Is There Really A Jericho Movie In Development?

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jericho2b Is There Really A Jericho Movie In Development?

Every time someone who starred in Jericho makes a public appearance, it’s inevitable that they get asked if they’re up for more Jericho, and in particular, a Jericho movie.

Sure, we’d love to see an actual project that is given its full due.  After canceling the 2006 season show, CBS relented to a second season from fan pressure but barely gave it the attention it was due – It popped out a whole 7 episodes and was canceled again.  Sometimes, a show may be a major fan favorite, but the impassioned fans are not as numerous as they need to be.

Some time ago, rumors started floating around that there might be a Jericho movie in the works.

In January of ’09, executive producer Jon Turteltaub said they were “developing” a Jericho feature and that it would cover a broader scope of events – beyond the town of Jericho itself.  He further teased us with the statement that the TV cast would return, but back then I was skeptical about the idea for many reasons.

More recently, a few ex-cast members were asked about their hopes for a Jericho movie.

Some still insist that producers are still developing a two-hour movie.  This is now an 8 month old statement as far as I’m concerned.  But Lennie James (who played Robert Hawkins), while promoting The Prisoner, pretty much said that producers are trying to come up with a story worth telling and that people are still interested.

Of course Hawkins would be excited to play the role of Hawkins again.

Even at Comic-Con in San Diego, Esai Morales said he’d love to participate in a movie if one is in the works and recapture the essence of Major Beck.

At one point in a Comic-Con panel, producers Jon Steinberg and Karim Zreik said that the ratings on the CW would help garner interest in the idea of a movie.  That’s a shame, since the CW barely even acknowledged that they were playing repeats on Sunday nights and the ratings reflected that.  At one point, I was wondering if the ratings were going to be negative, with more people airing the show than were watching it!

But if you really need to get your fill of Jericho, there is one avenue of entertainment you can pursue:  Comic books.

jericho season 3 Is There Really A Jericho Movie In Development?

It’s called “Season 3 of Jericho” and is being published by Devil’s Due Publishing.  They’re creating a direct continuation of the show and it’s being written by Jericho writing alumni Jon Steinberg, Karim Zreik, Dan Shotz, and Robert Levine.

As we know, at the end of season 2, society was looking at a civil war and they’ve embraced that premise in the comic book.  It was also noted that without budget constraints, they can show more tanks and more action in a single comic panel than they ever could in an action sequence of the television show. Cool! The story will be told in a six issue series, starting in October and it will star all the original characters we know and love from the series.

The original cast all signed off on having the likeness of their images used for the comic so it will be easy to get back into their individual scenarios.

So for now, the idea of a Jericho movie seems to be only a room full of vapors that’s waiting to take some sort of shape.  I’d love to see this, but am I just deluding myself?  Are you, the Screen Rant readers, being more realistic about the chances of a movie coming together?  Would all the cast actually be available if this were to come together?  I don’t know.  Very fortuitous timing on everything involved could make this possible, but for now, a comic book is all we get.

Screen Rant reader thoughts and opinions are always welcome.  Let us know how you all feel.

Sources:  Sci Fi Wire, CBR

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  1. I don’t know Bruce, I for one didn’t really like the ending for season two. They tried (and succeeded to a degree) at creating the politics of the U.S., but I enjoyed just watching the town of Jericho trying to survive far more than the politics of the government, (which sadly we have too much of in the real world). Kind of like a wild west frontier/Mad Max movie. With the epic-”ness” of the civil war in the government, the characters of Jericho would kind of get drowned out by the bigger issues. I think that a movie would be fine to finish the show, but for once, I think that a reboot of a series is necessary for it to continue further than a single two-hour event.

  2. I’d watch it if they made it, but I agree with Sock Monkey as for the ending of the second season. Or the series finale if that’s what they called it. I didn’t think it answered much and it was almost like watching BAG on TSCC get shot and taken out. It was that fast and I was left feeling, “huh?”.

  3. I was at the Comic Con panel and I thought the producers were quite clear about the movie. They said there is still strong interest and it is just a matter of timing.

    Everyone connected to the season 3 comic, including the CBS representative, was celebrating after the panel.

    The collectors preview edition of the Jericho comic was selling well enough that other retailers have asked to carry the comic series (per the comic publisher).

    At the Jericho fan table, we had steady flow of people who are interested in the show and the future movie.


  4. I would love to see a continuation of Jericho. Although I am not crazy about a comic. There is so much they could do with the story.

    Did you see that there was 2 endings? One where Hawkins is captured and Jake is flying back to rescue him? That was the ending if the series had continued. The ending we saw left us in the air (on purpose?}. I agree. Let’s see more Jericho! No to comics……

  5. I hope that there is actually a movie and that it occurs before the interest fades. I am personally not into comic books. But I enjoyed watching the characters and the town try to survive and bond together. I agree with Sock monkey – I didn’t care for the government politics thread. Survival movies are in the movie theaters now. “Day One” is premiering this fall on television. Even the Discovery channel is doing a survival show “The Colony”. The Jericho show needs to be re-established and continued. Would it really be that difficult to re-establish the show or be that expensive to be prohibitive ? This is a proven series with a proven following.

  6. I’m excited for the comic book,(I haven’t bought a comic book in years!) I think that the fan base is still there and loves Jericho. To this day I run into people who loved the show but lost track of it after the hiatus and didn’t even know of season 2. When word gets out and the marketing of the movie begins, I think there will be a lot of interest in the continuing story.

  7. I believe the creators of Jericho when they tell me there is a movie in development. I don’t see why they would want to get the fans hopes up only to let them down. I also know that all businesses are being cautious with their money now so it will take time to get the movie from development into pre-production. The comic book is a great way to tell more story and introduce the story to new fans. I have not bought a comic before and am looking forward to them telling more story. I missed some of the characters of season one in season 2 but I felt the story told in season 2 was exciting. I trust the creators to make a movie I want to see.

  8. As I understand it from those in the know… if the comic books sell really well, that will just about guarantee a Jericho movie. Whether or not it will be a 2-hour TV movie or a feature film, is not clear. There still is a lot of interest out there, but we need to buy and promote the comic book series. A high number of sales will prove that interest and get us our movie.

  9. My understanding is that the Jericho movie is in development.I sure hope that is the case. In the mean time I will support the comic book series.

  10. I would love to see a movie of it, but I have no interest in a comic. I’ve burnt to many times by comic books of TV shows. People can praise it all they want, but I hated Buffy Season 8. I don’t think it really stayed true to what Buffy was and I think they destroyed the Buffy character in like the first 6 issues.

  11. It’s inevitable that the number of impassioned fans would fade out over time, but I bet if there’s a movie those fans will come back out of the woodwork. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  12. You can’t expect much from reruns when it’s not well advertised and pretty much every fan of the show already bought the entire series on DVD.

  13. They’ve been showing Jericho on the scifi channel here again and seen a lot of the first season. Not sure if the second one has been shown in the UK at all.

    Liked what I saw, if agree prefer it being about Jericho surviving, but a movie would certainly have my attention.

  14. Would love to see a continuation of the story of Jericho. Twilights 3rd feature film is coming out soon, would love to see this happen to Jericho.

  15. I would love to see the Jericho story continued in a movie, and I think there are many others who feel this way as well. They need to get past the “in development” stage sooner rather than later, the more time that passes the less likely this is to happen. I’m looking forward to the graphic novel series too.

  16. I think a Jericho movie would be a good investment. The Jericho name has built in BUZZ and the fan base is still here. The story was extremity well done and I would love to see it continue.

  17. If they can make A Jericho film that is accessible to people who never watched the show,
    I am all for it.

  18. Jericho is a master piece, bring it back !

  19. Jericho still has a strong fan base, attending Jericho events and on the internet. We are here, we are strong and we will NEVER give up!

  20. The Jericho fans are still in the wings waiting for more of course most are not as vocal as in the past but Air it and they will come, producers know this, after all Jericho fans have set the bar and are about to make the comic world set up and take notice to. Just get ready to get in line opening night Bruce.

  21. Looking forward to a Jericho movie! Can’t wait to see Jericho’s brilliant cast together, again! It will be awesome watching them bring the story of Jericho to life on the big screen!

  22. anxiously awaiting the Jericho movie! Comic book is a good start, but I want a real movie!! :)

  23. I just hope this project gets OUT of development and ONTO the silver screen! If Firefly can do it, then why not Jericho?

  24. We borrowed the DVD set from a friend and watched the entire series at least a half a dozen times until I had to give it back. Each time took three days. Then we recorded as many as we could get off our DVR as they would air but decided that wasn’t good enough. We’re so hooked that we just bought the entire set of DVD’s from and can’t wait for them to arrive. Bring us the movie and we’ll buy that too! CAN’T WAIT!

  25. Please lets have a movie,..better yet bring back the show!

  26. I would LOVE to see a movie come out with the original cast. Jericho is my favorite show and made me happy to watch TV again. I was soooo disappointed when it was cancelled, although with the subject matter I wasn’t surprised.

  27. I dearly liked the series. I also don’t care for comic books. I wasn’t into them as a kid either. I will belive in a movie when I see the screen date listed. “In development” keeps the fans quiet and out of the PTB’s hair. They may string us along for a good while, until “interest” has faded.

    I would love to see the series revived on television and I don’t think that it would be that expensive to produce.

    I’m jaded now, and will believe in a movie when I see it.

  28. Please….I would love to see more Jericho, I love the show! I have just bought the 1st comic from Barnes and Noble and can’t wait for it to be delivered.

  29. I would LOVE to see a movie, however for it to be named Jericho, it would have to base itself on the town, and i think that is a perfect movie plot. Im a pretty big movie buff and i gotta tell you, that is a golden plot, an award winning plot. The single greatest challenge will be giving first time viewers a re-cap on what happenned and where its going. I think nuclear explosions, then city unrest, then city bonding, then city fighting to protect its resources, bound into 20-30 minutes at begining of movie, followed by 60-90 minutes of Jericho withstanding an American civil war while actively participating on the ‘noncorrupt’ side(s) would be a superb, award winning movie sure to last many years in the future. Keeping a few of the main characters not needed for the soap operah type drama seen in many of the series episodes, will be very doable. and if this was to come out in 2010, its gonna be the best movie of the year, hands down. especially in these times in america, with 2 wars, a depression, and several trillion dollars missing with a war on the horizon, this movie will sell right away, and remain a superb piece if made properly, for decades.