Our friend Ed Douglas had a chance to speak with the talented Jeremy Renner on behalf of SuperHeroHype yesterday at the Independent Film Gotham Awards where The Hurt Locker, for which he starred in, took home a big pile of well-deserved awards.

Renner of course made big headlines a few days ago when Empire put up an interview with him where they discussed his interest and Marvel’s interest in having him play the character of Hawkeye. Renner cleared up the current status of his involvement by revealing that they seemingly were interested in casting that character but since they’ve yet to select a director to helm the epic Avengers movie, they’ll wait until they do and see what that person wants for his/her cast.

But, we did get something interesting out of Renner in what he said about the costume ideas Marvel Studios has for the character…

“They sold me on the idea, too, because I love the idea that Hawkeye’s really not a superhero… He’s just a man with a high skill set, so I can relate to (that). The Marvel guys are great for how they made Iron Man to be, ‘Oh, that’s actually plausible’ so I bought it and I love that. They’re really, really smart guys and I’d love to work for ’em, and we’ll see if it works out.”

Ed then asked him if he’s started doing some comic book reading to research the character and asked him about the costume Hawkeye will sport in The Avengers.

“Yeah, but it’s going to be modernized, it’s not going to be the guy with the big purple (mask), it’s not going to be a guy in tights. It’s going to be a guy in sunglasses and a vest. He’s going to be more modernized and I’m gonna say, ‘A cooler-looking version’ and not the big weird costume he had on. I don’t think they’re going that route.”

A vest and sunglasses similar to the Green Arrow from Smallville? Just like that character, Hawkeye isn’t a super hero, he’s just a man who’s insanely talented in marksmanship as Renner points out. That sure sounds like the Marvel Ultimates version of Hawkeye’s costume.

Like the Earth-616 (that’s the standard Marvel comics universe) version of Hawkeye, the ultimate version of the character shares a lot of his history with the character of Black Widow which further makes the character perfect for a cameo in Iron Man 2 (if it’s not too late for that) and a role in The Avengers alongside Scarlett Johansson.

Continue to Page 2 to see the Ultimate Hawkeye costume that Renner hints at and more on Hawkeye’s connection with The Avengers…

Ultimate Hawkeye (Art from Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game)

If they don’t cast the character, they can still hint and drop an Easter Egg for the character by showing Tony Stark having some piece of equipment in his workshop that belongs to Hawkeye (a la the Captain America Shield in Iron Man). Since we know the character will be the modernized techy variant of the character, we can expect Stark to have a hand in his augmented outfit.

For those unfamiliar with the character, the ultimate Marvel Hawkeye (real name: Clint Barton) is a former Olympic archer, and the professional partner of the Black Widow. He became a U.S. intelligence agent and a close friend and colleague of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).

From Marvel.com:

The two operatives were key founders of the modern intelligence agency S.H.I.E.L.D. Both rose through the ranks until Fury became the agency’s director and Barton (code-named Hawkeye) became an elite agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s black ops division, often partnered with ex-KGB espionage legend Natasha Romanov (code-named Black Widow). Despite his dangerous, globe-spanning profession, Barton managed to build a more stable family life than most of his peers, residing for years with his girlfriend Laura (who recently became his wife), with whom he had three children: Callum, Lewis and baby Nicole, named after her godfather, Nick Fury. Hawkeye habitually phoned his family before every mission to say good-bye, just in case he never returned.

From the reader response to our Renner-Hawkeye discussion, it seems folks are in agreement that Renner is the man for the job. Let’s hope they pick up that director quick and that he/she agrees with us!

With Hawkeye’s connections and intertwining history with Black Widow, Nick Fury and Iron Man in both the standard and Ultimate Marvel Universes, Hawkeye is a perfect character to have play an important part in The Avengers.

What would you like to see from Hawkeye’s live-action costume?

The Avengers is scheduled to open May 4, 2012.

Source: SHH