Rumor Patrol: Jason Segel Quitting ‘How I Met Your Mother’ After Season 8

Published 3 years ago by , Updated July 17th, 2013 at 10:51 am,

While CBS and the cast of How I Met Your Mother consider the question to continue after the show’s eighth season, Jason Segel may hold the trump card, as a recent statement by the actor hints he’s ready to make season 8 his last.

The statement in question was made during an interview with the Austrian website, so the issue has now become whether the actor’s words were somehow confused in the translation, or if it’s being labeled as such to prevent season 9 negotiations from stalling out before they even get started.

Segel reportedly said:

”It’s great to do some ‘Rated R’ stuff again, because I’ve been playing the nice guy for quite a long time now. That’s why I’m gonna quit How I met your Mother after the eighth season.”

A representative for the actor was quick to jump on this by issuing this statement to TV Guide“Perhaps something got lost in translation, but season 9 hasn’t even been addressed yet.”

While it’s true the conversation between the cast and CBS regarding the future of How I Met Your Mother has yet to take place, there are other comments made by Segel that appear to strengthen the claim that he already has one foot out the door. It seems as though the actor feels the long-running comedy is finally ready for its conclusion.

”I’ve hit my thirties, the TV show that I’ve been doing for eight years is coming to its natural end, I’m feeling much more like, ‘OK, now it’s time for phase three.’ It’s time, I think.”

Neil Patrick Harris Alyson Hannigan Jason Segel How I Met Your Mother CBS Rumor Patrol: Jason Segel Quitting How I Met Your Mother After Season 8

Segel has been with the series since its launch in 2005, and in that time he has seen his profile increase dramatically after headlining films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Jeff, Who Lives at Home, The Five Year Engagement and last year’s The Muppets. He’s also scheduled to appear in Seth Rogen’s long-awaited apocalyptic comedy The End of the World. With those films under his belt and many more offers likely rolling in, it’s easy to understand why Segel would be reluctant to continue the hectic schedule of performing in feature films while maintaining the full-time gig that is How I Met Your Mother.

As CBS is interested in doing season 9, perhaps this is the leverage Segel would use to prevent the network from drawing the series’ conclusion out any longer than it already has been. Segel has expressed interest in leaving the show before now, but has remained on the program for what will be eight full seasons – making the thought of a ninth (and likely last) season absent Segel sound positively dreadful.

It’s hard to fathom How I Met Your Mother continuing on a positive note without such a core member of the cast, so expect Segel’s decision (whichever way it may go) to hold considerable sway over the future of the series.

How I Met Your Mother season 8 premieres Monday, September 24 @8pm on CBS.


Source: TV Guide, Virgin Media

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  1. I hope Big Foot kidnaps him if they are going to remove him from the series!

  2. Jason Segel’s character is and has always been terrible & hed does’t fit in as far as looks go with the rest of the cast. During Season 1 he was great he proposed but she broke it off at the end of the season and it was the writers opportunity to go enhance the character, but no he is a one woman guy from the beginning who really cares about the environment, when his dad died on the show that was the only time I cared about his character.
    HIMY has done well with everyone else apart from Marshall & Lilly.

    Ted has gone from being a guy wanting to be married from the get go then sees his parents divorce and gets promiscuous while having some good girlfriends on the way (BUT IT IS TIME TO MEET THE DAMN MOM!)

    Robin has gone from being a girl with daddy issues who would never settle down to having 3 serious boyfriends and finally ready to settle down.

    Barney has gone from being just an awesome funny guy to finally get a girl, relive his childhood, meet his dad & finally get ready to settle down.

    Lilly went from part time painter and kindergarden teacher to a painter for vets (never adding to that story) to married and now a mom WTF what about her future career desires.

    Marshall pre-law, engaged, single for the summer, engaged, lawyer for a firm, married, dead dad, works for green peace & now dad. his best story lines which were really one episode each where him shaving his head at his wedding, finding the best burger & his dads funeral.

    Season 8 Barney & Robin get married, Ted meets his wife at the wedding being Barney’s half-sister on his dads side. Marshall continues with his job going up the ranks and gets an important job abroad which will be a big case that he would have to dedicate to his dad in the finale which would explain his disappearance in season 9.
    This would shake things up and give Lilly a single mom role & Marshall will leave on a good storyline.

    • i don’t think marshal would ever leave without lily and his child for some job even if it’s to continue his dream job. Dont see it happening, at least that way

    • I wish i had won the bet to bitchslap you 5 times at any time. After reading this i would b**** slap you you 5 times as hard as i could for writing this about Marshell.

      • you’re an easy prey, sir.

    • Marshall doesn’t “fit” with rest of the characters?? Are you freakin kidding me he is one of the funniest part of the show which makes me wanna watch it. If you are so tired of the series why don’t you stop watching it. I wish it runs for another full season!.

      • So you want to tell us that we have been watching this show for about 8 years, waiting to find out how Ted ends up with his wife and we should stop watching it because it now sucks? It’s not something we started watching a few minutes ago! It’s been since freaking 2005! We will continue watching the show unless it gets really really bad. That doesn’t remove as the right to criticize it! And it is already bad. You should learn to accept bad criticism even for things that you like.

    • So by your definition, a character doesn’t grow unless they be romantically involved with different people? Once a character gets married and settled down, their story is “done”? Marshall’s grown plenty; he’s gone from frat-boy boyfriend to husband to dad, and now suburban homeowner – not to mention his occupational journey from lawyer to judge.

  3. It’d be like the last season of “That ’70s Show” when Topher and Kutcher left….

    I LOVE every character on HIYMY, Robin and Ted being my personal favorites but it just wouldnt be the same if Marshall left, I mean its always been Robin, Ted, Barney Marshall AND Lily.

  4. Well, if he does leave and they keep going anyway, I hope that they at least give season 8 a satisfying enough ending that I can stop watching and pretend that it’s over (like The Office after Michael left).

  5. The show is about Ted in a transition in his life. Barney represents the person he use to be, a guy enjoying the single life and living it up. And Marshall represents who Ted wants to be, a man in a committed relationship with mature responsibilities. Its two aspects of the show that complement each other.

    Now that we are getting closer to that committed relationship for Ted, Marshall’s (Jason Segel) character is now less important of an influence. He now has to concentrate on his own matters instead of looking up to his best friend.

    It would be very fitting to end the show after 8 seasons. They’ve already said that he meets the mother and has a kid within 3 years of the end of season 7. And a lot of people have pretty much figured out who the mother is by now (i wount say here because its still speculation and some dont want to be spoiled).

    The show is one of my favorite playing on tv, but i think its done.

    • Do you see a pattern similar with another sitcom, called Friends?

  6. They need to hurry up and let us meet the mother already.

  7. I wish it was robin that went she is a terrible character and in my opinion played by a terrible actress!! I find I always want to hit Robin asd hard as I can in the face she just has that stupid look on it so often! And as for Lily terrible actress and character again, I gotta say I hate motherly types and she takes the cake as I am someone pro war and death I dont see me and lily getting along in anyway.

    • Um… Why the Hell do you watch it then? They are 2 out of 5 main characters! Speaking of wanting to hit people in the face… And do you really think we give a crap if you are pro war & death? What the hell planet did you come from?

      • I’m guessing they are from Mars, since they seem to not like any characters who would be from Venus.

  8. Just get it over with already! I know this show has some kind of a cult following but seriously…. The characters stopped being funny about three years ago. Now they are just annoying. I hope this story is true so we can have a half hour of our tv viewing back each week for something worth watching.

    • Out of all the shows that are on tv, you want HIMYM to be cancelled so you can have 30 minutes back? There are many other shows that should be cancelled before HIMYM. Whitney, Two and a Half Men, CSI: NY, The Cleveland Show, Bob’s Burgers, and American Idol all should be cancelled before HIMYM is even considered.

      • Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa…Leave Bob’s Burgers out of this. H. Jon Benjamin is comedy gold.

        • I’ll stick with Archer for my H. Jon Benjamin needs.

      • I cant even watch bobs burgers because of how ugly the show looks

  9. NPH has also commented that he wants the show to end. I love the show, but it’s time.

  10. Leave the party early before the champagne runs dry, I say. Don’t mar a fantastic show with a terrible, drawn-out ending. Season seven was frustrating in itself. Get it done with eight, and do it right.

  11. Marshal is my second favorite character in this show (With Barney at #1 of course)
    I really hope Segel doesn’t quit.

    It’s understandable that he wants to move on to other things, but if the (possible) 9th season looks good and the script is right, then why quit? It’s probably his most memorable role and I’m sure the money aint bad either…

    I guess it all depends on where the next season goes… maybe there won’t even be a 9th season.

  12. i like the style and comedy of segal he´s a very symphatic actor. but they should finish the show now after the 8th season. i want to know which woman will be teds bride. and some episodes with the – mother-which he met.

  13. The show has been pretty bad for the last two seasons, tbh, which is a real shame. I’m glad that Jason is getting out of there, it must be pretty frustrating to be on the show now.

  14. What a d ick. The show that made your career needs one last season to wrap things up but he’s too busy.

  15. i love the show , but yeah i think i am ready to see it end .. im not ready to see the office end , but i hope the dwight show will be awesome ..

  16. Marshall and Ted’s love of sandwiches is one of the best parts of the show which technically would be a flashback in a flashback (mind blown). I wouldn’t want the show to continue without Marshall…that’s like Scrubs continuing on without Zach Braff. It shouldn’t happen. HIMYM is still a fun sitcom even in its re-circulating pattern that is way better than some of the new (renewed) shows from last year (2 Broke Girls, Whitney, and Last Man Standing). I didn’t expect it to last forever and when it ends, I hope it ends with Jason Segel still as a cast member.

  17. My most favorite scene of all time was when Barney trashed his office while unknowingly being observed by Robin. Priceless…

  18. He should play Herman Munster in the new Munsters TV series.

  19. If he leaves, they should do a parody of It’s a Wonderful Life. Where he would see how the world would be without him. But that world would be better without him. So the series continues as if he was never in it.

    • thats a great way to keep it going :)

    • thats a great way to keep it going

  20. I want to see Robin nude.

  21. Am I the only one that thinks Marshall gets even more annoying each episode this season? I love the show but come on…I find myself fast forwarding the video every time he opens his mouth. If he leaves, it wouldnt be a great loss for me. Anyone that irritating deserves to die.

  22. I feel that this show cannot go any longer than it is now. In my opinion the show is great, but 9 seasons, let alone 8 seasons, is stretching it. LEt the story come to a close so you don’t leave fans with a bitter taste in their mouths.

  23. Ha this show will never get to reveal the question that teases everyone! Good. It is the most unoriginally written watered down two-dimensional show with the most boring sets I’ve ever seen on a sitcom. But maybe I’m just tired of shows with a multi camera pov and laugh track.

  24. Lol, I love it when an actor or actress decides to quit their most successful job in order to “pursue other areas.” I guess he changed his mind when he noticed that he’s not even a B-list celebrity and decided to finish out the series. Jason, I love you and your show, but people have already forgotten that you were on Freaks and Geeks, nobody on the planet other than me remembers SLC Punk, and what was that movie you did with that Veronica Mars chick like ten years ago? Neither a blockbuster or a cult classic. Hell, even Russell Brand’s fifteen minutes of fame are up. Tell you what, Jason. If you’re unhappy with your current job, I’ll trade with you. You can come here to the freezing midwest and sit in a grey cubicle all day long getting asbestos poisoning while working for just about enough money to get by. In return, I’ll trot off to sunny California and play pretend for gobs and gobs of cash while making out with Alyson Hannigan everyday. What do you think?