Jason Statham Out, ‘Haywire’s’ Gina Carano In for ‘Fast Six’

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For a while back in October 2011, the Fast and the Furious franchise looked to become for Generation Y what The Expendables is for those who grew up in the 1980s and ’90; namely, an adrenaline-fueled, macho star-studded event, with a collection of action fan-favorites – such as Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and possibly Jason Statham – all together and tearing up the screen (or each other, on occasion).

However, earlier this month, word got out that a deal to snag Statham for Fast Six (or Fast and Furious 6, depending on who you ask) failed to materialize. Today though, we can also offer some good news: the badass index for the new Fast and the Furious flick still looks to increase something fierce (even without Statham), now that Gina Carano is in talks for a role.

Twitch first reported the Statham story a couple weeks ago, revealing that a deal with Universal – which would see Statham appear in only Fast Six, since the studio scrapped its plans to shoot Fast and the Furious 6 & 7 back-to-back – failed to materialize (news confirmed by multiple outlets since Twitch broke it). The franchise does seem like a perfect match for Statham the actor, but he presumably had good reason for ultimately taking a pass.

Heat Vision has the hot-off-the-presses scoop on Carano, who is up to play a member of Diplomatic Security Service Agent Luke Hobbs’ (Johnson) team. Fast Six is expected to take place overseas in Europe – as directly set up by a mid-credits scene in Fast Five – and should pick up with contemporary outlaws Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker), Dominic Toretto (Diesel) and their fast-racing, thieving comrades on an new, Ocean’s Eleven-style operation (with cars).

A former Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, Carano established herself as a deadly force of nature onscreen earlier this year with a lead turn in Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire. The brawler-turned-actress has yet to prove that she also possesses strong acting chops, to go along with the physical prowess – but, then again, it’s not as though she’ll need much of that, as far as the sixth Fast and the Furious movie is concerned.

Gina Carano Haywire Movie Review Jason Statham Out, Haywires Gina Carano In for Fast Six

Gina Carano in ‘Haywire’

Justin Lin (who directed the previous three Fast and the Furious films) is returning for the sixth installment – as will the series’ dependable screenwriter, Chris Morgan, along with Diesel and Neal H. Moritz as producers. Similarly, Universal chairman Adam Fogelson has promised that Fast Six will continue to transition the franchise into pure heist genre territory, occupied by titles like The Italian Job, while also still delivering the same street car racing (and crashing) spectacle that’s made previous entries in the series such a massive draw.

That’s all to say: those who are already fans of the Fast and the Furious franchise, you can start anticipating a bigger ( and better?) addition to the series. All others need not apply.

Fast Six (a.k.a. Fast and the Furious 6) will powerslide into theaters around the U.S. on May 24th, 2013.


Sources: Twitch, Heat Vision 

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  1. will her and michelle rodriguez get in a fight?

  2. fu@k this s*** mang ! was looking forward to statham in fast 6 , im really pi$$ed off ! mpc loves fast and furious and statham ! fu£k this news …. haywire sucked maybe this is a joke and statham will still be in it !!! sorry for rant mang <

    • wanna try that again, in english this time?

  3. Jason opted out of Fast 6 for “CRANK 3D”

    • And I mean that in an excited fan sort of way

      • Is this for real? If so I’m excited!

  4. Aww no statham dam o well still a pretty awesome cast and gina Carano will be an awesome addition

  5. She is so attractive! Can’t wait!

  6. If they cant get statham than they need to get someone just as big if not bigger. The movie needs an even bigger star now that the rock is in it. Her addition is good but the movie still needs another power house of an actor……………….I bet the rock dies in either this or the next movie.

  7. this is one franchise i wish would go away. i just cant get into any of these movies. yawn.

    • Stop hating the movies are entertaining smh give them a chance at least wtf thats so messed up what you just said i cant believe it.

      • i did give them a chance. 3 of them. Tokyo drift was so stupid that was the end of it for me. to me they are not entertaining. dont hate just cause i don’t like these movies.

        • forget tokyo drift. Fast Five’s story was just as good as the dark knight. I dont know why your acting as if the movies are bad. Thats kind of messed up how you barely gave them a chance. I really cant believe what you just said. Im not hating but its just surprising that you said that. Its so messed up.

          • i seriously doubt that fast five is anywhere in the same league as The Dark Knight. I can’t believe what YOU just said. The Rock is a fairly decent actor. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker couldn’t act their way out of a room, but whatever. you’re not gonna change my mind about these movies. i saw some of ‘em, don’t like ‘em, not gonna like ‘em, don’t wanna see any more of ‘em (maybe this one, depends on gina carano ;) )

            • I cant believe what your implying i didnt say the dark knight was an amazing film smh i meant that fast five was better. Fast five made OVER 600 MILLION dollars. Soooooooooooo its pretty succesful…just saying. You should definitley just give the movies a try though their actually good and really connect with a lot of audiences. The characters are easy to understand

              • fast five may have made over $600 mil world-wide, but TDK made over 1 billion (that’s nine zeros son!) but, as i said, and you obviously failed to comprehend, i have seen all of those silly hot-wheels movies i’m gonna see, but i may rent this one just for gina carano, and only if she gets into a slap & tickle fight w/michele rodriguz

          • sir, i implore you to watch the dark knight again and then read your comment

    • You say you wish this franchise could go away and yet, you clicked on the article about the franchise???

      • only because the headline said fast six. it didn’t hit me that it was about the silly race car flix. also because it mentioned gina carano. and i am allowed to voice my opinion, even on movies i don’t care for.

        • True, true…

    • I gotta agree with jeffro on this one..

      But as much as I want to say I’m surprised at how long this series has gone, I’m not. Despite the review scores the audience seems to love these movies so they rake in the cash. So long as it keeps bringing in the cheese a sequel is almost a guarantee..

      • Actually, fast five scored pretty high on rotten tomatoes. Its a certified fresh.

        • I know. However the same can’t be said for the others. Still review scores don’t really matter. Money in the bank is that really matters and the’ve all delivered that…

  8. Many real car enthusiasts see this as nothing more than an embarrassment to car culture. to call them “good” movies raises some eyebrows.

    • They couldn’t keep making the same street car racing films. The franchise would have gotten super stale by now. You can always go back to the first and third film for your street car racing fix

    • I’ve always found it funny how they don’t ever bring in someone who knows about working on Cars so they can clean up some of the mumble jumble that gets said throughout the films. Half the time it makes absolutely no sense.
      I’ve never seen Tokyo Drift and I don’t plan to but I’ve seen the rest when they have hit DVD or cable so I’m not going to bash the films but I understand why they make the money they do.
      On a TDKR post the phrase “popcorn film” was talked about and I think these films are a perfect example of what a “popcorn film” is.
      Again, I’m not bashing the films. I just see them for what they are.

  9. Gina Carano for Wonder Woman… She’ll kick anyone’s ass for sure. Warner Bros. you better cast her now.

  10. Jason Statham is not joining Fast Six? Well, it would had been awesome.

    Still Gina Carano joining the movie, I mean there is a girl fight between her and Michelle Rodriguez then I’m in.

    The Rock was awesome in Fast Five, I am happy that he is returning and also I wish Johnny Strong will return as Leon since Strong kind of made his comeback by doing the action movie Saints and Sinners.

    That film getting lots of good reviews because of the low budget action, the cast and Johnny Strong as the main lead.

  11. How do we know Statham had a good reason?

    For all we know he wanted another starring role in another generic action film that is essentially the same as his other generic action films.

  12. I so would love to see Jason Statham & Vin Diesel in the same movie lol.
    I stopped watching The Fast And Furious after the first one, Jason Statham & Diesel in the same movie i’d go to see.