A Jericho Movie? Don’t Hold Your Breath

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jericho2b A Jericho Movie? Dont Hold Your Breath

With the new year, comes some new hope. A few days ago, IF Magazine broke an interesting story saying that a Jericho movie is in the works for theatrical release. But can we believe that?

In the article they talk about Executive producer/Director Jon Turteltaub being pretty jazzed that repeats of the first season are playing on The CW. He feels that if Jericho can hit it big on The CW, there’s a chance it could come back to broadcast TV with new episodes. He did emphasize the phrase “remarkable success,” which means that despite the loyal core of fans, there need to be a lot more viewers willing to fawn all over themselves about Season 1 repeats.

But at the moment the bigger news is the potential development of a Jericho feature film for the big screen.

If you remember, Jericho debuted in 2006 and followed the events in a small Kansas town after a series of terrorist attacks left the US in disarray. The residents had to come together, fend for themselves and pretty much start all over in their own mini-society that had to deal with the new reality of it all. It starred Skeet Ulrich, Lennie James, Ashley Scott, Kenneth Mitchell, Brad Beyer, Alicia Coppola and Gerald McRaney.

Turtletaub said they are “developing” a Jericho feature. The movie would also not require you to have seen the show. It would cover a broader scope of events – beyond the town of Jericho itself. It would be a “full on American version of what’s going on beyond the town in Jericho.

He further added that the TV cast would return.

Eh? That’s where I got confused. If the movie takes place outside of Jericho, how can the original cast return?

I don’t mean to be a naysayer but this doesn’t seem to add up.

How can the original cast return to a TV series-based movie that:

  1. Doesn’t take place where the TV show did.
  2. Yet still involves the same actors/characters.

Or is this just Turtletaub hoping to generate buzz? I don’t get it, but what I do get is that when asked if it would be a huge budget movie, instead of saying it had a budget, he indicated any budget would be huge compared to what they had for the weekly series.

Jericho repeats are airing Sunday nights on The CW. I don’t see the show generating phenomenal ratings on that night so I’m betting this is all just smoke and mirrors and we must be content with what we have at the moment, gang.

So what do you think: Could a movie do it for you? How would it work with the same cast in a different setting? Would you even want to get involved in another town or from a different angle (a national scale) of those events?

Let us know what you think.

Source: If Magazine, Behind the scenes image: CBS

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  1. Vic! We sure have some insightful readers around here.

  2. What was so powerful about “Jericho” was that the town itself was always home base for the main character Jake — no matter how badly he messed up, no matter how directionless he may have been, he always found his way back to the place where family, home, values and love still existed for him.

    And so, even with a movie that could be spread out across the U.S. or the world, the thing that resonates most is that Jericho — or that place that is comfortable, safe, and full of those things that really matter to us when the world is falling apart — speaks to our humanity and reminds us how much we really need each other when our baser instincts may try to convince us otherwise. I don’t know how Turteltaub would do it, but I think his movie, in some fashion, would keep Jericho, her people, and her qualities front-and-center and hammer home that, symbolically, it really is the center of the universe in a lot of ways, no matter what other physical locations a “Jericho” movie would take us.

    Does that make sense? And, yes, N2N2 is quite brilliant, and we love her! Thanks for loving the show like we do.

  3. Couldn’t agree with N2N2 more. I was gonna post just that before I read what you said. The real ending would of been the perfect leap off for a movie. Rescuing hawkins.

  4. The Jericho movie is wishful thinking. Odds are what will happen is they wont find a studio willing to produce and finance the movie so they will execute Plan C and turn the script outline into novel. Which if it sells well might get some cheesy direct to DVD movie (seen War of the Worlds 2? Even heard of it? I havent seen it but reviews on IMDB.com are baaaaaaaad).

    Ratings on CW are just bad they are abysmal. The worst on CW of any current show including reruns(and thats saying something). Even this week, episdode 9, when it wasnt going up against NFL games, it actually got WORSE ratings.

    I hate to break it to fans who want a movie, but Season 2 was the movie. Jericho had 2 chances and blew it. It wont get a 3rd. No way anyone is going to cough up 40 million bones for a twice failed cult series.

  5. @791

    Just wondering… what’s a “backwarded town?”


  6. Dang. My ‘creativeness’ switch must have been in the off position while writing!!

  7. I just started watching Jericho and it’s OK, so far, nothing special. Now I read about a movie taking place out of Jericho and I get excited – this would be so cool! If I don’t like anything so far is how cheap everything looks and they don’t leave the stupid town.

    And what’s with the writer of this article? Are you so lacking in creativeness? I can already see at least 100 scenarios of how the movie can involve same characters and scenes outside Jericho, each of them involving the most obvious way – the characters, or at least the few main ones, LEAVING the stupid backwarded town. Why is it so impossible that you never thought of it??

  8. There are a TON of ways they could continue this story on a larger scale, while still keeping the original cast intact. Having the town of Jericho serve as a sort of headquarters for the resistance sounds like a great idea. I think that an entire third season could be made off the second Civil War alone.

    I think there are many people that felt the show lost a little of its charm in the second season. However, I think that may have simply been a result of having a LOT of story crammed into a mere seven episodes. I’m sure they were trying to get as much out there as they could to satisfy the fans and at not leave everyone hanging too badly if more episodes weren’t ordered. I personally felt like the second seasons was packed full of good stuff, and didn’t try to stretch 10 minutes of story into a one-hour episode like some shows do.

    Looking forward to the movie if there is one, but would much rather see this show return for another season or two. Great show and a great cast to back it up. It’s just a shame that CBS did such a terrible job of giving this show the success it deserved.

  9. Though a movie would be great. I regret that it would have Skeet in it. He wasn’t too great in the series. But maybe his part would be less since it would include(as indicated) all of the U.S.

  10. Fribble – Skeet made the show. I doubt anyone else could have done such an excellent job of the character. I am looking forward to the movie and have no doubt that if it does happen, Skeet will be the star of it and the real fans would not want it any other way. The entire cast for the most part were great but Skeet was the one who made the show.

  11. This was the BEST series they had going and then … not unlike FOX and Joss Wheedon’s FIREFLY… they just stopped!!!
    I would love to see the series re-visited with the original cast where it left off …but that’ll never happene. Oh well!!!

  12. After the news broke about a movie for JERICHO, Rubber Poultry (Jason Moore) confirmed through Carol Barbee that this news was indeed true. You can read his post on his website – http://www.savejerichoagain.com


  13. I miss Skeet and Lennie and Mac. :(

  14. Lee, I can’t find RP’s post.
    Can you help me?

  15. Hey Lisa here is the link to the blog from RP about the movie: http://www.savejerichoagain.com/2009/01/jericho-coming-to-a-theater-near-you-1-14-09/

  16. THANK YOU, Debbie.
    I wonder….Do they have the money for the film yet? Does anyone know?

  17. Doesn’t anyone remember what happened? It seemed as though that the town of Jericho were the ones that would start the “revolution.” They have contacts in Cheyenne, and it seems that most were planning on doing something there… that is were the second season was gearing toward…

    So why not?

  18. A movie would be good. A season 3 would be better. The movie premis generates some questions.

    All we have at the moment is an NBC Jerichlone about 4 people in an apartment house trying to survive. How exciting can you get ?

  19. I’d love to see a Jericho movie more than anything! Jericho was special– it was set apart from all the other shows around– in a good way. It made you think while not straining yourself. A movie could regain its popularity, and maybe even bring it back for good?
    I think Jericho has more to tell–I don’t think its story is done. I don’t care about the setting, I care about the characters.

  20. Death to all infidels, heathens, Crusaders, green-eyed redheads, astronauts and one-legged jackals of the Easterndesert!! allah ahkbar!!
    May the curse of Mashsharmuta the Wise bring down upon the heads of all who canceled this show the many wails and weeping and gnashing of teeth of the prophet Melumaji!! allah ahkbar!!

  21. >How can the original cast return to a TV series-based movie that:Doesn’t take place where the TV show did. involves the same characters.<

    Follow the characters where they came from and where they went. The show was about events over a much wider area than Kansas.

  22. I just finished watching both seasons of Jericho and loved it. What a great story line and the actors were great with their different personalities. I would love another season with the same actors if possible. There are so many possibilities for another season.