Jay Z Will Score ‘The Great Gatsby’

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jay movie 397593 Jay Z Will Score The Great Gatsby

If you have seen or are familiar with Baz Luhrmann’s previous work, then you also know he has an interesting penchant for scoring his period-piece films with popular modern tunes. His 2001 musical Moulin Rouge, set in the early 1900s, featured the classic Madonna tracks “Material Girl” and “Like a Virgin”, and his 1996 film Romeo + Juliet boasted the Radiohead song “Talk Show Host” and Everclear’s “Local God” (among plenty of other rock songs) – so it comes as no surprise that he’s gone modern with the music again on The Great Gatsby.

The Jay Z and Kanye West track “No Church in the Wild” is featured in both the first theatrical trailer and the second for Luhrmann’s film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic American novel, creating a surprisingly suitable audio backdrop for the film’s stunningly gorgeous and grand visuals. The period drama set to modern hip-hop certainly stood out, becoming one of the most memorable parts of the trailer, and now we are learning that media mogul and hip-hop artist/producer Jay Z will actually be scoring the entire film.

The news comes courtesy of The Bullitts’ Twitter page, where musician and filmmaker Jeymes Samuel made the official announcement, tweeting the following on Saturday:

Jay-Z and myself have been working tirelessly on the score for the upcoming #CLASSIC The Great Gatsby! It is too DOPE for words!

Jay Z is not just a superstar in the world of hip-hop music – he’s a bonafide icon. At this point his godfather status in the genre actually transcends the music due to his success with several self-made business ventures. That’s good news for moviegoers and for the filmmakers working on Gatsby, as the laser-focus he applies to everything he does should serve the film well.

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The other good news is that Samuel is known for incorporating a cinematic element to his work. He has released several self-directed short films to accompany his music, so he may be able to guide Jay Z along during the process of scoring the film.

Now we just have to hope the music vibes with the narrative and the tone of the film. It certainly accentuates the visual spectacle of the trailer, but for the film to succeed as a whole, the score has to appropriately service the mood and the tale of hedonism, deceit and obsession, which should take center stage.

There’s only one way to find out if Jay Z’s score meshes with the tonal quality of The Great Gatsby and that is to see the film for yourself when it hits threates on May 10th, 2013.

Source: The Bullitts’ Twitter Page

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  1. Dope? Lol

  2. Cool. I am a big fan of his music style….so yeah im excited to see what he does for a film.

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      • I met Mr. Scammer before

      • This is classic American literature. Rap is not invited. I’m with you joels35. It’s a friggen, disaster and as someone who has read every one of f Scott fitzgeralds books, I refuse to see this movie. I hope there’s a special place in hell for jay z. It’s like putting blink 182 in Hemingway. Doesn’t fit, doesn’t work, shouldn’t be done. Square peg. Round hole. Figure it out. Stop wasting millions on trash. The 50 million used to create this s*** storm could have fed millions. Or made 15 decent or good gatsby movies. Now jay z has his cash grabbing little hands all over it. Until today, I was fine with jay z. Indifferent. Now I hate him with a passion that rivals that which I reserve only for rapists and murderers. Choke on your crappy vodka and die jay z.

  3. It does seem like an odd choice, but the trailer did impress.

    • its not really odd since Jay-Z album American Gangster was inspired by the same film American Gangster

  4. Speaking as someone who resides from Jiggas’ neck of the woods(what gave it away……was it my name or the obvious avatar logo?)I have to say that if there’s anyone I would trust(besides RZA……..Wu-Tang in the house biatch!!)with doing anything music related it would definitly be the “self proclaimed”(after B.I.G. died)KING OF NY. But for pete’s sake don’t anyone dare let him near a script pretending to “act” in a film. I swear if I see another Hip Hop crappy movie as long as I live I’m going to really punch somebody in the face!!!!!


      Exception to the rule.

      • @Jeff

        I don’t include that one to the list at all, because it wasn’t your typical LOW BUDGET all hip hop artists starring cast who don’t know how to “act” worth a dime. Any film with a complete cast filled with nothing but those guys should be banned from this country completely.

        • Lol. Expand to cover all of North America and I’ll fully support your you.

    • Couldnt agree more some of those types of movies are awful!

      It started with those awful Def Jam beat em up games and every rapper thinking they could be the next Tupac, who was actually a decent actor, see Gridlockd and Juice

  5. Im iffy on the subject. Well see. Gangster Squad looks like its using modern music and it looks great. We’ll see

  6. I laughed pretty hard when I read the headline but.. yeah I can see that. the music in the trailer was cool.

  7. This does not help my already low expectations for this movie. But, I love Gatsby so much that I’m obligated to see it no matter what.

  8. How’s he going to score it when he’s not a producer? This means he’ll have actual producers in there scoring it and he’ll nod, hum, and give the thumbs up at the riffs he favors, and they’ll keep what he likes.

    It’ll still probably sound great.

    • This is TRUE. He’s not “scoring” per-say, but more like.. overseeing the scoring process with an elect taste for what he envisions to be acceptable for the film. Also, the music supervisor will have a hand in this as well.

      I’m not a BIG fan of Jay-Z, and this article can be done away with in my opinion.

  9. I`m down for this, he has a good song on “Gangster Squad”

  10. Should of got Kanye to do it

    • I agree Kanye might be a huge a$$hole but his production & beat making skills are unparalleled. Hes one of the greatest Hip Hop producers of all time & he proved on 808s & heartbreak that hes fully capable of expanding to different genres. I wouldent be surprised if Kanye & Jay are working together.

      • The B-Boys over-parallel anything touched by Kanye in my book.

        • R.I.P Mca

  11. I’m not a businessman, I’m a business man!

  12. They’ve just guaranteed that I will NEVER see this film.

  13. I’m with Robot — this taints my whole impression of the film & turns me off to it already. Which is sad because I’d been looking forward to it for a while. What a joke. Look, hip-hop & rap are cool, but this idea could easily ruin the whole mood/story. I hate when artists try to create style/culture clashes by pulling s^%t like this. It happened just last week when a punk-rock ballad was used behind the end credits of an episode of Game of Thrones (which is set in a world of knights & folk music). It supposedly was meant to “shock” us viewers.