Jason Momoa is Drax The Destroyer in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ [Updated]

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Jason Momoa Topless Game of Thrones Jason Momoa is Drax The Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy [Updated]

Bullet to the Head wasn’t the success or epic action film that Sylvester Stallone hoped it could be, but it was a great vehicle for supporting actor Jason Momoa to get some positive buzz back in his corner after starring as Conan the Barbarian.

Momoa had a limited but impressive role in HBO’s Game of Thrones and now he’s joining one of the world’s biggest film franchises, as one of the core members of Marvel Studios’ upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy.

Latino-Review – who’ve been leading the charge in dropping Guardians news bits before Marvel even confirmed the film – has the scoop on the major casting news, and according to their trusted (and proven) sources, Jason Momoa will play Drax the Destroyer.

According to the report, Momoa won Marvel’s attention with an impressive screen test and they immediately offered him the part. He’s currently in negotiations to join the James Gunn written and directed film.

Drax is the second character to be cast, with Chris Pratt signing up as the film’s lead Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord last week. Unsubstantiated rumors previously listed Isaiah Mustafa (center in the below image), Brian Patrick Wade (left) and Dave Bautista (right) as being up for the role.

Isaiah Mustafa Brian Patrick Wade Dave Bautista 570x256 Jason Momoa is Drax The Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy [Updated]

With his physically focused roles in Stargate Atlantis, Conan the Barbarian and Game of Thrones, Momoa is no stranger to showing off his upper body muscles and wielding bladed weapons, and that’s exactly what Guardians of the Galaxy needs. Take a look at the official Guardians concept art version of Drax to see – looks like Momoa will make due without the long hair for this role:

Guardians of the Galaxy Drax the Destroyer 570x333 Jason Momoa is Drax The Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy [Updated]

Like Pratt, Momoa is another great pick-up for the franchise, as someone who has many years ahead of him in the business, is on the edge of becoming a star in Hollywood, and can easily become a fan-favorite – especially as the ruthless Drax whose one objective in life, after dying as a human and being re-purposed as a weapon, is to hunt down and destroy Thanos.

James Gunn has very clear and specific ideas for each of the characters according to executive producer Victoria Alonso, and next, needs to cast voice actors for Rocket Raccoon and Groot, while choosing a female lead for Gamora. Other characters they may be casting for include Nova, Quasar, and potentially many other beings from Marvel’s cosmic universe. Pre-production and special effects/animation work has already begun and principal photography begins this June in London.

[Update: Additional reports indicate Momoa and his agent were in negotiations for higher pay and it’s gotten to the point where Marvel Studios has re-begun screen testing other actors for the role.]

More shortly… Let me know on Twitter if you approve of this casting @rob_keyes.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

Source: Latino-Review

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  1. Im hoping for smart Drax. Avengers can have the “dumb” team member (Hulk). Guardians needs top notch members.

    • Guardians never had dumb Drax and from the knife wielding Drax in the concept art, you have nothing to worry about.

    • @Spectacular – So what you saying, ‘Hulk’ ain’t top notch because he certainly is. And remember ‘Hulk’s’ alter ego is far from dumb as we all know.

  2. Great choice Marvel! Well played!!

    • Yes, Well played indeed!

  3. This guy can’t act though

    • If you actually watched GoT you would know better.

      • And Stargate: Atlantis (which I am surprised is not mentioned Screenrant…..)

        • actually it is, go back and look “With his physically focused roles in Stargate Atlantis, Conan the Barbarian and Game of Thrones, Momoa is no stranger to showing off his upper body muscles and wielding bladed weapons”

          • Ahhh, I missed it under those femefan pictures.

      • He’s no actor, just another big buff dude that can only play one role; big buff guy.

        Thinking about it he’s right for this role, since this green monster doesn’t speak beside a few words.

      • Word! His performance for Conan was not terrible. The movie just needed a better screen writer. Game Of Thrones has a great screen writer.

  4. Since he’s going to be wearing alot of make-up in GotG, I wouldn’t mind seeing him play The Executioner in Thor 3!

  5. ” while choosing a female lead for Gamora.”

    Gamora you say Keyes? One of the most bad ass and lethal female hand to hand fighters in Marvel U? Why not Carano? She could definitely fight in real life but has yet to really prove herself in film, but for the role of Gamora I don’t think she’ll need to much..

    • Gemma Arterton!

      • nah man. Rachel Nichols for Gamora the actress already played a sexy green chick in Star Trek

    • Why not Carano? For the same reason she shouldn’t be Wonder Woman……She can’t act her way out of a paper bag. For a venture as risky as GotG you don’t give any important role to MMA fighters who think they can act.

      I also think Gamora needs to be a black woman, partially because green would be more believable on a dark complexion.

      • @Mongoose, I agree, even though Gamora isn’t human, something about the character seems more suited for a Black woman(no and I don’t mean because of the angry Black Woman stereotype LOL!)or Latina besides the skin color thing and the need for a Black female heroine in MCU. There’s just something about the character that reminds me of Tatiana Ali with a Grace Jones attitude. I’d also like to see Moondragon, and as an Asian women, which seems more suited for that character imo. Besides the acting and physicality, it also would depend on how good her head would look bald and the body structure. Tall, lean and ripped, bald but still sexy and badass.

        • haha, I think we agreed about this the last time it was discussed.

          Whomever plays Gamora should have a more ethnic background than a boring white girl. This is a great place for Marvel to add some diversity.

          • this is the reaon why Marvel Studio should do a Heroes For Hire movie they are the most diverse superhero team.

            • @Mace, I agree, I think that Heroes For Hire, HFH or H4H(4 heroes, two guys and two girls), is VERY cool and can lead the way for come backs for The Punisher and Daredevil as cameos or easter eggs. I think some of the best contenders for the directors and writers would be Shane Black for screenwriter and either Ridley Scott, Antione Fuqua or a lead director from “The Wire”. Laz Alsonso would be perfect as Luke Cage but he’s just a little too short. Luke Cage should be at least 6’4 unless they can make him look taller with lifts or boots. Michael Jai White has the right look but not the acting skills unfortunately.

              • i feel Justin Lin would be alright for a Heroes For Hire movie. look what he have done for the Fast and Furious movies he casted a diverse people who kick-a$$.

                • @Mace – As much as ‘Luke Cage’ obviously has to be black, ‘Iron Fist’ has to be asian, no if’s and but’s about that. I did’nt think about ‘Justin Lin’, not a bad choice at all, he has been very good in the ‘F&F’ films.

                  • Why would or should Iron Fist be Asian – since he is distinctly not in the comics?

            • @Mace – They are indeed diverse, a Black dude and an Asian dude as superheros, pretty damn cool if you ask me. A ‘Heores For Hire’ film definantly needs to happen.

              • last time i check Iron Fist is a white dude not asian lol. Colleen Wing is a asian female who is a badass samurai

                • @Mace – Your right about that, he is a white dude. I slipped a little bit on that one and forgot, that’s what happens when you’ve been working a little too hard my friend, haha.

                    • @mace – Thanks for the heads up on this article, i just checked it out and it was really cool. I am familiar with ‘Grace Randolph’, i have seen other youtube videos from her before.

          • @mongoose, LOL! I’m not going so far as to say white girls are boring(which I’m sure you didn’t mean it that way) it’s just boring seeing white girls over and over and taking the majority of the female roles, especially within the MCU.

            • @Blastaar – Yeah outside of ‘Storm’ there isn’t any popular black female superheroes, so hiring a black actress for the role of ‘Gamora’ might not be a bad idea at all. This is another reason why it’s a must for Marvel Studios to bring ‘Black Panther’ & ‘Luke Cage’ to the big screen, for more diversity. Sure we have ‘War Machine’ on the big screen and ‘Falcon’ on the way, but neither are what i consider TRUE LEAD superheroes. ‘Nick Fury’ is great as well, but he’s a governement agent not a superhero. The Marvel Studios films have been great and they’re headed in a great direction, but those missing characters are the only elements that’s missing from what Marvel needs in my honest opinion.

              • well if Marvel Studio do Heroes For Hire movie. Misty Knight would be a strong black female character on film. also Halle Berry as Storm was the biggest miscast. Angela Bassett would of been a great Storm.

                • @Mace & Super70, I agree with you guys. The one character that needs to also have his own live action film would be “Shang Chi”. They can connect Shang Chi to Iron Fist also. Shang Chi IS Asian so THAT would be a good move and it would also be a great martial/mysitc arts movie which Marvel Studios hasn’t done yet. So Marvel Studios would have action-adventure, drama, sci-fi,fantasy,and martial arts to the list and I’m sure they’ll be a little comedic moments within each.

                  That’s why I think Marvel needs a Marvel Knights studio to helm it’s other more adult themed properties.

          • Or a boring black girl, or a boring Asian girl

          • Or a boring black girl, or a boring Asian girl, or ….

            • @Ruben Carrasco – Now why would a ‘Black’ or ‘Asian’ girl be boring, and just like i’ll ask why would a ‘White’ girl be boring. In the end the main thing that matters is how that actress performs in the role, regardless of her race. If whoever Marvel chooses to play ‘Gamora’ kills it in that role, none of us will care what ethnicity the actress is, trust me on that.

  6. Awesome casting choice!
    The only way they could top this is by getting Jason Statham to voice Rocket Raccoon.
    Oh, and while they’re at it, Marvel might as well lock down Yvonne Strahovski for the role of Ms Marvel and get Aldis Hodge as the Black Panther for their future movies 😀

    • @The Avenger – I could not agree with you anymore on Marvel Studios needing to get down to buisness and signing actors for the roles of ‘Black Panther’ & ‘Ms. Marvel’ my firend. Rather it’s the actors you mentioned or different actors, just get down to it Marvel because they’re long overdue in my opinion.

      • You’re right. When an interviewer asked Bendis if Michael Rooker (from ‘The Walking Dead’) could voice RR, Bendis gave a smile and said he would be good, but that Jason Statham would be good also (implying he’d rather want to see/hear Statham)
        I doubt Bendis has any influence over who Marvel casts, but let’s hope he puts in a good word on the fans’ behalf! :)

          • @Nick, Hey thanks for posting that link. Rocket Raccoon needs a voice that will make him sound very serious and NOT comical at all. Jim Carrey is not the right fit for Rocket Raccoon. I’d imagine that what Jim Carrey would do would be be to make Rocket sound like Clint Eastwood, that might make the audience chuckle but it wouldn’t make them take the character seriously because he’s already very risky as it is because he’s a talking raccoon.

            The one and only role I can see Carrey being able to do that would work is as either “Mantis” or “Pip the troll”(the latter being more likely).

          • Really statham? He has a good voice but i thought acting ability was worth something. He has none atleast rooker has skill

            • Trey has spoken!

  7. Anybody else think this guy would make a great Lobo in the JL movie? I didn’t initially think so, but seeing this picture with the darkened eyes makes me think he’d pull it off. It can’t be worst than casting him as Conan anyway haha.

  8. 1-Nova isn’t with the GOTG, he’s with the New Warriors.

    2-I think Jason Momoa is a good choice for Drax

    • I know that he isnt with GOTG, however in the marvel studios universe, the Kree, Skrulls, and Shia’ar DONT exist, and it has been sugested that the nova corps might take their place, and Nove may have a part with the storyline. Also we are currently lacking an obnoxious, cocky young adult/teen hero(sorry, they striped hawkeye of his cockiness, and his inviduality, and Spidey isnt available), and Nova fits the bill

      • @Mando-ant-man, The Kree are owned by Marvel Studios, The Skrulls can either be used by Marvel Studios OR Fox BUT The Shia’ar(because they’re more exclusively X-Men related characters) I guarantee they are owned by Fox. I do agree though, Hawkeye’s character was lacking his true personality. They missed the perfect opportunity for him to call Iron Man “shellhead” in retaliation for when Tony called Hawkeye “Legolas”. Hawkeye calls Captain America “old man” all of the time too and they missed out on that also.

        • You are correct on the first 2 counts but the Shia’ar I don’t know about. Although they do have strong ties to the X-Men, They aren’t, “mutant” (which is the stipulation on what Fox gained from Marvel) and are more cosmic.

          • @Mongoose Fox has the rights to many characters who are not mutants such as Trask, Senator Kelly, Moira MacTaggert, and others. Characters who share a direct link with or are featured mainly with the X-Men universe are owned by Fox, some are in the grey area and can be used by either studio like Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, The Skrulls and possibly Gladiator. If I was Marvel Studios, I’d tie up any connections with those characters so that Fox couldn’t use them first. Secondly they need to find a way to get the Fantastic Four back and cough up those bucks. Fox can keep the X-Men for all I care. Sooner or later they will run out of ideas and the general public will get tired of reboots from Fox.

    • Nova is apart of the Nova Corps. If we don’t see Rider or Alexander, there is still a chance we will see a or a few different Nova Centurions in the background some where. Like in the Silver Surfer animated series, Centurions would pop up all the time in the background. It was like a “Where’s Waldo?”

      Also, the ships in the concept are shaped like the Nova Corps symbol so I might not be wrong.

  9. Good choice. Liked him in Stargate Atlantis

  10. Hummm, while I had never considered him, Mamoa has a certain intensity that definitely would lend itself to playing Drax.

    I bet when he’s bald, beardless and green we won’t even recognize him.

    • It so strange, I never considered him for the role either, but now that I know he’s playing Drax, it almost seems blindingly obvious that he’s the right guy for the job.

  11. Brian Patrick Wade would make a good cyclops He’s got the physique, the look, and the height(and yes, I know fox owns the rights to the x-men, unfortunately). Just put a really real-looking toupe on his head or let him get a hair transplant and you got cyke. Frankly, I think Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson looks more like drax (in face, height, and build) than momoa.

  12. OH god i looove that man lol

  13. This guy is a terrible actor and yes i watch GOT,

    I would rather a wrestler who could act than this guy.

    Every film he’s in does bad, come on marvel.

    • Too bad there arn’t any wrestlers who can actually “act” in that capacity. (or atleast not any who are still actual wrestlers at the current moment)

  14. After watching him in Game of Thrones this has my full support! I am actually was surprised I have not thought about this before to be honest because I just makes sense.

    I do not know Chris Pratt well so I will trust others that he is capable. Momoa I like. Now Jason Statam as Rocket Racoon!

  15. awww soommmmmmeee

  16. Bet this bombs.
    Hope they don’t make it (cuz of Tree & Coon).
    Hope I’m wrong about bombing.

    • @Goldilocks – Eventhough this is my least anticipated film in ‘Phase 2′, i don’t see it bombing. It definantly has to be marketed, promoted and advertised heavily along with impressive trailers. In the end, the General Audience are the ones that determine if any film will be a hit or miss. It’s up to Marvel to do their best in selling this film, which i expect they will, they just have to hope the General Audience will be sold on it by the time it’s released.

  17. I could be wrong but this is the same thing MANY people were saying about The Avengers. “It’s gonna flop” “won’t work” etc., It’s great to speculate but I’m hoping does well and Marvel will connect it to Avengers and market it well because of it’s obscurity and I think that will pay off.

    • Anyone who thought that the Avengers would flop is a moron.

    • Flop is a relative term. I don’t see this movie making more then Thor, Captain America or the Hulk. If they make back the money they put in with a decent profit margin then I think they will be happy. If it exceeds expectations then all the better.

  18. Your Momoa!!…

  19. Yes! I am very pleased with the casting choice, Momoa is perfect for the role.

    And I kinda agree with a previous comment. Gamora maybe should be a black actress, seems to fit the role better. But we’ll see. I trust marvel completely.

    So far the casting is very awesome. Can’t wait this movie.

  20. Word on the street is that Mamoa wants double the ca$h from Marvel. I think he’s needs to take a step back and be thankful he’s being considered after the flops he’s been in(Not totally his fault but he did choose to be in them). GOTG has the potential to take his career into a better, recognizable direction and finally get him into a blockbuster franchise that will strengthen his career. That’s why some actors are VERY picky when it comes to the script, screenplay and who’s directing the movie they’ll be in.

    Everybody can’t do what Samuel Jackson does and still make it in Hollywood, that man doesn’t turn down anything.

    • @KingBlastaar, I can see his reason for wanting double. That’s actually not a bad idea on his part.

      Look at it this way, you see all the hate this movie is getting, he’s prob thinking this movie has a potential for flopping like the pervious movies he has been in. Therefore it’s kind of a safety precaution.

      Plus if the movie does succeed then that’s another win cuz now Marvel would get the money back through its success.

      Also, seeing all the money they brought in with Avengers, he’s taking the opportunity where he may get what he wants.

      Smart move on his part. He will do well as smart Drax.

  21. Your all missing the point though this guy cannot act for s***

    • Seriously? He can’t act? Why does he keep getting work? He doesn’t have the draw a name like Kristen Stewart pulls. He can’t get away with one expression and a monotone voice. Obviously people like his acting. Why else would he be considered a fan favorite from GoT and Stargate: Atlantis?

      • Why does the dozens of actors who cant act get jobs? Cause the movie business is stupid. This guy cant act period

        • Yeah, Trey you’re a genius, you should totally oversee the entire MCU.

    • He is a decent enough actor for the role, it’s not like they are doing Hamlet.

  22. Momoa is a good choice. He isn’t well known enough for his persona to interfear with Drax’s traits like Mustafa could. And I actually saw Conan in the theater; he was fine in it.
    But I still can’t get behind Chris Pratt – too lightweight.

  23. He looks like Mac when he play’s nightman in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in the first picture.

    • A master of karate and friendship..

  24. I thought he was brilliant in the recent Conan – very under-rated film.

    I am sure he’ll do the same here as part of this exciting new Marvel Master-Piece !

  25. Looks like I’ll be taking a pass. Jason Momoa is the worst actor I’ve ever seen. He single-handedly got me to stop watching Stargate: Atlantis. How is he able to keep getting work??

  26. I don’t know a whole lot abou gaurdians but I him it will turn out to be a great filmin the end, im glad how they’re finally getting somewhere with the casting now with Sta-Lord and Drax the Destroyer all taken care of tha leaves only three left so for y dream cast I say Ray Liota to voice Racket Racoon, Roxanne McKee to play gamora, and for Groot I vote Dennis Haysbret that is my dream cast for this movie

    Chris Pratt- Star Lord
    Jason Momoa- Drax the Destroyer
    Roxanne McKee- Gamora
    Ray Liota- Rocket Racoon
    Dennis Haysbret- Groot

    • @Conor, Lmao! I’m sorry, if you “don’t know a whole lot abou gaurdians” then how can you possibly have a dream cast?

  27. Question : Are Marvel going to bring Adam Warlock or Captain Marvel into this Universe at some-point !
    I’d love to see those characters come to life next.

  28. I good with him playing Drax.. He should also play Lobo.. minimal make-up required

  29. idc …black panther has been in talks longer than guardians,pym,and strange this isnt fair to me or the african american community. but neverless im soooo hyped for strange top 3 heroes

    • @luther donquixote – I hear you man, hearing about Marvel doing ‘Black Panther’ for so many years(more than a decade) and than just seeing movies like “GOTG” basically coming out of nowhere is pretty damn depressing to me as well. I’m far more excited about “Dr. Strange” than i am “GOTG”, but i will give it a chance because i’m a big Marvel fan. If we don’t see the likes of ‘Black Panther’ & ‘Luke Cage’ grace the screen in the future, our fears about Marvel being a racist biggoted company will have been proven right. And please don’t give that B.S about ‘War Machine’, ‘Heimdall’ & ‘War Machine’, they’re great but second stringers and we all know it, Marvel you’re not fooling us. I’m still palying wait and see like everyone else, so i won’t blast Marvel yet. But i’m telling you now, if Marvel does not use those characters they regret it in the long run.