‘Doctor Strange’: Jared Leto Still in the Running After Passing on ‘Brilliance’

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doctor strange movie cast Doctor Strange: Jared Leto Still in the Running After Passing on Brilliance

“Phase 3″ installment Doctor Strange will introduce (as Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige described it) the “inter dimensional side” of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe; therefore, similar to James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Scott Derrickson’s Strange movie, has the appeal of being a film that shall take moviegoers to places in the MCU that’ve never been seen before, in addition to serving as the big screen introduction to a new superhero - with the current shortlist of front-runners to play Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange including Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy, and Jared Leto.

Doctor Strange remains on-course to make a Spring 2015 production start date, almost certainly with the intention of hitting a Summer 2016 release date target. As of right now, both Hardy and Cumberbatch have their names attached to a handful of developing projects, but nothing that would, per se, take precedent over a Marvel Studios film role – assuming they’re interested, of course.

Meanwhile, it recently seemed as though the Oscar winner Leto might be taking himself of the running, as reports have been circulating about him replacing Will Smith as the lead in the Marcus Sakey novel adaptation, Brilliance – which is something of a superhero movie in its own right. The project by director Julius Onah (The Girl Is in Trouble) could kickoff a new franchise, if successful, and is still expected to begin production by 2015; according to Nikki Finke, though, it will do so without Jared Leto, as the Dallas Buyers Club actor “has now turned down the project,” shortly after having met with Onah a week ago. Of course, that begs the question: is it because Leto’s close to striking a deal to appear in, say, a different superhero film (hint, hint) that will begin shooting in 2015?

jared leto doctor strange Doctor Strange: Jared Leto Still in the Running After Passing on Brilliance

The debate amongst fans over who is best fit to play Dr. Strange carries on, though as we’ve mentioned before Leto would be an interesting choice; while, traditionally, Strange from the comic books undergoes a transformation of character similar to Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) from the MCU, Leto does indeed have a very different presence that RDJ, so as to help ensure that Strange doesn’t come off as “Stark with supernatural powers,” so to speak. Leto has yet to dip a toe into the pool of Hollywood franchises, unlike his “competition” for the Doctor Strange role, as he comes from a more strictly indie film upbringing – but, then again, Feige also said that “a [big] movie star is not required” to headline the project.

Indeed, as intriguing as the Doctor Strange actor shortlist and fan-nominated favorite choices are (see: Game of Thrones‘ Pedro Pascal), the actual movie is the most enticing selling point. Derrickson, after all, is a filmmaker with credible supernatural horror material under his belt, such as Hellraiser: Inferno, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and Sinister; likewise, screenwriter Jon Spaihts, who is currently reworking the Doctor Strange script, crafted Prometheus as a true sci-fi/horror blend, with his initial screenplay draft for that project.

Point being, much as Captain America: The Winter Solider had more than just shades of a political thriller and the hope is that Guardians of the Galaxy plays out as a quirky Star Wars-ian space adventure, Doctor Strange could be the Marvel equivalent of a character drama seen through a fantasy/horror lens. Fingers crossed it will, anyway.


Doctor Strange is likely to be Marvel Studios’ release planned for July 8th, 2016.

Source: Nikki Finke

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  1. I would cast jude law. But that’s me.

  2. Matthew Goode for the Doctor. Luke Evans would be solid. I was also watching true blood last night and started thinking about the actor who plays Bill, he might be a good as well. But my personal choice is Matthew Goode for Strange.

  3. Jared Leto for Doctor Strange?:

  4. Jay Leno ? I thought he has retired.

  5. Jared Leto would be good to play Adam Warlock.

  6. Dr. Strange should be played by a Latino actor –
    NOTE: I’m NOT suggesting to change Dr. Strange’s ethnicity or anything about the character
    but just to open the casting to more than white guys- no offense white guys

    actors like Nestor Carbonell or others who can play multiple ethnicities – there are many light skinned or ethnically ambiguous Latino actors who could bring something unique to the role. In the Golden Age of Hollywood Ricardo Montalban & Anthony Quinn (among others) – played many ethnicities – including white – but yet both of them were Mexican born

    Benjamin Bratt would be an EXCELLENT choice – solid actor who can definitely pull it off
    watch his film Pinero – about tragic poet and playwright Miguel Pinero – & then give an opinion
    Google this: Pinero Seeking the Cause – 3 min clip from the movie
    then search: Benjamin Bratt with a goatee – spitting image of the Dr. Strange

    for any “white” actor mentioned – there is an equally TALENTED Latino actor – who can play white (if that’s even important) -that should be considered & given consideration – and Dr. Strange is the perfect character for Marvel to cast with an open mind – others could be Oscar Isaac (now in Star Wars) or may be Gael Garcia Bernal or Diego Luna or Santiago Cabrera … the list goes on
    - Pedro Pascal has the look and apparently a lot of people like his work on GoT

    the largest movie going audience at the box office in the US is the Latino community (this is fact by the MPAA & other studies) – and demo-graphics have the Latino community growing fastest over any other demo – the U.S. is no longer White dominant and many families are now mixed in many ways – ie. multi-cultural – and anyone who can’t appreciate that is living in the past

    Linda Carter – the original Wonder Woman …. is half-Mexican !! no one ever had a problem with that — so why can’t Dr. Strange be played by a Latino actor??

    fellow readers
    PLEASE respond with comments re: opening the casting options – and please view the links above
    Hollywood needs to stop being so myopic in it’s way of casting and portraying people of color

    a Latino actor was recently added to the cast of Fast & Furious 7 – who also happens to be a popular singer and Vin Diesel made an appearance at his recent concert to make the announcement – it’s not an accident

    casting a non-white actor speaks volumes to the modern world – and FYI the reason many studios try to make tentpole film casts multi-ethnic – is not about being PC – it’s about being smart from both a creative & a business standpoint – being realistic

    • here are the links to check out:
      a scene from Pinero – Seeking the Cause: http://tinyurl.com/pineroclip1
      Benjamin Bratt with a goatee – spitting image of the Dr. Strange: http:tinyurl.com/bbrattgoateepic1
      go watch the film Pinero (or any other films/ tv shows with Benjamin Bratt) – THEN give an opinion
      use google if the links above don’t work

      here’s some articles you may find of interest re: film audiences & the Latino community – read these articles – be informed
      CNN story: http://tinyurl.com/cnnstorylatinoaudience1
      Hollywood Reporter: http://tinyurl.com/HWRtopaudiencegrowth1
      The Credits film site: http://tinyurl.com/movieaudiences1

      if the Latino community is going to go see all the movies from Hollywood – how about putting more actors in the roles?
      and NOT just as criminals, gardeners/ maids or just in supporting roles

    • Although I agree with you about casting wide, Tego Calderon and Don Omar are already a part of the Fast and Furious franchise.

    • 1 Luke Evans
      2 Anson Mount
      - Timothy Olyphant
      - Pedro Pascal
      5 Jim Caviezel.

      Those 5 in that order are my favourites for the role. If the best guy to play Strange was black I’d put him there, I also think Bratt wouldn’t be bad, but also not the best.
      I don’t know anything about Luna or Cabrera, but I think Bernal as Strange would be absolutely terrible.

      I will say though, Bratt = Leto > Cumberbatch for Strange.

      • If they would close the border and ship all the illegals back….that would change. Not to mention, would free up the government programs for US citizens. Mexicans over-running into this country is why we have so many problems. I suppose your next idea is to require all movies to be subtitled with Spanish? Go pick another tomatoe and shut it.

    • I would never have a problem with ANYTHING that Linda Carter would do….va-va-va-voom!

      As far as trying to keep Dr. Strange from becoming like Tony Stark with supernatural powers as far as personality goes, I can solve that problem right here, and tell you it’s solution:
      “Don’t write it snarky, people! Stick to canon!”
      There, I solved it, that simple.

      The actor playing Dr. Strange should look like Dr. Strange in the early comics. That is the first step to cull out non-”Strange” looking actors. Then from those that are left after this is done, see who can act the part. Bingo, you probably have your actor that can be ACCEPTED as the Doc.

  7. Cumberbatch for Strange that’s the only actor that makes sense.

    Anyone else will be not worth watching in my eye’s.

    • Obnoxious grammar aside, you sound like the stuck up, smug, phucboi that Cumberbatch plays in Sherlock and Star Trek etc.
      It’s becoming something of a running joke how Cumberbatch is suggested for every role ever.
      I really enjoy him as an actor, however I must disagree with casting him as this particular character.
      And I certainly hope that you could find at least one other actor in the entirety of the world, or even the existing rumoured choices that would be “worth watching”.

  8. Whenever I think of Doctor Stranger the actor that comes to mind is Jon Hamm. I could definitely see him as a snobby surgeon turned sorceror. Plus he is a likeable actor who will bring people to the movie theater, like how they got Chris Pratt for Starlord or Paul Rudd for Scott Lang

  9. Benedict Cumberbatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Dream casting choice

  10. Now, I have to come to rescue here of my opinion and choice for the role of Doctor Strange.
    Those who think Benedict can’t do arrogant and smart, watch Sherlock.
    Those who think Benedict can’t do Buff and Charismatic, watch Star Trek into Darkness.
    Those who think Benedict can’t do frustrated, vulnerable, sad and desperate or has a “smug face” (honestly, what does that even mean?) watch Parade’s end, Third star and The Last Enemy.
    Those who think Benedict can’t do Zen and wise, well, to them I say that a guy who can do all that stuff above, can definitely do zen and wise.
    I want someone who has the eyes of a mystic. An impact. Because if one word describes Doctor Strange, it’s CHARISMA.
    It’s not a matter of fans casting Benedict into every role. I am a huge fan as you can tell, but I don’t cast him into every role. Even though he hit it out of the park as Julian Assange I still think his talent was wasted on that movie and he should have not done it.
    But to me, with what I know of Doctor Strange, Benedict is the one.
    I do personally like Luke Evans, Jared Leto and Pedro Pascal(only recent, even though I am not as big a fan of the series Game of Thrones as I am of the books),I do follow their careers and think good things of them. But Benedict is STRANGE and definitely a stronger actor.

    • thanks for typing all that…. no Cumberbatch should not play Dr. Strange. He could be Dormammu.

      • Cumberbatch will be perfect for Dormammuu. I agree.

  11. why can’t tom riley (of da vinci’s demons fame) play dr. strange?

  12. to be honest iv looked up multiple comparisons and johnny depp looks like a dead ringer of doctor strange check this one out:


    considering his likeness his acting credential’s and the fact that he looks much closer to the age/size of doctor strange than leto he seems like a perfect choice

    Here’s the article for the image if you where interested:


  13. There is no greater insult than making this mayonnaise actor Doctor Strange over PAPI. NO GREATER INSULT! PEDRO PASCAL MAYNEEEEE

  14. I thought Jon Hamm was officially cast by Marvel as Dr. Strange?? so it was just a rumor then??

  15. oh yes, so yes this is right choose for a strange cast, he’s good too
    and the story would be make is great
    with a horror and sci-fi too
    lord ,this is could be awesome
    can’t wait for this movie, marvel will be always great for me,
    i love marvel.

    • I agree. :)

  16. they could cast Zoe Saldana as Dr Strange, then you have crossed off the latino, black and added female to the mix too. by the way this is a joke……

  17. Although this is just speculation,I definitely hope that Jared Leto is going for this role. It will be a very big change from his other movies, like Requiem For A Dream, Alexander, and Mr. Nobody. I think he will easily pull it off. :)

  18. Santiago Cabrera would be perfect. Just check him out on BBC’s The Musketeers. Way better than anyone else mentioned.