A Jaws 3D Remake – No, We’re Not Kidding (Well… Maybe)

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jaws 3d header A Jaws 3D Remake   No, Were Not Kidding (Well... Maybe)

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the theater…

Universal Pictures has apparently given up on trying to make original motion pictures based on new ideas because the only thing they seem eager to do lately is remake their classic monster movies. First they unwrapped the Mummy from his tomb, then they announced the Creature from the Black Lagoon would be rising from the murky depths once more, The Wolfman comes out this weekend and most recently they announced the leads for The Thing prequel.

Think they’re done? Not by a long shot, my friends.

Now comes some information via an unconfirmed source from Cinema Blend inside Universal Pictures that they intend to go into the water once more and bring Jaws back to the big screen. Oh yeah, of course they are talking about 3D as well. This isn’t the first time the studio has attempted a 3D version of the greatest horror film ever set in the sea: Back in 1983, when 3D glasses had blue and red lenses, Jaws 3D came out and was set in the Sea World theme park in Orlando, Florida.

Now, it’s bad enough that they might remake a complete classic that doesn’t need to be remade but check out whose name is being thrown around to replace Richard Dreyfuss in the role of scientist Matt Hooper: Comedian Tracy Morgan (Cop Out). Oh man… Let the party begin! I wonder if I can buy tickets for this movie on Fandango yet *eye roll*?

Now this is from an unconfirmed source who contacted Cinema Blend, so file this under rumor and possible B.S. But really, considering the recent spate of reboots AND 3D mania it doesn’t seem out of the question.

I surely hope that doesn’t happen. Hooper is a scientist and if Morgan is cast to play him, it will be the 3rd worst casting of a person to play a scientist I have ever seen. The first would be Tara Reid as Dr. Aline Cedrac in Alone in the Dark and second is Denise Richards as Dr. Christmas Jones in The World is Not Enough.  Talk about an actor stretching their ability past what they are able to do!

jaws 3d glasses A Jaws 3D Remake   No, Were Not Kidding (Well... Maybe)

Moving on to the obvious VFX for the shark, it would most likely be entirely CGI and because it’s cheaper to convert a film in post to 3D than to film with special cameras, chances are the 3D will not be all that impressive. But why should a little thing like cinematic integrity stop Universal from making a quick buck? Let’s assume they spent $100 million on the production and another $25 million to market, with worldwide sales thrown into box office numbers now, Universal would most likely recoup their investment to the tune of $200 million or more. Why is that? The extra cost for 3D of course! All those extra $3 per ticket fees add up mighty quick – just ask James Cameron.

I’ll go on record right now saying that if Universal goes through with this Jaws 3D remake, then I will not go see it. I don’t care who they get to direct or star in it. Speaking of directors, who wants to take bets that they tap an unknown or little known director to cut his (inexpensive) teeth on this film?

What are your thoughts on a possible Jaws remake in 3D? Does it make you sad to know that almost all original ideas in Hollywood are disappearing fast?

Source: Cinema Blend

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  1. i never and still dont care if a video has good quality, i just like a movie because of the story and how the movie is

    • i agree, 90s and early 00s with good old quality are more better to watch then new movies

    • it should be remade, your just stuck in nostalgia world

    • Hollywood has a reasonable amount of material, unsolicited or otherwise, being sent to them every day which is good enough to be considered for production without risking damage to past classics. I’m not criticising the efforts of these filmmakers, knowing just how difficult it is to get any film project off the ground, much less get it noticed by the general public, but to continue to remake movies which are products of their time is a grave mistake, and it seems obvious the cash cow is being primed for a severe milking with all these intended remakes being slated. I am sure that that there are still some legendary writers out there who can come up with something original and brilliant if given the opportunity and a little time to think about it, without the risk of sending the studio system into bankruptcy. Hollywood has, and always will, have a self-subsidising production system where the success of one movie pays for the production and marketing of the next (i.e. THE OMEN – 1976 – paid for STAR WARS EPISODE IV : A NEW HOPE – 1977)so a few mishaps (e.g. HEAVEN’S GATE, ISHTAR) apart, Hollywood would be able to release some original STORIES with strong plots and convincing character development, without resorting to using CGI (which has its place no doubt – to ENHANCE the story as opposed to DICTATING it as usual) and using better casting in certain areas as opposed to trying to appeal to a overly younger audience (THE FOG remake, although TOM WELLES was impressive as Nick Castle)with fledgling actors with scant screen experience. Some stories require quality actors to bring the plot and characters to life the way the original JAWS did in 1975. If they insist on this course, I hope they stick to location shooting by returning to Martha’s Vineyard as opposed to a back lot water tank at Universal. Frankly, I’m surprised Mr Spielberg is willing to risk his classic’s reputation by even allowing this, although his involvement probably has a great deal to do with this fact – I would hazard a strong educated guess that he wants to keep a tight eye on this to make sure his original isn’t destroyed in the name of progress. I have been saying this to people since the remake phase began – “Watch this”, I’d say, “they’ll be doing JAWS next!” Prophetic or what?! I, too, believe strongly that they should abandon this idea and just send a digitally-enhanced print to cinemas on a global basis, like 2002′s E.T. (if anything!) The public will be more appreciative of this than the likely possibility of a public outcry because another classic has been traumatised. JAWS was, is, and will always be, the perfect example of the classic three-act structure. Such a legacy should be left in with it’s dignity intact and allowed the occasional theatrical re-release to maintain the legacy. That’s my humble opinion, on the matter, anyway!

  2. I don’t know where you were going to the movies in the 80′s, but none of the eighties 3D films were released as anaglyphic ( red/blue) 3D films. They were all released in the Polarized format. Most were either the STEREOVISION 3D or arriflex 3d. These formats used side x side & top over bottom formats on a single 35mm film strip projected thru a prism or mirror box thru polarizing lenses onto a silver screen. The only major studio red/blue releases in the late 70′s & 80′s were a couple of bad anaglyphic prints of Creature from the Black Lagoon & It came from outer space. Ironically they too were originally released in a dual projector POLARIZED version. The Universal red/Blue composite prints were terrible, suffering from verical misalignment. You may be thinking of those awful red/blue TV conversions of the 70′s & 80′s.

  3. I heard, about a year ago or so, that Rob Zombie was a possible director for a possible remake of Jaws. Now, hands down, I grew up watching these classics such as: Jaws, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and so on. And so far, I’ve been pretty impressed with all the new attributes added to the remake of all these films. So, naturally, I was so excited to hear about the possibility of Jaws!!! Aaaaand then you guys just dropped Tracy Morgans name as lead roll…being angry would be an understatement! I REALLY REALLY hope Universal decides to go with a fitting newly twisted remake of this amazing classic, Jaws. If not…well I give up on Hollywood and I stand against it all in its entirety!

  4. Hi guys ! Jaws 1 was a movie of note, it had a fresh story, wonderful acting and directing and the story was believable.
    My suggestion would be to remake it exactly the same. Don’t change the story and setting !!! The theme music shlould still be there the only differance now is the shark will look real and the 3D experience. Set it in 1976 thanks regards

  5. I would go see it. But I would not hold out any hope of it being any good.
    A lot of my favourite films have been remade, and IMO all they do is make you appreciate the original even more.
    I would rather see universal cash in through a huge worldwide rerelease in the cinemas of the original. As it was made a year after I was born, I didn’t see it on the big screen. And do it like the old days. Merchandising in the lobby and an interval!
    A big problem with remakes is they mess about with the characters to make it more PC, put things in just for kids to widen the audience etc. One possibility would be to remake the book so that it would be different to the original film, but I doubt that would work either!

  6. I would also doubt that it would be remade, attitudes have changed so much to sharks since 1975 that they would probably have to put it down to a government experiment that went wrong and created a mutant shark intent on mauling everything in sight. The original worked so well because the average person who went to the beach didn’t really think about what else could be near them. Shark attacks happened in Australia or out in the middle of the ocean, where they would never be. IMO jaws created a fear that most people never considered. It got lots of criticism for it, but in film terms it was pure genius.

  7. I want them to make this. I think with effect they can do now, they can really make you afraid to go into the water again. Elm st was remade because Freddy isn’t scary anymore, Chucky is being rebooted because Chucky isn’t scary anymore. And a giant rubber shark isn’t scary either. Step out if the past and come join us in the future.

    • Ah the young ignorant tool vomment. Hollywood has not made one decent remake of the originals yet. CGI has its place but it will never be better than an actual person proven in the original starwars with muppets. The olden day actors could interact with realism and relied on story and character development. These days the story is incohessive the actors are cardboard cutouts and they slam some chick in a movie for her looks to pull in the teenie boppers. Wakeup ppl some things are as good as they will ever be.
      a list of failed remakes
      The thing
      elm st
      fright night
      total recall
      the day the earth stood still
      friday 13th
      prom night
      footloose (bloody awful)
      Planet of the apes
      Then you kill it of complely make in half assed 3d.

      please make movies with story and character development. Its not hard people. And yes the cheese fx of the 80s will always be better than pixilated cgi

  8. Hollywood suck no originality left. As for the likes of most moron directors eg Michael bay he thinks lots of crashes a pointless female and no story makes a movie and they wonder why pirating is rampant

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  12. If the Matt Hooper character is in it, then it’s a remake of Jaws in 3D, not a remake of the 3rd movie, which was actually called Jaws 3D

  13. Good Grief. Hollywood has run out of ideas. They take TV shows and make them into movies. Just for example- Look at what they did to The Honeymooners.
    No way should Jaws be remade into 3-D. I have seen all the Jaws movies. Didn’t they learn anything from the horrendous Jaws 3-D? What they should do is what George Lucas did for the 25 year anniversary of Star Wars- Re-release the original in theaters. Nostalgia pays off.
    Rumor has it Gerard Butler may be tapped for the role of Chief Brody although I think Clooney may be better? But no way is Tracey Morgan right for a role in this. That’s like casting Roseanne Barr as Queen Elizabeth.
    Jaws is a classic and should be treated as such. I stood in line during the summer of 1975 to see it and if they release it into theatres again in 2015 for it’s 40th anniversary,I would stand in line again.

  14. I don’t think Spielberg became what he is today by being foolish. No way will he allow a classic like Jaws to be remade.
    Re-release it into the theatres during the summer of 2015 for it’s 40th anniversary and watch the nostalgia pay off.

  15. They should use special effect from KON TIKI , there sharks are made Super extra