Is There Really A Jericho Movie In Development?

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jericho2b Is There Really A Jericho Movie In Development?

Every time someone who starred in Jericho makes a public appearance, it’s inevitable that they get asked if they’re up for more Jericho, and in particular, a Jericho movie.

Sure, we’d love to see an actual project that is given its full due.  After canceling the 2006 season show, CBS relented to a second season from fan pressure but barely gave it the attention it was due – It popped out a whole 7 episodes and was canceled again.  Sometimes, a show may be a major fan favorite, but the impassioned fans are not as numerous as they need to be.

Some time ago, rumors started floating around that there might be a Jericho movie in the works.

In January of ’09, executive producer Jon Turteltaub said they were “developing” a Jericho feature and that it would cover a broader scope of events – beyond the town of Jericho itself.  He further teased us with the statement that the TV cast would return, but back then I was skeptical about the idea for many reasons.

More recently, a few ex-cast members were asked about their hopes for a Jericho movie.

Some still insist that producers are still developing a two-hour movie.  This is now an 8 month old statement as far as I’m concerned.  But Lennie James (who played Robert Hawkins), while promoting The Prisoner, pretty much said that producers are trying to come up with a story worth telling and that people are still interested.

Of course Hawkins would be excited to play the role of Hawkins again.

Even at Comic-Con in San Diego, Esai Morales said he’d love to participate in a movie if one is in the works and recapture the essence of Major Beck.

At one point in a Comic-Con panel, producers Jon Steinberg and Karim Zreik said that the ratings on the CW would help garner interest in the idea of a movie.  That’s a shame, since the CW barely even acknowledged that they were playing repeats on Sunday nights and the ratings reflected that.  At one point, I was wondering if the ratings were going to be negative, with more people airing the show than were watching it!

But if you really need to get your fill of Jericho, there is one avenue of entertainment you can pursue:  Comic books.

jericho season 3 Is There Really A Jericho Movie In Development?

It’s called “Season 3 of Jericho” and is being published by Devil’s Due Publishing.  They’re creating a direct continuation of the show and it’s being written by Jericho writing alumni Jon Steinberg, Karim Zreik, Dan Shotz, and Robert Levine.

As we know, at the end of season 2, society was looking at a civil war and they’ve embraced that premise in the comic book.  It was also noted that without budget constraints, they can show more tanks and more action in a single comic panel than they ever could in an action sequence of the television show. Cool! The story will be told in a six issue series, starting in October and it will star all the original characters we know and love from the series.

The original cast all signed off on having the likeness of their images used for the comic so it will be easy to get back into their individual scenarios.

So for now, the idea of a Jericho movie seems to be only a room full of vapors that’s waiting to take some sort of shape.  I’d love to see this, but am I just deluding myself?  Are you, the Screen Rant readers, being more realistic about the chances of a movie coming together?  Would all the cast actually be available if this were to come together?  I don’t know.  Very fortuitous timing on everything involved could make this possible, but for now, a comic book is all we get.

Screen Rant reader thoughts and opinions are always welcome.  Let us know how you all feel.

Sources:  Sci Fi Wire, CBR

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  1. This could deffinetley be the next “Jaws” or even “Star Wars” in epicness. If you think about it, its one of the few movie plots that can have a trilogy and each movie in the trilogy could be over 2 hours long easily, and still be great. There are just so many avenues to pursue in this, im suprised nobody has done it since jericho or red dawn. But i’d really like to see the jericho creators work on a trilogy that is solid, like star wars was, anybody else making one im just not sure they could. Jericho editors were previousley limited by having GREAT story plots, and poor funding and trying to make a series last on television once you got past the demenial sidetrackings of the soap opera gig they only needed to have to profit, so funding for a movie of proper proportions should prove excessivley successful here, for both the makers/characters, and the audience.

  2. Of all my favorite shows that have been canceled, “Jericho” is the one I just can't get over. Every few weeks I am scouring the Internet for news. I don't know why some independent network (or Internet) can't pick up the series! A movie would be better than nothing. The comic books are great, but there is nothing like live-action! A story so relevant needs to be told.

  3. make a movie it would make us all very happy to se what could happen and just give us a good ending to all of it!!!!!!

  4. make a movie it would make us all very happy to se what could happen and just give us a good ending to all of it!!!!!!

  5. what ever happened to the movie did they make it or what

    • I was wondering the same. I JUST finished watching all 29 episodes. I never knew the show existed until I was browsing NetFlix. Why is it all the great shows get cancelled?

      • I too just watched all 29 episodes on Netflix. THIS SERIES WAS AWESOME! Can’t believe I missed it on television. If any investors are watching, count me and my considerably large family in for tickets to any movie produced.

        • I agree! I have heard of it, but never had the opportunity to watch it. My fiance had seen it, to the end, and introduced it to me on netflix. We watch an episode, sometimes two every single night. Almost to end. If any tv series i have ever watched, this is the best. Most addictive, I can’t stand to see it end. A movie is totally possible. They made a movie about Justin bieber, really?! This will top it, 200%

  6. Jericho was one of the most finely-crafted shows in recent years. Sad to see it cancelled, but I’m hopeful for a future movie. The comics did a great job of continuing the show, and remained true to the characters and themes. Outstanding. The attention paid to detail in the whole Jericho scenario and conspiracy was incredible, and renders the entire premise an element of frightening plausibility. Kudos to all involved in this fine show!

  7. They did a crappy job promoting it. It is one of the best series ever written. Yet I just watched it on netflix in 2011.

  8. I too just rewatchedthe series 1 & 2 on DVD. I was amazed that Jerico was cancelled when it was on CBS. It was a great series, with all the dynamics of the character interactions. I too have periodically checked the I-net with hopes to hear that a movie was in production to continue the story. Sad that CBS did not continue the series – NUTS!

  9. I watched Jericho for the FIRST time this weekend. The ENTIRE SERIES. I was hooked. and now I am bummed that I can not see any more of the show. I will go out and get the book “CIVIL WAR” but it needs a MOVIE. How do we get it out to those writers and producers to make the next step.
    I think this is not only a movie but a VERY important story for people in our time because of the world economy collapse, Wall Street Protests and more.
    Just like Red Dawn will always be a great movie against OPPRESSION, I believe Jerchio can and will stand the test of TIME….
    Who has answers? Who has friends? Who has the ability to let Jericho- Civil War the book to fall on the lap of a Producers lap. Thats how we get it back or at least on film…

    • Itotally agree JerichoFan2! Just finished entire series.
      though made in 2006, seems eerily current, evil corporations & all.
      What if??? Not such an odd question to ask anymore. Am totally hooked and would love to see a season three OR movie. I’ve been telling all my friends to watch season 1&2!

  10. I recently finished Jericho, and I now find myself scowering internet news and anything I can find that involves the show. I found my heart and soul were empty upon the ending, and I now beg you all, go to the online petition and sign it for the return of Jericho, believe me, investors look at things like that!

  11. How interesting for me to look online and find so many recent posts regarding this series! I suppose i also have netflix to blame for my recent exposure, along with several others that have posted here to express their love for this show. I’m typically quite skeptical about any extended television series, but Jericho absolutely blew me away. The character depth and development, a storyline with twists (but not so many that it grows tiresome), and not to mention the unusual ability for the series to make you realize that the events covered in the series are actually quite plausible realities. I tip my hat to anyone involved in the filming, and am practically holding my breath for news of a feature film (if it ever comes). Bravo!

  12. I’m almost angry, no in fact I’m very angry that such an awesome show was cancelled. I just found it this weekend on netflix. actually took a sick day on Monday just to finish it. I can’t believe no one is taking this series and running with it. The key to it all is advertisement. Someone rich and important who wants more money is reading this I know. you can have my money, just get this show back up and running.

  13. I as well have just discovered this series on Netflix and was blown away. This has got to be the most impressive tv series I have ever seen especially with a lot of and I mean ALOT of less than desirable content on tv now days. You really have to bring this back and finish it! The acting is superb and the chemistry between the actors is amazing. Canceling this show before it had a chance to complete is an injustice and should be resurrected and completed properly. Common CBS do the right thing and restore the faith of the many Jericho fans should have in you station. Thank you.

    • I just have to ask you guys, once you found and watched Jericho on netflix, you started scouring for information as I am doing now?? I watched every episode in a period of two days. One of the most spectacular shows I have ever seen! All i want is more of it, the storyline was just downright impressive and realistically and thoroughly thought out. Easily beats a similar show… LOST. This would make a spectacular movie. It really puts a lot of things in life into perspective. Not often does a show or movie make you think like this one does. While watching a few episodes, i said to myself why are more people not buying into JERICHO?? Because no one has heard of it!!!

  14. Here, here! This television series contains relevant and interesting plots which bring out all the best things worth talking about with viewers. There were just too many loose ends not tied up at the end of season two… Do Jake and Emily end up together? What about Major Beck? He could become one of the best TV characters of all time.

    Something is fishy about how underrated this show is – BRING IT BACK or make it into a running series of full-length feature films.

    Where can we all go to petition for this?

  15. I would like to see a movie made to wrap it all up in a three hour movie it not the same with out the show

  16. Amazing that Jericho just doesn’t seem to die but appears to keep being killed. CBS killed it twice. The first publisher of the graphic novel died and a second was found to finish it. After the last issue there was talk of it being continued but it hasn’t been. The movie talk started as soon as the Jericho was cancelled the second time and continues to this day. People keep finding the show on Netflix or reruns or in stores gaining new followers but still no movie, no rebirth, no more issues of the graphic novel. I bought a half dozen of the complete DVD sets and gave them as Christmas presents last year. So, yes I’m still hoping for at least a movie.

  17. I just watched this entire series on Netflix in 2 days. I watched it for hours and hours and hours today and couldn’t stop and I just finished it at 3:30 AM and here I am searching the Internet for news about a movie or some network waking up and reviving it or Netflix pulling an Arrested Development on us and picking it up. I mean…..

    This show was just absolutely phenomenal and I’m shocked and disappointed I missed it when it was on and thus couldn’t help support it when it seemed to matter most. It’s just a tremendous shame that yet another fantastic series was axed by these networks that are too afraid to give a series a chance to build something great. They need to think long term and get over this week to week nonsense. It yields mostly crap shows anyways while the real gems get screwed over by the silly process.

    Thank goodness for Netflix though. It’s so rare to find a show this compelling. I haven’t had a marathon TV watching experience like this since I started watching LOST on DVD right before season 3. I couldn’t stop, couldn’t sleep, just like this.

    Jericho needs to come back.

    • I just did same thing! Watched the show nonstop for two days! Then I went and bought season3 comics I cant believe I didn’t know about it when it was on TV. CBS sucked with promoting this show and sucked even more canceling it!

  18. I like. It a lot.

  19. Just finished both seasons in less than 2 days on Netflix while working a 12 hour shift for one of the days. How did this show ever get canceled in the first place? There needs to be another season or movie that comes out.

  20. Jericho…I found this series on Netflix about 3 days ago; and as of yesturday, I finished it. This show is amazing, the plot, the setting, the whole concept was compelling on so many levels. Why a show like this was cancelled I haven’t the slightest clue! But it’s EXTREMELY frusturating because this show isn’t like the other junk t.v shows now and days. It has actual meaning, it’s not a fake impossibility, it puts life today as we know it into perspective. We are in the day and age where this shows’ setting and plot could actually take place. Truely magnificent. I would pay producers money out of my own pocket to see this television show me continued. Hell, I’ll even go to thier doorstep for it. After watching this 29 episode series, I had an empty feeling knowing there was no longer anything else to watch. I felt like I was living the show. Please, just bring this fantastic show back to life, I need to see the ending!

  21. Oh my goodness, I too watched this on netflix, it’s starting to seem a pattern in all these people watching it on netflix, I’m surprised they don’t make some deal with netflix to just put the show on netflix! some livestream thing on netflix netflix could make great money of this, it could be a new feature to netflix aswell, who would need hulu????!!!!! I think more folk watched this show on netflix then tv!

  22. Ah the pattern continues. Netflix is where i found CBS is who killed it. Walking Dead is the same type of show and due to the comics and the high rate of advertizing it has become a main stream hit. Why couldnt Jericho do the same. If cbs re-ran season 1 and two made the comics of season three into live action im sure they would have a gem of a show and many many followers for years to come!

  23. Jericho is such a great show and its such a shame it still isn’t on the air. I watched the show during its original airing and loved it then. Found it on Netflix and love it even more now. I got my friends hooked on it too and now we can all complain together how they should never have canceled it! This is such a relevant show in todays world. I’m glad so many people have found it and are fans. Maybe we can make a difference! I would rather see a continuation of the show, but a movie would be incredible as well. Anything to have it back!

  24. i think that they should transfer over to webisodes. it would be cheaper to produce, and there is more money available off the internet, just look at facebook. if you can get enough traffic to the page like on youtube or on their own page then they can bring in advertisement money with free viewing. there should be enough of us for advertisers to want to be on the page whether on the side of the page or what ever to finance the series webisodes continuing. i mean i would be interested at least getting friends together to film what’s in the comics, but i’d need to get a good graphics man. i could put feelers out but it would be no where as good as what the people that put together the series could do of course.

  25. Just finished watching it on Netflix. It was a great show and it really sucks that it was canceled. I felt like the ending wasn’t enough and it was a little rushed. I think with the limited air time CBS gave them, they did a decent job finishing the series. I really wish there was more seasons though.

  26. Please make the movie, please, please please. !!!!!

  27. Like many others, my girlfriend and I just found Jericho on netflix and loved it. When we finished all 29 episodes we were saddened. She cried a little. We’re hoping that they make the movie one day–we’d pay money to see it!

  28. Their needs to be a jericho season 3 or at least a 2 hour episode that does a summary of season 3. please we need to know what happens and how they rebuild. for once bring a show back that is actually worthy of being on tv.

  29. I watched the Jericho seasons when they first aired and loved the show. I actually just finished rewatching both seasons a second time using Netflix… its the first time I EVER rewatch any season of any show… that says a lot for me.

    Bring it back, please, give us more!!!!