Jason Statham Wants to Play Daredevil

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…At least if he has any say in the matter.

An LA Times reporter had the good fortune to run into actor Jason Statham (Death Race) and comic book icon-turned comic book movie director, Frank Miller (Sin City, The Spirit), during Comic-Con last week, and oh what plans the pair of them were cooking up.

Said Statham,

“Could a British actor wear the red horns of the Man Without Fear?… Absolutely, just give me the chance, I would love to be Daredevil.”

Miller, the writer of “Born Again,” one the greatest Daredevil stories ever told, lent Statham a bit of comic-cred by adding,

“I think he should be Daredevil too.”

Statham does have the action resume to qualify him to play The Man Without Fear, (and if you’ve seen some of the crazy stunts he’s done in his movies, you know that he has very little fear to begin with.) If his NYC accent is up to par, I say give him a shot at the role–hell, anything to help erase the traumatic memories of that 2003 debacle with Ben Affleck wearing the red suit and horns while butchering Miller’s mythology. (Here’s hoping somebody lost their job over that, BTW.)

daredevilv2n01 Jason Statham Wants to Play Daredevil

What do you think: is Statham up to the task, or is there another actor you’ve been waiting to see take on the role of Daredevil?

Source: LA Times via Latino Review

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  1. An unknown actor would even be a great choice.

    Kofi, I think you nailed the crux,,, he’s gotta have the accent down.

    Hugh Laurie can pull off an excellent american doped out doctor accent, I don’t want to live in a world that Hugh can out act Jason Statham !!

  2. Oddly enough, I suggested that Mr. Statham would be well suited for this exact role in a prvious thread. He could pick up the accent no prob.

  3. Would Miller consider doing a script treatment for it?? Who would be best to play Page and Nelson? Now the Big question, sequel or reboot? :) Ha!

  4. no…ben affleck is perfect for daredevil role…

  5. I cant see DD on film ever working imho, especially not with a bald guy wearing a red wig lol

  6. He’d probaby wear a hair piece or a short buzz cut. Matthew McConaghey (however you spell his name) probably looks more like DD. But Jace could actually pull of the stunts necessary to pull off the role. Will Miller be directing? I always thought he was better suited to DD than the Spirit. He is, after all, the one man who gave DD his persona. Prior to Miller, Daredevil was a Spiderman rip-off

  7. I didn’t have much of a problem with Affleck’s movie for the record. If there was anything, it tried to take in too much from Miller’s brilliant and epic storyarc and that wasn’t a good approach.

    They’re probably going to restart the Daredevil franchise same as they did Hulk, so why not.

  8. I thought Affleck did a great job as DD ( MCDuncan was great , CFerrell was great and JGarner too until her solo flick -yech!! ).
    However , I am a much bigger fan of Statham ; I never would have considered him for DD but I think its a very cool idea. Reboots are all the rage these days , so what the heck , I hope they do it :)

  9. good call on Dr.House 790, I never thought of that but I could definately picture him in that role. Only problem is his age and he wouldn’t be able to do any of his own stunts. Whereas Statham is a tank and is a bankable lead feature film actor.

    I’d absolutely love to see another Marvel character/franchise done CORRECT, maybe they could throw in some tie-ins to other films like the Luke Cage one or a spidey cameo, vice versa.

  10. I thought Affleck did a great job as DD too!I never could grasp why it gets so much flack!All the actors done a good-job too…the sound track was ace too!I like statham and would have seen him as a Marvel hero already…Captain America mabey!?!
    DD was a much better movie than The Dark Knight anyway.

  11. Hugh is an excellent actor 790 and in this world he can out act a lot of people especially Jason Statham who really isn’t all that talented. He is your basic action guy and couldn’t pull anything else off.

  12. Well Rob and Daniel, I never suggested Huge Laurie play DD, I was just reffering to him because he’s got a heavy English accent that he totally overcomes when he’s playing Dr.House.
    Having him play DareDevil would be laughable at best. ;-)

  13. I knew you didn’t suggest him as DD I made no mention of that. I was simply referring to your comment that he shouldn’t be able to out act Statham which is laughable.

  14. I don’t see him as Daredevil. Statham wearing a red hair piece would look weird.

  15. This is an interesting idea. I think Statham can easily handle the physical requirements of the DD character. However, I’m kinda’ having a difficult time imagining him as Matt Murdock.

    I would have to agree with BRAVEHEART. Statham is more suited to play Capt. America. I mean, he has the physique or the general look down pat. His being bald will also be perfect for the Steve Rogers alter ego since Rogers is a soldier and a close-cropped soldier haircut, I think is not that far-off a stretch from being bald. Well, just an opinion.

  16. Statham would make and EXCELLENT Iron Fist or MoonKnight not Cap or DD. For DD this time around should be MAT DAMON and directed by Martin Scorsese writed by David Goyer and Stuart Beattie.

  17. I just pray that the next DD movie or other Marvel heroes DO NOT go down The Dark Knight format!DD doesn’t need a reeboot like Hulk or Batman if anything Marvel should make the movie themselves and mabey bring in the Iron Man team and use the Jon Favreau connection to it’s advantage!
    Statham has got that real hard-man look and you need that for a guy like Capt.A.

  18. Really doubt there gonna remake or sequel DD anyway.

  19. Just watched the director’s cut of the DD movie for the first time (I am Dr Late) and it’s a different beast. Not necessarily any good, but a whole heap better than the theatrical version, no doubt about it. A full 30 minutes longer – character-based scenes reinstated (more Jon Favreau, more Joe Pantoliano) and a bit more brutality to the fights. Certain others cut altogether, like the confessional and the love scene. Don’t get me wrong, Affleck is still eminently punchable, but he manages the odd nuance; Matt Murdock is a complex character, and Jason Statham just isn’t right. I think he’d struggle to convince with a specific New York accent, and he hasn’t got the emotional range either. Frank Miller? He was probably nonplussed by the Spirit panel and concerned Statham might wrap a bottle round his head or something. Who knows what’s going on with that man?

  20. woah, Statham, definately NOT for captain america. You need someone who can act, has hair, is a little taller and thicker. Also, you need that softspoken charm that Cap has, and that look. That’s something Leo Decaprio can’t do either so I have no idea who could do that role justice if you want it like the comics.

  21. The action in DD was terrific,I’m not an Affleck fan,but this is a film where he did pull it off…he added a bit of charisma to the character and wasn’t just a Batman clone that a lot of non-superhero-movie goers may have thought he would be.
    DD had so many good ideas/actors like Colin farrell and The Kingpin being a black actor…great casting.

  22. My gripe was always that DD leaves great opportunity to make a film like TDK. DD is the superhero closest to the streets in a ‘real world’ context. He protects Hell’s Kitchen for f’s sake! Not even a world saver! Not even a CITY saver! An alleyway watchman. I great filmmaker (like Marty Scorcessessesse) should be able to craft a gritty, down to earth DD flick that feels like its totally believable. TDK basically copied DD’s extra sensory abilities for Batman’s “sonar-vision” so DD will have to wait awhile to avoid looking like a knock-off. (Much like Supes Returns’ flying/action sequences looked like poor man’s versions of the end fight in Matrix Revolutions.)

  23. Kofi, it’s a shame – that radar vision was one of the few things I thought they got right about the DD movie. That and the idea of him sleeping in an isolation tank. Oh, and Colin Farrell.

    In the unlikely event of there being another DD, Frank Miller’s going to have to get pretty messed-up in his cameo to avoid looking like a knock-off as well.

  24. When DD came out,I was not a great fan of the character even though I was a Marvel fan,I was thinking…how are they going to do this after Spider-Man…how can the effects measure up…but I was entertained by this film,I was bored by TDK.As I’ve said already…please do not try and clone the next DD movie after TDK…

  25. Braveheart, have you seen the director’s cut? I think you’d like that even more.

  26. Big Dentist,no I haven’t seen that version of DD but will seek it out.
    cheers mate.

  27. the dark knight ripped-off Dare Devil’s sonar effects.
    and sum ppl are saying keefer sutherland for MATT Murdock.
    personally i think he’s a little to old.
    but i don’t watch 24.

  28. As a 20(!)year-long Daredevil reader (minus some bad runs…), I don’t gather that Matt Murdock actually needs to have a New York-based accent, seems like he would have lost in to go with the high profile attorney gig, see e.g., Sam Waterston, the NYC D.A. from “Law & Order,” although, check out Linus Roache the A.D.A. on the show a/k/a Thomas Wayne from “Batman Begins”, a Brit who does pull off a decent NY accent However, as much as I think Statham seems like an alright fellow, I can’t see him as DD. Too big, too ‘rough’/not sufficiently subtle for this role (effectively an American ninjitsu) or Iron Fist (hey, wasn’t Ray Park attached to that?); though he could pull off the inner turmoil. Too bad Guy Pearce (from the Nolans’ phenomenal Memento)wouldn’t consider the role. If they ever wanted to throw some serious jack into a Punisher movie, he’s be great. Based on the script, I think he could pull off Captain America.
    I agree with Kofi: wait a few years and a DD movie in the vein of an even more real world based TDK would be great.

  29. If Keanu Reeves bulked up, then could be DD. He is suttle, an experienced actor, has the face of a hero and has the “action flick” resume. He has even done some martial arts along the way as well a couple of his own stunts. Even Matt Damon could pull of the role, as he’s got the resume, but Matt is ageing, his body might not be up to the physical demands.