Jason Momoa Aquaman Rumor Raises ‘Justice League’ Casting Questions

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Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Batman vs Superman and Justice League Movie Jason Momoa Aquaman Rumor Raises Justice League Casting Questions

The recent DC Comics “Flashpoint” crossover event featured a bulkier alternate timeline version of Aquaman that could be played by an actor like The Rock or Momoa – and Peter David’s regal “hook hand” version from the ’90s is arguably fair game… but that’s about it. Most other versions of Arthur Curry are leaner and blonder and generally do not match what one associates with the swagger of Momoa and The Rock. In fact, most fans would probably place their Aquaman bets on recent rumors of Josh Holloway being eyed for Justice League.

But this is a cinematic group ensemble we’re discussing, and variety is clearly needed. Two pretty-boy white guys are headlining the roster (Cavill and Affleck);  there are rumored plans to make the DCMU more diverse than the comics; and the casting of Israeli babe Gal Gadot as the new Wonder Woman certainly lends credence to the assertion that DC/WB is going more exotic with the big-screen representations of these heroes.

New 52 Justice League Roster Jason Momoa Aquaman Rumor Raises Justice League Casting Questions

That’s all to say: there’s possibility for BOTH Johnson and Momoa to bring characters like Cyborg and Aquaman into the fold, while simultaneously adding some darker color to the Justice League movie. Holloway could easily play a guy like Barry Allen/Flash, which would create a nice 3 x 3 balance in terms of fair skin, olive skin and Gal Gadot somewhere in the middle. Each of those second-tier characters would also be inhabited by an actor who’s affordable but potentially bankable as a lead, so it wouldn’t be the worst move (business-wise) to have a cast lineup like the one proposed above, if solo films are the eventual goal.

In fact, pleasing fans would be the only major hurdle to conquer; but maybe if more of them see Momoa’s stunning beach work in the 2003 Lifetime movie Tempted, he’ll be their Aquaman of choice:


Batman vs Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015. Stay tuned as more casting rumors and confirmations are sure to come.

Source: Badass Digest

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  1. no doomsday, that would be a terrible mistake

    • I still think they’ll have the Martian Manhunter and he’ll be J’onn J’onzz… just sayin.

  2. I was thinking for Aquaman that guy that plays Finnick in The Hunger Games, that weapon in his hand that certainly looked like a trident, he was a badass with that

  3. Standard Adaptation Rules

    1. Studio makes questionable casting choices, doubters make their doubts know, fanboys tell doubters to shut the hell up, tell them they don’t know what they’re talking about and to wait till we get some trailers.

    2. Trailers come out, doubters still are not convinced, fanboys tell doubters to shut the hell up, tell them they don’t know what they’re talking about and to wait till the movie comes out.

    3. The movie comes out and if the movie sucks and gets terrible reviews, doubters claim they were right, fanboys tell doubters to shut the hell up, tell them they don’t know what they’re talking about.

    • you forgot
      4. The movie comes out, is good/great, doubters claim they were right the whole time about it being awesome.

      • Oh yeah, my bad.

    • Man… I bought this troll cross to ward off trolls….

      Yet here you still are.

      • That’s because I’m not a troll, I’m just a pain in the a**.

  4. I think josh holloway would be a better aquaman from what im hearing they have been looking into him

    • The movie hasn’t even started yet, so it’s hasn’t been made. Meaning it hasn’t been seen. But some how it’s heinous. Riiiiiight…

  5. really hope all this talk of Doomsday is BS

  6. I thnk WB/DC has a trick or two up there sleeves. Yep…

    • “their” sleeves…oops.

  7. This starting to sound like a Gossip show.

  8. I think Jason Momoa looks more like the character of LOBO. I could see Johnson playing LOBO as well.

    • True, makes alot more sense than my stupid theory, probably could have Superman or Batman watching tv flipping past news reports of the other heroes deeds, then have them go around recruiting them in the first half hour or so of the Justice League movie.

  9. Someone is clearly a big fan of his and keeps driving these rumors, or it is his agent. There were almost zero rumors for Gal or Ben. Jason and Dwanye keep getting rumored, much ado about nothing.

    • There were actually rumors of Affleck almost a year ago though not much else. There were also rumors of a list of actresses auditioning for Wonder Woman including Gal Gadot before she was announced. In the end, it’s hard to separate fact from rumor so we just gotta wait until everything’s announced.

      • I don’t doubt that both Jason and Dwayne are up for a future role. In fact I’d guess it is the same role. I’d further speculate that it is a villain.

        If they are being sought for Doomsday in Batman vs Superman than I’m worried. If they are being considered for Darksied in a subsequent film then I’m less concerned. Darkseid is going to be tough to cast, so I’m going leave that to the professionals. If Jason gets cast as Darkseid then I’ll assume they know what they are doing. Even though, someone cast a Batman who is 4′ taller than Superman. I still think that may look really weird.

        • I think Jason would work very well as Darkseid and Dwayne Johnson is probably better off playing a character like John Stewart. Sure Johnson is ginormous (doesn’t really matter since Darkseid would be CGI’d), but I don’t think he has the same dark presence Jason has. Plus Momoa’s glare is pretty creepy and would suit Darkseid’s character very well. Aha I don’t mind the height. With the number of camera angles in the film, I don’t think we’ll even notice.

          • Dwayne as John Stewart? Huh? Why? #1 he looks nothing like him. #2 He is taller and larger than the current Superman or Batman #3 There are dozens of actors who would be better at portraying John Stewart.

            I’m not saying that I’d cast either of the as Darkseid. I’m saying Darkseid will be tough to cast, so I guess either one of them could work. Both of them are large enough to play Darkseid.

          • WB/DC need to do all they can to get Idris Elba to play John Stewart.

  10. Who starts these rumors?

    • Your mom…*coughs* Oh uh…*scratches head*um…I actually don’t know…it must be cause they are RUMORS! Ya i think that, oh maybe the creators are just making hype for their movie to get fanboys all worked up! Then again, all they are doing is making people angry. Wonder why…

  11. I would prefer to see him as Lobo, but I could deal with him being Aquaman. I really like the idea of a Samoan King of the Sea.

  12. What if all these cast rumors are actually hints at solo movies…other than that stop posting these ridiculous rumors, we’ve had like 6 of them and all but one haven’t been confirmed. I’m very concerned that they keep sparking rumors by changing their scripts (maybe they are having trouble/plot holes)…

  13. a little off topic but i just got done watching man of steel again and im trying to figure out how does zod and the other 2 kryptonions that superman fights have super strength since there in there suits and therefore arent exposed to earths atmosphere???? i understand zod eventually takes off his helmet and adapts to the environment but whats the explanation for the chick and muscle head kryptonion????

    • …I never noticed that part…very good eye! Maybe it was just the gravity part so they are able to punch and jump faster and longer. That might be why they dudnt have eye-beams or X-ray vision

  14. Well since it starts filming next month they will have to announce something

  15. I’m growing pretty wary of the unfounded rumors and absolute silence of Snyder’s gang. Give us SOMETHING to feed on already!

    That said, at this point I would actually be pretty cool with Mamoa being Aquaman. I would love to see some legitimate diversity in there because onestly seeing the all-white justice league is objectively cool but I don’t relate to any of them at all. In fact right now the only black guys in the whole gang is a robot with a chunk of black face, and…an alien. An actual alien. Nice.

    But back to general diversity, I would really like that Hawai’ian/Samoan approach. Both because I have a lot of respect for them and because they seem to be the only remaining cultural group whose culture is still intimately involved with the sea. It would really fit – Samoans as the descendants of the ancient city of Atlantis. Sounds sweet.

  16. No Momoa. I think DC should take Marvels approach and cast Donald Sutherland as Aquaman. It would be great a season experienced Aquaman would have a positive impact on the Justice League.

    Naw just kidding Momao is fine with me. I just don’t want a wimpy Aquaman I want a badda$$ New 52 Aquaman.

  17. I’m enjoying this disinformation campaign. Nothing get’s more clicks than upset fans in the movie biz. Throw out a silly rumor every week or so and watch the marketing take care of itself.

  18. I could see him as Namor much easier than Aquaman but now I’ve crossed a comic line. :)

  19. did that say stunning??? yeah stunningly bad…..

    • +10000000000 I totally agree

  20. Aquaman is a no brainer. It’s Alexander Skarsgard (of True Blood Fame). He has the swimmers physique and the acting chops to boot.

  21. I’d hate to see Aquaman towering over Superman.

  22. I am a volunteer at the library and we are doing the Super Heroes next year for the Reading program. I have been working in teaching the Kids of New Mexico Horticulture. I will be Teaching them Water Catchment Systems and also Drip Irrigation. They want me to have the Aqua Man as the Super Heroe for me to play. I will be teaching them how to measure the roof of thier house and caculate what water they can catchfrom a rain storm. If you would be willing to promote the film I would like the Actor to come to the Reading program for next summer neer Albuquerque. NM . I had 96 Kids in the class last year. . It will Be in June of Next Year Eric

  23. worst casting ever, jason does not even look like arthur curry . big dark skinned man with dark hair yeah right have you seen aquaman blonde ahir blonde beard white skin he was a white guy again . nowadays every superhero movie suffers from bad casting like scarlet johansen for black widow not even rusian does not even look ask cold and dark as black widow was) mila jovovich would have bin even better since she speak russian and can do the accent’ but this is just one of many terrible casting like Christian bale for batman skinny short dude yeah right batman was a buf intimidating guy.

    but il shut up now ive said my point and the reason why superhero movies suck.

  24. Aquamans entire basis, identity, character is an absolute mockery, pointless, insulting and a waste, the ONLY reason its being considered is because it is still around since its creation THAT IS THE SOLE basis on its consideration.

    What aquaman does is NO DIFFERENT to what mankind does already to the ocean, taking/using/enslaving anything that we/he needs/wants. It makes absolutely no sense what so ever that the hero of the ocean the one who fights for the ocean and all within it to be…….a human it makes NO SENSE!

    What does makes sense is a humanoid sea creature or rather various sea creatures that form a humanoid appearance A.K.A – Davy Jones… Humans have NO place in the ocean thus it makes NO sense for the oceans hero to be a human…pathetic, weak, pointless idea, and the entire Atlanta thing is just so used its ridiculous.

    It is as if the characters entire creation was done by an 8yr old child, thoughtless, pointless, effortless and insulting at heart.