Jennifer Lawrence Confirmed For ‘The Hunger Games’

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence emerged as the frontrunner to star in Lionsgate’s adaptation of The Hunger Games last weekend. Now the 20-year-old Oscar nominee has officially been confirmed for the lead role of Katniss Everdeen in director Gary Ross’ cinematic take on Suzanne Collins’ young adult bestseller.

Word leaked out a few days back that officials were very impressed with Lawrence’s audition, which ultimately won her the lead role in the film over the likes of early favorites like Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass) and True Grit‘s Hailee Steinfeld.

Collins’ Hunger Games is the first in a trilogy of novels that Lionsgate officials hope to turn into a blockbuster franchise to rival the likes of the Twilight and Harry Potter series – both of which will be concluding in the next two years. Although The Wrap says it’s unconfirmed for the time being, the general consensus is that Lawrence will be signed on to also star in the sequels Catching Fire and Mockingjay, should Hunger Games prove to be sufficiently profitable.

Lawrence received a Best Actress Academy Award nomination for her performance in last year’s Sundance Film Festival award-winner Winter’s Bone. She’ll be appearing in two fairly different titles over the next few months as well: this spring’s The Beaver with Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster, and X-Men: First Class, in which Lawrence plays a young Mystique.

Winters Bone movie image Jennifer Lawrence Confirmed For The Hunger Games

Lawrence in ‘Winter’s Bone’.

The Hunger Games will revolve around Lawrence’s Katniss, a sixteen-year-old girl forced to enter the titular competition – a futuristic televised event in which teenage individuals from different regions of Panem (the former United States) are forced to battle one another to the death, as a means of illustrating the ruling government’s might.

Equal parts Battle Royale and The Running Man, Collins’ Hunger Games series will be a far cry from similarly popular young adult literature adaptations like the recently released I Am Number Four, in terms of both tone and content. Ross is planning to deliver a PG-13 rated film version that will allow young Hunger Game fans to still see their favorite character brought to life, but also remains true to the feel and design of the source material.

Lawrence is older than the likes of Steinfeld or Moretz, which is thought to have played a role in her ultimately snagging the role. She’s also a very capable and expressive actress, as she demonstrated in Winter’s Bone, ably playing a young woman who is forced to confront dangerous and potentially life-threatening circumstances. So Lawrence is definitely a solid fit for the role of Miss Everdeen.

The Hunger Games movie image Jennifer Lawrence Confirmed For The Hunger Games

Now that the role of Katniss has been settled, the next big Hunger Games casting announcement will be for the part of Peeta Mellark – a comrade and love interest of sorts for Miss Everdeen. Number Four‘s Alex Pettyfer has been rumored as a contender for the role, along with Josh Hutcherson (The Kids Are All Right) and Hunter Parrish (Weeds).

Look for one of these gentlemen or another young actor to sign on as Peeta in The Hunger Games soon, as the film is slated to begin production in the near future in order to make its scheduled March 23rd, 2012 release date.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. Well I can’t say I wasn’t hoping for Hailee Steinfeld… I guess we’ll see how this works out!

  2. I would have prefered any other actress…
    And even tho I love Josh Hutcherson, and wish he would have been the new Spiderman, I really don’t see him as any of the main characters… maybe one of the other tributes from the other distrits?

    • Personally I’ve always seen Josh as Cato even though he doesn’t look incredibly vicious or anything.

  3. Hmm.. I’m not sure how i feel about this, i suppose it’s alright. i wanted Hailee, but hopefully, even though i can’t see her in the role, she’ll do a good job!

  4. So irritated with this casting choice. She is NOTHING like Katniss is described. Katniss is supposed to be olive skinned and a fake tan is not going to cut it. Also, Jennifer Lawrences is too old and looks it. She may be a good actress, but is not right for this part.

    • Calm down, who cares what she looks like. She’s a talented actress, and that’s all that matter to me. Did you watch the terrible acting in Percy Jackson? Or I Am Number Four? It’s a breath of fresh air.

    • I completely agree with you. Jennifer Lawrence is gonna ruin this series for all the book lovers.

  5. *meant Jennifer Lawrence, not Jennifer Lawrences

  6. I’m not excited, but I’m going to reserve judgement until I see who they cast for Peeta and then til I see the movie poster. If there are ANY abs showing on the poster I’m not going. So not what the story is about.

    • Amen to the abs comment.

  7. I’m going to give her a chance until they release a teaser or Lionsgate officially confirms it, but if she truly is Katniss, they need to change her appearance and she needs to be a bit more vulnerable as Katniss, for that’s the part of Katniss that I connected the most with. Hunter Parrish as Peeta and Jennifer would make a great pair!

  8. Awesome! A great actress has the role! Thank you!

  9. I think she’s a bit old, but should be pretty badass for the role. I’m excited for The Hunger games now!!

  10. Can’t wait! She’s gonna do great! And for the people who are complaining, grow up. So what if she doesn’t look like Katniss? She’s an awesome actress and she managed to impress Suzanne Collins, whom, may I remind you, wrote THG.

  11. YES! AWESOME NEWS! I’m SOO happy with this decision! Even tho I was gunning for Hailee in the beginning, I was recently doubting my choice bc the fact is, the role of Katniss really needs a female lead who is mature (age-wise & acting-wise) enough to convincingly handle the trials of her character. I just feel that Jennifer can relate more to the state-of-mind of Katniss (hello Winter’s Bone) and how she will act/think than Hailee or any of the others. As for her looks, I’m sure they’ll change whatever they have to, to get her to look like the Katniss described in the novels. Besides, I have a feeling that choosing this role was way more about the acting ability of the actress then as to what she looked like. You can change appearances a lot easier than u can change the natural talent of a person. Her performance as Mariana in The Burning Plain (with Charlize Theron) was absolutely stunning; she became that character and made you watch her every move. I will most def be doing the same once THG hits theatres next year! As for the role of Peeta, I don’t think that Hunter Parrish OR Josh Hutcherson is a good choice. Neither of them have a stocky build and are just not who I pictured when reading the novels. I like Alex Pettyfer for Peeta (who cares what ppl say about him, I think he’s fantastic) bc that’s who I actually saw when reading the novels but I’m still keeping that role open. Besides, I’m biased bc I REALLY REALLY want him to play Jace in The Mortal Instruments – another amazing series! He has always been my #1 choice for that role since the beginning so I’m holding out for that to happen. Good for Jennifer tho, this is a role of a lifetime for her! Make it count!

    • I don’t think you understand what he word stocky means . . .

      • *the

  12. I knew they were gong to screw this up. If the mainrole is not right, nothing is going to be right. She does not look anything like katniss! And dont say that they only need to dye her hair. It has nothing to do with it. Her face, her age, her skin, her body.. I’m sorry but it is all wrong. Thanks for ruining the film for me.

  13. WHEW,i thought i was the only one who thought that she was just NOT right! Her face, her body, her age, nothing like i pictured Katniss to be. And for the person named ‘EXCITED’,clearly doesn’t know about Katniss. Jennifer may be a good actress but the whole point of potraying a character is that you are able to really act and look like the character so that it feels realistic. Dyeing her hair, using eye contacts isn’t as great as the natural thing. We are’t immature, we are just saying that there were better choices of actresses that had the look of Katniss and the talent. If the lead role isn’t right, then the whole movie is bound to be wrong, Hollywood always ruins great books. But whatever, it’s not like it will change, there’s no point for me to watch it then.

    • What do you do if there isnt a perfect fit? go for the one that has the better acting chops and can portray katniss properly? or go for the one that can’t do a proper job, but looks much more like her?
      and i disagree, the whole point of portraying a character FROM a book is to act like the character. they clearly looked at many actresses and they all/most of them found Jennifer to be the best. theres a reason she was chosen by the director and author of the books. have some faith.

  14. Thank you Magnus, I agree with u completely and couldn’t have said that better myself!

  15. I think that Jen is a great pick, and just because she doesn’t fit the part down to EVERY SINGLE PHYSICAL DETAIL, doesn’t mean she won’t portray Katniss effectively. Hair and skin tone are not that big of a deal, but talent and the abililty to play a character are. Would you rather have the perfect actress that looks exactly like Katniss or an actress that looks loosely like Katniss but can portray her charcter phenominally? I am not saying that just because Jen is playing Katniss that her character will be perfectly formed, but some of you that have commented are assuming that just because Jen doesn’t look like Katniss, she will not act as her either. This is an assumption that is clearly coming from someone that is being incredibly picky. Considering Jen’s roles in other movies, she is a great pick because her acting forte is emotionally strong girls. Hailee Steinfeld would have also been a good choice, but her acting style is not complimentary to the role of Katniss. Chloe Moretz is too young for the role, and this is obvious. I fpeople would calm down about the lack of physical likeness between Jen and Katniss, then maybe they would see the abundance of mutual characteristics between Katniss and Jen. My suggestion- halt your opinions spinning around in your head and at least wait for a trailer. Depending on the quality of the production as showed by trailer, you may then have a right to your dissapointment.

  16. I believe the director for the movie has the final say and if he says he wants Jennifer Lawrence, that’s who is going to play the part. adding to the fact that the author of the book agrees i don’t see why ppl are complaining. Lawrence is a stunning actress so what everyone should now focus on is who is to play Peeta because the director has chosen Katniss and his word is final.

  17. shes acceptable

  18. Hmmmmm, I think most of the poeple are okay, they could be better, but whatever. :/ Anyway, I think if the director can’t do a good job on this movie, The HUnger Games fans will have a mini-rebellion on their hands. But, this movie could aslo be great!!! i have high hopes!

  19. i read all the books n they were absolutely perfect… though i feel that peeta didnt look lik ”peeta” he looked 2 short n katniss was suppose 2 be darker skinned n hav darker hair… i was sorta annoyed with it..:)

  20. i luv the hunger games