How did you steel yourself emotionally for your scenes with Rue (seen above), especially your final scenes with her?

JL: “That was awful. Reading it in the book, and reading the script it was terrible, and then meeting Amandla Stenberg (the actress who plays Rue). The scene was hard because I knew that it meant that she would wrap. And then working with her – you meet her – she’s the funniest, sweetest little girl…she’s amazing.”

She kept telling us you were the one making jokes in between takes during the death scene.

JL: “Yeah, that’s true. I had to do something. There’s a funny picture of us in her grave laughing. But we were all thinking that people would leave the theater during that scene…but then, there were some hilarious moments for us. (Laughs)”

The Hunger Games opens in theaters on March 23rd.

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