Jason Momoa Aquaman Rumor Raises ‘Justice League’ Casting Questions

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 Jason Momoa as Aquaman Jason Momoa Aquaman Rumor Raises Justice League Casting Questions

As far as DC Comics and Warner Bros.’ movie universe goes, we’re so far into rumor and speculation right now that the nature and patterns of the rumors are about as valid and significant as the supposed information in the rumor itself. The studio’s big 2015 tentpole, Batman vs. Superman, has been a pop-culture focus ever since Ben Affleck’s Batman casting was announced, but since the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 it’s been the supporting cast of the film that has gotten attention. 

To make long weeks of rumors short: it currently sounds like Batman vs. Superman could end with a big Justice League team cameo – one that could lead into an official Justice League movie, which could potentially be shot back-to-back with BvsS. As such, additional DC superheroes (like Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman) have been expected to make an appearance in the big cameo moment – and since we recently heard that characters like Martian Manhunter are off the table, focus has been on more traditional characters like Green Lantern and Flash. 

However, Aquaman has been a major character in DC’s post-millennial movement – including the New 52 Continuity reboot. DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer (and comic book creator) Geoff Johns has maintained vague teases that Aquaman is headed for the mainstream - while fans (and sites like ours) have been expressing more and more confidence that an Aquaman movie could be great.

Aquaman vs. Black Manta Jason Momoa Aquaman Rumor Raises Justice League Casting Questions

Now, according to Badass Digest, there is a name attached to the Aquaman role, and its Game of Thrones and Conan star, Jason Momoa.

Momoa has been rumored for Batman vs. Superman for weeks now – but in that same span of time we got confirmation of Dwayne Johnson also auditioning for a part in the DCMU, which naturally led to the assumption that he and Momoa were up for the same role – most likely a brute villain like Doomsday to counter-balance the intellectual threat of Lex Luthor. Since then, rumors shifted to Johnson being up to play heroes like Green Lantern John Stewart and Cyborg, not a brute villain, while Momoa has denied any involvement whatsoever.

Furthermore, certain sites claim to have sources confirming that a character like Aquaman won’t be in the BvsS Justice League cameo – which makes Badass Digest‘s claim that Momoa IS in the film and WILL be playing Aquaman that much harder to believe.

Tempted starring Jason Momoa Jason Momoa Aquaman Rumor Raises Justice League Casting Questions

Jason Momoa in ‘Tempted’

…That brings us back around to the point about patterns of rumors. Look, at this point it’s smart not to believe ANYTHING until we know SOMETHING more solid than we have; but you can look at patterns and make some educated guesses. If Johnson and Momoa were up for the same role, then whomever they were both up for is clearly the version of the character the filmmakers want in their universe.

Doomsday, Cyborg, Aquaman… big Samoan versions would be what we’re getting. That’s not such a big deal for Doomsday (mo-cap) or Cyborg (a non-white football star in the comics) – but Aquaman?


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Batman vs Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015. Stay tuned as more casting rumors and confirmations are sure to come.

Source: Badass Digest

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  1. Surely it’s getting difficult for you guys to re-word that opening paragraph every 5 minutes?

    • Hah! My thoughts exactly. I think for the most part we all get it… rumors are rumors :)

      • The best observation ever.

        I would say, all things considered, Screenrant writers have done quite well with it.
        I haven’t noticed a copy/paste yet at least (not to say that it’s not completely justified).

        • Never.

  2. For some reason I want to see Josh Holloway as aquaman… have you ever seen the davidoff commercial?! :D

  3. Says it in the article itself…
    Another Day…Another BvS rumor.

    It getting harder to be interested…

    Having said that…I dont think they’re gonna put Aquaman in the movie.
    They could…put Doomsday.

  4. Actually the picture on the right is the Earth 3 evil Aquaman counterpart, of the Crime Syndicate of America called Sea King. But anyway, if Mamoa is in this movie I would rather it be Doomsday, Lobo, Mongul, Bizarro any of those characters. Josh Holloway for Hawkman and get somebody like Alexander Skarsgard for Aquaman.

    • @Insufferable Deadpool

      I had to condense that down to a pic caption that actually FIT :-)

      I just love that armor design so wanted to fit it in.

      • Wow my b totally missed the second page!

        Yes that is the new 52 version of aquamans evil counterpart the sea king.

    • You guys are so Racist! why cant this man play Aquaman!!! He’s got the physicality. Just dye his hair blonde!!!! WTF??

  5. Are we talking title role, or just A role in the Aquaman movie? Because both Johnson and Momoa would make for a pretty good Black Manta in my opinion.

  6. Jason Momoa as Auqaman???


  7. Jim Carrey Riddler rumor raises Tim Burton Justice League casting questions, LOL. These rumors are becoming a game. It’s funny. There are two sites that actually do weekly games on the +/- of how many websites will report the rumors (majority of them actually being falsely created). I’ve actually find the game rather enjoyable now. Another one had a poll that had a question of
    “With all the rumored casting for the Man of Steel sequel, are you more interested in the movie or less?”

    “More interested and cannot wait for opening night” 29%
    “Less interested than it was first announced. I have lost interest with the constant unconfirmed rumors” 52%
    “I don’t care either way and I will wait until the trailer to make a final judgment” 19%

    I think all these rumors are now hurting the movie more than helping

    • @JaredDac

      Here’s what that poll won’t tell you that we know from half a decade of experience:

      Fans love rumors and speculating and discussing what might be.
      A vocal minority ALWAYS complains there are too many rumors.
      Rumor posts ALWAYS bring a big flood of traffic (i.e., LOTS of people read them)
      When official things are announced (or trailers) then suddenly EVERYONE is interested in the film again.

      Bottom LINE: If you’re still clicking on the articles even while complaining about the rumors, your claims of losing interest in the film are probably false, and you’ll probably be the giddiest in the bunch when the trailer hits, no matter how good/bad it is.

      Experience is a better teacher than polling, in my experience ;-)

      • Mic…

        *Adrock voice*


        • and we’re puttin it on wax

      • As much as I want to see the movie, I actually fall into the lost interest category. Now, maybe when the trailer comes out it will change my mind but personally I am at the point where I could care less. At this point, I have more interest in Terminator: Genesis, Ant-Man, and Assassin’s Creed more than I do for this movie but that’s just me

      • OWNED!! Thanks Kofi! Lol

      • In my experience, it’s virtually always the ones complaining who go out of their way (and scream the loudest) to make sure everyone hears them, ie, visiting every site, answering every poll, trying to convince everybody their position is the right one, etc. while those who are content just go about their way as they normally do, not finding a need to be heard to feel justified in their position.

      • That’s funny kofi because I just read a poll that shows, without a shadow of a doubt ;), that polls are better teachers than experience…

      • When this full casting of BvsS and/or JL gets put on paper, I’d like to see an article reviewing all of the rumors in a 1 or 2 pager (if it fits) just to call out all of those that were talking their game.

        I write a lot of research on the markets and I take pride in verifying a rumor just as much as I take the responsibility for getting it completely wrong. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  8. “while Momoa has denied any involvement whatsoever.”

    “Furthermore, certain sites claim to have sources confirming that…”


    • It’s a discussion post. We like fan discussion. You don’t like it? See Ya Later!!!!

      THE END.

      (That goes for anyone else tempted to complain about us having geeky discussion on our site.)

      • Hey, at least you’re giving the “Stop being a bunch of nerds, ScreenRant!” poll joke a rest for the time being. I for one am grateful for that.

      • @Kofi one thing I’ve noticed is that people complaint for the sake of complaining. All the rumors are a part of today’s moviemaking, and us fans, love the discussions. You guys could be running the best site on the internet, but people would still complaint. I say keep reporting them and keep the discussions going, I love coming to SR and reading the articles and reader’s discussions and theories.

  9. Wow, I come back from work and find all these articles about my most anticipated movie, noice :). I think Jason Momoa would be a great choice for Aquaman. The man has king written all over him, (though that maybe because of Game of Thrones aha). He’s also intense, quite likeable and would really offset all the hate for Aquaman if you ask me.

    As for the Josh Holloway rumor, I find it hard to believe, isn’t he filming that ‘Intelligence’ TV show? Either way, I would LOVE for him to be part of the DC franchise.

    I like the idea of Batman Vs. Superman soon leading into a Justice League film and filming back to back. I feel like the story would be told much more organically, having things constantly build up after Superman’s reveal.

    • Thank you! You are a smart person.

  10. ::shrug::

    I was never a huge Aquaman fan (I’m in that camp that finds him silly, no matter what color his skin, lol). I can’t even recall one story where I had to admit he played an interesting part, even back in the day, he’d show up as a cameo in one of my books, but he never did anything I found engaging. The closest I came was when he lost his hand and replaced it with that spear/hook dealy-O, it seemed to suggest something exciting to my then 12 year old brain, though I was admittedly caught up in the fervor of DC’s 1990′s attempt to reinvigorate the brand by killing and causing grievous bodily harm to their stable.

    Aquaman has been around since I was a kid, so he must have something going for him. I just hope that if it turns out he will be featured, the writers find a way to make it apparent to the rest of us :D

    • All I know is that he is a beast on Injustice.

      • Yup! Apparently he’s really awesome in the New 52 series too.

  11. DC fans are like religious extremists. 

    Hyper, militant, illinformed, clueless, and insist that they and their way are not only the best and only way, but that every other way should just be gone or wiped out.

    All anybody can do is just laugh at them and WB/DC.

    I will be laughing histairically when the whole DCCU crashes and burns, and I can’t wait.

    Screen Rant= Total DC sellout website.

    • Screenrant is a total DC sellout website, as John mentions. It is pathetic that these people who run this site continue to spew the DC garbage. Man of Steel was horrible, yet they believe it was the best comic book movie of 2013. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • Hypocrite detected. DCCU will blow Marvel Sitcom Universe out of the water though.

    • Misdirection post is misdirecting.

    • “Histairically.”

      I warned you about stairs bro!!!!

      I told you dog!

  12. Sounds like Kofi isn’t too keen on Jason Momoa being Aquaman. Well, suppose it does happen, I think that it would be great. Every hero CANNOT be white, and it is not realistic when we live in a diverse world. It’s a comic book adaptation, and it’s the film makers who get to tell the story that they want to tell. Tell me, were there any non-white Kryptonians in MOS? What color are Thanagarions, New Gods, and such? Goyer and Snyder are in the Epic Movie Making Business, and they seem to know what they are doing so far. BTW, I can only go along with the all white Kryptonians because of the codecs angle. Otherwise I call bs.

    • Thank you! Everyone is missing the point of this entire article. It really came across as Racist! Seriously momoa is that much of a stretch in skin color? And Nick Fury wasn’t? Gimme a break @article writer, Momoa fits the acting abilities and physical stature of AQ. Just dye his hair and hes ready to go. In fact you wont NEED to even dye it.

      • KEW & Calypso

        I’m black #1 – so what was racist?

        #2 I didn’t state an opinion on the casting. In fact, PAGE 2 is all about how Momoa could fit in.

        Need to work on those reading skills, gents.

        • Oh yeah, this sentence was SUPER racist:

          “But this is a cinematic group ensemble we’re discussing, and variety is clearly needed. ”


          • @Kofi You know what? I’ll give you a pass, because it was an oversight that I didn’t see page #2. How about writing about (i.e talk up) the good aspects of these diverse casting scoops, rather than riling people up, lol.

  13. I think it’s funny how so many comments say “not interested in BvS casting rumors anymore.” If you’re not interested, why read the article? Further more, why go to the trouble of posting a comment responding to this article that you’re supposedly not interested in? It all seems a bit contradictory and silly to me.

    • Maybe they became disinterested after reading this article, as I have. I will still see the movie, but until it gets closer to production, I’m tired of these many articles that even admit they are 99% likely to be false. I mean if we are doing articles on every single rumor, I heard from the guy on my street corner that Anne Hathaway is up for the roll of Martian Manhunter. Might get a bit more traffic, even if it’s completely false. That’s all they really matters, right?

  14. Man of Steel 2 could bring us 2 after credits when you think about it.. or the Justice League might be united by the end of the movie (The Bat was recruiting them) and he after credit could tease the Villain or what to expect from the Justice League.
    Except, WB/DC don’t ususally filmed after credits…
    God I cannot wait!! :)

  15. I think it’d be great to have Johnson play John Stewart as GL who is filling in for Hal Jordan who happens to be off-world handling some important business. Then, maybe Hal can make an appearance in Justice League 2 or something, auguring the coming of some massive threat, maybe Darkseid.

    • Exactly!! Hal could be on the other side of the universe like he was in the most recent animated series, which was a very good show. Hal’s out there fighting the Red Lanterns, and all those other baddies that are out there. So you can have both Green Lanterns exist. Fantastic !! Don’t forget to make the Razer and Aya characters appear as well.

  16. Aquaman? That’s ridiculous. Dothraki fear any water a horse would not drink.

    • ^^ Winner. Everyone can leave.

  17. I like his work but I can’t say he strikes me as being particularly heroic. He’d make a good Orm, though. He also falls into the same category of Josh Holloway. A good actor, but not one who conveys a “King of Atlantis” regalness.

  18. I wish DC would just confirm things already. It’s not like they’re going to need any marketing to boost hype for this. Just announce everything already.

  19. The Rock should play Namor. Mickey mouse is coming for ya Dwayne Johnson. I like the approach DC is taking. I think Cyborg is a bit of a stretch. Here is my main point. All these casting rumors are fine. I don’t think the characters they portray are likely to get their own films anytime soon. So what are we talking about here: 5 minutes of dialogue and 20 mins of action set piece footage. What this film needs in the end is a challenging, creditable villian(s). Until then, its just Paul McCartney (Batman) and John Lennon (Superman) with a bunch of shinning back up singers. The group is not awesome as a whole until the threat is meaningful. End of Line.

  20. Guys, seriously, will Momoa’s Aquaman use the Stargate Atlantis dagger and gun?

    I mean, he’s been to Atlantis. Therefore, Aquaman.

    • haha i was just thinking that

  21. I just wish WB would announce *something* official! Anything! I know they’re miles further along than people think.

  22. I’m one of those who think Aquaman is kinda silly as well. As for Justice League as a whole, I wonder how a lot of these characters are going to be introduced. With the Avengers there were movies for each character before the ensemble. Is it gonna be too much too soon?

    • you introduce them at start of Jla movie with brief montage (Taratino style. lol. JK) that shows their prigin…just like they do in the funny books

  23. Normally I’m up for leaving race out and casting the best actor available for any part that doesn’t have to be race specific such has been done with Kingpin and Perry White. There are characters whose race cannot be changed such as Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Is Arthur Curry such a character?

    I’m not entirely sure. It would be hard for me to imagine Momoa as Aquaman because of the character. Aquaman is such an unique character that is made fun of, thought as useless, called a half-breed by an Atlantean sect, etc.

    Personally I would cast Liam McIntyre as Aquaman and Momoa as Orm, his half-brother. That dynamic would add a wonderful tension to the two characters.

  24. Well, I’m not one who finds Aquaman silly. I attribute the notion that he’s silly to the fact that most heard about him on Superfriends.

    Aquaman is awesome, and I’ll take Rock, Mamoa or whomever. They both would be great.

    Why would Martian Manhunter be off the table for JL? I understand that he’s not in BvsS, but JL without Manhunter? Nooooo, that’s missing something.

  25. I honestly think Scott Eastwood should be offered the Aquaman role, he’s got the looks and I’m sure it take him no time to bulk up.

  26. No. Holloway I’d be cool with, but not Mamoa. I can’t shake how flat his Stargate: Atlantis character felt to me, all those years ago.

  27. I have to ask.
    That young kid in the tv-show arrow, who plays Barry Allen and just recently have gotten his powers to become the flash, isn’t he the one who is going to be the flash, and a member of the Justice league in the movie coming out? or have I been misguided? :)

    • That was my understanding also.