stranded etc….. I would watch that for sure but another sequel to and already ruined and tired franchise – I’ll pass and wait to see what mess Disney make of the Star Wars franchise!! :)

    • A prequel might be good…itd be an easy way to get Barbossa as a pirate again. As long as the story is simple. I feel like these movies have gotten more and more complicated and fumble as a result

      • Totally agree, think the film makers think it has to be complicated to be a good follow up, I disagree with that!! Much of the same pls, pirates 1 was a fun movie I’ve watched more than once, the others I watched once and were forgettable and maybe that was due to the story.

  24. I was initally interested in seeing The Lone Ranger. Watching the two trailers I felt like I had seen the film already and the negative press put me off spending my money. I’ll no doubt see it on the small screen when it comes out on disc… Other filsm to have suffered the same fate for me were The Worlds End adn Pacific Rim. All of which seemed to be over hyped to the point og me loosing interest when they were released.

    • Hype? That’s a terrible reason to not see a movie.

    • I’m the same way, especially, because I usually don’t watch a lot of TV. But, I watched a lot in May/June due the NBA playoffs and they played so many commericals for the Lone Ranger, even embedded in commercials for other companies,

  25. Ha! Why does this make me laugh? It just does. Ha!

    Is it the thought of the almighty Bruckheimey/deppity team brought to their knees? Yes that’s it. I wish they’d own up to their mistakes on this one, it’s astounding… their denial, and passing the blame to everyone one else. 190 mil on the line… Ha! lol

  26. They should just can the movie entirely and cut their losses. Is anyone really wanting to see another Pirates movie after having really one and a half good ones, a lousy third one, and an utterly forgettable fourth one?

  27. Please stop spending so much money for a first- time project like this. John Carter I understand, the thing took place on Mars and needed the CG. But this is a western. Why so much money gone?

  28. I don’t see how Lone Ranger being an old unused property is a bad thing. If anything it’s new to the generations of people who don’t know of it or barely know of it and tons of completely new IPs do alright at th box office

    The film probably should’ve opened in the fall like around Thanksgiving when people are all into American history and people are off and there’s nothing but dramas and horror films out. That and trim the budget