Look Out Japan: Here Comes Wolverine!

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x men origins wolverine Look Out Japan: Here Comes Wolverine!

Like it, love it or leak it, there is no denying that the summer of 2009 started off with a bang when X-Men Origins: Wolverine slashed and hacked its way into theaters and into the top 10 grossing movies of the summer. Box Office Mojo currently has it listed at number 8 domestically with $179 million. Combine that with the additional $170 million for foreign sales and is it really any surprise that we are hearing Hugh Jackman talking about a sequel?

During the Teen Choice Awards (which took place this weekend but airs tonight on Fox), Wolverine actually won the action/adventure category but there is a better-than-slim chance tweens across the continent tried to write in Twilight instead. While accepting his surfboard award (whatever happened to trophies?), Hugh “6 Blades” Jackman threw out this quip:

“Who knows, maybe Wolverine will use one of these when he heads to Japan.”

wolverine 2 japan surfing Look Out Japan: Here Comes Wolverine!

During a backstage video interview, which you can watch here from MTV, Jackman added:

“The ‘going to Japan’ was pretty serious, the ‘using the surfboard’ was not. Not a lot of surfing in Japan. Japan is where we’re heading, [and] we’re starting to work on it now. We’re in the … first steps of developing that story.”

In one of the after-credits segments (there were multiple secret endings) of Wolverine, audiences were treated to a scene of Logan drinking in a Japanese bar, which sort of verified what most of us were hoping РWolverine 2 would follow the Frank Miller and Chris Claremont storyline which is still wildly popular in the comic world. In their sprawling saga, Wolverine learns to have more control over his rage, to focus it with meditation and use it to his advantage.  He has always been a brawler but during this saga he learns to become a skilled fighter using more than just the blades in his arms to fight.

Jackman has never kept it to himself on how important it is to bring that story to life and how much he thinks fans want to see it told as well.

“I think the fans love that saga. It’s my favorite saga of the Wolverine stories. That’s a movie I’ve longed to make from the beginning, so that’s where we’re heading.”

I had my issues with the origin story like a lot of people did, but I can’t help but think the second installment will be much better than the first. Here’s why; they were just making stuff up to fit a story that would eventually get Wolverine to Japan, that’s why the first movie was so convoluted and didn’t make any sense to fans of the Wolverine character. Now that they are in a setting were a very popular story has already been told, they have something to go off of and have no need to shoot from the hip. Also, Hugh Jackman is quickly making Wolverine his legacy. Assuming Wolverine 2 aims for a 2012 release, he will have been in five films in twelve years as the mutant superhero.

Do you like where the Wolverine franchise is heading with the Japanese saga or do you think it’ll disappoint?

Wolverine 2 has no officially scheduled release date.

Source: MTV

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  1. HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring to us this film HUGH!!!!!!

  2. hell yea those storys are where its at. now we just need a real gambit and its on.

  3. talk about fast tracking the movie. what a joke.

  4. While the first wasnt that great (in comparison to another well loved childhood cartoon adapted to a movie this year which shal remain nameless) it was ok, better than X3… granted they did screw up gambit and deadpool, but hopefully that will be fixed. Also, They did a great job with sabretooth.

    ANyway as was already said Wolvie1 was merely a prelude to the first xmen movie and a bridge to getting into a proer well done wolverine flick. The japanese saga is a beloved story in the X universe and if adapted well could be really good.

    Any guesses on who the silver samurai will be? if they announce Jackie Chan i recant this post and will avoid the movie like everyone else

  5. I wasnt a huge fan of the last film but I really want to see The Japan Saga.

  6. Well, Hugh Jackman + Wolverine = the movie will sell.

    Such as it was.

    Hopefully at least we’ll get a better sequel.

  7. Hey, for those who read it, who are the villains in the Japan saga?

    One of the best parts about Xmen and Wolverine franchises are the villains.

    I hope there are some good ones in the Japan one. I’d still love to see another Wolvie movie set in real time or the future (Weapon X comics I believe? where he had no hand…) The villains and storylines are too good.

  8. I think its great that Jackman enjoys playing Wolverine. That goes a long way in liking the character. I also think its smart to keep the X-Men legacy going through Wolverine.
    Having the next chapter in Japan is awesome !!!!!!

  9. These days sequels are mostly better than the originals. I have no doubt this will be better. The origin story was a risky story to adapt, but it’s out of the way now. Hugh can go with the story he favors. Wonder if Frank Miller will like the adaptation?

  10. I just hope they don’t make the “Watchmen” mistake, sticking so close to the source material that people who’ve already read the comics would just see it as a straight translation… I’m not making much sense am i?

  11. I’m guessing Wolvie is gonna battle it out with the Yakuza and Silver Samurai…

    Should be a good movie, as he will probably be the solo hero in it.

  12. So with this in production there will be a total of 5 films about Wolverine.

  13. I hope they don’t make a mockery out of the Japan element. No cliches please.

  14. Fox,Please dont turn this into another X-Men crossover event.
    Make this Wolverines solo story.

  15. If it’s like the first Wolverine flick, we’ll see mutant (and related human) characters that were (and weren’t) part of the original comic story show up.

    Silver Samurai, The Hand, Iron Monk, Jubilee and Sunfire are all likely canidates to appear.

  16. Forgot to add that Byung-hun Lee (Storm Shadow in the new GI Joe flick) would be awesome as Silver Samurai or even Sunfire. He totally owned in Joe.

  17. Not sure if this character has been mentioned but I would love to see Omega Red appear as a villian in the new wolverine movie. I thought he was awesome in the comics and I think he has some background story originating in japan but I’m not sure.

  18. Thanks for the info guys

    Omega Red was a total badass, especially in the Marvel vs. Capcom games. I would love to see him done right on screen.

    I think Iron Monk would translate pretty well onto the screen. Not so sure about sunfire and silver samurai.

    Anyone know if it will be the same director? There are some really cool things about the 1st movie, like the opening sequence and some of the action scenes, but all together it made for an average flick. Wolverine deserves better.

  19. Ogb
    wolverine definitely deserves better than the first flick and it can be improved greatly.

    Luke and leia love peeps
    storm shadow would be awesome for silver samurai. That would be really cool to see them go in that direction.

  20. Not sure if Jubilee could be in this becasue she was in XMEN as a tennager but how cool would it be to see Wolvie battle The Reavers at some point?

  21. I was a fan of X-Men when I was younger, so I was obviously a Wolverine fan, too. I never collected the stuff that related to Wolverine’s origins, though. With that in mind, I enjoyed the movie. I felt they stayed true to the character they had created in the film. The only part where I felt they screwed up is that Sabertooth is drastically different, but I was willing to go with that, because the Wolverine film version was much better.

  22. @Bill

    I have to disagree, I thought sabretooth was done gret in origins…the best thing about the movie in my opinion.

    I think Silver Samurai would be great on screen

  23. i really hope to see omega red show up withstryker in japan to help hunt down wolverine,sabretoothe should be with strker to and explain why he changes into the sabretoothe in x-1,silver samuria can fight wolverine early on then end up helping him battle the other mutants stryker brings in to take him down, at the end magneto could get sabretoothe on his side after the credits,and stryker can get lady deathstrike.but i really want to see omega red. sauron,chamber,beak,glob herman,husk,prosimian,orb weaver,sinister,and apocalypse would be cool to see in any of the films they plan to do.and victor,and silver samuria are must for the next film.

  24. also a district-x film could be cool,generation-x as well and you could fit any of the characters in those films that i mentioned above. district-x is bishop as a detective who captures wanted mutants that would be the best film you could make.x-4 would be nice,and first class they need to do the sentinel story,and add sinister.apocalypse needs to be the main villain in the magneto film.the characters i really want to see the most are beak,chamber,husk,sinister,apocalypse,sauron,and omega red. silver samuria would be interesting to. prosimian,orb weaver,mamommax,glob herman,and angel salvador would be cool characters to see for just visuals and cameo’s.i think we need a x-4 to show more of the original x-men like colossus,iceman,gambit,nightcrawler,cyclops,rogue,and storm. well those are my ideas and thoughts i really wish they would use them because im sure they would make some money off of them.

  25. Assuming they remain true to the films continuity, sabertooth cant be in wolverine 2 since logan doesnt recognize him in X1. Maybe they will include victor in Magneto Origins…. and if people thinks its all that important to show how he becomes more animalistic (X1 victor-which i ont see as a major issue) they could somehow incorporate Magnetos early designs for the mutation inducing machine from X1, but it goes wrong and effects victor, also wiping his memory (since victor should still remember logan in X1) perhaps that could be what causes the rift between xavier and magneto