Jamie Foxx May Play ‘Daddy Warbucks’ in the ‘Annie’ Remake

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jamie foxx annie daddy warbucks Jamie Foxx May Play Daddy Warbucks in the Annie Remake

A modern cinematic take on the Annie newspaper comic strip (remember those?) turned Broadway musical has spent long enough spinning its wheels that the film’s original intended starlet – producer Will Smith’s teen pop singer daughter Willow – literally outgrew the title role. However, she has since been replaced by the young Oscar-nominee Quvenzhané Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild) and that has allowed the project to get back on track for a theatrical release next year.

The next major role to fill in Overbrook Entertainment partner’s Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Jay-Z’ contemporized reimagining of the famous musical is that of Annie’s adopted father, Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks – and now we can safely report that, contrary to previous rumors, it won’t be Justin Timberlake sporting a chrome dome as the character.

THR is reporting that Jamie Foxx has received an offer to play the role and has set his representatives to the task of working out a deal for him to join the Annie cast. It’s still not clear when, exactly, this rendition is going to take place, be it during the present-day or very recent past – like, say, around the Financial Crisis of 2007 instead of the Great Depression (a la the original stage musical). Still, the general plot, which concerns a millionaire (Foxx) who invites a relentlessly spirited and upbeat young orphan (Wallis) to live with him, should remain the same.

One thing that will, for certain, be different from any of the previous film versions – that includes the 1982 Annie movie musical directed by the late John Huston (The Maltese Falcon, Treasure of the Sierra Madre) which featured Albert Finney as Mr. Warbucks – is the name of Foxx’s character, who is now called Benjamin Stacks instead. (Get it? It was “war bucks” back during the 1930s, now it’s literally stacks of 100 dollar bills.)

Moving on…

quvenzhane wallis annie remake Jamie Foxx May Play Daddy Warbucks in the Annie Remake

Quvenzhané Wallis is starring in the new ‘Annie’

That alteration to the Daddy Warbucks character fits with the overall design of the new Annie, which is receiving a “hip and trendy” makeover in the musical number department; it should be similar to Jay-Z’s music contributions to Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, or – as many a person has point out already – the tunes featured in director Sidney Lumet and pop star Michael Jackson’s primarily black-cast take on the Wizard of Oz movie musical, titled The Wiz.

Similarly, the project is being directed by Will Gluck, who has carved out a niche as someone who specializes in making “hip and trendy” variations on conventional fare, be it the coming of age genre (Easy A) or the modern rom-com (Friends with Benefits). Gluck’s movies sell well, but are occasionally criticized for being more formulaic than they aspire to be; in all likelihood, that won’t change with Annie (for better or for worse).

As for the chance that Foxx will play “Daddy Stacks”: the Oscar-winner is fresh off headlining Django Unchained, and is playing Max Dillon/Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (which is currently in production). However, Foxx’s schedule will be open thereafter, save for a couple of nice-and-easy voice acting jobs in upcoming 3D toons like Rio 2. That’s to say, pending any unforeseen complications at the last minute, a deal should be finalized.


Annie opens in U.S. theaters on Christmas Day 2014.

Source: THR

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  1. So daddy django now? Whatever happened to justin timberlake getting the part?

    • Apparently, the way this production is shaping up, Justin ‘just’ wouldn’t fit ‘in.’

      • Lmao what is that supposed to mean dude? How is it shaping up exactly? Enlighten me

        • I’m really just joking, so I’m glad you did get the angle I was going for.

          What direction is this project heading toward?

          I can’t predict the end result. But OBVIOUSLY this presentation of “Annie” has a fresh, new take on the story.

          And I have absolutely no problem with that!

      • Wow, he made that comment “justin” time, before anyone else could!

      • I guess Justin Timberlake should of had his fingers crossed, you know, “just” “in” case.

  2. And the award for Most Ignorant Comment goes to…

    • Sorry, but he makes a valid point. I’m sick of political correctness for the sake of it. Ask yourself this, can we make a Shaft remake with Shaft being played by Bruce Willis without one hell of an uproar. Why Annie? What a stupid remake. How about a movie with black, white, hispanics etc that s darn good movie and not trying to make some stupid politically correct statement? Or here’s an idea Hollywood, be original instead of lazy.
      I want to be entertained, not preached at.

      • Donald Glover’s stand up covers some of Shaft controversy you just brought up, you should watch it.

      • Go ahead and make a Shaft remake with Willis. What do I care? His point isn’t valid.

      • And plus I agree with aquateen. A lot of these characters were created during periods of intense racism. There’s no reason Annie can’t be played by girls of all races today. So there really shouldn’t be a problem with this remake.

      • This movie isn’t about race or political correctness, at all. I say let’s make a Shaft movie with Bruce Willis or even Daniel Radcliffe, nobody cares about Shaft he’s not some kind of black icon, historical figure or superhero. He’s in fact, a terrible role model for anybody. Actually I’m gonna go ahead and throw my full support behind a Tim Burton/Johnny Depp remake of Shaft! That would be awesome!!!

        • BAHAHAHAAHAAAA That would be awesome. It may one of the only tim burton movies i’d go out of my way to watch.

      • Thank you, Chip. It’s good to see there is one educated and sensible person out there besides me.

      • Why does everybody think black people love shaft some much??? I couldn’t give two sh*ts about shaft!!! He’s just a black guy that sometimes hits women. That’s all. I don’t have anything to say about your comment since it’s completely illogical, I just wanted to address the whole “shaft thing”

    • Most ignorant? Why because he just wants to stick to tradition? Annie wasn’t racist. Why does everything have to be so politically correct? Hell even Django Unchained showed some of “them black folks” (as you probably think anyone who doesn’t live in your little bubble of PC society) in an unflattering light…not all has to be PC. In fact, Political Correctness is borne out of those who have no stomach to withstand tough times.

      • Buntcake1972… um, spell and grammar check. It’s difficult to understand the point you were trying to make.

      • Who’s saying anything about political correctness? Why does having a movie starring black people have to be something political? I love how white people complain about things like this. All the franchises and lead roles, white people get…is it seriously that difficult to let black actors get some work? Get off your high horse man. Nothing wrong with a little diversity and little change. Hollywood has been one color for too long.

        • What high horse? Who said it was political (other than political correctness)? incidently, there probably were not mnay rich connected black people like Daddy warbucks back in the day annie was supposed to take place. There are many fine black actors in many fine parts, and I respect the excellent job they do. I am pretty colorblind, actually, and it is a good thing, or else I would be screaming for each movie to include one guy from wales, one from Denmark, one from England, and one from Scotland, even if it ,meant we had to bump some “whites” (what is a white, anyways, altho I am one, born in America and of the afore-mentioned descent). DFiscrimination can take plaqce against all races, so maybe one of each of these actors of my active background would have to bump some blacks as well as whites, because there was more peolpe of African origins or American blacks or whatever than, say, Danes or scots? How would all you people who feel you are so ethnically self-righteous feel if you lost your job because you were displaced because they needed a croat or swede or taiwanese or-yes, a “black” to take your place? Frankly, at the risk of making this way more overblown than it already is, they could throw most of the civil rights stuff right out the window. The Constitution pretty much already declares the equality of all races, creeds, colors, ethniticities, etc. under the law. We don’t need things cluttered up even more with additional laws, etc. I support equal pay for equal work, equal housing opportunities irregardless of one’s ethnic backgrounds, etc. A fair shake for everyone. If many of you think I am knocking black actors or any other group saying they should not get PROPER parts, you are mistaken.

        • @bob – “Hollywood has been one color for too long.” – that’s just as ignorant as the garbage I had to delete that Buntcake was posting. Hollywood hasn’t been one color since the 70s & 80s. It’s great to have an opinion, just base it on fact.


  3. Ummmm dude that didn’t make any sense, back to the drawing board homie.

    • Homie! LOL

    • It did the intelligent people!

      • oops, guess I am not intelligent, tho. I meant, “it did to the intelligent people”.

  4. WTF ????!!!!????*#**%^*@*@**@*@*!????

  5. What you seem to miss is that back when those characters you mentioned along with many other popular fiction characters were made, they them made white because of racism. Even today most shows have almost no ethnicity in the starring cast and even if they are their the co-star. So before you go saying no white characters can be made black think about how many popular white characters you have to choose while theirs probably 1/6th as many of other races.

    • @Goldilocks

      The Nick Fury we see in the Marvel movies is based on the Ultimate Nick Fury who was drawn to look like Samuel L Jackson.

      Donald Glover was turned into a black Spiderman in a comic book after fan demand.

      On the other hand, Wesley Snipes played a previously white character (Blade).

      We also saw Axel Foley recast when Sylvester Stallone said no to the script and we got Eddie Murphy instead (Stallone’s version of the script he did like, Cobra, flopped).

      I see this all black version of Annie being a good thing to appeal to a certain demographic that wouldn’t have seen the original (even though I didn’t like the original myself). Not that I’d see this version either but I find it funny when people complain about black actors/white roles and then throw in “but I’m not a racist!”.

      • Don’t see the problem. Sorry. Anyways, I remember many years ago when I lived in the Chicago, Ill. suburbs, when they first made the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. The suburbs at that time (an hour west/northwest of Chicago), were mostly white, and some of my black neighbors’ kids and parents were disappointed because they could not find the black CPK dolls out where we lived for Christmas. The area, being primarily white, carried in their stores only the white ones. My particular townhouse complex did have a number of black families, and when they mentioned their disappointment, I had an idea. I volunteered to drive into Chicago where there were black neighborhoods and hence retailers, and pick up a number of the black dolls for my neighbors, so they could present them to their kids for christmas. The parents all thought this was a great idea, so i drove down, at my expense, and combed the stores in the black neighborhoods, until i had a huge bunch of the dolls and brought them back out to the suburbs for my neighnors’ families. Some of the parents paid me back for the dolls (I had floated the money for most of them, just took orders and went shopping), although in a number of cases these families could not afford to pay me, they told me after the fact. I said that was OK, I just wanted to see their kids have a nice Christmas, so I picked up the tab for a number of them, which was not cheap, and although I was not real well-to-do myself, it was worth it to me so their kids would be happy. The parents were overjoyed, the kids were ecstatic, and “Santa Claus” came through. That is what counts. And I was glad to help out someone where I could. I did not have to do any of this, but that is what it’s all about, helping others. I mention this just to illustrate, I am not biased. i have also in younger days dated a woman of Polish-Hungarian descent, an Irish-Italian, a Mexican-American, and yes, briefly, went out a few times with a black gal, all fine people, just to name a few. I am married to a Finnish-American. So I am only biased against jerks, a race unto themselves.

      • Blade was never white

    • Actually, I thoroughly do appreciate that point, and do sympathize. i am just saying let’s leave blacks black, whites white, males male, females female, etc. I have alot of friends, neighbors, co-workers, and customers in my job who are stretched across a very wide spectrum of racial differences, and i do not resent, demean, or criticize unduly a single one–not one–because of their racial differences. I feel that as far as movies, tv, books, etc. go, they should stay the way the original writer, authors, etc. meant them to be.

  6. Good thing I’ll never watch a Jamie foxx movie again, on top of this being a horribly lame remake.

  7. Sounds like it could be awesome to me! Jay Z can do no wrong!

    Remaking Annie with an ethnic cast is no different to the hundreds of Japanese or European to American remakes we have had to endure over the years, hell Old Boy is out next year!

    At least this sounds like an original idea for a remake and there is a point and relevance to it

    • Now, I will listen to Brian Fantana’s testes over the ramblings of the PC crowd…besides who wants another damn remake.

      • Who really gives a crap about Annie anyway besides 8 year old girls?

        • All the liberals who think it is OK to like little kids in a wrong way!

  8. Nobody cares if you’re a conservative, nobody cares if you’re Danish or whatever. Nobody cares about Annie or this movie. What makes you think what you have to say matters. Go outside and enjoy life instead of typing paragraph long rants.

    • Only Danish I care about is one filled with cheese. But I’m sure Obama will take that away from me for it is too fattening and filled with happiness.

    • You read my long rant, which actually does carry a point. So why don’t you go outside as well, take a walk down to the library, and get educated. I do.

  9. What in the world are you talking about? Is ignorance really bliss, is it really that good cause you sound like your 2 steps from Nirvana my friend.

    First off, I will say that there seems to be some “political correctness” going on with the recent decisions. Casting choices to make films for “acceptable/accessible” to today’s audience.

    But at the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter who is cast as long as they give the best performance for that role.

    With the points you’ve stated you have no valid argument because you’re ranting about FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Let me say it again: FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Malcolm X, Dr. King, Michael Jackson fall into the BIOPIC, BIOGRAPHY, TRUE EVENTS, REAL PEOPLE category. It would not make sense to cast someone of another race to represent a historical figure, in a film whose purpose is to be AS ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE, who doesn’t at least LOOK THE PART!!! Fictional and Historical real figures are Apples & Oranges my friend.

    Also, look at the superheroes we have at our disposable. How many Black Panthers do we have running around? How many Japanese wolverines do you have as collectible items? Ethnic superheroes may be a 100 count compared to the 1000’s of characters in a Comic Book Universe.!?! This is a large generalization but I’m sure you get what I’m saying. One little black Max ‘Electro’ Dillon is not going to disrupt our space time continuum. Relax Kimo Sabe!

    When it comes to FICTIONAL (MAKE BELIEVE) the same characters should in theory be played by white, Mexican, Black, Japanese, Puerto Rican, etc. etc. The question is: are we ready for a Chinese superman, if he plays the part superbly, are WE ready?

    And please I hope you actually have friends from various ethnic backgrounds and you’re not trying to count the Mexican cashier at Target you may say hello to once a week. You may or may not have these ‘friends’ I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. It just seems strange for you to have such friends and you make such a “ethical fictional cleansing” comment. My friends don’t care as long as the actor in the role, doesn’t FUDGE IT UP!!

    Hopefully you understand what I’m saying; and if not well all I can do is point you to the shut up pills in aisle 6 of Walmart. It’s a clearance sale too your in luck.

    • Wait…does this mean we can cast a Ginger in the role of Dolemite?! YESS!

      Or, let’s remake Boyz n the Hood with the cast from Glee!

      • @Buntcake1972 Where are you from? Why do you feel like anyone cares who’s casts as Dolemite or even knows who Dolemite is? If Rupert Grint Wants to play Dolemite I’m all for it! And Boyz in the Hood starring the cast of Glee sounds AWESOME!!!!

      • @Buntcake1972 In all seriousness I fully support Glee remaking Boyz in the Hood! I would laugh my ass off the entire time. I don’t understand where your outrage is coming from. If an actor is good in a role he or she should be cast regardless of race. It’s a simple decision based on performance instead of skin color. If someone is angry over a change of a fictional character’s race then they’re a racist.

        But seriously… do you REALLY care about Dolemite, Shaft, and Annie THAT much? Get a life lol

        • ^ This.

        • I truly believe that when we cast a part, we should cast the whole part as the author meant it to be portrayed. otherwise they would have portrayed that character different to begin with. Once you change it, it is less than the authors full work anymore. Where do you stop? Abraham Lincoln, a black man, freeing the slaves like a black Moses? Adolph Hitler only cooking Germans in his death-camp ovens? Romeo being left by Juliet in favor of a sex-toy? Where are the boundries? By the way, did any of you feel it was needless (as I did) to change Mandarin in Iron Man 3 into something other than a Chinese? Don’t the Chinese have super-villains as well? No-one screamed when the X-men have featured a German, a Russian, an African, an Asian, or a native American member on the hero side. If we are gonna change things, maybe i should ask all of my customers at the Wal-Mart where I work to get a sex-change to male before entering the store so my wife does not get jealous?? While you are sqwuacking because you think it is OK to turn white characters into black, I hope you will be equally as “open-minded” when a movie featuring Black panther and luke Cage cast white actors. Think about that for a moment.

          • And the day they cast Black Panther and Luke Cage as white actors I hope you equally rant/squeal in disapproval of the casting similar to your previous posting…

            • @ Goldilocks ^

          • Honest question, I realize this has gone a while, but do you see there is a difference between changing a characters ethnicity when there background plays a part of the story and when it doesn’t. Black Panther can’t be white. It makes no sence to have a white guy being the Black Panther unless you completely rewrite the characters history. Unfortunately, yes, it is easier to disregard a white characters history. It plays less into why they are who they are. I’m white, but have German, English, Irish and Swedish in my family line while being born and raised in Australia. I could claim the cultures of those countries as my own, rightly so, but they do t make me, they havent shapped me. I realize of course my ethnicity is important, it always is, but I’ve faced no adversity because of it. As a white male, I’ve faced no struggles because of my race or gender. I’m the average white guy you see every day. If I was a fictional character, my skin could be any color, and it wouldn’t change my story.

            Does Cyclops need to be white to tell his story? No. His struggle is losing his family, his mutation, his role as leader. Nothing that is white only. I don’t know much about Cage but I think he could be white with only minor changes, but Black Panther is a leader, I belive, of an African nation of Wakanda I think. His ethnicity is his character. Of course, as I mentioned, you could rewrite his history, but until you do, he is as much black as he is panther. As far as I can see, shouldn’t the characters history tell you if it’s ok to change something like race or gender?

    • Mind easing up on the racism a bit? Maybe I’m taking things too seriously but if you have a point, just make it without the ethnic jokes. There’s a chance that you’ll ignore this but just take my request into consideration please. Thank you.

    • Wanna hear something funny? I actually do work as a cashier for Wal-Mart!

      • It’s not funny because we totally believe you.

  10. Some people need to experience some real problems in their life……

    • +100

  11. I’ll probably watch it when it’s on DVD

  12. Uh-oh, everyone got too tight around the collar, and my ORIGINAL comment, the one that started it all, apparently got bumped out by the moderators (WHY? It is always us original thinkers who get persecuted!). Anyways, it disappeared off this page for some reason, therefore rendering the rest of this argument moot and now all the subsequent comments on that issue are not making sense. Therefore, i propose everyone just shut up, and either watch the movie or don’t (I won’t). And thank you for discriminating against me and not everyone else, Mr. Moderator. Now I’m gonna go sulk and eat some sour grapes.

    • @ Goldilocks

      “It is always us original thinkers who get persecuted.”

      Don’t worry, bub. No one is gonna persecute you because you are NO “original” thinker.

      You’re a “follower” who can only dream of thinking….

      • If I’m following you, I must be behind you…thatr means all I’m seeing in front of me is an a**h***!

  13. I think everyone here is partially right. It’s not really a politically correct issue, like changing The Mandarin. It’s more of an attack or lack of respect for tradition. I grew up with and loved the 80s movie as a kid, and as the article states it was around even before that. I have no problem with a movie like this, what I do have a problem with is calling it and the character Annie. I know it’s kind of stupid to feel that way, but it is also stupid to potentially change the setting, time period, and one of the main character’s name and still want to have some connection to original material that was totally different. They should have just made it with a different title and we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Yeah when it came out everyone would say it’s just like Annie but it wouldn’t seem like they are trying to change something that doesn’t need changed. The same goes for all the 80s’ movies they are talking about remaking. Just change the title and people won’t complain that you are being unoriginal and just trying to make money off of a well known brand name that probably has few similarities to your new film.

  14. James Gunn is doing a Roots remake Starring Timberlake Eastwood and Paltrow. So I have no problem with this.

  15. Guess everyone can ignore all the comments by everyone on this particular story. The moderators took off my original lengthy comment that got the ball rolling when everyone took everything out of context, so none of the subsequent ones by any of us made much sense. Time to put this particular set of comments on this story to rest.

  16. Yawn…unnecessary. With Smith’s agenda of buying rights to remake movies starring his kids is annoying.

  17. LMAO, seriously? Anyone that can say with a straight face that there would not be an uproar over a white shaft is living on another planet. Quit kidding yourselves.

  18. How rediculous. Why not make garfield a poodle names william? Maybe make scooby doo a siamese cat named larry? No big deal right? only a few minor liberties have been taken

  19. This is typical! a brilliant, good original story successfully developed for both stage and screen that has been a hit the world over for many years is suddenly hijacked by a bunch of wogs and changed so that spades play the leading parts. The result is a pile of cakka coz the niggs cant act and bang a good old trad story is nacked and then slated. wot a lot of s***.

  20. Here’s the deal. If a character is based on literature and you have respect for the literature, you don’t change the ethnicity of any character whose character and persona would be a reflection of that ethnicity. James Bond is a white guy. His attitudes, formed by his personal history (i.e. British Military Commander in World War II, schooled in an all white English pre school, Eton, etc.)could not be that of a black man who wouldn’t have had those experiences. To think you could just slot in a black actor to portray a character who was written white in the original source material is an insult to black people; it suggests that their attitudes and frame of reference is invalid. That no matter what they went through as a race of people or individually, they should just think just like white people. It is intellectually dishonest. Annie could be portrayed as a black girl by a black actress because Annie’s persona is not driven by her whiteness in the original material but rather by
    her being an orphan, an experience that transcends race. Warbucks on the other hand would have to be rewritten for a black actor so that his reactions to the orphan are
    through the prism of his own black experience. And that’s okay becuase it is not central to the story that he be black or white, or Asian for that matter. In the case of Bond, it very much matters. Does anybody think that any blacks, given the challenges of being black in British society, would be concerned with how a martini is mixed? That’s a white man’s problem and any attempt to portray it as a concern of
    a rational black man living in the real world would be pretentious, gratuitous and would ring very much untrue. To those whose kneejerk reaction to these comments will be to decry my racism, I would remind them to look at the resistance to the casting of Daniel Craig to the role of Bond. Their complaint was the same, just not driven by race. Instead it was driven by whether or not Craig was handsome enough for the role. Why would that matter? Because the character and persona of Bond was inextricably interwoven with his “dark good looks”. It made him successful with women, which gave him confidence and which also allowed him to exploit women. That is who the character is as written by Fleming. Those who respect the literature saw
    Craig as miscast and it had nothing to do with racism.

  21. Calling the movie “Annie” is a misnomer and has always been. The movie is about Daddy Warbucks, he is the only character with character in the movie. The whole persona of the gruff moody shave headed old man who has a change of heart. Sadly movie makers not “getting it” tries to make Annie the star, needless to say it ends up a big swing and a miss. Jamie Foxx’s character trying to be a hip moody business mogul not only isn’t believable it paints Daddy Warbucks out of character. Whats new this is the same industry who tried to redo Rooster Cogburn, they said the character John Wayne played wasn’t the book, well if the book’s character was some mumbling buffoon they achieved their goal. John Wayne gave the character a sense of humor, made him likable, his follow up with Kate Hepburn was some of the best male/female dialogue in ions. Sometimes their just better off leaving well enough alone. But what do you expect from a talentless Hollywood writers these days but other people’s ideas and retreads.