James McTeigue Talks Superman & Magneto

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magneto wide James McTeigue Talks Superman & Magneto

In his article, Alex mentioned the popular Red Son Mark Millar limited series which followed an alternate take on Superman where he landed as a child in Soviet Russia (the Ukraine to be specific) instead of Smallville, Kansas. That sure as hell would be an interesting movie, but that’s not what we’ll be seeing on screen the next time we see the Man of Steel.

With the future of Supes still seemingly up in the air, we’ll have to wait and see what happens between Warner Brothers/DC Entertainment and the heirs of Superman creators, Jerry Siegel and Joel Schuster.

Moving on to that other big Comics brand name, Marvel, McTeigue has also been rumored to direct Fox Studios’ in-development X-Men Origins: Magneto film, a project that has David Goyer (The Dark Knight writer, Blade: Trinity director, FlashForward creator) attached. On that subject, McTeigue shot down the baseless rumors, confirming what we already know.

“I think David Goyer would probably be surprised about that, actually. I think that’s just one of those rumors that kind of starts… Until he drops out!

McTeigue did say he’d definitely do it if given the opportunity but it looks like the job might be already filled and McTeigue may be busy on other things anyway… like Superman: Man of Steel for instance!

Would you like to see a McTeigue-directed Superman reboot in the next few years? How about the idea of a shared continuity with the DC films like we’re seeing with Marvel?

Ninja Assassin opens November 25, 2009.

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  1. A McTeigue Superman flick would probably have some interesting and exciting action pieces, but between him and the Wachowskis I don’t think they have what it takes to make the “heart” of the character resonate with audiences. A lot of Supes fans like him precisely because his stories can have great depth and complexity without making him a gloomy character. I’m not sure he can do that.

    The next Superman movie needs to be like Ironman and Star Trek, something exciting and lighthearted without being stupid (Like Transformers). But what do I know, I’m one of those guys who thought Singer should have gotten a second chance.

  2. Do a Death and Return trilogy. All the characters, all the battles, all the heartache. They might have a hard time explaining Lex Luthor II and his relationship with Supergirl, but I’m sure the movie execs can spin it to make it feasible without taking a considerable amount of time to get it across.

    Movie 1 – All about setting up Doomsday and Superman’s clash in front of the Daily Planet. If you can get the Justice League in there, awesome, but if not just mentioning them in newspaper and television reports that they got their asses handed to them by the creature will suffice. We should fear this thing before we even see him fully. Have Superman be all heroic and lovable as he is, enjoying his relationship with Lois *she knows he’s Clark too* and just BUILD…IT…UP. And the fight needs to be huge. I can understand not having the mini-scuffles that Supes and Dooms had prior to their final clash, but that last one needs to be all “concrete streets being torn asunder, windows shattering from their blows, the citizens of Metropolis looking on in awe and horror as their greatest protector gives it his all and more”. The scene with the battle-worn cape blowing in the wind as Lois cradles his lifeless body is a MUST. The movie could end in a few places: either with the funeral *REALLY really sad*, or with a little add-on after the battle. Think the hospital scene in Superman Returns, but obviously more frantic.

  3. @supes

    Have you ever read The Death of Superman? It is just an awful, awful story. It’s just one long fight with the dumbest (figuratively and literally) villian in comics. Doomsday’s motivation/goals? SMASH! His personality? SMASH! Etc. Also, there is no humour, no way to lighten the mood; it’s just this EPIC FIGHT!!!11!!1 The only power the story has is in its concept, which only worked at the time (insofar as it was a stunt meant to boost sales, and it did) because the target audience was already invested in the character. Given SR’s box office, I wouldn’t count on general audiences making the same mistake comic fans did in 1993.

  4. Ditch Lex Luthor for the villian.

  5. There was nothing wrong with Superman Returns!!!!!!!! Get Singer and Routh back now, get a decent sequel with Braniac on the go, and still have Lex Luthor in the background, set up for a doomsday sequel after that. Simples

  6. @DrSamBeckett,

    Sorry man, they’re gone – contracts expired. They want to restart the franchise in line with their other properties (ie. Green Lantern).

  7. I know, i know its just depressingly stupid, when they had a perfectly usable franchise and now they have to start from the ground up. Again!

  8. Drsambeckett

    there was alot wrong with SR. Let’s start with it was just boring. And I love superman movies.

  9. Going to be contreversial. Superman cannot be allowed to fizzle out.

    Clark Kent/Superman- David Boreanaz.

    Lois Lane- Kate Beckinsale.

    Brainiac- Michael C Hall.

    Lex Luthor- Kevin Spacey.

    Perry White- Sam Neill.

    Jimmy Olsen- Justin Long.

  10. They just need to do a Superman and Batman Bromance Buddy Comedy.

  11. @Chad:

    I’d watch that.

  12. JJ

    I read that story. It wasn’t good but it wasn’t horrible. They could work something out for the script I’m sure if they spent enough time and resources on it.

  13. I’ve never liked Superman, I couldn’t care less if he lives or dies.

  14. good discussion on this topic – singer paid too much homage to the originals which was fine to a certain extent, but the whole luthor/land grab bs has been overdone and it really dumbed down the character. also the kid was a stupid idea. and to whoever thought this – it was a really BORING movie. with all the effects that could have been done – we have to watch the story line of supes lifting half a mountain into space? seems like there would be more evil shiiiit going on knowing that supes was gone for 5 years. i bought and watched supes/batman public enemies and thought that was really excellent. now if they could only do a live action version with similar exciting elements. but who am i – just a lowly comic sci fi geek whose written words will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.

  15. I’d like to see McTeigue on Superman. But I want it to be the Post Crisis, almost TAS style Supes. I want the businessman Lex (as a subcharacter, not the main villain of course, but he has to be there, IMO), with hints of All Star Superman in there. And Brainiac as the BIG bad. And good ol’ Lois and Clark, NO Jason, NO Richard. Please. And lotsa action. there ya go, that’s the movie. :-D

  16. if there`s someone who looks very much like Superman then i guess we still se the same Superman in front of us. And i`d hate to sound this part, but isn`t bale getting a little old in his role as Batman?

  17. gunsmith,
    if they don`t want bale too get too old they better film the rest of the batman films simoutaneously, i really don`t see why they`re waiting till next year to film Batman 3 like Spidey 4, Batman doesn`t to go to deep into off-the-edge plans, they should start filming now. And i liked routh but if they do a reboot he might get too old too i hate saying that they`re too old when they look right for their roles it stinks how every superhero must come to a problem where there`s no right player to stok their franchise, i guess the Reeve super franchise is the only franchise were he hasn`t got too old

  18. I remember the stories that circulated about a Superman movie a few years back that sounded absolutely nothing like Superman, except for the name. What McTeigue says scares the pants off of me. I’m one of the few “I thought Singer’s Superman was great” people, but I can at least see the points of people that didn’t like it. That said, and as someone before me posted, something along the lines of the Iron Man/Spiderman movies – that sticks to the heart of Superman while making it fun – would be perfect.

    I read McTiegue’s interview and I see visions of some no name actor in a totally unrecognizable suit doing things that have absolutely no relationship to the comic – like the “Catwoman” movie only with better writing and production quality. It may be a romp, but it won’t be Superman.


  20. i neglected to point out in my previous comment he lifted the rock with great risk for his life to save untold lives.

  21. i neglected to point out in my previous comment he lifted the rock with great risk for his life to save untold lives.

  22. I think it makes no difference anyone who act the role of Superman, as long as he really loves the character.