Jean-Claude Van Damme an ‘Expendables 2′ Villain?

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Jean-Claude Van Damme’s frequent collaborator (and good friend) Sheldon Lettich has made it known in the past that the aging martial arts star is interested in joining the followup to Sylvester Stallone’s testosterone-fueled 80s-throwback action pic, The Expendables 2.

Now Lettich is saying that not only is “The Muscles From Brussels” prepped to join the Expendables sequel, he’ll actually be playing one of the villains in next year’s hard-hitting followup.

Lettich dropped the news about Van Damme being one of the bad guys in Expendables 2 over on the Van Damme Fans forums – where he’s known for hanging out. Bruce Willis is also prepped to reprise his villainous CIA agent act for the Expendables followup – which means we could get to see a TimeCop and John McClane tag-team face-off against Rambo and The Transporter (among others) in the sequel. How’s that for an ultimate showdown?

On a more serious note: Van Damme was originally approached by Stallone to appear in the first Expendables flick, but turned the offer down as he did not consider the role to be properly fleshed out and developed. So either Expendables 2 screenwriters David Agosto and Ken Kaufman (Space Cowboys) have crafted a more substantial (villainous) character for Van Damme to (metaphorically) tackle - or the star decided he doesn’t want to miss out on the party this second time around, so to speak.

The Expendables 2 release date Jean Claude Van Damme an Expendables 2 Villain?

Even though he won’t be calling the shots as director on Expendables 2, Stallone is said to be (as Willis put it) “going for all the marbles this time” by drawing in every aging action icon he can for the second installment. That list almost definitely includes the likes of JCVD and recently reactivated full-time star Arnold Schwarzenegger – and even a fellow whose character was left in a less-than-healthy condition after the events in the first Expendables.

Expendables 2 seems to be shaping up well so far, what with the change-ups both in front of and behind the camera. It could be fun to watch Willis and Van Damme get their villain games on in the film – and by not having Stallone co-write the script, sit in the director’s chair, AND star in the second pic, that should help prevent the next Expendables flick from being too close an imitation of actual 80s action movie sequels (which were often just forgettable franchise cash-ins).

The Expendables 2 is slated for theatrical release on August 17th, 2012. How is the sequel looking to you so far?

Source: Van Damme Fans (via Moviehole)

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  1. “that should help prevent the next Expendables flick from being too close an imitation of actual 80s action movie sequels (which were often just forgettable franchise cash-ins).”
    The funny thing about that statement , i have more memories from those “forgettable” action flicks then I have for any of the ones made since then.
    90′s and 2000′s action have been the forgettable action flicks IMHO

    • I agree.

    • I agree.

    • Stallone didn’t write the script for the first expendables

      • yes he did, he did everything in regards to production, its even stated in the behind the scenes vids, where he says that he would change the script almost everyday (hence why everything besides the end shoot out and some of the fights sucked).

        • Look it up Stallone didn’t write the script

  2. as long as the directing/choreography for the fights and shoot outs are well done (read, better then alot of recent action movies) then its all good. it would make sense for JCVD to be a villain calling the shots b/c he’s not as fit as he once was and looks terrible in his recent action sequences (such as universal solider 3 and border patrol).

    i would love to see scott adkins and michael jai white in expendables 2 (or 3), as both are really good martial artists and are decent actors (not that that matter though).

  3. Get Chuck Norris!

    • Your right this movie won’t even make sense without chuck.

      • But his awesomeness is alone is all any movie can stand, then u add all of these other guys? Do you want the movie goers heads to explode? what is wrong with you guys? :D

        • Besides, I dont think Sly wants the movie to be called “Chuck Norris and Co.”

  4. I hope Jean-Claude Van Damme does more American mainstream movies from now on. He is an underrated actor and should have joined the A-list years ago. So, I hope that he does more movies, tries to reach his full potential as an actor and tries to win an Oscar.

    • OMG hahahaha. Sorry man…. all that you just typed up there is really laughable at best.

      • that WAS pretty funny!!! I think it’s great that SCVD will be back in a big budget American film but an Oscar! I’m still laughing at that :)

  5. JCVD facing Jason Staham would be awesome

  6. I wish this is true, finally Van Damme will be back on the big screen, it would be great if Van Damme will first time be onscreen with other action legends like Stallone, Arine, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren and Jason Statham.

    It’s time to show those Twilight punks that they still got it and the 80′s are back to kick ass.

  7. Wesly snipes definitely needs to be in this one.
    unless hes still in jail.

    • he’s still in jail, plus Snipes and Stallone DO NOT get along at all…

  8. I wish Seagal joins but probably won’t sin JCVD is in

  9. How about a fight between Van Damme and Lundgren where Lundgren wins the fight instead of Van Damme… Now that would anger universal soldier fans.. LOL

  10. Would love to see JCVD get his butt handed to him by Statham.

  11. Bring in Carl Weathers too. Has good chemistry with Stallone.

  12. Very cool if true. I hope Seagal gets his fat ass into shape and in the project as well

  13. It will still be missing something, , have a gaping hole without Steven Seagal. It just wont be complete without him. Period. That Stallone needs to get to complete it all!

  14. Jackie Chan? or is he still making kids movies?
    Seagal? unless he gets into shape, i doubt it…
    Norris? Cant see him as a bad guy and then the movie would be called, “Chuck Norris and Co.”
    Snipes? Would love to see him in the second, going against jet li, but unless hes still in jail, i doubt it…
    Mia Josavich (i cant spell sorry)? deadly and hot… yes!!!
    Daniel Craig? I think that could work…
    Eastwood? i doubt it, unless hes behind a desk or maybe a sniper… someone that doesnt do alot of the heavy lifting? General???
    Sarah michelle geller? yes… I could see that…
    The Rock? going against randy? hell yes…

  15. Maybe at the end, when they save the day they could go see the President, and it would be Eastwood. Have all the guys say they voted for him too. It’s a shame he retired.

  16. While I liked the first one well enough, the whole premise had so much more potential than what was realized. I am definitely excited about JCVD being in this next installment but, I personally think he would best be served as a “good guy”. I would love to see Donald “Nerrrrrds” Gibbs in this and while they’re at it why not add Kurt Russell? You don’t get much more 80′s Badass than Snake Plissken. And I think Lou Gossett Jr. would be cool like as a retired old General living in exile or something. The legendary James Hong should make a cameo too. Man, I could go on for hours. My dream cast would have to have like a billion dollar budget.

  17. that be kewl if JCVD was Willis second or 3rd in command he deserves that much
    if he is a villain. im thinking jet li vs JCVD would b tight, snipes vs transporter guy.
    Arnold has to b a good guy. he be a “Commando” all over but older.

    • Snipes is in prison still, no?

  18. Sandy, I think you meant to say that JCVD doesn’t wanna miss the PAYDAY this time around. :)

    • Oh, snap! 8-)

  19. Cynthia Rothrock!

  20. Bruce Campbell!

    • Screech from Save By The Bell!!!

      • funny i think he bulked up why we at it let used the all the power rangers as evil henchmen so i can finally see those guys get killed lol

  21. Clint Eastwood?
    Come on guys! I’ve got nothing against Stallone and Arnold and “Yippie-Ka-Yay Motherf**ker” :-) Willis, but just naming them in the same post as Clint is blasphemy.
    (Which I just did…hmm, but you get the point.)

    • Ya, I would say Clint Eastwood too. But he is at that age, were he has most of his joints replaced by plastic and can not walk more then 30 feet, when he needs a rest lol.

      Go Clint GO

  22. For some reason i always wanted to see Dolph Lundgren & Arnold Schwarzenegger go at each other. Im sure it won’t happen if Arnold’s in it & in a way on the same team as Stallone’s. Im glad/hoping JCVD will be in the sequel cause him & Bruce Willis as villains will be interesting as Willis needs a martial artist on his bad guy side go up against Statam or Li.

  23. JCVD. F Yeah.

  24. Personally I think Segal sux and is absolutely terrible in every fasion. Sorry if it offends you all but I would consider this movie a disaster with him. I know my opinion is terrible but i would like to see the like of danny treijo in this movie just a small part kinda like in predators but i think a little danny goes a long way. How about bring in some mel gibson back to his mad max days that would be interesting and I agree the list could go on and on. But god please no Segal

    • I agree. Segall is incredibly over-rated.

    • oky who segal


  26. JCVD that’s awesome!! but what about Carl Weathers(Action Jackson) Steven Segal, and Chuck Norris!?

    • Carl Weathers looks in good shape based on his Miller Lite commercials as the coach. I would love to see him back in action.

  27. Go for broke and bring in Steven Segal as villian as well.

  28. Get some Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson(perhaps too crazy right now) and why not Steven Segal for this film! It might be fun. I mean, if his goal is to tackle getting all kinds of the “the old action stars” involved, why not! Oh, if he can throw in some Chuck Norris, that would be AWESOME!!! I’m lovin’ the concept for his ideas and take on this style of film. First one was great!

  29. I know to some of you these guys may not seem on par but how about one if not both highlanders christopher lambert and adrian paul. clint is a awesome idea too and is charles bronson still around too