Javier Bardem Offered Lead Role in ‘The Dark Tower’

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dark tower cast javier bardem Javier Bardem Offered Lead Role in The Dark Tower

Producer Brian Grazer said last week at the Golden Globes that he and director Ron Howard had made their decision on who they wanted to play the lead on their ambitiously massive adaptation of The Dark Tower. Grazer had also said we’d be finding out who that is in about a week and he wasn’t lying.

The two leading candidates reportedly headlining the wishlist of top Hollywood talent for The Dark Tower included Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortensen, two very talented and bankable leads, and it was in fact, one of these two leads that got the offer. Hint: He just got nominated for an Oscar!

While earlier today, the media frenzy was jumping on that man being Christian Bale, Deadline has the exclusive update that Oscar winner and second-time-nominee Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men) has received the official offer from Universal Pictures. Negotiations have not yet begun however, for a contract that would include a trilogy of feature films as well as a TV series to bridge the gaps between each movie.

Bardem will be playing The Dark Tower’s main character, the infamous gunslinger Roland Deschain, a role he is undoubtedly perfectly suited for – assuming his hairstyle is vastly different than that of his No Country for Old Men character…

The 7-novel Dark Tower series is described as Stephen King’s Magnum Opus and takes place in a magically twisted variant of the Old West. The scope of the film, along with its fantastical elements, draw comparisons to Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, even from Howard and co. themselves.

Researching, planning and conceptualizing how to appropriately adapt Dark Tower intro three full feature films and a TV series has taken over Ron Howard’s life in recent times and it’s only going to get more demanding now that he has chosen the star and moves another step closer into production to get the first film ready for release in the summer of 2013. From Howard before the turn of the New Year:

“We’ve been meeting and talking and I’ve been reading and researching and just kind of living with it. I’ve been constantly going through stuff and I’ve just been re-listening to it [on audio books] on my iPod and we’ve been sending e-mails back and forth, ‘What about this approach? What do you think of this idea?’ We’re finding the shape of it. We’re moving quickly now, as quickly as we can, and I feel challenged in the most exciting ways.”

The project is unquestionably exciting and the legion of Stephen King fans are waiting anxiously to see if this Howard and friends can do this literature justice. They’ve certainly made a great selection in Bardem as their dual-wielding, quick-drawing hero, and what great timing with his well-deserved second Oscar nomination being announced yesterday!

The Dark Tower begins with the first film currently scheduled to release May 17, 2013.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. I want to see christian Bale as eddie dean. I thought that before i saw the fighter and it fits so well…im sure they will pick well tho i cant wait to see

    • Eddie Dean needs to be younger but with the acting chops to be serious and play the comic foil… an underrated actor is Topher Grace who I think would make the perfect Eddie Dean.. I always thought that he could play more disturbing characters and would have like to see him in a ClockWork Orange remake…

      • Hmmm, I dont think Topher Grace is underrated at all. In my opinion he’s rated just about right. Everything I’ve seen him in he just seems to play a variation of Topher Grace & to me that’s not necessarily a good thing.
        In fact the only time I can remember him acting against type was in Predators and that was only at the end when the writers decided to throw in a completely pointless & unnecessary plot twist for his character.
        Up until that point though he was still playing his usual Topher Grace.

      • you know, that would be a really interesting choice. the book even depicts Eddie as very pale, sickly skinny at the beginning. Topher could do some serious physical conditioning throughout the process to mimic Eddies change into a healthy strong Gunslinger.
        cool idea.

      • Ashton Kutcher, ie. The Guardian

  2. He won an Oscar fo No Country For Old Men and He spoke english for that.
    He is a good actor.
    He will do what it takes to get it right.

    • Agreed

  3. Imo,Bardem looks like the Roland from the covers of the books, but thats just my opinion.

    • No joke. I just picked up the hardcover collection of The Gunslinger-The Journey Begins and the older Roland at the beginning looks exactly like Bardem. I’m not a big comic fan but it was a wonderful read, but then again I am definitely a Tower Junkie…

    • He also looks like the one from the comics.

  4. I even wonder of he will take the part? It’s possible with the TV series between films that this could be the only thing he works on for the next 6-7 years.

    • I hope he doesn’t

      • I do :)

        • Of course you do Sully. You have a man-crush on the guy lol :)

          • Oh gawd lol! Dude I’m not what Ricky is to h.p. to sully with Bardem lol! I just think he could pull off that Roland coldness. Honestly way back before this ever happened me and my buddy were talking about who we would want caster as Roland if they ever made a film and I said Nathan Fillion if he had a scruffier voice and was older but I’m no casting director :).

            • I guess it’s dope to say “gawd” these days lol.

  5. I think Bardem is going to be perfect for the part. I didn’t really like No Country for Old Men, but he was the perfect psychopath. I think he’s going to NAIL the role. I’m more concerned about Ron Howard directing than I am about Bardem playing Roland.

    • You need to be concerned about Akiva’s writing considering his track record. Ron will do fine, Bardem will win his second Oscar

  6. OK, this is an extremely ambitious project. I for one do not think it can be done. I especially think going back and forth between movies and tv is a mistake. As far as the actor ( and his accent ) is concerned, has it occured to any of you guys that he doesnt need to hide his accent? Roland is a fictional character in a fictional world, who says he necessarily has to have an American or a British accent?Dr. Sam even said, when you open a book and READ a story, your imagination kicks in. this is true for me, and I assume it is true for all avid readers of great stories. So Roland must have a handful of different accents, considering how many SK fans are out there. Peace to everybody. :)

  7. I know bugger all about the books but i’ve never liked Bardem in anything so i’ll wait for the dvd to come out.

  8. I have just seen a whole lot of votes for this being a decent choice. I have only seen 3 people highly opposing this choice and one is coming round to the light side of the force. So by that rational… not a bad choice. Sorry DSB and Anthony. :)

    Granted this is not my favorite choice either. I wish they would have picked someone that looks more like Mr. Eastwood. It will be hard for me to imagine anybody else in this role because that is who it really is.

    My problem still lyes around what they will do with Jake Chambers. This series will take at least 7 yrs to complete and this is a kid who is supposed to be 11yrs old through the whole series. That is gonna be hard to do. Websters are not a dime a dozen.

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing. The only choice that would make sense is to go with an older actor ( around 15ish maybe, definitely post-pubescent, no pesky growth spurts and voice changes ) that looks way younger. With a little “baby fat” around the face at first too look younger, then as the story progresses and Jake hardens up a bit, lose the weight. Or film all his scenes from the get go at the start.

  9. This really is a very ambitous project. There is no way that they are going to be able to capture our imaginations because our perceptions all differ; however, it can come somehwat close. I have never seen a movie that reading the book first didn’t ruin. I would say Misery was the only movie I have ever seen that I wasn’t entirely disappointed with (where I had read the book first).

    How does everyone picture the lobstrosities? I picture a mix between a scorpion and lobster and about knee high in size. Dad-a-chum? Did-a-chick? LOL

    That being said, I will for sure watch it when it comes out. I am totally a Dark Tower fan and have read the series a few times.

  10. Well, I am hopeful, yet apprehensive. I love Stephen King, and The Dark Tower was amazing; it’s just that when his books become movies they often lose something in translation. Sometimes they lose the ending, sometimes they become something completely different. I loved the Dreamcatcher in print, but I wish they would have read the whole book when they did the screenplay.
    I hope they do this right.

  11. Well, it may not be the stupidest casting decision of all time, but at the moment I cant think of one thats worse.

    Ron Howard has forgotten the face of his father. He has also, apparently forgotten the face of Roland of Gilead – because this guy is NOT it.

    • Amen! Well said! I’m looking at a thumbnail pic of Liam Nieson just to the right of where I’m typing, and I’m still wondering why nobody has even suggested him for the part. Is he the best choice? Maybe not, but if we are seriously considering Bardem for pete sake, then why not? Watch Seraphem Falls, and tell me he cant pull off Roland. Long, tall, and ugly, blue eyes, black hair, strong authoritative voice, case closed! You’re welcome Ron Howard.

      • I LIKE it! :D
        …and what about Iain McDairmid (Emperor Palpatine) as the Crimson King?

        • Hell yeah, I have always wanted to see that guy in more movies,he has a great screen presence. Another obscure yet highly skilled old actor is Bill Nighy, the guy who played the Vampire Lord Viktor in Underworld. The part where he sits on the throne, all skeletal and whithered while he’s regenerating, tubes of blood poking from his arms and neck,totally reminded me of a Crimson King type.

    • Jim Caviezel, ie. Outlander, Transit. Jesus even!

  12. Hmmm…. if I’m honest, I would much prefer Viggo to play Roland, I think he would be pretty much perfect for the role. But I’m trying to picture a Javier Bardem with blue eyes (if they go for that) and MAYBE. James Franco for Eddie perhaps?

  13. Well now, Chris is totally right! Ron Howard has forgotten the face of Roland for this guy is NOT it! Where is the black raven hair? And faded bombadiers faded blue eyes? I would had elected Clive Owen!! But given the choices at stake, I would have settled more so for Viggo!

  14. i wouldnt think hed make a good roland but i do think he’d make a great eddie