Jamie Campbell Bower Set For ‘The Mortal Instruments’

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Every studio out there wants to be responsible for the next popular young adult book-turned-movie franchise, following in Harry Potter and Twilight‘s footsteps. One of the contestants in said unofficial competition is Screen Gems with The Mortal Instruments, a big screen treatment of author Cassandra Clare’s popular fantasy-adventure, which has been in the works since 2009.

Studio heads have finally settled on an actor to play the male lead in the film – and it’s none other than Camelot‘s young King Arthur, Jamie Campbell Bower.

Deadline says that a deal is being worked out right now for Bower to star in Mortal Instruments as Jace Wayland, a deadly Shadowhunter (read: demon hunter). In addition to his Camelot role, Bower (as it were) plays a supporting role in the two-part finales for both the Harry Potter series and The Twilight Saga – not to mention, he made his big screen debut in Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd movie. Clearly he’s an up-and-coming actor who’s managed to make an impression around Hollywood.

Clare’s Mortal Instruments tells the story of fifteen-year-old Clary Fray, a girl who discovers she possesses “The Sight” – an ability which allows her to see both monsters and the Shadowhunters that keep them in check. When her mother is kidnapped and she herself barely survives an attack by an especially dangerous demon, Clary must set out to learn the truth about her heritage and become a warrior in her own right.

When this project was first announced, the reported plan was to compile the first three novels in Clare’s Mortal Instruments series (“City of Bones”, “City of Ashes”, and “City of Glass”) for the film adaptation. That may still be the plan, to some degree.

the mortal instruments 570x226 Jamie Campbell Bower Set For The Mortal Instruments

Currently set to star as Clary in Mortal Instruments is actress Lily Collins, who will also play a battle-ready gal in Tarsem Singh’s upcoming Snow White retelling. Like The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, Collins has clearly demonstrated herself to be capable of both portraying a strong female character onscreen, and becoming the starlet to headline a potential new franchise, in the eyes of studio heads.

Mortal Instruments has drawn comparisons before to Buffy the Vampire Slayer in that it features a female variation on the traditionally male hero archetype, while telling her tale within the context of a contemporary monster mythology. However, Clare’s original novels are not quite so heavy on the intentional camp values and humor that Joss Whedon’s creation is so well renowned for.

While other young adult literary projects hoping to kickoff a new franchise (The Hunger Games, The Seventh Son) are being handled by well-regarded filmmakers like Gary Ross or Sergey Bodrov, The Mortal Instruments will feature former visual effects guru Scott Charles Stewart (Legion, Priest) in the director’s chair. Given the quality of Stewart’s previous movies – and their similarities to Mortal Instruments – that doesn’t exactly bode well for his new fantasy action flick.

Priest 3D Review Jamie Campbell Bower Set For The Mortal Instruments

Paul Bettany in ‘Priest’

The Mortal Instruments book series is a massive best-seller and has a strong fanbase, so there’s definitely an audience who wants to see it done justice on the big screen. No one denies that Stewart is capable at delivering visually slick action sequences featuring gruesome supernatural beasts, but his directorial efforts up to now have been pretty lackluster. Stewart isn’t writing the Mortal Instruments screenplay, though, so that should help on the narrative side of things.

Expect to hear more about The Mortal Instruments in the near future.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Horrible! What a let down! He was the worst choice for the fans, he has lost every fan-poll so far against Leebo Freeman and Ed Speleers – and now he is cast! He is horrible in CAMELOT, you can read it on every CAMELOT board that he is the weakest part of the show, and now we got a Jace looking like a girl! Stuoid casting decision!

    • amen

      • you guys are tottaly right about that… even though he was part of the Twilight saga, you cant deny that fact that he barely said a one page length script (even summing up all the movies).

  2. He is the reason I can no longer watch Camelot. Which was a blessing in disguise, for out of my dispair I found Game Of Thrones. awesome.

  3. Really disappointed in casting him as Jace. Although AP was my first choice, I was at least hoping for Leebo since he has that bad boy look and a hot bod. This guy looks like a girl! This movie is gonna flop!

    • Apparently the casting directors think otherwise. It appears he has proven himself in Harry Potter and Twilight sequels. I dont want to say he is a bad decision but to propose the movie will flop due to his casting is premature in the least.

      Everyone, I mean everyone, thought Tobey Mcguire would be a horrible Spiderman, he wasnt.

      I’m just saying we cant base a new actor off of one character (Camelot). It simply isnt fair to any actor.

      • Well, he didn’t really “prove” himself in Harry Potter, and he’s basically had about 10-15 lines the entire time he’s been in the Twilight franchise, to be frank. He was so-so in Sweeney Todd. But I agree, it’s early days and it’s worth going to see considering the quality of the film’s source material. Fingers crossed!

  4. All three books are going to be compiled into one movie?!? That’s a fail in itself

    • Well, that was (apparently) the plan almost two years ago – so that *might* not be true anymore.

    • I sooo agree. How can you put three books into one movie??

    • agreed

    • No, pretty sure it’s just based on Book 1

  5. Hmmm..

    Coincidentally, I was just reading an article about the “casting couch” being alive and well in Hollywood.


  6. Better hit the gym!!

    • you got that right

  7. I’m so disapointed right now :( He was by far the worst choice between the three! I’m totally agree with those saying he looks like a girl! He is way to feminine to play Jace… Between the three, Ed Speleers was my first choice, but I would have prefered Alex Pettyfer or even Alexander Ludwig! I may not watch the movie at all if they stick with him

  8. not my favorite pick but we can’t say it will be a total flop because of one casting decision. I still have hope in a good final outcome. only time will tell

  9. No! He was the worst choice! he looks nothing like jace and hes too little boyish. he was the least favorite in all the polls. this totally ruins the series for me.

  10. This is an epic casting fail!!!! It is really sad that movie execs can just do whatever they want to characters that people love and cast someone not right for the part. JCB was the last on my list for this part. Alex Pettyfer was perfection for the role but anyone besides JCB would have been better. JCB has a forehead that is insanely distracting and I cant picture him being the character described in the books. This casting decision makes me almost want to not read books 5 and 6 of the series so I dont visualize uggo JCB as Jace. So disappointed-please recast this role with someone that doesnt violate the fans’ eyes!

  11. Well since this is done with, is it too early to say Ed Speelers for Simon? lol since he didnt get this role I think he would make a great Simon. Would be a cool twist by the studio if they gave him this role :)

  12. He was in Harry Potter for literally 5 seconds … why is everyone basing his acting from HP, when he barely in it??? Please mention something other movie please

    • I think he’s in the “deathly hallows: part 2,” a lot more than part 1, and I think the casting people were able to see some footage in it.

      I think he should give him a chance. He’s apparently going to buff up, get gold contacts and get a hair cut…and his acting might surprise everyone :)

      • He was in Sweeney Todd, as Anthony, I think, although he wasn’t “awesome” awesome

  13. In my opinion, i don’t think he will be a good Jace. He looks more like a Simon if he dyed his hair.

  14. I remember these same objections for Robert Pattinson and look how well that turned out. There is no way the casting directors are going to know what every individual “imagined” Jace to look like when they read the books.I admit that i wanted Alex Pettyfer also, but i heard Jamie’s audition was amazing, his chemistry with Lily was the best and Cassandra cried when she saw them do a scene and said, “that’s my Jace and Clary,” so they cast him. That’s enough for me! I’ll very well see the film before i judge!

  15. I might be one of the few people that likes this. I’m sure he’ll be fine and it’s too soon to assume that the movie is going to be ruined just because of a casting decision people don’t agree with.

  16. I for one, am not excite but okay with Jamie being cast as Jace. I have only seen him act, and not the others.

    But what about Lilly Collins?? I’m kinda bothered about that… I’m a huge fan of the series, and seriously? Lilly Collins????

  17. Damn it, I was afraid this would happen!

    Right, first of all, I disagree with most of you guys on here on one crucial point – it’s undeniable that Jamie Campbell-Bower looks the part. The Jace-in-my-mind’s-eye is attractive, but almost overly so, to the point of being a bit, frankly, girlish. Therefore, we don’t immediately trust or sympathise with him – as Maya says in Book 2, you can’t count on beautiful boys. This makes his later character development just that bit more fascinating.


    This creates a problem.

    I personally find Jamie Campbell-Bower difficult to like. There’s just something… off about his manner. He’s a bit… aloof. Cold. Possibly vain. And, call me a tad superficial, but this could be difficult to look past on screen. Although the only films I’ve seen him in are New Moon and Sweeney Todd (in both of which he had small parts not best suited to exhibiting the talents of a young actor to the full, particularly the former), I don’t think his acting style is anything special. Some people still manage to make a distinct impression in those sort of roles.

    Basically, I don’t see him playing Jace very well, even if he fits the role in terms of appearance, because he’s not very likable.

    Having said all this, I’ll probably still go see the film. It’s early days, right?

  18. How in the world is he possibly vain do u even know the meaning of the word,well I’m sure you do,you just don’t know how to use it.
    I have a friend named Brenda she met him,she said he was very humble & down to earth,but everyone has thier opinion I’ll respect yours :)

  19. Personally I think he will make a good Jace… if you have already decided that the movie will be bad by the casting rumors then maybe you shouldn’t spend your (or, ahem, your parents) hard earned money at the cinema. Stop complaining and just enjoy the story.

  20. How can they put three mortal intruments in one while explaining everything to you in just two hours. No offense but this movie is gonna flop with Jamie Campbell. But why do they show him as Jonathon Morgenstern in the trailer for City of Lost Souls. He could play an excellent Jonathon. I’m confused now.

  21. What?! I pictured the guy from Beastly for this! He looks just like the guy from the cover of Book One! Why world, why?!?

  22. In all honesty, who knows how the movie is going to turn out with Jamie as Jace. Although I do agree that he does not strike me as the Jace I imagined while reading the books I still can not wait to see what they will do for the movie. I will say that Jace seems more of a dark, strong body features in the face and all kind of guy maybe not as boyish like Jamie comes off to be. I will not say that Jamie is a bad pick because personally I liked watching him in Sweeny Todd and such but just not what I pictured. I am open to it just iffy about the final decision.

  23. I find it weird that people are being so shallow about the looks of the actor.
    I know that people so often tear apart female actresses for not being “hot” enough of pretty enough for a role, and then everyone, including me, gets annoyed by this. But when a man is cast for Jace that doesn’t fit everyone’s vision of the character physically, women in particular start blasting the actor.

    Alex Pettyfer, the other choice, TURNED down the movie. He had no passion for the project or the character.

    Jame was apparently so good in the audition that the author cried. The author of the books is not trustworthy? She approves of the casting choice.
    The point of the characters is NOT for the actor to look exactly like what everyone wants. It’s for them to do a good job playing the character and understanding what the character is about.
    If Jamie does that, people should be happy.
    I have a feeling alot of people will be eating their words.
    Also, I get the impression a lot of people did NOT pay attention to the book descriptions of Jace- he was described as having WIDE SET eyes, NOT being model pretty boy good looking, but more INTERESTING, and leanly muscular, with blonde hair long enough to fall in his face. How does Jamie NOT fit this description, I ask you haters?
    He does.
    But even if he didn’t, it’s how he plays the character that counts. Looks are the least important part of the character, and do not make them who they are.

  24. i agree to all of you, although i think he was not a good choice it’s too early, and maybe just maybe it would all turn out well. we all got about 2 months to wait.
    I have my eyes on the infernal instruments series. i just hope that the casting for Will Herondale, would be a lot better than the mortal instruments. I got my fingers crossed on this one.