January Jones Talks Rushed ‘X-Men: First Class’ Production

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:25 pm,

x men first class magneto emma frost January Jones Talks Rushed X Men: First Class Production

After an extended period of mounting negative buzz towards Twentieth Century Fox’s X-Men: First Class, director Matthew Vaughn and the studio were able to turn expectations around earlier this week with an impressive and exciting X-Men: First Class official trailer.

This first real look at footage of the film easily put to rest the concern from fans after the first cast image appeared online, and helped solidify the X-Men prequel as a legitimate contender during the busy superhero summer movie season. Now that the film and its characters have been revealed to the world, the actors are opening up about their roles and the filming process during interviews and press junkets for their other projects and some of the latest news on the film continues to come from star January Jones.

Coming back from two disappointing franchise installments in X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, producer Bryan Singer – the man responsible for the only two good X-Men movies – is under a lot of pressure to turn the series around for the better. Although he’s enlisted the help of director Matthew Vaughn to helm the project – both whom almost helmed the third X-Men movie – the studio is forcing them to put together the large-scale production under the most difficult of circumstances with an extremely rushed schedule to meet a June release date.

Currently, the crew is midway through filming six weeks of re-shoots while Vaughn is editing what they’ve already locked from principal photography. Recent set visit reports indicate that everyone’s under a lot of stress to get the film done, and get it done right.

January Jones, who plays the mutant telepath Emma Frost with the ability to turn her skin into diamond, recently spoke about the film and wasn’t shy about joking about the working conditions Vaughn is helming the picture under. “Poor (director) Matthew Vaughn is going to have to edit it in three days,” Jones laughed. “That’s been a blast. We’ve all had so much fun making that movie.”

x men first class kevin bacon sebastian shaw emma frost 570x380 January Jones Talks Rushed X Men: First Class Production

“I think it was unrealistic for them to think they were going to make such a huge movie in whatever we had — two months or something. So of course we went over (schedule). I think I have a couple more days to shoot…  We’re almost done. The fact we’ve had to push the wrap date but they haven’t moved the release date is really interesting to me. I guess they must know what they’re doing. I have a lot of faith in Matthew as a director and an editor; I think his movies are great. And I think they’ve been cutting as we’ve been going. We should be fine.”

If X-Men: First Class is being touted by the producers and studio as the saving grace of the franchise and a start to a potential new trilogy of films, forcefully rushing the movie is not something fans are appreciative of. On the bright side, X-Men fans are excited to see Emma Frost get her (legitimate) on screen debut and the hot topic of her character has unsurprisingly focused on the character’s attire in the film. Jones recently talked about some of Frost’s X-Men: First Class costumes and touched on it again in her interview with Canoe.

“Everybody wants to know about the costume. I didn’t really know much about her beforehand, but when I did my research, she’s a very — specifically visually — iconic character. Nobody talks about the fact she’s got the most bad-ass powers… But yeah, she has very skimpy outfits. So we had a lot of fun with that.”

Under the circumstances, we sincerely hope Matthew Vaughn and co. are able to pull off a great movie that fans and critics can get behind. Make time to watch the X-Men: First Class trailer to see why we placed the film in our 20 most anticipated movies of 2011.

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Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer’s X-Men: First Class releases June 3, 2011.

Source: Canoe

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  1. Heres my problem with this article. You say it puts to rest fan concerns as if all the worried people just got over their issues. Just because you like it doesn’t mean everyone thought it looked good. It should say put to rest the worries of some fans. Rather than making it sound as if everyone stopped worrying about it. There were plenty of people still upset not just here, but on other major media sites such as IGN, Comicbookmovie.com and Superherohype.com

    • Why would Rob Keyes be concerned with fan’s comments on another blog site? That’s for the mediators and writers on IGN.com, comicbookmovie.com and superherohype.com to deal with. Screenrant.com deals with the WHOLE movie industry’s developments not just one genre like the sites you’ve listed. Look at this site’s poll (What do you think of the ‘X-Men: First Class’ trailer?) it shows the majority voted, “Looks better than I expected”. Yes it doesn’t completely wipe out negative opinion, but it shows there were some things in the trailer that were positive. A movie is more than special effects and costumes. The story and the accuracy of the character’s personalities portrayed is more important. You’re gonna either complain about the visual look of the characters if the story is strong or you’re gonna complain about the script’s plot holes if the costumes and makeup are good. Moviemakers can’t win with people like you.

    • I’m with you as far as I don’t know how much one trailer can put worries at ease. How many trailers have been great and the movies turn out to be a big mess?

      I like the cast and Vaughn’s other movies so I have hopes for this one still. I actually liked the trailer, but it really didn’t quash any fears on my end becuase I’ve always wanted to give this film a shot.

    • I agree. The trailer do not put to rest my concerns especially knowing that Bryan Singer and his posse were already at the helm before Matthew Vaughn was hired. Which to me means more of the same craptastic X-Men that we’ve come to despise for it’s flagrant disregard of the source material.

      I stand firm. I will not be paying to see this film and rewarding these “artists” that have no love for the comics. I feel they are only on it because comic book movies are big right now.

      Matthew Vaughn’s Kick Ass rocked but that was made as an indy film with no studio meddling.

  2. movie comes out in 4 months and they’re ‘re-shooting’ scenes hehehe god help them is all i can say.

  3. Personally, I wasn’t all that impressed with the trailer. It had a couple of good shots, but … Magneto lifting a submarine out of the water? It’s gonna be Wolverine dodging helicopter blades all over again, I just know it.

    • you aren’t the only one, i thought the trailer was just down right garbage with a couple of money shots nothing more and certainly less. the only thing we can do right now is pray that the movie will fail so bad fox will have nothing else to do but revert the rights back to marvel.

      • Unfortunately, it won’t tank. XO:W was complete trash, but it still made money, and this will too.

  4. January Jones, skimpy outfits. I’m in

    • Agreed.

    • I’m there.

      • ….Totally

    • me2

      • I’m sorry, what was the question?

    • You just won me over. 8-)

  5. This is FOX. the company with among the worst track records of f-ing up a director’s work. There should be worry.

  6. This is the digital age–filmmakers edit as they go (no need to wait for film!).

    Vaughn has two editors, including the great Lee Smith, who edited “Inception” and “The Dark Knight” (among many others for both Christopher Nolan and Peter Weir).

    Some of you may not like the trailer, but it’s garnered by far the most *interest* of any of the recent trailers: more than 6 millions views in less than three days.

  7. “Bryan Singer – the man responsible for the only two good X-Men movies – is under a lot of pressure to turn the series around for the better”

    Well, imho he has already failed by making the decision to turn the X-Men origins into a smorgasbord of Marvel characters. Seems like he is trying to play every ace in the deck (plus a few extras) just for the cool factor.

    If you can’t do it right DON’T do it at all. He should have learned that at an early age.

    “we sincerely hope Matthew Vaughn and co. are able to pull off a great movie that fans and critics can get behind”

    Sorry but “WE”, meaning me (and most of the fans I would hope) want the opposite and are sincerely hoping this show will tank harder than the Titanic. If it does so then with any luck FOX will relinquish the rights to the X-Men so Disney/Marvel can do it R I G H T.

    • Really? You want movies to be bad? It’s being made so when I see it in theaters, I want it to be good. As do all moviegoers who pay the expensive ticket prices.

      • Yea I’m guessing by the time summer roles round they’ll up ticket a buck again and make concessions even more ridiculously priced. I hope it’s good just so I’m not pissed about wasting over almost 40 bucks when I take my girlfriend.

        • I too would rather be pleasantly surprised by a good movie I wasn’t sure about than see it go down in flames… stop being so negative

      • Agree with hoping it’s good. The firt two were good, so I’m hoping they go back to that. Miuchael Fassbander looks great as magneto

    • Sorry. But you’re wrong. Epically wrong. I don’t want this movie to tank at all, and judging by the people I know and have spoken to, most people do want it to be good and to succeed.

      Plus, The Titanic didnt “tank”. It sank. Or sunk. Depending on your grammatical point of view.

  8. I’m a little concerned a out some of these comments. I’m a fan of X-men as well, but I think if FOX can redeem themselves with this new movie, then more power to them. I hope it’s good, but I can understand everyone’s skepticism. However, wanting it to fail just so FOX can relinquish their rights to Disney/Marvel; is like failing a grade just so u can get that awesome science teacher, seems counterintuitive to me??? I’m pulling for FOX- I don’t wanna wait another year or two for better X-men movies :-)

  9. For some reason I have a weird feeling that they’re going to put the original first x men class in the sequel, if they make one at least. And I liked the trailer by the way.

  10. I have incredible faith in this film.
    The trailer was outstanding and I can already tell Michael Fassbender will be amazing in the film. (if he can look good in Jonah Hex, he can kick ass basically anywhere)
    Vaungh is a terrific director, so I thnk no one should be worried.

  11. So Marvel can do it RIGHT?
    If iron Man 2 is Marvels idea of “doing it right”,
    I will take my chances with Vaughns film .
    When fans bash this movie , after its release and you know there some just DYING to do that,
    I hope they take into account the ungodly schedule the cast and crew had to work with.
    And I am not even a Vaughn fan but June 3rd?
    My heart goes out to him and everyone involved .
    Good Luck.
    The writers must be having bleeding ulcers by now.

    • Gary S., I totally agree. Iron Man 2 was horrible. So bad was Marvel’s influence that it appears they ran off John Favreau from the third film. And it was Marvel that seemed to fight against Ed Norton and his ideas for The Hulk. Norton was passionate about making a great movie, and was very likely the only reason that movie turned out any good at all. Yet, Marvel resisted at times. And although Marvel doesn’t have control of Spider-Man movies, I believe it was Marvel who, along with Sony’s blessing, pressured Raimi to include Venom in the third film. Marvel Studios is still young, but I am already dubious of their ability to make good decisions. They’re in no way a saving grace for any of their properties. I actually think having their characters distanced from Marvel actually gives the movies a fighting chance.

    • I agree. If IM2 is any indication about the future of Marvel films, then I don’t want a part of it. Fanboys put them on such a pedastool, but they’re no different from Sony or Fox.

      • Well let’s see there’s Iron Man 1, IM2, and The Incredible Hulk. That’s it, Marvel Studios only put out 3 movies so far in which 1 of those wasn’t great but it also wasn’t bad. Now imagine how bad it would have been if IM2 was in Fox studios hands.

    • When it comes down to brass tacks, movie studios (be it Fox, Sony, WB, Marvel, etc) and they’re in it to make money. When too many cooks get in the kitchen, or they leave all of the decisions to a poor producer or director, the movies often turn out poor.

      Nolan + Batman = good (2 movies)

      Raimi + Spidey = 2 good movies, then a 3rd that suffered from too much intervention

      Singer + Xmen = 2 good movies, but Rattner + Xmen = crapfest

      Donner + Supes = 1 good movie, and the 2nd that suffered from too much intervention

      Favreau had a good one with IM, I have no idea what happened with IM2 but it could have been worse

      My point is that studios have hits and misses. Of course there’s more to a good movie than the director (writers, budget, etc) but I’m generalizing here. If only Marvel could duplicate Pixar’s forumula because they seem to have a heck of a lot more hits than misses. Marvel isn’t better or worse than the other comic movie franchise holders, they’re just younger

      • Donner + Supers = 1 good movie?

        Sorry, gotta disagree there. Superman 1+2 are the absolute pinacle of what a comic book movie should be, regardless of the dated effects, those films are damned near perfect.

        And there was only one semi good Spiderman film, and it was the second one, they were all fairly poor in my mind, totally miscast, the only thing that saved the second film was Alfred Molina.

  12. I completely disliked all four X-men movies so far but nevertheless i kept hoping the next one would be better so fingers crossed for first class…

    • i think 1 and 2 where ok, not great but somewhat decent. after that everything started going downhill and i believe it will continue simply b/c they dont have enough time for editing, it takes the longest time in a production and they only have 4 or so months until release.

  13. I didnt Like Last Stand or Wolverine.
    But Wolverine was hurt by The Writers Strike.
    so there may still be hope for both First Class and The Wolverine as well
    And having Aronofsky for the sequel doesnt hurt.

  14. I won’t lie I honestly do hope it fails. I never hope a comic film fails, but this time I really honestly do. They have absolutely raped the comics this time. This is an insult to comics and comic fans every where and shouldn’t be allowed to exist. The success of this film could potentially lead to years of movies that disrespect the fans and the comics. TDK was a success and many films tried to follow the example it set and copy it in many ways and the same could happen if this is a success. Just imagine all your favorite heroes being completely changed on screen and ruined. Good film on it’s own or not it’s an insult to comics and comic fans around the world. Anyone who has read more than 5 Xmen comics should feel insulted by this. Can’t wait till we get Batman with a man named Bob Something or other as batman instead of Bruce Wayne or maybe movie called Batman with a man dressed as a dog instead. This has nothing to do with no only the actual Xmen first class but doesn’t even have anything to do with the actual Xmen comic. No matter what Xmen comic you read being it Astonishing, Uncanny or First class this is nothing like any of them. The name of the film could easily be changed and this could be considered an original film based on a similar concept to the X men comics.

    This is an abomination and the beginning of the end for comic films if it’s a success. No Comic film in history has ever changed this much not even close. Other than this film the most changes to a comic film is considered an exact copy of the comics in comparison to this rape.

    As awful as I think GL and Cap look I don’t hope for either to fail at all. This is the only comic film in history that I truly wanted to fail. I hope it its one of the biggest flops in film history.

    Realistically though Fox isn’t going to give up the right because of a failure from this film. They still have Wolverine and a potential X4 or any other X characters solo film they want. Also realistically if this fails and they did give up the rights it would be a very long time before Marvel even considered making a movie. They would wait until it wasn’t fresh in the minds of the audience and would wait until they got beyond all the current films in the work, but at least it would no longer be raped by Fox.

    • LOL! The only team member of the original 5 is Beast. LOL.

  15. I personally am choosing not to see this one, for reasons Ive stated many times before, this isn’t the xmen: first class, that said the trailer didnt look that bad, it was pretty good looking, but taht doesnt mean that it is going to be good either.
    I honestly believe that this is false advertising and was done so purposely so as to bring more people into see it. If you dont believe me then your foolish, let me ak you a question then when some one asks who are in the xmen, pretty much every says the same names , wolverine, cyclops, Storm etc etc , the same is true of the Avengers and the Justice league. who wants to see a movie called Justice league that doesnt have the Trinity in it or an Avengers that doesnt have Cap, Ironman and Thor, who would even identify them as those teams if they werent in them.
    That is my problem they are using the name to draw people in. They should have picked a different title or left it an X-men Origins Picture. that would have been fine

    • I never understood why the called it first class, because wasnt this adapted from the X-Men Origins:Magneto movie that never got made?
      If they had just called it Origins a lot of people would be happier. I am going to see it, mostly because it looks very cool indeed. If I hat to miss one of the big comic releases this year, it would be Captain America.

      Also, not that I don’t agree with your points, I do actually, but the movie going public, Average Joe isnt going to know this isnt First Class as it is in the comics. We know it’s wrong but most people don’t.

      • youd be surprised at how many people really do , between the movies over the last decade and the cartoons and the Merchandising, alot more people do know this stuff and just like us, alot of people look stuff up , we live in the information age now, where everything is a wiki away, lol , like that, thats a pretty good catch phrase , I should charge wikipedia for that, sorry got off topic. However ,think about it if someone were to wiki the Xmen first class they would be utterly confused. Hell even my mother knows who the xmen are.

      • The studio’s decisions really don’t make sense to me why on earth would they make a film that alienates so many people. I mean if you think about it they changed everything from the comics so they push away comic book fans…However, you can argue that we are small compared to the masses so screw us, but it’s not like they needed to change the original team to appeal to the masses in fact the original team would of been more appealing with more recognizable characters instead of using a ton of characters the average movie goer never heard of and characters comic fans don’t even like. It’s like the who’s who of X characters you don’t give a crap about.

  16. The Superhero film genre has ben very resilient in the past.
    If it survived Batman paying 7 million for a date with Poison Ivy using His Bat Credit Card,
    It can survive whatever possible indignities might be contained in this film.

    • It’s always nice to know, however low a comic book movie might sink, it will never reach the collossal depths of Batman and Robin.

      • Has Screen Rant ever had a thread about the worst comicbook movies? If not, they should have one. B&R is definitely a contender but so is Catwoman, Elektra, and Jonah Hex.

        • seriously, tho, for all the bitching and moaning about x-men3, spiderman3, iron man2 and others: just a few years ago we were getting steaming cinematic piles like batman forever, batman and robin, catwoman, electra, fantastic four, etc. give me x3, sm3 and im2 any day of the week. it’s called perspective, people, use it.

          • a Few years ago , hell Hex was one of the worst ones and that was last summer

  17. Wow. The writer of this article is pretty pretentious (no offense, I’m sure he’s a cool guy). The Last Stand was a terrifically fun movie (I don’t care about fanboy whining, I know how to enjoy a movie on it’s own merits). Fox rushed The Last Stand like they’re rushing ‘First Class’. And, I’m sorry again fanboys, but Last Stand was a much better film than Kick-Ass (unless, of course, you like your movies full of plot holes, cliches, cardboard characters, dead ear dialogue, theft of better movies and trying to hard to be ‘edgy’). And, it’s really sick how much you guys hate on Iron Man 2. It’s a great movie! Is it perfect? No. But, doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to love about it. It’s like you guys go into these movies ready to hate on them, and you choose the one or two things that don’t work and you keep obsessing over them like they define the movie. And, I know, some of you are going to be like, ‘Well, that’s what you’re doing with Kick-Ass!’. But, Kick-Ass was just a lame rip-off of other, better, movies. As much as you guys hate on Spider-Man 3, Kick-Ass wants to be Spider-Man so bad it hurts. They even stole movie Peter Parker’s neighborhood! So, with all due respect, I don’t agree with this article. The trailer does nothing to quell my fears about this movie (I mean, seriously, how many movies have amazing trailers and then turn out to be awful movies?!). Fox is rushing production. Vaughn is an iffy director (his only good movie, imho, is Layer Cake). And, Singer and Co are again disregarding comic continuity (as he did in his 2 films). And, another disagreement with you guys, Capt. America and Thor look much cooler than First Class. My 2 cents. Spend em wisely.

    • i agree with what your saying as far as First Class being another misrepsentation of the source material and more then likely another horrible x men movie. However, Kick ass is not. You miss the point of Kick Ass, if you havent read kick ass , that is what kick ass the comic is, its a statement on the comic book industry. The characters are suppose to represent some of those Iconic characters and make fun of them to some point. To take it for anything other then that is foolish, I mean there is a 8 year old who talks like a truck driver and kills people like a ninja, and I loved every minute of it. Its not meant to be taken seriously. However the best part was they where faithful to comic.

    • I’m just gonna assume this post is a joke because I couldn’t take anyone who truly believed this seriously.

      Lol good joke man

  18. You’re pretentious. (No offense).

  19. @”seriously, tho, for all the bitching and moaning about x-men3, spiderman3, iron man2 and others: just a few years ago we were getting steaming cinematic piles like batman forever, batman and robin, catwoman, electra, fantastic four, etc. give me x3, sm3 and im2 any day of the week. it’s called perspective, people, use it.”

    That’s like saying vomit tastes better than crap.

  20. The ending of XM3 was grounds for a reboot with the Original 5. They could have totally said ok, that X-Men run is over, let’s start over with a fresh start the right way but nooooo…. They had to go and mess it up again.

  21. I might be mistaken but, does talking about how the director didn’t have enough time constitute putting people’s minds at ease about how good the movie is ? Sounds like the actress is trying to cop a plea early if things go bad with this film. At the end of the day though this all falls on the studio for really never having any idea what they wanted to do with this franchise. At a point I don’t think they figured it would get this far and the lack of direction has shown that.

    I also find it funny how Ratner gets all the blame for X-3 when this Vaughn guy and a few other people dodged that project like it was jury duty. For the director if this movie doesn’t deliver it just makes him look even worse at this point for throwing dirt on a previous director who might have been working with the same issues he now has inherited.