Jason Momoa is Drax The Destroyer in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ [Updated]

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Jason Momoa Topless Game of Thrones Jason Momoa is Drax The Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy [Updated]

Bullet to the Head wasn’t the success or epic action film that Sylvester Stallone hoped it could be, but it was a great vehicle for supporting actor Jason Momoa to get some positive buzz back in his corner after starring as Conan the Barbarian.

Momoa had a limited but impressive role in HBO’s Game of Thrones and now he’s joining one of the world’s biggest film franchises, as one of the core members of Marvel Studios’ upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy.

Latino-Review – who’ve been leading the charge in dropping Guardians news bits before Marvel even confirmed the film – has the scoop on the major casting news, and according to their trusted (and proven) sources, Jason Momoa will play Drax the Destroyer.

According to the report, Momoa won Marvel’s attention with an impressive screen test and they immediately offered him the part. He’s currently in negotiations to join the James Gunn written and directed film.

Drax is the second character to be cast, with Chris Pratt signing up as the film’s lead Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord last week. Unsubstantiated rumors previously listed Isaiah Mustafa (center in the below image), Brian Patrick Wade (left) and Dave Bautista (right) as being up for the role.

Isaiah Mustafa Brian Patrick Wade Dave Bautista 570x256 Jason Momoa is Drax The Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy [Updated]

With his physically focused roles in Stargate Atlantis, Conan the Barbarian and Game of Thrones, Momoa is no stranger to showing off his upper body muscles and wielding bladed weapons, and that’s exactly what Guardians of the Galaxy needs. Take a look at the official Guardians concept art version of Drax to see – looks like Momoa will make due without the long hair for this role:

Guardians of the Galaxy Drax the Destroyer 570x333 Jason Momoa is Drax The Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy [Updated]

Like Pratt, Momoa is another great pick-up for the franchise, as someone who has many years ahead of him in the business, is on the edge of becoming a star in Hollywood, and can easily become a fan-favorite – especially as the ruthless Drax whose one objective in life, after dying as a human and being re-purposed as a weapon, is to hunt down and destroy Thanos.

James Gunn has very clear and specific ideas for each of the characters according to executive producer Victoria Alonso, and next, needs to cast voice actors for Rocket Raccoon and Groot, while choosing a female lead for Gamora. Other characters they may be casting for include Nova, Quasar, and potentially many other beings from Marvel’s cosmic universe. Pre-production and special effects/animation work has already begun and principal photography begins this June in London.

[Update: Additional reports indicate Momoa and his agent were in negotiations for higher pay and it's gotten to the point where Marvel Studios has re-begun screen testing other actors for the role.]

More shortly… Let me know on Twitter if you approve of this casting @rob_keyes.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.


Source: Latino-Review

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  1. Well ,at least Batista didn’t get the part. Thank God for that.

    • I wouldn’t be too unhappy if he did get it, he’s a decent actor considering he only got into the entertainment industry 14 years ago aged 30.

      Momoa…..should be a good choice, now lets hope for Statham as RR’s voice.

      • Just not a fan of wrestlers trying to be actors.

        • technically, they already are actors. If you’ve ever watched wrestling, then you’ll see that it’s all staged. They’re just playing their own parts.

          • @Ghost:

            What?!? Wresting is staged. Spoiler alert next time please.

            Momoa is strange looking… something about his eyebrows.

            • @BigNerd, No need to worry, Drax doesn’t have any hair on his body.

            • I’m not going to give a spolier alert for something that has been known for decades now.

        • obviously not counting the rock who is awesome!

        • While I usually have the same knee-jerk reaction to wrestlers trying to transition into big screen acting, we should really give them a chance before we write them off.

  2. He’s basically a less dumb version of the hulk so anybody big and intimidating would fit the part.

  3. Perfect choice. Plain and simple.

  4. Yeah, they nailed this one. Now Rocky Raccoon for RR and one of the LOTR trees for Groot.

    • ^ this guy

  5. Im not big fan of him being the lead & him talking a ton but honestly he’s probably fit for this role, he probably won’t have to carry the movie with his acting but with his physical presents plus he’s probably cheap for Marvel to get, which will enable them to put more money into this big CGI movie plus he’s fan of the comicbook genre & won’t be too much of a pre-madonna since he’s not a big star…

    • Prima donna or ‘prime donne’, although, I must admit, pre-madonna also fits. :-P

      • lmao +1

      • hahahaha

      • Haha good one thats what happens when you write quick & don’t think or proof read…

  6. I always felt that Momoa was at least an entertaining actor I thought he was gratin game of thrones like everybody else I absolutely hated Conan though but based in the 15-20minutes of the movie i that’s watched before getting scarred for life but it’s utter awfulness I didn’t think the movie’s failure to entertain me was entirely his fault honestly I feel like any movie he’s in he always seem to be in it and enjoy what he’s doing. Bottom line I think he’s an entertaining actor I think he’ll doallright

    • ….gratin game of thrones…mmmmmmm…..

      • Hmmmmmmm…….

        • Hmmmmmmmmm?

          • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

    • to be fair I would blame poor writing and directing for Conan, Momoa did what he could with what he had

  7. Great choice IMO.

  8. Agree with everyone here. Perfect choice. He is an under rated actor. He was just magnetic and dominated every scene he was in while on “Game of Thrones”.

  9. If Momoa delivers the kind of performance that he gave in Game of Thrones, then Guardians of the Galaxy will be EPIC.

  10. Somebody at Marvel is watching a lot of Game of Thrones. ;)

    • Definitely. Hence Alan Taylor directing Thor: The Dark World, Game of Thrones-style :)

    • Yeah dont be suprised of the other actors also come from game of thrones of community…. thats what cap directors did right? Or was it parks and rec?

      • Dude, in regards to that.. I’ve been saying for the past year know that Aiden Gillen (Lord Petyr Balish, Littlefinger) would be perfect as Dr. Strange.

  11. For those complaining, you don’t need an Oscar worthy actor to play Drax. You just need a complete badass, which is exactly what Momoa can be. He’s a way better pick than the others.

  12. awesome!!!

  13. I’m still not completely sold on Jason Momoa but luckily he should’nt have to act too much as Drax. Just kick the crap out of aliens. But good casting choice.

  14. my only question is how they are going to make him look like a saxaphonist/real estate agent pre-death XD. and anybody else see in the picture that drax does look very androidish you can see the plating. now the additional question is it smart or dumb drax? not that I super know the difference, either way he is dangerous

    • I’m sure it’ll be smart Drax cuz he has the knives in the concept art. After all, Drax used the knives to make up for his lost powers as dumb Drax. Dumb Drax wouldn’t need the knives; not only that he could potentially cut himself as dumb Drax but with energy projection and super strength, you wouldn’t need the knives lol

      Plus the Guardians had smart Drax apart of the team. So most likely it’s smart Drax.

    • The same way they made Chris Evans look like an asthmatic boney kid as pre-serum Steve.

      • That looked terrible and was distracting

  15. With the signings of Chris Patt and Jason Momoa, i like what i’m seeing so far from Marvel. These guys look like real good fits for the roles of ‘Star-Lord’ & ‘Drax The Destroyer’. From the way Marvel is starting to move on casting announcements for “GOTG”, it should’nt be too long before we get more casting news.

  16. So its official, whomver is officially leake as “in contention” for a role will never get it lol they always pic somebody else thats not on the “list”. My question now is who makes these lists? Inside info my left foot.

    • @Bellcure, you’re absolutely right, it may be that Marvel Studios themselves actually put out the diversion themselves in order to throw people off and create more buzz, then throw a curve ball special. Chris Hemsworth and others. Marvel Studios..You….you…(pointing finger in Robert Dinero voice). <I stole that from somebody else on here. LOL!!!

    • Those stories were just to get hits on web sites and generate buzz for the movie. The only two roles they speculated on were way off and at this point there might not be any big name shocks added.

  17. Looks like good casting to me. I’m a little concerned about the production time, but presumably there’s been a lot of pre-production.

    I don’t know how widely this is known, but I only recently found out that Groot was created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Dick Ayers, in 1960, as one of the many monster stories of the time.

    I read a story with Googam and Goom in an X-men FC book. And I believe Fing Fang Foom got his start in those late 50′s Monster books.

    I was always partial to Titan, The Amphibian From Atlantis, myself.

  18. (*said in crotchety old man’s voice) Back in my day Drax the Destroyer used to be the size of the Hulk & Juggernaut. mmhm. Sure was…look at him now, walk’n around carry’n knives ‘n such. Blasphemy I tell ya’! Pure blaspemy….

    • While I agree with you I think Mavel took that into consideration with Drax. To avoid confusion they went with a lean Drax instead of the “hulking” Drax. But that’s just me thinking out loud, could be wrong.

    • There is a reason why he has knives. In the 2005 Drax mini series, his original android body started to malfunction, after drinking liquid plasma. Then his body became unconscious and acted like a cocoon for the smart Drax. The smart Drax hatched out of the dumb Drax without the powers of flight, super strength, and energy projection. However he retrieved all of his old knowledge from when he was alive, along with all the knowledge he learned as dumb Drax.

      • @Guardian Outlaw, I am going to go out on a limb and say all three of us have at least some knowlage of GoTG. I thnik k(Black)’s chief complaint is that Drax isn’t the size of the Hulk, can’t fly, or shoot energy beams. Thats the Drax that he remebers and is fond of. My thoughts on the matter was that Marvel wanted to avoid confusion between dumb Drax and the Hulk. For people who dont have a comic background I could see them saying, “how come Hulk is now in space and can fly and shoot energy blasts?” Now everything you said is 100% correct. But going back to my origional point, I think Marvel went with smaller smart Drax to avoid confusion with the Hulk. IMO a smart Drax makes for a more intersting line up and adds more to the team. But once again just thniking out loud here.

        • Your claim about Mavel’s concern is irrelevant. Dumb Drax was never apart of the Guardians.

          • Right, Dumb Drax was in the Infinity Watch, which GoG ripped off. Pip the Troll is much better comic relief than Rocky Raccoon ever was. At least I can still follow Pip in X-Factor.

  19. Happy with the choice, Mamoa may not have been the popular choice with many people but he brings a physicality to whatever he does.

  20. Lawn Momoa?

    • Yeah, like one of those bad-ass ones you can sit on and pretend you’re driving your own little tractor. (^-^)

  21. This might seem weird, but the only thing I’ve seen him in is Stargate Atlantis. I liked him and his character a lot in that, so I’m really excited to see him as Drax! I was also excited to see Chris Pratt cast, so I can’t wait to see who’s next!

  22. I haven’t really seen him in anything but he definitely looks the part!

  23. PERFECT choice. Absolutely perfect.

  24. Michael Rooker has to voice Rocket Raccoon

    • I dunno about that. I think they should go with the Cockney accent to make him stand out.

      • @Rob Keyes, I totally agree, something about that makes him even MORE unique, serious and badass(Why he would have a Cockney accent may be a unanimously asked question though), However, the Cockney accent just works well for some strange reason.

  25. Sick!! Momoa’s talents are perfect for Drax!! Drax is pretty much Conan in space. Momoa will play the role beautifully!! He was amazing in Game of Thrones and great in Conan the Barbarian (as weak as the story was), this is the greatest news! Thanks for the report!

    However the report failed to mention anything about Cosmo to be in the movie. Gunn did tweet Cosmo’s costume.

    • I know a lot about marvel characters, but I have never heard about a cosmo, me I am curious about Nova, and there are a couple other cosmic characters I am curious about as well

      • Aww you never heard of Cosmo? He’s an important character in the Guardians comic. The Guardians’ HQ is a space colony known as Knowhere. Cosmo the russian psychic dog is Knowhere’s chief security officer.

        Here is Gunn’s tweet of Cosmo’s costume:

  26. Now for Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Adam Warlock, and Nova.

  27. This is my most anticipated film in Marvel’s second phase. Mainly because I don’t know much of anything about these characters, so this will all be new to me. Chris Pratt and Jason Momoa are both good casting choices, but you would think from a marketing standpoint, they would cast a big name actor. Thank you Marvel for not doing the obvious and cast someone who doesn’t fit a role just to get butts in the seats.

    • @Professor Procrastination – Hum, even more anticipated than “Avengers 2″?

      • Avengers 2 is not in phase 2 but a movie that divides phase 2 and phase 3

        • Nah, it’s the end if phase 2.

        • ^of

  28. Excellent choice!!!! Well done Marvel!!!

    Now we me Stathan as RR, and this thing will be bad ass!!!

  29. nicee he was very good in game of thrones good casting marvel!!