Is There Really A Jericho Movie In Development?

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jericho2b Is There Really A Jericho Movie In Development?

Every time someone who starred in Jericho makes a public appearance, it’s inevitable that they get asked if they’re up for more Jericho, and in particular, a Jericho movie.

Sure, we’d love to see an actual project that is given its full due.  After canceling the 2006 season show, CBS relented to a second season from fan pressure but barely gave it the attention it was due – It popped out a whole 7 episodes and was canceled again.  Sometimes, a show may be a major fan favorite, but the impassioned fans are not as numerous as they need to be.

Some time ago, rumors started floating around that there might be a Jericho movie in the works.

In January of ’09, executive producer Jon Turteltaub said they were “developing” a Jericho feature and that it would cover a broader scope of events – beyond the town of Jericho itself.  He further teased us with the statement that the TV cast would return, but back then I was skeptical about the idea for many reasons.

More recently, a few ex-cast members were asked about their hopes for a Jericho movie.

Some still insist that producers are still developing a two-hour movie.  This is now an 8 month old statement as far as I’m concerned.  But Lennie James (who played Robert Hawkins), while promoting The Prisoner, pretty much said that producers are trying to come up with a story worth telling and that people are still interested.

Of course Hawkins would be excited to play the role of Hawkins again.

Even at Comic-Con in San Diego, Esai Morales said he’d love to participate in a movie if one is in the works and recapture the essence of Major Beck.

At one point in a Comic-Con panel, producers Jon Steinberg and Karim Zreik said that the ratings on the CW would help garner interest in the idea of a movie.  That’s a shame, since the CW barely even acknowledged that they were playing repeats on Sunday nights and the ratings reflected that.  At one point, I was wondering if the ratings were going to be negative, with more people airing the show than were watching it!

But if you really need to get your fill of Jericho, there is one avenue of entertainment you can pursue:  Comic books.

jericho season 3 Is There Really A Jericho Movie In Development?

It’s called “Season 3 of Jericho” and is being published by Devil’s Due Publishing.  They’re creating a direct continuation of the show and it’s being written by Jericho writing alumni Jon Steinberg, Karim Zreik, Dan Shotz, and Robert Levine.

As we know, at the end of season 2, society was looking at a civil war and they’ve embraced that premise in the comic book.  It was also noted that without budget constraints, they can show more tanks and more action in a single comic panel than they ever could in an action sequence of the television show. Cool! The story will be told in a six issue series, starting in October and it will star all the original characters we know and love from the series.

The original cast all signed off on having the likeness of their images used for the comic so it will be easy to get back into their individual scenarios.

So for now, the idea of a Jericho movie seems to be only a room full of vapors that’s waiting to take some sort of shape.  I’d love to see this, but am I just deluding myself?  Are you, the Screen Rant readers, being more realistic about the chances of a movie coming together?  Would all the cast actually be available if this were to come together?  I don’t know.  Very fortuitous timing on everything involved could make this possible, but for now, a comic book is all we get.

Screen Rant reader thoughts and opinions are always welcome.  Let us know how you all feel.

Sources:  Sci Fi Wire, CBR

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  1. Yet another obsessed fan grateful that Netflix introduced the lil town of Jericho to me and begging anyone reading this to bring the show back!


  2. I recently discovered Jericho on Netflix and became an instant fan. I just finished the last episode and want more. This show is too good to remain dead; it will come back.

  3. Jericho. Same as everyone else, watched episode after episode. Spent the last 24 hours watching season 2, and getting in time with friends.

    I say this because I want more, although if an investor e.t.c advertised this show through the web to the right crowd & age group, y’all shouldn’t have a problem making profit. lol. If I had the money I’d make it myself. Especially in 2012 with all the mass awareness popping up.

  4. I discovered Jericho on Netflix and literally tore through it in one weekend. Just tore through the season 3 compilation comic book too (minutes ago) and then found this site.

    Need moar Jericho!

    If you agree, buy the season 3 comic book. I read somewhere the sales are being tracked to determine if more Jericho is would be a profitable venture.

    • I also tore thru Season 1 and 2 on Netflix. Where can one get the comic books for Season 3?

  5. Yeah, same here. Netflix introduce me to Jericho. It was a great series, too bad great series don’t get a lot of attention..
    Looking foward to the movie if it is posible

  6. Loved Jericho, awesome show i hope they do bring back more i just watched the series for the second time on netflix :D and i need more! Now that i know about the comic book i have to get them!!

  7. I would love to see more of Jericho, its the best TV series I’ve seen in a long time thank you netflix.

  8. Just finished the 2 seasons. This show is awesome, please bring us more. I also watch the walking dead on netflix, will recommend. Jericho needs to be back, I will for sure get the season 3 book.

  9. I watched the season on netflix as well as you others. I stayed up watching it all night, went to school came home watched it. Finished season 1 watched season 2. I was so upset i didnt have anymore to watch. They left us hanging with Jake in Texas and what happened to Robert. They need to come back with another season. And a movie.

  10. I Just finished watching the last episode of Jericho season 2.
    The Show was great,but i’m upset that i don’t have anymore to watch.
    I wish that season 3 would have been made a TV show like season’s 1&2.
    I love this show so much,i can’t wait until that movie is made,if these rumors are true?
    I will be waiting for more great Jericho.
    God Bless Everyone.

  11. Yes i agree with will ortiz, they should have put it on the CW because i havnt heard of it untill netflix and its an amazing show. Me and my whole family sat and went threw it in 3 days and we demand more.. the community demands more jericho now plzz

  12. Like many here Netflix brought Jericho to me. After the first episode I was hooked. & I also agree with Ortiz, I have never heard of this show before netflix, if more people had heard of it I believe it would have gotten better ratings. People eat up post apocalyptic stuff, especially me!

  13. just finished season 2 of jericho on netflix and was shocked to learn their was not going to be a season 3,i cant believe such a great show got canceled

  14. I just saw Jericho on Netflix, and this show was amazing. I can’t believe they cancelled it, they had 12 million views for the first season and 9 million views for the second. 9 million views for 7 episodes! Cancelling this show was a major mistake, I NEED MORE JERICHO!!

  15. I would love to see the show renew for a third seasons, and possibly a movie instead or as well as. Will be buying the comic books. Thank you netfix.

  16. Just found Jericho on Netflix, oh my goodness…my wife and I are hooked!!!! I so want to see the end of this story.

  17. I watched the show in it’s entirety from the get-go, never missing an episode. Have the DVD’s and watch them frequently. I’ll go on a limb here: I think that the show is so close to reality of what can, and may happen, that our corrupt government put it under wraps so as not to expose thier current or future plans. Any thoughts?

    USPatriot57 – Texas Jericho Ranger

  18. I just watched all of Jericho on Netflix. I can’t believe tha they cancelled the show. I wish that another station would pick up this show. It needs to go on. It i an awesome show.

  19. Jericho the best series,but not the best ending yet. Netflix! I am not happy with you. I know if I cancel my subscription it mean nothing to you, but if 1000 or more do, you will regard them more and provide a better service to them. Thats how I feel when I am paying for something I like and still not satisfy. Don’t let this happen and bring the series back soon..

  20. turn the show back on or make a movie plz i stand for the show but whatever floats ur boat im begging u john/cbs plz

  21. Jericho is great! My wife and I are half way through season one …we are hooked and upset knowing they won’t be continuing the show. Everyone I’ve spoken with about Jericho loved it…canceling the show doesn’t make since.

  22. BRING JERUCHO BACK SEASON 3 n 4 on so on back lol seriously im sure ya’ll can think of stuff indeed I loved the show I’m not big at all on tv shows but I saw Jericho recently on Netflix for the first time wen it was on tv I never was able to watch it I didn’t even k ow it was on tv till I saw it on net flix me working a lot n just being so busy I watched season one and two with 3 days I was feen out to watch it haha looking forwards the goes to show of you know me you’ll know what im talking about so for me and the fans look out n make at least another season I’m sure y’all got something lined up so jus thought I’ll throw that out there thanks for your time have a nice day :)

  23. jericho is the best tv show ever to me, i watched this episode after episode, its very emotional and suspenseful. They MUST bring it back.

  24. MORE JERICHO! -Please. -TV series again or movie, but something. (Graphic novels/comic books just aren’t my thing. Execs are hugely underestimating interest using this venue as an indicator.)
    I went through Katrina Aftermath, and was riveted that the reality and impact of private contractor mercenaries was given some due, when the New Orleans experience has all but vanished from national memory.
    I wish I was consulting the writers! (One thing off, they were all way too clean & shaved!-by Day 5 Post K, we all looked like escapees. lol)
    And mature it up a bit.
    -10Xs would likely die in the Third World than US after such an attack (US grows/exports their food supply), so reference The Famines / ‘S&R’ ‘terminator seed’ monopoly.
    -Was the Hudson River Virus a Phase 2 bio attack? -(Why not? What are the odds a plague coincided w/ the bombs? also Katrina lost bio-hazard lab samples….)
    -Private Prison Contractors cleaning up toxic sites w/ inmate labor.
    -Don’t forget the new cults any apocalypse will materialize! combined with the round ups of ‘those people’ believed responsible (here it’s N Korea Iran scapegoated)
    -I wanna see Octavia Butler’s Big Box of the Future on screen! : ) (“Parable of the Sower” and “Talents’, Jericho fans may enjoy, fyi) -armed guards at the store’s entrance. (again, got a glimpse of that post-K)
    -The possibilities for creative ideas here are endless. Why aren’t we seeing them?

    Anyway, if they shoot it, we will watch. I’m all but done w/ TV, caught Jericho on netflix, and obviously couldn’t get enough.

    • *by ‘inmates’, I meant Refugees. (Never in a million did I think I’d be referred to as one, in my own country no less.)

  25. Yes bring back the show or make a film at least…something. Jericho was an amazing show which was hardly finished.