Javier Bardem Offered Lead Role in ‘The Dark Tower’

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dark tower cast javier bardem Javier Bardem Offered Lead Role in The Dark Tower

Producer Brian Grazer said last week at the Golden Globes that he and director Ron Howard had made their decision on who they wanted to play the lead on their ambitiously massive adaptation of The Dark Tower. Grazer had also said we’d be finding out who that is in about a week and he wasn’t lying.

The two leading candidates reportedly headlining the wishlist of top Hollywood talent for The Dark Tower included Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortensen, two very talented and bankable leads, and it was in fact, one of these two leads that got the offer. Hint: He just got nominated for an Oscar!

While earlier today, the media frenzy was jumping on that man being Christian Bale, Deadline has the exclusive update that Oscar winner and second-time-nominee Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men) has received the official offer from Universal Pictures. Negotiations have not yet begun however, for a contract that would include a trilogy of feature films as well as a TV series to bridge the gaps between each movie.

Bardem will be playing The Dark Tower’s main character, the infamous gunslinger Roland Deschain, a role he is undoubtedly perfectly suited for – assuming his hairstyle is vastly different than that of his No Country for Old Men character…

The 7-novel Dark Tower series is described as Stephen King’s Magnum Opus and takes place in a magically twisted variant of the Old West. The scope of the film, along with its fantastical elements, draw comparisons to Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, even from Howard and co. themselves.

Researching, planning and conceptualizing how to appropriately adapt Dark Tower intro three full feature films and a TV series has taken over Ron Howard’s life in recent times and it’s only going to get more demanding now that he has chosen the star and moves another step closer into production to get the first film ready for release in the summer of 2013. From Howard before the turn of the New Year:

“We’ve been meeting and talking and I’ve been reading and researching and just kind of living with it. I’ve been constantly going through stuff and I’ve just been re-listening to it [on audio books] on my iPod and we’ve been sending e-mails back and forth, ‘What about this approach? What do you think of this idea?’ We’re finding the shape of it. We’re moving quickly now, as quickly as we can, and I feel challenged in the most exciting ways.”

The project is unquestionably exciting and the legion of Stephen King fans are waiting anxiously to see if this Howard and friends can do this literature justice. They’ve certainly made a great selection in Bardem as their dual-wielding, quick-drawing hero, and what great timing with his well-deserved second Oscar nomination being announced yesterday!

The Dark Tower begins with the first film currently scheduled to release May 17, 2013.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. Rawk!!!!!!

    super excited to see this happen! i really think that this project is off to a great start
    long days and pleasant nights fellow gunslingers

  2. Not very Clint Eastwoody – and his accent may be problematic, but it might be a good choice. Although I can’t imagine him committing to films and a television series.

    • Jess, his thick accent will be too much of a burden. So most likely I will be steering clear of this. The casting choice being one of the reasons overall.

  3. I’m totally fine with this choice, if he accepts it of course. I wanted him over Viggo. I’m sure he can conceahis accent as well.

  4. I’m honestly very excited for this project regardless (being a big King fan) … but I just don’t quite see Javier as Roland. Looking over the casting possibilities over the last few weeks, I would’ve been rather happy with Viggo as Roland … but congrats to Javier regardless!

  5. First bad choice in casting, I highly doubt Ron Howard has read the books. Even if he has, He’s become brain dead.

    • I completely agree! They screwed the pooch big time. Seems like a decision based whats hot, and affordable. One thing to think about for those who share my disappointment, is that things are not final yet. The word ‘offer’ was used. It might fall through in negotiations. Bardem might be too busy with roles that he might NOT ruin. He might not want to do it, because he doesn’t like the script (given the screenwriter, entirely possible). Or perhaps Havier Bardem is the anti-christ, and his favorite movie is Batman & Robin, in which case we’re screwed. Oh well, the first movie doesn’t come out till like six months after the world ends anyway, so it probably wont matter.

  6. Congrats Javier!
    A good week indeed.

  7. Did Opie even read the freaking books???? This is ridiculous. I can’t imagine a series of movies with this guy’s accent for 2 hours. For an indie film maybe, but this? Holy crap. It’s like Opie just threw a dart at the imdb list of actors and hit the one that is the least Clint Eastwood like. EXPLETIVE.

    • Apparently he is doing research and listening to the books via audio. Which is a cop out IMO. If he makes any more bonehead moves like this for future castings.

      • He’s only listening to the audio books??? That’s insane!!! Audiobooks do not give you anywhere near the same kind of imagination as actually reading the book.
        Epic Fail!

        • I agree that the imagery is completely different, between eyes and ears, reading and listening. However, I have both read and listened to the books, and let me tell ya, the guy who does the voice in the first 4 books is amazing. It definitely gave an extra dimension to the story, and for me only enhanced the imagery. I think that someone coming to the material for the first time should go with the books first, simply because that was the intended and original medium for the tale. I recommend that any fan of DT should do both, as long as it is done in proper order, read, then listen.

          • I just cant listen to audiobooks, my brain just doesnt associate the concept with storytelling, being able to read somehting off a page and then being told those things through an audio book… It’s just not the same, IMO.

            I’ve never understood the attraction of audio books. Unless you are blind, then I can see the benefit, but otherwise, reading the words will always be superior.

            • I defend audio books simply because like many others, i have been forced to drive great distances to earn a living, and audio books sure beat the hell out of most other choices of road entertainment. Aside from that my chosen excuse, and blindness, I do agree that if your eyes don’t have to be somewhere else, and you can read, you should read. The written word is the single greatest contribution in human history. That’s why paper covers rock in PRS.

              • Well that I understand. If I were travelling like that (driving) then I would probably do the same. Ron Howard however has the time to read these books, not reading them and then making a series of films is crazy, an audiobook simply doesnt cut it.
                They are long books sure, but you could probably read them faster than you can listen to them.

                • I agree. My man Anthony said it best; its a cop out. I think the gravity of the project demands a high level of respect for not only the material itself, but for the fans who lugged those big ass books around for the a quarter century, and for the guy who took literally decades to write those big ass books for us to lug around. The sad thing is that SK himself is a Huge fan of audio books by his own admission, and may have even suggested it himself. Who knows. I just think that if you are going to take responsibility for someones legacy, the least you could do is pick up a freakin book.

                  • He never said he didn’t read the books, he merely said he’s been re-listening it.

                    “I’ve been constantly going through stuff and I’ve just been re-listening to it [on audio books]”

                    Just because he’s re-listening to the series on audio books does not mean he’s never read the actual books. That’s just an off-base assumption.

                    • touche douche!

                    • I doubt he’s read them, but that just me I guess.

                • I’m not defending Howard, but the article’s quotation merely says that he’s been reviewing the story on his iPod; it never says ANYTHING about him not having, initially, actually read the story in the books, themselves. A number of people seemed to have jumped the gun…again.

        • I strongly disagree with you there DSB. I work in a warehouse 3rd shift and have nothing better to do than to listen to audio books. I have been listening to them for about 4 years 40hrs a week. I have been able to listen to books that I wouldn’t have gotten through the 1st chapter if I was reading them. This series and the Harry Potter books were what got me started on Audios. Since I have started, the Dark Towers have been a good fall back for when I run out of something new. I have probably listened to them about 10 times now. That also sparked me to listen to the rest of the SK collection due to the fact that he takes so much from all of the rest of his books. If you listen to an Abridged version I could see how you wouldn’t get the full effect of the books. As for Unabridged, all you have to do is listen. I know that some people can’t pay as much attention but as for me, I pay more attention. After Bag of Bones, SK has an interview with his editor. He talks about how great of a medium audio books are. He uses them when he is writing a new DT book to put him in the zone. He goes on to say how when he was on the road a lot, he would pay his kids to record their selves reading a book so he could listen to them while he was traveling. That was of course before they became popular. The best quote of that interview was the following:
          “Audio books are a wonderful thing. Instead of reading at your speed and being able to skip ahead if it gets slow, you are forced to listen at someone else’s speed. In that you have to listen to every word and there are no short cuts.”
          Of course you can fast forward. I find that when I physically read a book I miss certain key points just because they are boring or are in a boring part of the book. When listening, I catch those key parts. I love audio books.
          Though I don’t agree with this casting call, I am glad that he is taking the time to listen to these books because it gives a great perspective on this series that you will not get just by reading them.

          • I can understand using audio books to pass the time in such a way, but there is simply no comparrison on the perspective you get from actually reading a book, listening to it isnt the same.
            If Howard has the time to listen to them, he has the time to read them.

            • For you that may be true. For me, not even close. As far as Ron having the time to read a book, I would dare to say that he is a little busy. I don’t know but being a big Hollywood director, I would assume that he is constantly doing something. Audio books are great for a person who is constantly going and doing something. It is hard to read while driving. As far as on a plane I guess it is just your decision. The point is that yeah, you may have lots of time to sit, read and enjoy every book that comes out. Not everybody does. If it came down to me reading a book or playing on the net then I would never read anything except Screenrant.

              • PS. I am still waiting on your books to come out on audio book so I can read them.

                • How can you “read” an Audio Book?

                  • I’m sorry, “Listen”. Thank you English police.

                    • It was actually a valid question lol :)

  8. I’ll take it! GREAT choices all around: King, Howard & Bardem.

    • Gotta disagree with you there Karen. Darabont would do this series BETTER justice than Howard any day.

      • I’ve got nothing against Howard, but he would never have made my list of people to direct a project of this scale.

  9. guys just give it a chance. Lets not start shooting this thing down before it gets off the ground. He’s a hell of an actor. Just because he doesn’t fit our perfect idea of what Roland should be doesn’t mean he wont do the role justice. :)

    • He can’t do the role justice with his accent being sooo thick and heavy. If he had a way to hide it like most foreign actors do it MIGHT work.

      • Well he is a good actor so he’ll find a way to hide it. Plus King was involved in the casting so if he thinks Javier is good, who are you to judge? But I agree, I’d rather see Darabont directing. Idk about Howard.

        • I’m Anthony, and I’ll judge whatever/whoever I want, thanks :) And I doubt he’ll be able to hide it, his accent is TOO thick.

          • Yes Anthony he has a thick accent. But he it was hard to notice in No Country For Old Men. Plus look at Kelly Macdonald, she had a thick Scottish accent and did an awesome job with a west Texas accent. They are actors remember :).

  10. Cool! If King approves then it’s all good. I’m sure with enought dialect training he could hide his accent.

    • Highly doubtful man. I wanna know exactly how much input King had.

      • I hadnt heard King had any input whatsoever in the casting. I reckon, they caleed King on the phone and said “Just to let you know we have cast Javier Bardem” and he said “Oh, ok.”

  11. Congrats 2 him<3<3! Although I wish anthony hopkins could have gotten this role…:(

    • Ok Denver (if that is your real screen name)I’m calling you out. Nobody talks about Anthony Hopkins that much, unless they actually are Anthony Hopkins! DUN DUN DUNNN! Look Sir Anthony, if you wanted the part, you should’ve went through your agent like everybody else. Don’t be a sore loser.

  12. Both are great actors but we know this went to Bardem because he’s a fraction of the cost of getting Viggo.

    As long as King approves, it’ll be fine. If King didnt have a say, then look for more decisions that will have less to do with the story than fans would like.

  13. I’m guessing he didn’t have as much say as you guys think.

  14. Yes!!!!!! Out of him Viggo, and Bale (the reported frontrunners). He’s gonna pull Roland off far better by leaps and bounds. People griping about Roland’s physical attributes please just think for a second. They make colored contacts these days and actors slim up and take on/shed accents for roles all the time. It’s their job. And Bardem Is veeeeery good at his job. By far the only actor with the depth that could pull Roland off. Bale could do it (though not as well) but Viggo trying to pull it off is laughable. Bardem was born to play Roland. Now if we could only get Akiva away from the script we’d have a masterpiece. Unless, that is, your a big fan of the writing in Batman & Robin…

    • I am extremely oppose to the Bardem decision, but you do make a good point theoretically. The only thing that makes me think that Bardem might nail it, is the fact that before the LOTR movies came out, I dont think anyone would have pegged Mortensen for the role of Aragorn, considering the roles he had done beforehand. Everybody knows that Viggo didn’t just nail that role, he killed it. So based on that, I could be wrong in thinking that they only chose Bardem for his cheap rate, and his hollywood buzz.

      • I just see Viggo as too clean and well… sane for Roland. He’s more of a ‘and everyone lives happily ever after’ kind of actor. I’d like to think that after reading the books (or listening to the audio tapes as some tower junkies mad at this decision have been saying online hehe..) and seeing “No Country For Old Men” Howard made the connection with Bardem and Roland. I mean, Roland’s complex, borderline sociopath, full of darkness and regret, everything he touches dies, death is his business, but at the same time noble and caring (later in the story). More like the roles Bardem has played than the roles Mortensen has played. Viggo was great in “A History of Violence”, to me his most Roland-esqe role (Including “The Road”, he looked the part thanks to the cast and scenery, little boy companion, apocalyptic wastland, etc., not acting chops), but just ask yourself this, who could you see letting what happened with Jake near the end of “The Gunslinger” happen easier, Aragon from LoTR, or Anton from “No Country for Old Men”? Anton’s crazy self all the way…

      • Really my greatest casting worry is for Susannah. It’s got to be an actress who can pull off what is essentially 4 distinct characters (I’m counting Mia although, if they’re sticking to the books, she’ll have to be physically played by another actress for obvious reasons…). I read somewhere online that they’re considering some “honk @$%&” (as Detta would put it) for the role. Made absolutely no sense to me…

    • Out with Viggo? Yes this film is certainly better off without one of the best actors working today.

      • Javier has been nominated for three Ocsars (twice for leading role, once for supporting) and won one for “No Country For Old Men”. Viggo’s been nominated once for “Eastern Promises” (which was well deserved) and lost. I am in no way saying the Academy is right 100% of the time but I’m sure you would agree that they’re right, at the very least, half the time. So divide Javier’s 3 nominations and 1 and Viggo’s 1 nomination by half and Javier’s still on top. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences probably doesn’t know eeeeeverything about movies, but the proof is in the pudding and I think they’d consider Bardem a better actor by at least and Oscar and a half 😉

  15. He´s a good choice. I´m guessing that Viggo Mortensen / Christian Bale already did their epic films (Lord of the Rings / Batman). So why not him.

    On the other hand. I still could se Jeff Fahey in the role. He has the blue, cold dead eyes.

    I read at a swedish filmsite that Christian Bale has been offered the leading role aswell, and Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) and a french actress to play Susannah. Obviously it can´t be true…

  16. Dismissing it before you’ve even seen it is lame.

    • Without the benefit of a time machine, i see no other options. I plan on dismissing it after I see it as well.

    • Well, whats the point of this site then? It’s called Screen RANT not, Screen Agree with every dumb hollywood casting choice.

      • You guys, do you think they would offer him the role if he wasn’t able to hide his accent or his audition wasn’t good? All im saying is let’s not jump on the dismissal wagon yet.

        • Yes, and yes, and too late.

          • Blankenship, my above comment was directed at Sully, not you, I don’t know why it was posted under you, but my apologies :)

          • Ugh, comment placement is weird this morning!!!

        • Remove your lips from the guys rear Sully. There’s more issues with this train wreck besides the casting choice. The media transitions will fail, they’ll go for a PG-13 rating to suck in more money. They’ll use the comics for stories(which aren’t Kings vision). Sure he has creative input to the comics, but they aren’t his stories. I just don’t see this project being true to Kings source material.

          • Jeez! I had almost forgot about all that other stuff, thanks for reminding me. This project will leave us with plenty to rant about i guess. Have there been any good decisions made yet? No, seriously, I can’t think of one.

          • Anthony…I’m fascinated how you’ve suddenly become the authority on what the filmmakers will or won’t do (use the comics instead of the actual books???). Yes, I would have loved Viggo (or Bale, but Viggo more), but I’m not shooting down EVERY aspect of this project just because a certain choice (granted, an important one) is made while most others are still unannounced or even undecided. Bardem is an excellent actor (and I didn’t even like “No Country…” EXCEPT for him), so there is still a great possibility for success for this film series.

            By the way, remember that Bale has an extremely thick accent, but his roles in the Batman films AND “The Fighter” have not been hindered by this…

            • I agree. Batman with a lisp was kind of disconcerting. Especially a growling lisp.

          • All I said was his accent is hard to hear in NCFOM LOL! I think that’s hardly a$$ kissing Ants :)

  17. Really excited about this. he is the right age to play roland and can play moody parts very well. i dont think the accent will be a problem. roland has a problem with english him self so it might work in his favour.

    • ‘favour’? I guess he’s not the only one who has a problem with English ehhh? Seriously though, I know what you are talking aboot. I was waiting for someone to bring up the fact that Roland spoke many different languages, and struggled with English on numerous occasions. He often times mispronounces words, and jumbles words within a phrase, thereby making it humorous,just as one would if English were not their native tongue. It’s not that English is new to him, like for Bardem, its more that he was raised with an alternate version of the language, a tangent version you might call it. It would be hard to explain to someone who hasn’t read the books, but you know what i mean.

      • Well considering “favour” is the correct way to spell the word, I don’t see why you’re pulling him up on it.
        That’s the way English people spell it & considering that they actually invented the language I think I’d stick with their version:-)

        • Yes Professor, I am aware that the word FAVOR has an alternate European spelling (only one of which is considered correct in both my spell-check and in my country), much as the word color can be colour, or gray can be grey. I also know that about is not spelled ‘aboot’. You see, Word Fuhrer, I was attempting to have a little grammatical fun at a Canadians expense. Dave is cool with it, and that is convenient, since I was replying directly to him. I’m sorry that you were so very stricken by this, and I am also sorry that you think so highly of a language that is nothing more than a highly evolved conglomerate trader jargon. Since we are splitting hairs, I know of no instance where a sentence is ended with a colon, a hyphen, and a parenthesis. Shameful. You stick with the English version, and I’ll stick with the version that the Oxford dictionary, Websters dictionary, my Spell Check, and the rest of my country agree on. Now let us try and stay on topic here. We are talking about the Dark Tower Movie, expressing ideas, questions, and concerns with regard to the casting of the lead role. Anything to add?

          • Not trying to start an argument here in any way, but why are they spelt differently? There doesnt really seem any need to change them, although Color instead of Colour always annoys me.
            Notice, both favour and colour have the U’s removed in USA.

            • Short answer; a small way for the new nation to further disassociate themselves from England, by trimming superfluous letters from words such as honoUr, encyclopAedia, and programME.

              • Ah yes, I hope the English language continues to be butchered. (Joking of course).

          • Well blankenship, I’m sorry my comment upset you so much that you felt the need to write a mini essay to try and put me in my place.
            To me, you seemed to be criticising Dave on his grasp of English when in fact his spelling of the word “favour” was perfectly acceptable.
            My response was simply an attempt at light hearted banter to make you aware of that.
            Obviously you think I over stepped the line & for that I apologise.
            As for the case in point, I personally don’t care for this casting choice.
            Hasn’t King himself always said that he based Roland on Eastwoods man with no name character? Javier Bardem just doesn’t really compare to that character for me.
            I’m actually more worried about who they’re going to cast as Eddie. His character has one of the more interesting journeys in the books. They’re going to need a very good actor to portay him.

            • Yes! Now we’re talking. Clint Eastwood circa 1976, that is Roland. The only thing Bardem has in common with Eastwood, is brown hair. So few people mention tall, lanky, blue eyed actors like, Timothy Olyphant, Liam Nieson, and to a lesser extent Jim Caviezel. I just don’t see how SK could possibly go along with this. Now Eddie Dean, that is the next most important role for a couple of reasons. First, Eddie seems to represent the audience within the story. He is a contemporary man, with contemporary hang-ups, who goes through this journey asking a lot of the questions that the audience would likely want to know, because of his point of reference. Second, taking the audience out of the equation, Eddies character arch is huge. He loses his only family member, kicks drugs cold turkey, falls in love, and saves the universe, all in the span of a few months. My first choice is Jared Leto (Requiem for a Dream), and after that would be Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints). I am an unemployed writer, so all of my comments are ‘mini essays’, that is how writers block works (if that makes any sense).

              • Interesting that you brought up Jim Caveziel. I hadn’t thought of him til now, but he does have that Rolandesque intensity about him. Good choice.
                I agree with you on the importance of Eddie. To me his character has the greatest development arc over the course of the books, and he brings some much needed humour to what would otherwise be a pretty dark & depressing story.
                Casting him is going to be tricky. For some reason I keep thinking of James Franco. That guy has really grown on me over the years. I think he’s proven what a diverse actor he can be recently.

                • Franco is a good choice for that part.

      • blankenship…

        I’m all for proper grammar and spelling, but that was just a silly correction, especially since that IS a way to spell “color”. When you criticize, moreover, you should not follow up, almost immediately with talking “aboot” something…Get it?!? “About” your word choice, you should have been more careful. :)

        • Clearly you are unfamiliar with sarcasm, and have never heard the way that Canadians pronounce the word ‘about’. You see, it’s funny to correct someones grammar on a web-rant where spelling and punctuation don’t actually matter, we call it ‘I-RO-NY’. Get it now? Now that I have successfully corrected your correction of my correction of Garythebra’s correction of my original correction of Dave, hopefully we can all be friends. Unless somebody wants to correct my correction of your correction, of my correction, etc., then I’m totally screwed.

          • Did you notice the smiley? That was for emphasis…I was having my own bit of fun. WHO does not understand sacasm?

  18. yeah favour! i dont know if you live in britain or america but im assuming you spell it different to me. but i mean it might go his way that he doesnt speak “proper” English and yes i do know what you mean i think they will have to adapt on it and he has a little bit of time to get to grips with the speach i suppose. i have actually finished the books yet. im 2/3 of the way through the 7th book. but it is by far the best story i have ever read. and i am in just as much doubt about going to see the film as any one else. Never the less i am super excited at the same time!

  19. gotta love ANY movie that causes this much debate 😉

  20. I was pulling for Viggo. Would have been a much better fit for the part.

    • Yes, I totally agree. Worth remembering, they have offered the part to Bardem, he hasnt accepted it as far as I have read.

      • No he hasn’t. I hope that he doesn’t either. :) Whats next? Kate Bosworth for Susannah? Martin Klebba for Eddie?

        • Those things you said there. Not funny.

          • Funny thing is Sam, I was being serious LOL.

            • Kate Bosworth should not be allowed to star in films ever again, she ruined Superman!!!

              • Not even “adult” films, Sam? 😛

          • I’ll give ya not funny. Paul Giamatti as Roland. Owen Wilson as Eddie. Kat Williams as Susannah. Ed Furlong as Jake. Sorry, I could go on, but i have to stop before I puke on my lap-top.

  21. As far as how this guy looks. He looks pretty good. His accent, well that can be hidden. What I don’t like is that Rolands character was supposed to have Blue Eyes. That can be hidden too with contacts but a lot of the times contacts just look fake. His eyes were as much a part of the Gunslinger as his pistols with the sandalwood grips.

      • And that has what to do with his acting? In a story where one of the biggest baddies says he’s taking over the good guys established monarchy to replace it with a democracy. I’ll never understand why people relate communism (and just because his mother was communist doesn’t mean squat about him) with being anti-American. I understand that it’s been villafied in American society after all the dictatorships have caused so much strife under the guise of communism, but saying someone’s communist just because their parents were and that somehow makes them anti-American makes absolutely no sense, especially when we’re talking about acting..

  22. It’s easy to forget that this director has Fantasy chops. Wlllow anyone?!

    • whoa there Peck, have you gone Mad-martigan? I’m afraid that while Willow made great cinematic strides for the vertically challenged, and Val Kilmers sword play was nothing short of …kinda cool, this movie still remains very, very, easy to forget. So in answer to your question, No. No Willow for me, thanks. Dark Tower anyone?! “Yes, thanks, I’ll have seven!”

      • listen , you cant knock willow it is actually the first movie in the Starwars franchise, lol. Look it up Lucas has tried to tie willow to Star Wars and , the trilogy of novels that followed the movie, are nothing short of amazing. Those books would make a great movie or better a tv show like Legend of the Seeker or Merlin

  23. You’re seriously gonna bring Willow up?

    • I enjoyed “Willow” quite a bit…It SHOULD be brought up. It has the requisite fantasy elements and heroic good-vs.-evil standards, AND it blends them together into a fun story. “The Dark Tower” is, of course, much more serious but does contain many aspects similar to “Willow”, The Lord of the Rings”, etc.

      • The World of The Dark Tower is far more twisted than either of those worlds could ever hope to be. Much more dangerous as well.

        • yeah they have lightsabers and killer snitches, lol I loved that part

      • Any SK reader will tell you that we don’t read SK for ‘the requisite elements’ or ‘a fun story’. I liked Willow too, when I was ten! Saying that DT is much more serious than Willow, is like saying that Heat is a little more serious than the Naked Gun (but does contain many similar aspects). It’s not just apples to oranges, it’s Pit Bulls to Poodles. Unless you were being sarcastic, in which case, Hilarious!

        • No, I was not being sarcastic. I was neither saying nor implying that they are in any way the same type of film. I was merely pointing out that Howard has not only done lighter fare and more dramatic pieces, but has also worked on films with more fantastical elements, which I understood to be Farradin’s point.

          As for reading “SK” (or Stephen King to those of us who are NOT trying to be jackasses who think they’re clever), I read and enjoy many of his works, including the “Dark Tower” series, and understand quite well what elements are required AND wanted by the readers for film adaptations.

          Oh, and it’s great that you loved “Willow” when you were ten. Fortunately for me, your age considerations matter not one whit to me when I make my decisions about what films I STILL enjoy as an adult.

          Civility and politeness are not difficult when one engages in conversation with strangers and are ALWAYS preferable when discussing movies…just a thought.

          • Ok Archeaon, i’m taking you down paragraph by paragraph, here we go. You did not have to announce that you were not being sarcastic. I knew you were not being sarcastic, because I was being sarcastic. When one says ‘does contain many aspects similar to’ that is a pretty clear implied comparison. There is nothing wrong with that. It is a stretch, but a vaguely valid comparison. I think Farradins point was, if Howard can do Willow, why not DT. With sound logic like that, I don’t think Farradin needs any help from the likes of us. Second paragraph;Referring to things by way of initials is damn clever, but unfortunately I can not take credit for that particular bit of jackassery. I got it from someone else, just following the herd. I bet that first guy who turned Stephen Kings beautiful name into nothing more than a couple of capital letters to save time and text space thought that he was being real clever, a real wisenhymer. What nerve! Third Paragraph; ‘not one whit’? I can’t even make fun of that. Great word usage. And how fun was that to use in a sentence? So you don’t get the wrong idea, we are not attempting to influence decisions here, merely expressing opinions. Fourth paragraph;This is where it all falls apart for me. ‘Civility and politeness’? Really? It’s the same word you buffoon! They are synonyms! If civility, and politeness, graciousness, courteousness, and good manners, are not hard when one engage sin conversation with strangers, why am I using so many exclamation marks!! …just a thought.(like everything else that has ever been written)

            • It’s sad you think I’m competing against you. I do not agree about the initials being clever (damned or otherwise)…lazy, maybe. Then again, I suppose I have engaged in the occasional shortcut, so no harm, no foul; your general tone, however, was what caused me to think you were being irritating (this most recent post certainly does little to improve my opinion). Thank you for appreciating the use of “not one whit”…so few people enjoy wordplay in the current age. That is slightly depressing.

              As for the whole “buffoon” blathering, you said it yourself: They are synonyms–similar, but not exactly the same. You commented on my inability to understand sarcasm; I say the same about you understanding emphasis. As I reveal above, I love words and challenging myself to put them together in fun or new or unexpected ways. I specifically put those two together because, while similar, they possess enough connotative difference to be next to each other (also why I did not simplify and say “politely civil” or “civilly polite”…those would, indeed, have sounded horrible and awkward, so phrased). I often emphasize with all caps or parentheses and merely thought to add a variation. Clearly, you missed that. As for the “just a thought”…Really? That was how you chose to end your “takedown”? Hmmm…

              I’m happy to have a conversation with you, but we should stop with the snitty remarks (I toward you…you toward at least two other people, which is what caused my initial reaction).

              • No deal!

                • Not a problem.

                • blankenship,

                  Say “No deal” to stopping the arguing when the other party has offered to start fresh is one step toward getting yourself kicked off the site.



  24. A surprising choice. I think it’s a good idea, going with someone whose had less exposure to the mainstream audience than say a Christian Bale or Viggo Mortensen.

  25. Perhaps it would be best to wait for a trailer or screenshot, or even to hear Bardem is confirmed. However, it is clear from reading the comments here, its 50/50 roughly on this being a good or bad choice.
    But some people are saying that we shouldnt complain about a movie we havent seen yet? Well, that is true, but we can criticise the choice of lead actor in such a major production, especially if it goes against what we wanted.
    Complaining is human nature, and complaing on the internet about movies, well people. Thats what the internet was invented for.

    • Amen. I more than likely will be skipping these movies, it just feels all wrong to me.

      • I’ll wait for a trailer before making that kind of decision. A lot of movies look and sound awful, X-Men First Class is a prime example of this, but if the trailer impresses me then I will see it.

        Personally, I think there are some things that are simply too grand to film, and The Dark Tower has too much in it to make a trilogy (even with the tv series thrown in. Still don’t get how that will work anyway), each book has enough in it for a trilogy.

        Sometimes, things are best left on the page and in the imagination.

        • As far as TV and movie transitioning together, it wont work IMO. The tone shifting will be totally different, what you get away with on film, you can’t on TV. I’m just not that big of a fan of Opie. He hasn’t adapted Kings work before to my knowledge. Trying to tackle this huge project is just not a good sign to me.

          • man you’re just headset on hating this thing from the get go aren’t you Anthony?? *lol* But hey, we’re all allowed to have opinions :)

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Who would more likely let a child fall to their death for nothing more than mere information, Aragon or Anton? Sky blue contacts, drop about 20 lbs., Javier’s Roland incarnate, Case closed.

        • word.

      • A few hours ago i was totally against Bardem as Roland, but reading through these comments I got to admit, I’m starting to come around. Or I’m getting too tired.

        • Aye, come to the side of The White, say thankya big-big!

          • I’m actually starting to get excited about this now. I think about other major Hollywood transformations, like Christian Bale in the Mechanic, Ed Norton in American History X, Charlise Theron in Monster, and I cant help wondering what Havier Bardem might look like in coming months when he really starts to get in Gunslinger shape. It has the potential to be one of the great screen transformations of our time, for the simple fact that, at first glance, Bardem seems, to some, a ridiculously unsuited choice.

  26. Yeah, not sure how I feel on this casting. I was pulling for Viggo, but have honestly not seen Bardem in anything I think. This talk about a thick accent is cause for concern, though if he can cover it up it shouldn’t be too much a problem.

    But then, I’d been thinking this would get screwed up if it were ever adapted anyway.

    On a side note, is anyone else having problems seeing comments? They seem to get cut off when I look at them as the site background seems to cut them off. Not sure if it’s something with my browser or not.

  27. I’m also in the, “Disappointed Viggo didn’t get the role” court. While I have nothing against Javier Bardem, I just feel Viggo has the exact rustic gunslinger look and actions down already.

    He was probably not chosen ultimately because of his iconic association with LotR. They didn’t want more lines drawn between the two franchises so Viggo was collateral damage. Really a shame. :(

    • Or Viggo wasnt chosen because they didnt think he was right for the role.

      • I he wasn’t right for the role then how do you explain him being on the VERY short list of those being considered for the part?

  28. When it comes to casting Susannah, I’m thinking Thandie Newton would be a good choice.
    I remember seeing her in the scene in Crash when she’s dressing down her husband, Trevor Howard, about how he wouldn’t stand up to the racist cop.
    Her ranting & raving in that scene made me think that she could pull of the Detta Walker character pretty well.