James McTeigue: Superman in “Weird Place at the Moment”

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superman reboot with wachowskis and mcteigue James McTeigue: Superman in Weird Place at the Moment

A few months back, our resident comic book movie expert (and newly crowned Game Rant editor), Rob Keyes put together an excellent report on the future of the Superman film franchise, confirming rumors that The Wachowski Brothers’ protegé, James McTeigue, was in talks to helm a reboot. Then, in August, with McTeigue still denying any firm involvement in the movie, we learned the director’s dark vision for the film.

Despite the fact that McTeigue hadn’t officially joined the film, it was beginning to feel inevitable that Superman would enter production relatively soon. Then, faster than a speeding bullet, we found out that DC Entertainment didn’t even have plans for a Superman reboot, in part due to complicated legal disputes over the franchise. Now, we have even more confirmation that Superman has stalled out thanks to an interview James McTeigue gave to MTV.

While promoting his upcoming action flick, Ninja Assassin, McTeigue talked about Superman‘s progress, saying:

“It’s in a weird place at the moment…They’re trying to work out what they’re doing. Warner Brothers is trying to figure out their next move on it. There’s some things you can do with the ‘Superman’ franchise, there’s other things you can’t do. So it hasn’t gone anywhere.”

Despite the movie’s current situation, McTeigue reiterated his desire to be involved, saying:

“I think it’s ripe for a retooling…I would love to — if it happened, I would at least start a conversation about it.”

If you’re interested, here are those excerpts in video form from the man himself:

To me, this isn’t a huge disappointment. I’m not the biggest Superman fan in the world anyway, and I’m actually more interested in seeing other DC characters – like Jonah Hex and Green Lantern – hit the big screen. Still, I know that the Man of Steel has a fairly loyal fanbase, so allow me to propose this question: What do YOU think of this news? Are you bummed that Superman won’t be hitting the big screen anytime soon?

Source: MTV

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  1. never been a huge fan of superman, but i love smallville.
    the superman/batman public enemies movie wasnt bad either

    i just hope the next superman movie they make is no where near as boring as “superman returns” WORST MOVIE EVER !!!

  2. Well I want to see a good Superman film. I would be very sad and pissed if we didn’t get one for like another 20 years. :-(

    I mean I definitely want to see GL (Hal) and The Flash (Barry) get films, but that doesn’t mean Superman shouldn’t get another shot. I want a GOOD Superman film before another Batman film to say the least.

  3. No matter who makes the movie, I have a feeling they will concentrate on making the next Superman film a glorious one. They know they need to make up for the Superman Returns and to be on the level of Iron Man and The Avengers to keep up in the business.

  4. SuperMan Returns Was the Sh*t, what are you talking about jwalka..I give that movie A++++. Although some pieces were alittle off I just hope the next Superman Movie turns out to be a dark one.. Thank would be cool also too Bring back Brandon Routh and the other same characters from “Returns” Even if they decide to rebot.

  5. Jose

    Superman Returns? Are you kidding me? The whole thing is going to be rebooted. There is no sequel coming. They’re starting over from scratch.

  6. Yep folks it’s Still a dead movie franchise. At least for the time being.

  7. I am a pretty big superman fan, and I was severely disappointed in Returns. Im sorry but lex luthor as they did it, is over done. How about future lex? Tech fueled lex? Even better, how about a different villain? How about an EPIC battle, or one of the EPIC storylines? Why not do a trilogy out of the Death of superman, life without superman, and the return of superman?

  8. I think the the most likely thing that will happen will be a reboot once all the legal dust settles.

    Which is like 2013 I think? I am sure Warner Bros/DC wants to make a good film (translated: financially successful). And they probably won’t fast track a Supes movie just to beat the clock because they don’t want to make another “flop.”

    I definitely think Superman Returns was lackluster, but I don’t hate it. In fact, it gave me something very wonderful: The Superman Returns TEASER TRAILER. It made me believe again, as corny as that sounds. There was a good movie in there somewhere, which is I guess why it pissed people off. Kinda the way I feel about Terminator Salvation.

  9. From what I understand, as part of the recent trial over the franchise, Warner Brothers are required to begin production on a new Superman movie by 2011, or they will be liable to a lawsuit from Shuster and Siegel over lost revenue on an unmade film.

    As for Superman Returns, I thought that it was alright. The only things that really annoyed me were the Clark Kent/Superman thing (COME ON! Lois has been intimate with Superman, and works close with Clark, she should be able to recognize him), and the comedic not-so-evil Lex Luthor. Otherwise, it wasn’t bad.

  10. Jose are you high or something?
    that movie went for what 2 and a half hours, had close to no action and was well stupid, i mean what hero fights a mountain of rock ?

    it would be cool if they made doomsday or brainiac in the next movie, in fact anyone but lex would be good, it will be a nice change with a similar but different storyline (still taking over the world but another way)

  11. no matter what you guys think the only thing about returns that was stupid was the kid as that has no relavince in the comics other then that i say it was a lot closer then any of the other 4 movies. especialy the 3rd and 4th ones they were just retarded. but if they do one that at least is on the level of batmans last 2 then it could become great. so i’m crossing my fingers for the way it can be done.

  12. Whether or not you liked Superman Returns is irrelevant, Brandon Routh makes for an amazing Superman and its a shame they probably won’t use him again because they’ll try to distance themselves from Returns.

  13. Superman Returns wasnt perfect, but I really dont understand the hatred for it. Just because it wasnt action filled from beggining to end, doesnt mean the acting wasnt good, and the effects were sublime, It was a good film.

  14. i just hope they steer away from that crap and go with something more interesting and entertaining, but not as long and full of dialogue.

    and even if it did have a lot of dialogue, it should be interesting to watch like smallville, in fact the guys that wrote/directed/produced return should learn a thing or two from smallville

  15. A lack of action was not the problem with sup returns. It had a boring feel to it, lame action scenes (except for the plane scene), so-so acting and just felt wrong. It was nowhere close to being a great film.

  16. Well, I disagree, I liked Superman Returns. But thats just my opinion.

    M-Cat. My batman story is posted on the hobbit thread.

  17. Dr. Sam

    true, we all have different likes and dislikes.

    I’ll check out the batman story you did and if it’s good I’ll claim it as my own and send it to Nolan. J/k :)

  18. If any actor has earned the right for first dibbs at playing Superman it’s SMALLVILLE’s own Tom Welling . If they were to cast Tom not only would they have someone who can play teh age ranges but they’d have someone more familiar with the SUperman genere then any other actor and they’d be starting out with an actor who has a proven track record with SUperman. After all Smallville havsn’t lasted 4 seasons because it’s cheap to make or nothing else is on during it’s time slot.

    The way to do this would be to build off of Smallville as a transition where Clark goes from Smallville small town boy to taking the big step and moving to Metropolis. I think it would be even OK to inlcude other Smallville stars like the super hot Erica Durance who gives sexy a whole ne definition.

    I’m not saying the movie should merely be the 200 million dollar version of a 2 hour SMALLVILLE episode but that the curent Characters and storylines from Smallville can be used to create a movie upon or from.

    What would be really aweomse is to see some cross over appearences between Batman & Superman like we’ve seen from Marvels titles. The Superman movie could start out with Clark Kent (potrayed by Welling and as having finsihed training under Jorel and being absent from Smallville & Metropolis for say 5 years) moving to Metropolis to embrace his destiny. But before he can really do anything trouble follows him as he attends his first press event (with the lovel Louise Lane) as an employee of the Daily Planet. The place is a new factory built as a partnership between Queen Industries and Wayne Industries.

    Clark rushes into do his thing but when he gets there he finds a darkly clothed man resembling a bat and long time compadre Green Arrow. LIke normal Clark runs in and is quickly side lined by some kryptonite at the location. The bad guy on the scene is no other then Metallo and his Kryptonite power source is of course nocking Supes off his game.

    In the movie no one but the Batman picks up on this. Working together Batman and Green arrow pull clark out to safety while Metallo escapes. AT this point Batman lectures both Clark & green Arrow calling them amateus; teeny wannabes. Batman leaves but he realizes that Clark is unlike anyone else and that if the world is to be kept in check then he must obtain some of the green ore that appears to have countered Clarks abilities (abilities he did manage to display briefly befor Metallo got to close).

    Anyway the whole thing would play out as aback and forth between Batman and Superman with Green Arrow as an in between. In the end we find Batman & SUperman both saving each other (multiple times) and working together to defeat the movies villans. But what doesn’t change is batmans stance on keeping a piece of the rock around in case Supes decides he is god of all man kind.

    A real life movie building on the simultaneous friction and friendship between Batman & SUperman could serve to produce some great films if done right.

  19. @BlueCollar

    I don’t necessarily disagree with your assessment, and I agree that Tom Welling has ‘earned’ a chance at wearing the cape; and it just might do the franchise good.

    I like ideas of including the likes of Arrow and Batman, but Batman HAS a successful franchise already – no need to reinvent that wheel.

    Finally – the problem with your hypothetical idea is simply that we do not yet know DC’s role (and WB) in Superman’s future, and how the court case will change the relationship of Superman w/ the DC universe.

    It’s quite likely that Superman will be severed from that tie – and it would remove the possibility of a Batman, Green Arrow, and Superman trio.

    I have no problem with the idea of Superman franchise building off of Routh and trying to continue to emulate he Reeve-ish movies, nor would I have a problem with them trying to make a movie that piggybacks on Smallville’s success cashing in on some of that nostalgia. So long as they don’t do a dark/fallen superman that just cheapens his role in many a young man’s aspirations as a hero, I’ll be okay.

    For the record Smallville is on season 9 – not 4, and I just read that a 10th is most likely in the works. The success and longevity has surprised MANY people – even those creating the show. I give major pats on the back for those who worked on that project. It helps soften the pain of the loss of Angel and Buffy, too.

  20. “For the record Smallville is on season 9 – not 4..”

    That was a typo on my part. My typing is horrible (like a doctors) and sometimes my 9’s look like 4’s.

  21. While Superman Returns was far from a GREAT movie, it was not the worst movie ever. The whole scene with the jet was worth the price of admission, IMO. However, they have GOT to stop with Lex Luthor. It’s been done in 5 movies and there are more (and more powerful) villains in the Superman universe than just Lex. I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Brainiac in the next film. Superman 2 was awesome because he finally had a foe that COULD BEAT HIM! No one really believes that Lex can ever beat Superman. Brainiac could beat Superman and it would be interesting to see that struggle. The whole superkid thing was a joke, too.

    I’m not sure that WB would cross Smallville into a major Superman flick. I seem to remember that Tom Welling wants nothing to do with the tights, but the way his last few movies have gone he may have changed his mind. Chris Reeves, IMO, was the BEST Superman ever on the big or small screen and I don’t know if they’ll ever find someone to replace him. Routh was great as Clark, but he didn’t pull off Supes as well, IMO. I think if ANY character from Smallville can take their character to the big screen, it would Erica Durance as Lois. She’s the best Lois they’ve portrayed in any version. Margot Kidder was a poor casting choice, but a good actress. She had ZERO sex appeal and Lois should be sexy AND smart. That is where Durance pulls it off.

    I don’t think they need to make a complete reboot, but they SHOULD forget about most of Superman Returns. Pretend that the kid never happened. Maybe even continue from Superman 2 that something that Zod brought from the Phantom Zone released Brainiac on Earth.

    Just please no more Lex.

  22. This is what i have been hearing and the fact that i work for dc makes it seem realalistic they want to go in a direction were they woulld end smallville next season and have that lead in to a new movie with tom being the man. they want to end smallville with the costume coming in and the flying maybe coming as soon as this season watcch the last 2 episodes this season i’m being told. also the idea that dc is leaning to is a story that will more closly resemble the comics in origin and use the things done in smallville. the way the movie would start is the way smallville ends so there is a plan they are just trying to figure out if it’s a possbilty.

  23. I love love LOVE Superman. I really hope they don’t go dark. I want a bright intense movie. Superman gets his power from the sun for heaven’s sake! Also, no more Luthor. He’s always played as some real estate con artist. Read the comics screenwriters!! Lex can talk someone into killing himself. He’s an EVIL GENIUS. The reboot should have a new villian (to the movies), no Smallville connections, and maybe have Lex Luthor plotting and hating behind the scenes to prepare us for his master “kill-Superman-to-save-humanity” plan in a sequel.

  24. Willing will do it if the money is right just like anybody else. like i said i work for dc and things are starting to look promising. on top of that if lex comes in to play there is someone that has best portrayed that chacter to play i can’t say the person that this news comes from but i will tell you there is a lot of reason to think that this is a seriuos possibilty.

  25. I agree about Tom Welling getting a shot at wearing the suit as Supes, after playing Clark for 9 (and most likely a 10th) seasons, Also I would have Erica Durance reprise her role as Lois, she’s perfect as Clark’s foil. I would not have Lex as the villain though, he’s been overdone, so I would use Brainiac as the MAIN villian with Metallo as a secondary villain. Personally, I think this could work, DC would not have to do an origin since ‘SMALLVILLE’ already covered that, so they could do a whole new story.

  26. Why is it that almost every DC character hits some kind of snag on the way to the big screen (or little screen for all that matters), and Marvel is able to crank them out as if they where having a fire sale?? WTF??

  27. There is absolutely no reason why they couldnt use the smallville cast to make a Superman movie, Tom Welling and Erica Durance are amazing as Clark and Lois, and with a decent sized budget, and a great story, it could make an excellent Superman movie.

    The way the show has been going lately, it such a confident direction, ending it after season 9 and then going into movies seems like a logical step

  28. WTF is up with D.C./warner

    Marvel is plowing foward in a clear cut direction, and doing a fantastic job lately

    and D.C. s #1, its flagship, is sitting around with his thumb up his a##. What a joke
    After the success of T.D.K. youd figure theyd be throwing everything they had into making adaptations.