Is Jeremy Renner The New Mad Max?

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madmax Is Jeremy Renner The New Mad Max?

George Miller has been working on a new Mad Max film for almost a decade and old Max himself, Mel Gibson, was set to return in Mad Max 4: Fury Road in 2002 when the war in Iraq scuttled the project. Since then, Gibson has passed on the role stating that he is too old to play the character.

Miller has pondered many different possibilities for the future of the franchise, ranging from recasting the part, to making the next installment in the series an animated film.

Now it would appear that Miller has decided to return to the live action format with The Hurt Locker star, Jeremy Renner, as a possible candidate for the lead role of Mad Max.

In an interview with The Modesto Bee about Kathryn Bigelow’s latest critically-acclaimed movie, The Hurt Locker, Renner revealed some details on his upcoming projects including a starring role in Ben Affleck’s forthcoming The Town and the possibility of him doing Mad Max next summer.

Renner said:

“I’m also fighting to do the new Mad Max film with George Miller. That might be next summer. I’m screen-testing and meeting George Miller.”

Now, his words aren’t confirmation that he’s up for the title role of Mad Max, but it’s very likely and a fair assumption that he’s in the running to be stepping into Mel Gibson’s leathers.

This is much better news than Miller making an animated Mad Max film – which I don’t think would do the franchise any justice. However, I really do feel that the character of Max Rockatansky is an iconic Mel Gibson role and it will be very difficult to see another actor play the Road Warrior.

mad gibson Is Jeremy Renner The New Mad Max?

All of this sounds like the film is in the very early stages of production and George Miller is currently working on Happy Feet 2, so a lot could change over the course of the next year. Miller was also working furiously on the ill-fated Justice League movie and he seemed pretty adamant that he’d get that project up and running again. This means that it could be a while before seeing Mad Max on the silver screen again.

This news also doesn’t mean that Renner has the part – it’s only a screen test and another actor could end up getting the role. That being said, Renner’s star profile is continuing to grow and there’s a lot of positive buzz surrounding his recent performance in The Hurt Locker which will definitely help his chances. He’s also an experienced bad-ass in most of his roles, ranging from the self-sacrificing soldier in 28 Weeks Later, to the cop-turned-villain opposite of Colin Farrell in S.W.A.T.

It is unknown at this point what the storyline for the new film would be. Is it a remake of the original film? Or is it just a continuation of Max’s adventures as he travels through the wastelands?

With a bit of luck, Miller and Gibson will have a few more discussions about Mad Max 4 and realize that it might be fun if they both return to the post-apocalyptic Australian Outback.

What do you think of the future of Mad Max?

More when we get it.

Source: Modesto Bee Via Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. Personally, I think Mel could use the positive boost that playing Max would bring…not that he needs it. He is Mel Gibson after all :)The fact that they are considering another actor make me think that perhaps the story calls for Max to be the same age as he is in The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome and perhaps that is the reason Mel turned it down. But what if the story called for Max to be thirty years older? However, I think Jeremy Renner looks enough like Mel Gibson did in 1981 that he could pull it off.

  2. Come on, just cast a good actor, who cares if he looks like a young Mel Gibson or not. And Jeremy Renner’s a great choice, he’s everything Shia ‘I play cardboard characters in big budget movies’ laBoeuf is not.

  3. I liked the ideas Miller was throwing about a while ago about pre Mad Max movie of his time on the Main Force Police Department. When we first meet Max in the original, he already has quite an established reputation of being the baddest and fasted cop on the force. It would be nice to see this time period.

  4. Animated Mad Max???
    Wow what a horrible idea.

    Personally I wouldn’t be interested in a reboot with Renner as Max. I would like to see Renner playing one of the kids that Max saved in Thunderdome. They could take the franchise 20 years in to the future as the survivors must fend off the crazies as they try and rebuild society. Renner could carry on the tradition as the protector. They could even use Gibson as an older Max. Depending on his willingness to return to the role, the story could involve a rescue with Gibson and Renner saving the day one last time with Renner carring on at the end.
    I think a new Mad Max film with an older Gibson/Max passing the torch to Renner would be a huge hit!

  5. The thing that I’ve always found interesting is how according to movies about half the population are lefties, lol. I know it’s because artistic people are more likely to be lefties which means actors and other people in the arts are more likely to be lefties, but it’s just funny how many actors are lefties. Even my man Bruce!

    Anyway, I don’t care who they get, as long as they get a good actor and the script is not crappy. Please Miller, no Happy Feet preachiness, thanks. And making the next one animated??? LOL…

  6. I don’t think Mel is too old to play this role again. Set the stage years after Thunderdome and it would work. Don’t go with a new actor for the role or a reboot/prequel, won’t work.

  7. If Bruce Willis can do Die Hard 4, then Mel Gibson can do Mad Max 4 right? lol

  8. Agreeing with Ken J.
    I want Mel Gibson to do this one last time. It’s almost impossible to find someone to make us forget about Mel as Max. It wasn’t until Daniel Craig that James Bond finally moved on from Sean Connery. In my opinion at least.

  9. @blipverp I’d have to disagree with you there Blip, I found the first Mad Max to be slow and boring, sort of reminded me of a REALLY twisted Greece. But the second one, and a little of the third one had such a fantastic style, so I’d prefer to see more of the survival of humanity, as opposed to seeing Renner be the cop (which he does excellently) once again.
    As for Renner, I love any performance I see with him, my favorite, (although I begrudgingly have not seen the Hurt Locker yet, stupid Michigan theaters!) was his role in the Unusuals. I could see him doing a great job as a rebooted Mad Mad.
    That idea would work somewhat, but I think to me it’d just remind me of Indi 4. Although, maybe it was just Shia laBoeuf that turned me off that movie. :D

  10. Kinda true about MM1 Sock Monkey,,, not such a boring film but definitely a depressing one. I don’t want to see that remade. How bout Renner plays the son of the Gyro-Pilot. He had that Safari hat and no fear. I could see him growing up into the new protector, (played by Renner.) Gibson (Capt Walker) could enter into the film as a savior once again in the end. As long as they don’t harvest the power of aliens it shouldn’t be anything like Indy 4. ;-)
    Its really amazing to me that two of the best films this year, (forget Star Trek and Harry Potter) “Moon” and “Hurt Locker” have crap distribution.
    The time is now where independent films are miles ahead of the mainstream garbage.
    Sock Monkey, if you like Renner, “Hurt Locker” is going to blow you away. Not only was his performance Oscar worthy the film is real intense and never let’s up. I wish more people could see it and Moon as well,,,

  11. @790
    Believe me man, there is nothing I’d rather watch. The reviews and videos I’ve seen of “The Hurt Locker” are extraordinary. But because Hurt Locker is an independant movie they’re only playing it in key states. Mostly the East and West coast. So Michigan, (Sadly) has been left out. And I don’t believe anyone is feeling it more than me. :/

  12. I can really only see Mel Gibson as Mad Max. It’s the role that made him a star.


  13. There is no way mel gibson is gonna return to play madmax. Even if he wanted he is almost like completly retired from the main/action roles. And there is the all bit about not being able to promote movies himself because some sectors of the media hate him now…

    What i would like to see is Mel himself being in charge of the production of the next mad max or even directing it. He has evolved a lot as a director so he is sure to have some great ideas to give miller on what to do with the series.

    Renner or mel as a mad max the only thing that i want is for the franchise to back a little to its root and make it an ultra violent sci-fi(not some much like mad max 3 :__:)

  14. @ osborn18, interesting ,,, I think a Mel Gibson directed Mad Max with Renner would be frakken huge,!
    Just keep it in the future and make Renner’s character a prodigy of Max, post Thunderdome…

  15. @Osborn18,,,

    They could title the new film, “Mad Max Legacy”

  16. Why are people still going on as if Jeremy Renner or even Mel Gibson himself are going to be involved in this film???
    Renner only joined the band wagon at the last moment as he (and everyone else) found out last year that relatively unknown Aussie actor Steve Innes, who is 40, is set to be cast as Max and Renner with his higher profile wants in on a role he really has no real claim to.
    Gibson had no intention of ever doing Max again and did not even want to do Thunderdome in 1985 but had to due to his contractural obligation to do a third film/2nd sequel.

  17. One thing that I love about Thunderdome was the Tina Turner opening track and closing track,,, she also looked great as the leader of Barter Town!!!

    The film dragged during the Capt Walker/Cavern kids bit but I love that film,,,

    Raggedy man,,, ;-)

  18. Who is Steve Innes?

    Any info on him anywhere?

    Any photo?

  19. Maybe have Mad Max 4 a sequel (showing past images). And have that boomerang kid from Mad Max 2 as an adult, who has adopted the name Mad Max from his hero/rescuer. He was the narrator (as an adult) in that movie anyways.

  20. Thunderdome rules, truthfully I watch that more than Man Max or The Road Warrior.
    The kids part, it had to be there to establish the mythos of Max and also there is a subtext of the ancient world with the kids hanging on to superstition vs. the industrial world with barter town.

    Master Blaster, listen to the LAW!
    Aunty, two people are in dispute.

  21. I thought the wild kid with the steel boomerang in MM2 was the narrator and he said at the end Max dissapeared and he (kid) eventually became leader of the “Great Northern Tribe” somewhere on the north east coast near Brisbane, according to the postcard the old guy showed Max to try to convince him to come along.
    The kids from “Crack In The Earth” – the 2nd/3rd generation survivors of the Qantas 747 crash near the Victoria/New South Wales Border (early notes had the jet fleeing from Perth, which had been nuked, and the jet then crashed due to nearby nukes off over Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney and near the jet itself).
    In any case these are the people, seen now as grown ups, who were living in trashed Sydney at the end of the show.
    Max last seen walking off into the dark by himself.
    MM3 is supposed to be nearly 20 years after MM1 and MM4 is supposed to be another 15-20 years after that, sometime in the mid 21st century.
    Max is said to nearly 60 now so why not just get Mel to come back and pay him what he wants?
    He needs the money now and guys like Innes and Renner, though they have the look – Innes especially – are just too young and Innes is the eldest at just 40.
    Come back Mel!!!!

  22. Steve Innes is forty.
    Jeremy Renner is thirty two.
    Tom Hardy is thirty one.
    Sam Worthington is thirty three.

    These guys are cast in the film but in which role, no one knows.

    Possibly on eof them is to be Max.

    They are all too young!!!

    Mel Gibson is 53 and doesn’t want to be in the film???

    No Mel, I won’t pay to watch this.

  23. Steve Innes is not attached to this film anymore and his YouTube vids got pulled by Kennedy/Miller ages ago.
    Tom Hardy is probably going to be Max, at least for now and the female lead is now vacant with Charlize Thereon bailing out only recently.

  24. Steve Innes is not attached to this film anymore and his YouTube vids got pulled by Kennedy/Miller ages ago.
    Tom Hardy is probably going to be Max, at least for now and the female lead is now vacant with Charlize Thereon bailing out only recently.

  25. Steve Innes is not attached to this film anymore and his YouTube vids got pulled by Kennedy/Miller ages ago.
    Tom Hardy is probably going to be Max, at least for now and the female lead is now vacant with Charlize Thereon bailing out only recently.

    • OK Fine, but why post it 3 times in a row?
      Got it first time.