Jay Leno’s Final ‘Tonight Show’ Airs February 6, 2014

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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Jay Lenos Final Tonight Show Airs February 6, 2014

The Tonight Show has certainly had its fair share of drama over the past few years. In 2009, NBC ousted longtime host Jay Leno to make room for Conan O’Brien, presumably in the hopes of attracting a younger demographic. Then, just a few months later – amidst declining ratings for The Tonight Showthe network offered O’Brien a $33 million payout to leave the network, and Leno returned once more to the hosting seat of the late-night stalwart.

However, Leno’s reign on The Tonight Show is coming to an end… for real this time. NBC announced in April that former Saturday Night Live funnyman (and current Late Night host) Jimmy Fallon would be Leno’s successor. The choice has long been rumored, since it largely amounts to a promotion for Fallon, who has had a long-standing relationship with the network since becoming a featured player on SNL in 1998. Now we know precisely when that transition will take place.

According to Deadline, the final episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno will air on February 6, 2014. The show’s current staff – which was once reported to number 170 – will still get paid through September, as part of Leno’s exit deal with NBC.

jimmy fallon tonight show Jay Lenos Final Tonight Show Airs February 6, 2014

The timing works out perfectly for NBC. Leno will finish up his run on the show just before the 2014 Winter Olympics begin to dominate the network’s schedule, allowing viewers a couple weeks of transition before Fallon takes over on Monday, February 24. As previously reported, The Tonight Show will relocate to New York for his run, with SNL‘s Lorne Michaels executive producing.

With Fallon moving up to the 11:30 pm slot, his former SNL castmate Seth Meyers will take over Late Night. However, the network still reportedly hopes to keep Leno in-house in some capacity, though don’t expect him to receive a prime-time talk show as he did in 2009. That little experiment ultimately led up to the awkward hosting transition that caused O’Brien to jump ship and launch a new show on TBS. It remains to be seen if Fallon will have better luck achieving success on The Tonight Show, but with Leno’s long history as a ratings winner, the pressure is on Fallon to make the show his own next year.

Do you think February 2014 is the right time for Leno to bow out, and will you be watching Fallon’s version of The Tonight Show? Let us know in the comments.


As mentioned above, the final episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno airs February 6, 2014 on NBC.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I hate to see Jay leave the tonight show! It makes sense to have him leave just before the Olympics begin, giving a couple weeks to get the public used to a new host after an absence of our favorite. Makes sense for NBC. Not for Jay’s fans.
    Everything is based upon the “younger” audiences now. But they don’t have loyalty in anything except their sports teams.
    Just my opinion gathered from observations of my admittedly limited contact with that generation.

  2. Who watches late night? Certainly not people who work for a living? I grew up watching Carson and continued with Leno when I could. With the development of DVRs, I watched Leno every evening when I got home from work. But people in the important demographic with families don’t have the time to watch their DVRs every evening. Now I am retired & I watch both Leno and Fallon every night because I don’t have the responsibility of getting up in the mornings until I want to. People are living longer, older people have more time to watch tv. Maybe the networks should pay more attention to some of the different demographics. If Leno shows up on any other network, I will follow. (Btw, Conan way in no way funny to me).

  3. I too am retired and I remember my family watching late night since Steve Allen. My daughter watched Leno since she was a little kid and still watches him and is in the younger group that NBC is targeting. To think they are pulling Leno off makes me wonder who we can get to take their bad dope away so they can think straight.
    I will not be watching NBC much anymore-they have crap on their network anyway. Luv you Leno!!!

  4. Sad that Leno will no longer be hosting The Tonight Show. I have been following it and him since Johnny Carson retired. I understand that corporations have to have succession plans in place in order to keep things fresh but Fallon? He is one extremely annoying little man with a dry and poor sense of humour. He “loves” everything…whats up with that? Please reconsider and get someone with a little more personality and maturity.
    My Two cents

  5. I belong to an “older” demographic and am not a fan of Jimmy Fallon, so I plan on
    switching to Jimmy Kimmel at that time slot. I think it’s a mistake to move the
    Tonight Show back to New York (Johnny Carson relocated from there to LA and the
    show improved considerably). Fallon should have relocated to LA instead. There
    are so many more “stars” who live in southern California and it seems almost
    counter-intuitive to have to fly them into NY for an interview. Kimmel will have
    the west coast all to himself with both Fallon and Letterman based out of NY.
    When Leno was let go and O’Brien was put into the show, I felt that was a genuine
    mistake and the results bore out my forebodings. I don’t think Fallon will garner
    the same type of numbers that Leno has had for the past couple of years. I don’t
    find Fallon as obnoxious as O’Brien so he’ll probably do OK. I will miss
    “Headlines” and Jaywalking, but most of all, I will miss Leno every night at the
    same time slot. Good luck to the NBC execs who made this decision.

  6. I enjoy watching Jay Leno. If he is in the forefront of ratings, I don’t understand why he is being asked to walk away by NBC executives. He has a way of conecting with people, and doesn’t come across as pretensious. It’s like saying goodbye to your favorite uncle. Sad to see you go Mr. Leno

  7. i will not watch i did not like his show after jay’s his show is all about games, pranks,and his need to be a frustrated pop star….his monologues just will not cut it, think his longest maybe 5 minutes….he is not in LA…how many stars want to take the red eye I could go on. NBC messed up again

  8. My family watches Jay Leno almost every night. None of us care for Jimmy Fallon’s night show. Therefore, you will lose several viewers by eliminating Jay. We are quite upset about this transition. Very saddened. Won’t be surprised if I see jay Leno on another channel and will be able to continue watching him then.

  9. Very bad move you can’t replace the chin he don’t try to be funny if it wasn’t funny LIKE fallon will he is the king and if not broken don’t try jackn with it offer the king a kings ransom for he had given you the highest rateings for 20+years. No I just wont watch late shows no more without Jay Leno ID rather just use my dvr on a series show on prime time and watch it instead as I relax for the ending of my day. Thank you Jay and no thank you NBC /fallon for my last show of the night I wont watch no more

    • KING! hahahahaaha … yeah top rating for the 4 people that watch TV after 11pm. But when old fart Leno tried his hand at REAL rating, 10pm (remember that?) he fell flat on his fac.. ah, … his chin! hahahahaa

      He’s no KING, his a joker, a fools joker at that. Let’s HAD a good monologue, after that it was a snoozefest, but that’s all he needed for the ratings. Fallon’s monologue is anemic but the rest of his show is magic, that b**** is live.

  10. Hey Derek. While I know I can’t tell you what to do, let me suggest this.

    If you’re going to comment, perhaps use punctuation. That way people will know when one thought finishes and another begins. Because what you just wrote there is indecipherable blather that gives the impression that you’re raving while using one hand to type. The other hand, presumably, used to read Archies or colour.

  11. I want to say; it has been a wonderful ride having Jay Leno on my TV as it seems, every night. I am sorry to see him go but I will try and see him at Lake Tahoe or Reno whenever he comes to town. I have had the greatest time being able to meet and chat with him after his Tonight Shows. He is laid back, friendly and so polite. He has patiently signed my photo’s of him, my t-shirts and anything else I have given him! He has showed me three of his great cars too. Jimmy Fallon is another nice guy and we should greet him with fairness! I wish him lots of luck and hope he moves out to L.A. But Jay, we will miss you lots!

  12. Never been a fan of Fallon and never will be! To bad for NBC….and now they want the failure of SNL to run the New York show for Fallon…unbelievable…well maybe not

  13. It’s a big mistake I hope Leno goes somewhere else it’s th perfect opportunity to capture n boost thier show

    • Leno’s an old fart.

      nobody wants to see him, his cars, but not him

      I laughed so hard when the b**** got a chin-job but purposefully left much of it in place to make it seem like he didn’t give in to hollyweird.

      NBC finally has a chance to get rid of him for good, but would rather keep him nearby, hahahaha how’s that saying go, keep friend near and enemies on the pay roll …. ahahhaa, Leno you old fart!

  14. I will not watch Fallon.

    • bet you will

  15. Fallon is a riot. Although he has the weakest monologue of everyone, even weaker than obrien, the rest of the show is fantastically engaging. Unlike most of the other hosts, Fallon will be part of the show not just an interviewer taking political pop shots at people.

    Leno sucks, should have been gone 5 years ago.

  16. I will never watch the tonight show after 2/6/2014 even though I have been a fan for over 3 decades.

  17. Sorry, but you have lost a long time fan of the tonight show again. Didn’t like Conan, never will and its doubtful your replacement for Leno will make it either. Of course if you are depending entirely on the younger generation, maybe he has a chance, but questionable.

  18. As a member of the 55-70 demographics….. I truly think that NBC is crazy for making a change. Their belief that the younger generation should
    Take priority over a mature audience is sad. He has, after all, carried the highest ratings. This is age discrimination???
    Jay, I will truly MISS YOU!!!!!

  19. I’ve been reading several articles on-line regarding the hatred that critics, NBC, and other late night hosts seem to have for Jay Leno. We all have an opinion, and I have mine. I like Jimmy Fallon; sometimes. Other times I have to change the channel. He is a rock-star wanna-be, and still too young for hosting the Tonight Show. It takes a certain personality to draw people out, and Jimmy Fallon doesn’t have that skill yet. I watch the Tonight Show with Jay Leno because he isn’t Conan or Jimmy. I definitely don’t fit the demographic that NBC is striving for with Jimmy Fallon, and apparently, NBC doesn’t care about that or the ratings for that matter.

    Last night, 2/3/2014, I watched the Tonight Show as Jay welcomed Jimmy Fallon. Jay also had Betty White as his guest. As usual, Jimmy started singing some song that we were suppose to know, thankfully that was over. But then, Jay asked Betty if she would come back to the show and visit with Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy then broke into song? The one I didn’t get earlier, and I thought to myself, THAT’S IT, that’s why I don’t watch Jimmy Fallon. I didn’t get where he was going, don’t know if Betty White did, but my point it this: Jimmy has a great talent, but not for what I want to see. I don’t care that Jimmy uses hashtags and people respond and then he reads a few of them on air. I like “headlines, jaywalking, the animals and Jay’s ease with the animals”.

    Lately, I’ve noticed a slight shift in Jimmy’s interactions with guests. He seems to be trying to actually converse with them, but it doesn’t work that well for him. His laugh is NOT real when he isn’t acting. I was embarrassed for him when Bill Cosby was on his show, and he laughed and laughed with so much insincerity it was awful. But then Mr. Cosby wasn’t the least bit funny either.

    Oh well, we older folks will have to find our laughs somewhere else. Too bad NBC, you screwed up AGAIN!

  20. I tuned in first two nights but monologue so boring I turned it off. Sorry he has some work to achieve the energy and wit of Leno.