New (Japanese) ‘Street Fighter’ Trailer

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street fighter kristin kreuk chun li New (Japanese) Street Fighter TrailerThere’s a new trailer online and it’s for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. Hey it’s Monday and the last week of the year, forgive us for not fabricating our own news. We’ll just keep our Batman 3 rumors to ourselves. simple smile New (Japanese) Street Fighter Trailer

Up until now, we’ve heard and seen very little about this movie. And so far, what we have seen has been in Japanese. Today is no different – a trailer has debuted on the official (Japanese) site:

Is anyone else beginning to wonder whether this will be released anywhere other than Japan?

Produced by Fox, the live-action adaptation of Street Fighter arrives two months before Dragonball. Now I know what you’re thinking… but this one doesn’t look too bad (at least compared to what we’ve seen of the Dragonball movie so far). This trailer features some pretty sweet martial arts, intensive wire work, lots of slo-mo and a few explosions to top it all off. There’s little dialog, but what there is comes from M. Bison, giving us a first look at Neal McDonough (Traitor, TV’s Desperate Housewives) in the infamous role of would-be world dictator.

Since this movie is primarily about Chun-Li, the footage relies heavily on Kristin Kreuk stepping up and kicking ass. The Smallville star is finally stepping beyond her supporting Lana Lang role and into the limelight; as an early birthday present (hers is Dec. 30th), she’ll be watched over and over again by fanboys everywhere.

The trailer also provides glimpses of Michael Clarke Duncan (Sin City) as Balrog, Taboo (of the musical act Black Eye Peas) as Vega, and Robin Shou (Mortal Kombat) as Gen. So long as Van Damme won’t show up as Col. Guile, this might be a entertaining look at the first playable female character in a fighting game.

Check it out below and tell us what do you think:


Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li hits theaters February 27th, 2009.

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  1. Epic Fail.

  2. Swing and a miss!

  3. Yeah, but you guys don’t think this looks nearly as bad as Dragonball, do you? That thing looks like a high school movie project.

    Or are you basing your opinions on familiarity with the source material (which I know NOTHING about).


  4. This and Dragonball should be a straight-to-dvd Two pack. When are studios going to figure out that video games do not make good movies? (Although I stand behind my opinion that both Zelda and Metroid could be made into epic films)

  5. Doesn’t look all that great, but I’ll agree with 500% on the fact that it looks WAY better than Dragonball: Trashvolution. Dont’ know much about Miss Lana Lane as I have yet to even start watching Smallville (I know I know) but This would prove to be much more enjoyable to watch than the previously mentioned film that would be pointless to mention a second time around. Since it spins off of a fighting game I can’t say there’s much source material to go off of to begin with so I’d say, for now, that it’s a much better attempt than the last street fighter movie done in what the 80’s? The only info on her as a character that I know of is she’s a girl who had her parents killed off by Bison or his men from when she was just a toddler, and this was just hear say info from when I was still in elementary school and the first street fighter game debuted in arcades. I’d love to hear more source and background info if anyone else have them but as far as I know that was it. OH and that she ended up with some sort of love relationship with Ken… again from elementary school…

  6. this makes the Van Damme movie look good.

  7. I have to disagree with some of you here. Dragonball looks like to be more entertaining trash than this film. I personally don’t think that Kristin Kreuk is strong enough of an actress to carry a film.

    But then again, this may just be the bias and hate that built up for Kreuk over the years of her stance on Smallville.

  8. What’s with all the hate on the trailer?

    Yes, this could end up as another Mortal Kombat but it might not be so bad. There’s only a few details to stick to: father is killed investigating M. Bison’s crime syndicate and she’s on a quest to avenge her father’s death. Eventually, she joins the tournament to fight its founder.

    HUGE cheese factor, but you never know… It could be fun. :)

  9. I agree with Vic. This looks better than Dragonball but that still isn’t saying much. Straight to the DVD bargain bin. The source material isn’t strong enough to warrant another Street Fighter movie. That said, I wouldn’t mind be wrong!

  10. Just watched the trailer again… Who on earth is playing Bison? Honestly the more I think of it I can’t seem to see any possible way this game can span out any successful film considering the types of moves that’s in the game verses what can be made believable in a movie: Bison’s flaming twirling thrusts? Come on… That said… to think of fighting games that have a MUCH better chance of having a decent film come out: Soul Calibur… Has a pretty solid backstory (at least in the Soul Edge days) and the moves are much more believable (I’m referring to the basic moves of course…). Street Fighter would have a much better chance had it been CG… my opinion anyway…

  11. It does look better than dragonball. But overall, it just looks like another fail here. Yes, I’m basing my opinion on familiarity with the source material. Everything so far has lead me to believe that this movie has potential though. They are not trying to cram in as many characters as they can. They have an actual plot. The casting looks good and the pics I’ve seen so far seem good. But even all of that is not as telling as actual footage from the film. It doesn’t seem horrible, but it has shaken my confidence a little.

    I really enjoyed the animated Street Fighter 2 flick. It was very good. I was kind of hoping this film would be more like that one was. At the very least, with the inclusion of Vega, they need to have a fight sequence between Chun-Li and Vega exactly like the one from the animated film. That would be so cool, but would probably screw up the chances for a PG 13 rating. Still, a man can dream, can’t he?

  12. Ok. So I watched it again and realized that I really like what they are doing Vega. They are making some good changes to the character’s outfits, which honestly were a little ridiculous. And I know this is going to sound contradictory and ridiculous, but I am upset about the changes they are making to M. Bison’s outfit. There is literally no way to tell he is Bison other than saying his name. Vega was changed a bit, but still clearly Vega. How are we supposed to tell its Bison? I’m not saying we really need him to wear that exact outfit from the games, but something to signify that he is Bison. Some sort of military outfit with Bisons trademark tall black boots. Or his stupid hat. Something.

  13. @Jon

    You know, I was thinkin’ the same thing too. A military outfit would have been better for identification. I know details change, but I’m not familiar with a blond Bison, nor having facial hair. Unfortunately this movie won’t be good enough for people to look past that.

  14. You know i wish people stop comparing Street Fighter to Dragonball, THEIR NOTHING ALIKE…

    Don’t you call me a fanboy i can accept the fact that Dragonball sucks you know it’s not the end of the world but i can stand when people make stupid statements when they don’t have any knowledge on Dragonball.

  15. M.Bison’s in this film? I couldn’t tell. Why can’t anyone poutside of the staff for Iron Man capable of keeping a movie’s look and feel close to the story’s source material? Arrrrgh!

  16. M.Bison’s in this film? I couldn’t tell. Why isn’t anyone outside of the staff for Iron Man capable of keeping a movie’s look and feel close to the story’s source material? Arrrrgh!

  17. Doesn’t look that bad to me. C’mon, its based on a video game where people throw fireballs at each other and don’t even burn their hair. It’s going to have a certain camp-factor to it and a certain amount of “built in fail” to it — where somethings just don’t/won’t/can’t translate to the silver screen.

  18. Well, in my humble opinion, this movie looks like it should have been released 5-10 years ago. Then we would of been comparing it to Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

    Still though, it looks a hell of a lot better than Dragonball Z. I put Dragonball Z in the category or Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and it hasn’t even been released.

    Too bad there isn’t a english or subtittled trailer. Maybe I can learn japaneese and than decide whether or not the film is worth seeing.

    As far as video game films… anybody know what the story is with that Castlevania movie I heard about years ago?

  19. I think as far as quality this one does look better than DB evolution. I’m a fan of the game (not like the definitive fanboy or anything but a fan). But I wanted slightly more colorful clothes, I would want to instantly recognize someone like M. Bison. A darker, modern look would be ok, but still have a touch of that fantasy element that makes it fun. I figure they’re supposed to be fighters, warriors, and they would want to standout and be recognized when fighting. But who knows maybe mid movie they get to wear those clothes I’ve grown up seeing them kick ass in. but the actors chosen are ok, Chun-Li was cast well, her face is spot on, Balrog is a good fit for Duncan, I can see the guy playing Bison fitting the role, he’s got the chin, cocky smile, and build.

  20. Sorry I just don’t see how the trailer for this movie looks any better than the DB trailer. I see fight choreography like this on a Nickelodeon martial arts made-for-tv movie.

  21. Looks better than the Street Fighter, BUT not by alot. Reminds me of the television movies done on the SciFi Channel. I’m mostly sadden that a quality actor like Micheal Clark ‘the Green Mile’ Duncan is playing a role in this movie. Must be on some hard times…

    FYI: the guy playing Bison also was the main character ‘Tin Man’ from SciFi’s miniseries “Tin Man”.

  22. Sorry, guys. I ment this new ‘Street Fighter’ movie looks better then the 90’s version.

  23. Why is it that Kristin Kreuk only has one facial expression? She’d be cute…but she always has that “oh-woe-is-me” thing going on. Her character in this movie is maybe a half-step removed from her Lana character in “Smallville.”
    Ah, well…I can already guess this movie will be a mere blip on the radar of H-wood…not even a “flash-in-the-pan.”

  24. @High Kalibur
    The latest on Castlevania

    The writer/producer is none other than Paul W.S Anderson, so that is something you may or may not be nervous about. He claims it will have a more serious tone. The script is complete. There are rumors that Sylvain White, director of Stomp the Yard and the direct-to-DVD I’ll always know what you did last summer, is attatched to direct. As far as I know that has yet to be confirmed or denied. We know 80% of the film will take place inside Dracula’s castle, full of all the traps and monsters game fans have come to know (at least, that is what Anderson says will be in the movie, if you think you can trust that is up to you). What that exactly means, I don’t know. There was a rumor a while ago that the Belmont’s wouldn’t use the trademark whip very much in the film. Again, just a rumor.

    If you are interested, over at JoBlo there is an interview with Anderson where he speaks about Castlevania. And IGN interviewed him a while back, and he spoke about Castlevania then too. Shouldn’t be too hard for you to find those articles.

    Hope that helps Kalibur

  25. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants to recognize Bison. That is a big problem. But it could end up okay, IF Bison dons the trademark outfit (with or without a modern look) towards the end of the film, setting up for future sequels. But that seems unlikely at this point.

    @ Adrian
    Tin man was a great take on a classic. I loved that. I think thats about as dark of a take on the movie as we are ever going to get.

    But, does anyone remember the twisted land of oz figures that came out a while ago? I think they were done by McFarlane toys. Dorthy was all tied up in some crazy looking bondage stuff, the tin man looked like a crazy evil robot, toto was some kind of rabid beast. Anybody remember those? Man, I’d love to see a twisted land of Oz movie.

  26. @Jon
    I thought “Tin Man” was ok, and I do agree that McFarlane version would make a great horror film. In fact, I’d read an article on a site that name escapes me for the moment that McFarlane is interested in getting a “Twisted Oz” film off the ground.
    IMO, S&M Dorthy would probably have to be modified.:)

  27. @Adrain
    They are talking about it, but it will only be loosely based on the figures. Not too much taken from them, dark but not as dark as the figures were. I still look forward to seeing if they ever make it.

  28. I disagree Dragonball looks better! Streetfighter might be a game but Dragonball is a comic turned into a game!