Jason Momoa Cast as Conan the Barbarian!

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jason mamoa cast conan the barbarian remake Jason Momoa Cast as Conan the Barbarian!

The remake of 1982′s Conan the Barbarian is on its way and replacing Arnold Schwarzenegger as the infamous warrior will be Jason Momoa (Stargate: Atlantis, North Shore). Yeap, Ronon is the new Conan and if that’s not all, Mickey Rourke may be playing his father!

Ronon Dex is the character that Momoa is most well known for playing from four of the five seasons of Stargate: Atlantis and the upcoming film, Stargate: Extinction.

It was reported that Momoa met with Lionsgate last week and did a great job in his screentests and presenting himself with the execs, however they held off offering him the role until a certain other actor had the chance to audition. Long story short, Momoa had another test this week and now he’s got a career-defining role after spending most of his young career in the television business.

In October, Screen Rant reported on the casting breakdown for the Conan remake and the following description was given for the ideal actor for the title role [SPOILER Warning]:

He’s in his 20s to early 30s, Caucasian, powerfully built, broad-shouldered, sun browned skin lined with scars. Piercing blue eyes and square-cut black mane, tall. He is a savage killer that has matured into the refinement his father tried to teach him when he was young. Conan is very smart, almost inhumanly strong, and very cunning. His entire life, from the moment of his birth, has been shaped by violence. Being the last of his tribe and having to watch his father die a cruel death, he is determined avenge his peoples’ slaughter by killing all those who led the attack on the Cimmerians, including the all-powerful Khalar Singh. He is prepared to die in order to accomplish his goal. What Conan did not expect, was to find a reason to live… LEAD

Momoa is ripped but I expect he’ll be doing some bulking up if he wants to be compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s take on the Barbarian. He meets most of the requirements listed above and I’m up for seeing what he can do as Conan. He did play a bad-ass warrior dude in Stargate, not too different – he just won’t have that cool gun to battle Thulsa Doom (played by James Earl Jones in the original).

conan remake arnold schwarzenegger Jason Momoa Cast as Conan the Barbarian!

Can Jason Momoa look like this?

Latino Review is also exclusively reporting that Jason Momoa not only beat out Kellan Lutz and John Brotherton, but that the other candidate for the role was Supernatual’s Jared Padalecki who auditioned for the role this week before they decided on Mamoa. Padalecki had an in for the audition having worked with Conan director Marcus Nispel before on the Friday the 13th remake and he auditioned last week.

That’s not all, El Mayimbe also got the exclusive that they’ve offered the role of Conan’s dad to comeback wonder Mickey Rourke who hit it big with The Wrestler last year and will kick-off this summer as the lead villain in Iron Man 2.

What do you think of Jason Momoa as Conan and Mickey Rourke possible playing his father?

Conan will be directed by Marcus Nispel and will likely open in summer 2011.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. How is being part Hawaiian and Native American perfect for playing the role of Conan? Please re-read the books.

  2. So I assume you have a problem with a non-American actor playing Captain America, as well?

  3. I've read the books too and and appreciate authenticity in movies. So what if Jason is half Hawaiian. As long as he looks the part and is able to act well, then what's the problem?

  4. Wow man you're so touchy. Do you regard Keanu Reeves as an American or Hawaiian actor?

  5. He doesn't look the part. Are you an idiot?

  6. I don't care wether Keanu is Hawaiian or American. The point is JM looks Hawaiian, Conan doesn't. Poor choice.

  7. Cut off the dreads and shave that crap off his face, then they just need to pump him full of protein.

  8. It's going to suck anyway, I'm afraid. They're casting a pretty boy, just like they did with Kull the Conqueror, and look how well THAT turned out.

  9. Pathfinder. Not really a bad story given the historical setting, but it very much looked like he had Frank Frazetta on his mind when it was made

  10. so what is your issue with him being a Hawaiian just the skin tone or what,
    I mean really you are seriously sounding raciest here harping on the Hawaiian ethnicity of the actor and it is not like he can't bulk up for the movie the guy isnt exactly small to start with ya know.

  11. OK, you need to calm down. I've deleted your “idiot” comment – we don't tolerate name calling or personal attacks here.

  12. Dear lord, you're a whiner.

  13. No, YOU fail.



  16. Agreed. Too American in style. Californian accents don't seem to fit in the Hyborean age somehow. If they cast kids or comedy actors for a slapstick quotient I'll scream.

    Why didn't they give it the Solomon Kane treatment.

  17. I'm Racist because he looks Hawaiian and Conan doesn't? I also think “The Prince of Persia” should look Persian, so now I'm not racist, right?

  18. No, YOU fail at calling people failures!

  19. Nor was he Austrian, considering the past logic fail before launch.

  20. Being Austrian makes Arny a much closer match then someone who is half Hawaiian. Also you're assuming I think Arnold was a good choice for Conan? The first movie wasn't total trash but it wasn't a master piece or even something respecting REH's work. What's the problem with expecting a director/producer to respect the IP? I understand that it isn't a very common practice, but it definatly helps to at least try to make an honest attempt to do so.

    The problem with almost all of the people speaking in favor of Momoa is that they do so out of fan loyalty to the Stargate series. Sure he was great in Stargate but you aren't required to assume that because someone is a great actor that they are perfect for every role. Kind of silly. If anything, this part will be bad for Jason because it is destined to be a flop of epic proportions and will actually hurt his career and maybe propel it into the dumpster.

    The simple facts of this matter are…

    1. Conan doesn't look Hawaiian
    2. Conan does look Caucasian
    3. Conan is very muscular but also quick and panther-like
    4. JM is Hawaiian, he looks Hawaiian and I can promise you that he would be insulted if you where to tell him he didn't look Hawaiian
    5. The Stargate series is where actors go to die not to be born
    6. The Cimmerians where based of the Cimbri from northern Europe
    7. The novels place the Cimmerian's ancestors (the Atlantians) off of the coast near where Britain would be
    8. Conan doesn't look Hawaiian
    9. Conan doesn't look Hawaiian
    10. and finally, Conan doesn't look Hawaiian

  21. I agree that if someone looks the part, then great!!

    The problem is Jason is half Hawaiian and looks Hawaiian.

    I doubt they can make him look the part, but if they can then I will eat my words. Check out the REH forums, and you'll see that the people they picked to make the movie and even the script is silly and awful. This latest news about Jason as Conan has all the REH fans throwing their hand in the air and giving up on this production.

  22. (Regarding points 1,2,4,6,7,8,9,10)
    Probably just a matter of opinion, though his father is a native Hawaiian, his mother is of German and Irish descent (the Cimbri were thought to be of a Celtic or Germanic tribe), and I think he looks every bit as European/Caucasian as I do with Irish, German, and Italian descent. Honestly I thought he was just another white actor until learning of his heritage from this board.

    (Regarding point 3)
    I think his build already speaks to “very muscular but also quick and panther-like”. Hell he could even throw on another 15-20 pounds of muscle and still not sacrifice that look.

    More over from what I have seen his acting skills are great, but more importantly his physical acting skills are excellent.

    I expect some very handy sword work from Momma based on Atlantis, plus all the training he will undoubtedly receive for the film.

  23. Do you like Momoa as a pick as much as I do Vic?

  24. correct

  25. You don't look at him and see his Polynesian heritage? Are we being honest with each other? Because it doesn't seem like you're being honest with me here. Being of mixed heritage is in no way a bad thing and sometimes it might even be hard to tell ethinicity, I'm only bringing this up in reference to fitting the character, when someone has mixed heritage, but you can definitely see that Jason is half Hawaiian.

    I have no idea what you look like, and I will not speculate on the matter because your rationalization is irrelevant because we couldn't confirm either you heritage or your looks easily. So there really is no reason to even bring the matter up except to rationalize your point in an obscure manner.

    Also when REH described his movements as panther like he also described Conan as being corded and very muscular, and Jason isn't corded either. He is muscular but more in the sense that he's fit, he definitely isn't corded or anything close to how Conan is described.

    He's not a bad actor, but he is is not movie calibre yet IMO. TV yes, but 5 star movie potential? maybe with some more experience (yes it's only an opinion).

    Anyways Jason does look part Hawaiian which makes him not fit the role very well, we really don't need to bring it up again because it's true and obvious, and I'm sure he would be insulted if either of us told him he doesn't look half Hawaiian anyways.

    So let's not banter back and forth where I show you example of someone who is half something but looks like it and you show me someone who is half something but doesn't look it.

  26. incorrect

  27. Yes honestly the first time I saw him on Atlantis I did not say “oh he is Hawaiian” or Pacific Islander, or anything. It was more like “why does this dude have dreads, and why do I like it?”

  28. But I agreed to an end of banter. Fair thee well my REH friend.

  29. Yes honestly the first time I saw him on Atlantis I did not say “oh he is Hawaiian” or Pacific Islander, or anything. It was more like “why does this dude have dreads, and why do I like it?”