‘Batman V Superman’: Jason Momoa Acts Coy About Aquaman ‘Rumors’

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Now that filming on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been ongoing for a few weeks, you’d expect Warner Bros. to at least have confirmed which actors will be playing the major players in the movies. Casting speculation is still ongoing, however, with the most recent rumor pointing to Tao Okamoto (The Wolverine) playing Lex Luthor’s assistant, Mercy Graves.

The big news this week, however, was a report that Jason Momoa – the Game of Thrones star who at one point was expected to play Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy – had been cast as Aquaman, and would make his first appearance in Batman V Superman after being drawn to the surface by the impact of Zod’s world engine on the Indian Ocean.

The report was quickly corroborated by other sites like THR and Variety, but Momoa has been very cagey about the issue since he was originally said to be in talks back in December 2013, and the HitFix article that broke the latest casting news warned that the actor was “sworn to secrecy” about the role. Sure enough, when Momoa was directly quizzed about playing Aquaman during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he refused to confirm or deny the reports. Here’s a transcript of the conversation for parsing.

Jimmy Kimmel: Will you wear the green leotard in the water as Aquaman?

Jason Momoa: [Stroking beard] Am I answering or asking the question… would you like to see me in green leotards? [Laughs]

JK: I don’t know. I like that they cast you as Aquaman, because Aquaman…

JM: Those are all rumors, I’m just…

JK: Really? Because I have a printout that says “Jason to Play Aquaman in Batman V Superman.” Now, is that a rumor or is that happening?

JM: [To audience] That would be pretty exciting, what do you think? [Applause] We’ll just have to wait, we’ll have to wait and see.

Jason Momoa responds Aquaman rumors Batman V Superman: Jason Momoa Acts Coy About Aquaman Rumors

The most likely explanation for Momoa acting so coy is that Warner Bros. asked the actor to sign a non-disclosure agreement. It’s possible that the studio was planning for the Aquaman casting to be a surprise reveal at San Diego Comic Con next month. It could also be the case that Momoa is only in final talks, as opposed to already being officially signed up for the role.

Momoa has been busy of late, having made his feature directorial debut this year with Road to Paloma, a drama about a Native American who goes on the run after avenging his mother’s death. Speaking retrospectively about why he decided not to star in Guardians of the Galaxy in an interview with Zap2It earlier this year, Momoa explained that he wanted to stretch himself as an actor after spending four years on Stargate Atlantis playing Ronon, an alien who doesn’t do much talking, and then going on to play similar roles in Conan the Barbarian and Game of Thrones.

Momoa has confessed, however, to being a big comic book fan, and playing Aquaman would certainly be the perfect opportunity for him to step into the comic book movie world without getting pigeon-holed into another “thug” role.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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  1. Still feeling pretty Meh about him.

  2. I have faith in him no blonde no problem

    • Sorry but Aquaman has GOT to be some shade of blonde or it’s fail.

      • so it’ll fail just because he’s not blonde? lol calm down, fanboy.

        • I like Momoa, but I kinda agree. He should be blonde or at least blondish.
          Otherwise you have Namor issues. It won’t kill it for me but it will be a hurdle to leap.

        • Blonds have more fun (I know, I am a blonde guy)! Anyways, gotta agree with Mongoose: we need him blond like in the comics, and as in the early comics, clean-cut…no beard, no dredlox, think early 60s comics. I am big on canon, originality (ie: as the characters were originally created), and source material. If they make him look like Bob Marley, cool though that might be if he were not supposed to be someone else (ie: Aquaman), then they might as well give him a little beany hat with a propeller on it, call him Beany-Boy, and give him Cecil, the Sea-Sick Sea-Serpent for an aquatic companion (think early 60s cartoons, o ye unitintiated!).

          • “as the characters were originally created”
            Sooo, in other words, if they were created in the image of “Massa”, they should remain a reflection of an outdated depiction of society…

            • “as the characters were originally created”
              I don’t understand this, DC always get slaughtered, yet the MCU has taken some major liberties (such as Ultron) with their characters and you’re not complaining. Looks over origin seem to twist everybodies’ panties.

              Enjoy the last word.

        • No no, I didn’t say it will fail….I said FAIL. In other words, they will fail to represent Aquaman correctly (imho of course)

    • Have you heard about this wonderful thing called coloring your hair? ;-)

  3. I like him. Can’t wait to see the militant, almost warlord-like Aquaman get in Superman’s face.

    • Almost warlord? His is the king of 70% of the planet and in control of the worlds greatest naval force (secret even!). When he chooses to rise up against the surface dwellers, there’s no doubt about his status.

      • He is……ARG edit button please!

      • Exactly… A little more Namor king like and less super friends goes a long way for the character.

  4. I find this hilarious!

  5. He sounds like he really wants to say something but cant

  6. I thought it was confirmed, guess not. But he’s clearly playing Aquaman.

    • It’s been described as “confirmed” in a few different online articles, but they’re referring to “more than once source is saying this,” not “it’s been officially confirmed.”

  7. MOMOA! He’s going to look awesome as Aquaman! If you can’t see that you need to get your eyes checked. Cavil, Affleck and him are going to look incredible on screen together.

  8. I’ve got to be the only person who doesn’t care for game of thrones, so I can’t say anything about how he acts. But he has the look down perfectly.

    • He’s also in Stargate: Atlantis, and played Conan the Barbarian in the reboot, and started out on Baywatch.

    • You’re not. I hate it too. And I’ve read 4 of the books. To me, it’s just shock value moment followed by fallout with the molasses paced “plot” just meandering about with new introduced characters. And I don’t understand the praise he receives for killing off main characters when he really doesn’t. Let me know if he ever decides to kill off Daenerys(ridiculous amounts of plot armour), then I’ll say otherwise.

      I also severely dislike The Walking Dead, another show where the main plot is pretty much meandering about, a melodrama with zombie apocalypse dressing. Also loathe BSG, melodrama with sci-fi dressing which has somewhat become the new standard for sci-fi making me hate it even more. Sci-fi content has been severely shafted into the background these days even though we have so much in the way of scientific advancements that can wow and inspire people in this day and age.

      As for Momoa, I don’t know how much acting stretching he’s done with the roles of Khal Drogo and Conan. Eh, maybe the Stargate Atlantis vet will make a decent King of Atlantis. I really did not expect him of all people to make it from all the other actors in Stargate.

  9. I smell a rat, I think this one is in the bag, look at his reaction!! About time WB, DC

  10. He is most likely Aquaman or at least is in negotiations.I think DC/WB were planning to announce the casting at Comic-Con

    • I totally agree with you I believe Momoa is in the final negotiation with WB/DC to play Aquaman, and at Comic Con WB/DC will announce their casting and movies for the future DCCU.

    • Yeah that’s why they must have told him (at gunpoint maybe) not to tell it before the SDCC 2014, where they will make the (not so big now) announcement

    • Prefer him for Aquaman however I could see him playing martian manhunter

  11. If he has the part, which it seems obvious he does, I doubt he’s just in final talks. Principal photography has begun. And it takes time to make a suit. You need an actor to even start designing it.

  12. this guy in my opinion could make a heavily mocked character very legit! I think he would be awesome.

  13. Momoa’s got my vote for Aquaman, good all round actor

  14. This guy will be AWESOME

  15. I’d love to play poker against this guy, he has absolutely no poker face :P

  16. Auqaman is a punch line, NOT a superhero.


    • Actually, Aquaman is a superhero (and a powerful one, at that), NOT a punchline.

      See how easy that is?

    • Oh, and…PERIOD.


    • No, I don’t think do. T is right, Aquaman has been a long running joke in pop culture for years & years. It’s sad theyre wasting such a talented actor on such a super lame character. It’s a shame he’s even part of this movie really.

      • Awww, Phil…it’s cute that you think so, even though such a silly idea is based on a portrayal of the character from thirty years ago. NOW, however, and for the past few years at least, Aquaman has definitely been a strong (and often heroic) character.

        Thus, Phil and T.Griffin…you’re wrong. :)

  17. I always thought Aquaman could be really cool I remember when I was little and one time I got sick and was staying home from school I saw an aquaman cartoon and thought it was good fun before I go on let me say to you all what I said with the Batman 2019 post I am not a DC fan with the exception of Batman with that said I think they are always trying hard to get people to like Aquaman I know a bunch of people who say the king of Atlantis is lame as all get out don’t get me wrong it can be hard for me to take Aquman seriously I generally don’t care for his costume with the orange shirt and green pants and I know the shirt is supposed to be like armor and the pants are also supposed to be something but still I don’t care for it the casting of Momoa to me is interesting because he’s typically dark one dimensional characters from what I’ve seen him in at least he usually plays a guy who hurts people (one of my friends also thinks he looks like a murderer) this to me means that they are trying to make all of their characters dark so audience members can find them interesting it worked with Batman and some people liked it with Superman in Man of Steel while others didn’t like it very much I imagine they will do the same with Wonder Woman as well and also with Cyborg I personally don’t want this for these characters I think it works well with Batman The Dark Knight is proof of that but all of the others aren’t batman the character of Bruce Wayne is grounded in a city known as Gotham full of Thugs and murderers Superman is from an Alien Planet Aquaman talks to fish in Atlantis Wonder Woman has an invisible jet and is from a magic island the flash is faster than anything on the planet and cyborg is half man half machine and a teenager (from what I know at least) what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think all of these guys need their cities and homes to look like Gotham city and they don’t need all of their villains to be crazy like the Joker I always thought Aquaman could be fun and so could Wonder Woman I never imagined either of them in a dark fashion because I never thought that tone matched their story lines. I honestly don’t hate the casting of Jason Momoa nor do I hate the casting of Gal Gadot I just think they are too afraid to take the risk of making their movies fun after Green Lantern flopped, I’ll be serious I hated the GL movie it was terrible on so many levels, I hated the acting the casting the writing the dialogue the effects the direction ughh I just couldn’t stand it… however while I hated the movie I do not blame the tone that they chose for it which was a light hearted fun tone I don’t blame the people working on it I honestly don’t blame anything or anyone for the movie and like I said I don’t like DC so that may very well have been a contributing factor but overall I think it was the way they tried to tell a lighthearted story about a super hero that really nailed it and after that one big huge failure I think they are too afraid to try it again I think that’s why Man of Steel was dark because in their mind light hearted= Green Lantern dark story= Dark Knight and while to a degree there can be truth behind it I think this is thinking with a very simple view of things one that may be unhealthy not just in the world of super hero movies but in movies in general. I’m sorry I know I sound like I complete a#$$%#e but I just wanted to get my thoughts out their and I’m sorry if I’m forcing my thoughts down anyone’s throat I want you all to be excited for movies that your are excited for and who knows I’m wrong a lot so maybe I’ll be wrong about this and it will rock my world. :)

    • I didn’t read a single sentence of that, I don’t think anybody did. Try summarising next time :)

      • I agree. Not One word did I read.

  18. I think Snyder wants momoa to look like 90′s aqua man with long hair and heavy beard but with the exception of hook on one hand, it was also reported that he will be playing a barbaric version , so I guess momoa is the right person

  19. I think dc movies should be dark marvel is already doing the light tone kinda thing and captain america tried not to be light but dc should be it would be boring if we have 2 comic book cinematic universes that are the same with different characters and I like Man of Steel and tolerate the old superman movies I would like something close to realistic (just saying)

  20. I really want to know which type of aquaman are they going for is it the new 52 aquaman which is my favorite aquaman or is it the king Arthur version. Like I really curious which version they are going for

  21. It would be hilarious if he asks for double and they will say no and he will walk from the project. Drax all over again.

  22. I still think he would make an AWESOME Vandal Savage.

  23. If this is true….

    Justice League (not even fully formed yet) would kick the sh** outta the Avengers!
    I don’t mean the characters, I mean the cast.

  24. Heck, I could be Aquaman! Why, you say (well, you could say it if you wanted to)? Well, the other day, quoting a comment the guy who played Napoleon Dynamite made during an interview, that actor said he would like to play Aquaman. Now, I do not think he should. BUT–someone posted a picture of Aquaman’s body with the Napoleon Dynamite actor’s character head grafted onto it. As it happens, I bear a very strong resemblance to ND facially (now that’s scary as H**!), at least to quite a few people’s way of thinking (D*** their tots!). So…casting rumor for Goldilocks by extension? Hmmm?!

  25. H** needs one more *. It should read “H***”. I can’t do anything right!

  26. Well Batman v Superman has the potential to last all of five mins. Aquaman is drawn to the surface after the events of Man Of Steel. Summons a whale or a an army of sharks to eat Superman. Roll Credits

  27. Cast a Hawaiian as Aquaman and no one bats an eye, cast an African-American as the Human Torch and EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS

  28. Dude will kill it as Aquaman…especially since most of the rumors have been that it is going to be heavily influenced by the new 52 version. Momoa has the size and presence similar to that of the Aquaman from Flash paradox

  29. I see that this movie is like the beginning of justice league’s movie, and I like it.