A Jericho Movie? Don’t Hold Your Breath

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jericho2b A Jericho Movie? Dont Hold Your Breath

With the new year, comes some new hope. A few days ago, IF Magazine broke an interesting story saying that a Jericho movie is in the works for theatrical release. But can we believe that?

In the article they talk about Executive producer/Director Jon Turteltaub being pretty jazzed that repeats of the first season are playing on The CW. He feels that if Jericho can hit it big on The CW, there’s a chance it could come back to broadcast TV with new episodes. He did emphasize the phrase “remarkable success,” which means that despite the loyal core of fans, there need to be a lot more viewers willing to fawn all over themselves about Season 1 repeats.

But at the moment the bigger news is the potential development of a Jericho feature film for the big screen.

If you remember, Jericho debuted in 2006 and followed the events in a small Kansas town after a series of terrorist attacks left the US in disarray. The residents had to come together, fend for themselves and pretty much start all over in their own mini-society that had to deal with the new reality of it all. It starred Skeet Ulrich, Lennie James, Ashley Scott, Kenneth Mitchell, Brad Beyer, Alicia Coppola and Gerald McRaney.

Turtletaub said they are “developing” a Jericho feature. The movie would also not require you to have seen the show. It would cover a broader scope of events – beyond the town of Jericho itself. It would be a “full on American version of what’s going on beyond the town in Jericho.

He further added that the TV cast would return.

Eh? That’s where I got confused. If the movie takes place outside of Jericho, how can the original cast return?

I don’t mean to be a naysayer but this doesn’t seem to add up.

How can the original cast return to a TV series-based movie that:

  1. Doesn’t take place where the TV show did.
  2. Yet still involves the same actors/characters.

Or is this just Turtletaub hoping to generate buzz? I don’t get it, but what I do get is that when asked if it would be a huge budget movie, instead of saying it had a budget, he indicated any budget would be huge compared to what they had for the weekly series.

Jericho repeats are airing Sunday nights on The CW. I don’t see the show generating phenomenal ratings on that night so I’m betting this is all just smoke and mirrors and we must be content with what we have at the moment, gang.

So what do you think: Could a movie do it for you? How would it work with the same cast in a different setting? Would you even want to get involved in another town or from a different angle (a national scale) of those events?

Let us know what you think.

Source: If Magazine, Behind the scenes image: CBS

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  1. My family and I are huge Jericho fans and would love to see it go to the big screen and a third season. As far as holding our breaths, don’t think so. These things take time, but a Jericho movie is worth the wait and we trust that Jon Turtetltaub will do an awesome job on it. Thank you for the article on “the little show that just won’t die” LOL.

  2. We never thought we would would get another episode after the first season, so I am willing to keep up hope for a movie. If you had seen the second season, you would know how the story could widen to encompass the rest of the country, while still involving the original residents of Jericho, KS.

    I, for one, am excited at this news, and hopeful that it will actually materialize.

  3. I think a Jericho Movie will work and Turtletaubs track record is outstanding. For him to make these statements he has or knows he can get this fully funded.

    More Jericho in a Movie works for me!

  4. Why am I responding to you, because Jericho is all that and the bag of snacks. This story is awesome and all that went into it, even the writers, actors,director’s,producers, stunts, etc. have been involved in it’s return and speak to their fans. Trust me this movie will be awesome.

  5. Uh, gang… the author of this article is a fan of the show and he’s seen every episode.


  6. Thanks Bruce for the article about the Jericho movie. I can understand your skepticism. But I am going to be the optimist and have faith in Jon T that he knows what he is doing and that he wouldn’t announce this without having faith that he can pull it off. After all this was first leaked back during the summer and is just know being officially announced. I can see them starting the movie from the very beginning and showing it from different perspectives like Skylar’s parents in New York and Dale’s mother in Atlanta, Chavez wherever he was, Tomarchio, Major Beck and what happened with him before he came to Jericho possibly what happened to his family from their perspective, etc. There are alot of ways they can go with this and I believe that Jon T is just the guy to pull it off. I hope that helps you see it a little better. Glad that you are a fan we can always use more Jericho Rangers!!!

  7. A movie to wrap everything up would be nice, but sadly I relaly hope to not see the show come back. I really enjoyed the second season, but it seemed to have lost what made the first season so great. The first season was about this small town and all their interesting stories after this huge event. The second season went epic and lost it’s focus. I can only imagine how far away a third season would be from the original intent of the show. A movie could wrap up the story for good and I would like that.

    Sorry Vic, but regardless of if he saw every episode or not he clearly wasn’t paying close attention. The last episode had a huge focus on Texas and other cities. If you remember two of the stars of the show including the main star aren’t even in Jericho when the series ended. So it’s fairly easy to bring back the cast and not focus on the town of Jericho.

    I have thought that a movie was possible for a long time. Jericho got a second season. Firefly didn’t even get that and still got a movie.

  8. Thanks so much for the article. I’m sure there are lots of different ideas on how the Jericho movie can work, although I’m sure most of us will be happy with anything, right?

    I think a logical starting point would be with Jake and Hawkins in Texas. They did start a civil war, after all. The idea of Jake and Hawkins teaming up with Chavez to save the United States is wonderful. Whatever Jon Turtletaub comes up with is bound to make us happy, especially if Skeet Ulrich is involved.

  9. Awesome news – Jericho Movie is going to be a hit and may spur another network to fund a season 3!

  10. Hmmmm, could it be possible we might get a look at what Jake was doing in Afghanistan and Iraq? Could we possibly see what Ravenwood was doing at the same time? Just maybe, we will see what the next American civil war brings to the nation. Sounds to me like the possibilities are still there for a great story!

    Thanks for writing about Jericho.

  11. Debbie: I like your points.

    Daniel F: I know what you’re saying about season 2. I feel the studio didn’t put a lot into it and gave it a minimalist effort. I wish they had really put more into it.

    We liked it for what it was. I saw Texas as a grand scheme to create a great finish to the show. For me, it was about the townspeople of Jericho. There’s a reason that combination worked.

    I’m with you, and as much as I’d like to see this go on. I just have to step back a bit and ask myself how Hollywood would back a product they’ve already turned their backs on. Twice. That’s all.

    Obviously, my role as devils advocate has been played well.


    Thanks gang. It’s good to see there are still people passionate about Jericho.

    Unfortunately I want the first season back.
    I sure do miss Skeet, Lennie, Ashley and Gerald McRaney.
    I’m not sure ‘they’ could make a movie as perfect as first season was.

  13. I LOVE Jericho
    but, they stopped it, with a nice open ending, now let it alone!

    a gigantic part of the power of this story was that it was in a small town that didn’t know what all happened, that’s the power
    so if you are enlarging the scale to the whole us (or a big part of it), you gonna lose that atmosphere that made the series stand out
    so, I say NO to a movie that does this, and even NO to another continue, it’s over now leave it alone!

  14. Very excited about the prospect of a movie. If done right, I can totally see this setting up a season 3. The perfect scenario? The movie follows Jake, Lennie and Chavez straight into the heart of the civil war; a season three (full 20+ episodes) would continue with the war while bringing us back to Jericho… with all the characters and their stories we so loved in season one. It’s a long way off, but a fan can hope, can’t she? Thanks for the article, Bruce!

  15. Awesome that Jon Turtletaub is bringing Jericho back! Was a great show with more story to tell.

  16. Bruce, I would like to see the movie start in Jericho at the end of Season 2 – what I like to call the “real ending” where Jake and Chavez go off to get their friend, Hawkins. Then they return to Jericho where the three develop the “underground resistance” and we watch as the townsfolk get the word out about the corrupt government and connect with the Eastern States. And, Yes, New York and Skylar’s parents – their account of what it is like to trek from the East trying to get in touch with their daughter – would be a good source of intel. Jericho would be the home base of the resistance and that’s how you keep the townsfolk (same cast) in the movie while branching out to the rest of the country.

    And then there are the International events . . . and then . . . and then . . . . Oh, the possibiilities abound. I can see 3 movies!!!

  17. N2N2: Brilliance! Ya see, when I wrote the article I was fixated on how the heck would the original cast branch out of the small town and into a national scope and that, N2N2, is a great example you gave.

    HAD I THOUGHT of that, I might not have been such a dour puss about the possibilities of movie.

    Where the heck were you when I was writing my article!!??

  18. If John Turtletaub says he’s developing a “Jericho” movie, I take him at his word. He does have a certain track record…
    Originally the writers planned on showing other parts of the country that were hit, so I don’t see a problem. I would love to see more of the outside world. As for the same cast in a different setting, they can travel outside of Jericho, you know.

  19. Marlene: Yea, yea… I know.

  20. So, you doubt that Jericho could be a successful movie??? Not too worry… this is Jericho we’re talking about; and yes, it will be made; yes, the original cast will be in it; and yes, it has an excellent chance of being successful!

    Keep watching for further developments, and I think you’ll be surprised how well it goes from here.

  21. A Jericho movie would be so fantastic – there are endless possibilities and all those storylines to tie up. It would be really interesting to see how the ‘Next American Civil War’ is played out. The news of a Jericho movie really made my day and I for one just can’t wait to see it.

  22. Contrary to some of the skepticism, I’m very excited and optimistic about this story, for a couple of reasons:

    1) It’s from John T himself, not some minor-league blogger citing “anonymous sources”. (Earlier movie rumors turned out to be based on cast members talking about fan-chatter they had seen on the web.)

    2) It’s consistent with what we’ve heard in other older information from the producers (i.e. Carol Barbee) and writers, both in terms of the plans for a movie, and the specific potential storyline.

    I for one would love to see a big-screen story to flesh out more of what the writers wanted to do with Season 2 (such as what was going on in the east all this time, most likely based on Skylar’s parents’ attempt to get back from NYC), leading (hopefully) to a future TV season that can take us into the full-blown “civil war” storyline and beyond!

    At any rate, this is the best news for Jericho fans in months!

  23. There are a lot of questions without answers that can be developed in the movie..I hope I can see here in Brazil as soon as possible

  24. The people behind JERICHO have been quoted as saying the initial plans for Season 2 included Jericho, Cheyenne and New York stories. So that leads me to believe that a movie would probably incorporate those storylines and would need the characters/actors from the TV series to tell them. After all at the end of Season 2, Jake was in Texas, Hawkins in a Colorado supermax prison, and traffic was resuming across the country. It would not be inconceivable for people to be moving around once things settled.
    I look forward to the continuation of this very interesting story, whether on the big screen or small.

  25. PV544 – remember, at the end of the “aired” season 2, Hawkins was in Texas with Jake. In the unaired version of the finale, he was captured in Cheyenne and transferred to the top secret prison. If this movie comes to fruition, the writers will have to decide which version of the story to continue with….


  26. Hi Bruce! Sad that we could never have the ENTIRE cast back since some of the characters were killed off. But I’m still excited for the movie, anyway. I might like to add to what has already been suggested and state that a good way to get out of Jericho, but still be able to tie the town in would be to follow Jonah and his wayward gang of thieves and looters. And I would definitely like to see Jonah reunite with Hawkins and Jake to save the day, one more time, and perhaps find redemption!