James Marsden Talks X-Men 4 & 5, Off Camera Death in X-Men 3

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james marsden talks x men 4 and 5 James Marsden Talks X Men 4 & 5, Off Camera Death in X Men 3

The first three X-Men films were incredibly successful, if not always universally loved. And while X-Men: First Class is technically a part of that franchise, it also exists on its own – separate from Wolverine, Cyclops and bad-wig-wearing Storm.

It was recently announced that Fox was actively developing X-Men 4 and 5, perhaps to be directed by Bryan Singer. Now, the man who played Cyclops, James Marsden (Hop), is talking about whether or not he wants to participate in the sequels and how he felt about his death in Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand.

On the subject of whether or not he would like to take part in the new X-Men sequels, Marsden said in his interview with Movie Line:

“Yeah, I would love to! Honestly, people ask me more about that than anything and it’s almost embarrassing how little I know about what’s going on with X-Men: First Class. But I guess it’s obviously a prequel and it takes place before our movies, so I’m excited to see it, and I’m excited they’re making it. I think they’re smart, they know they can make X-Men movies as long as they want. There are plenty of characters and plenty of backstories, so I’m happy that they’re continuing the mythology. And I’m happy to have been a part of it at some point. But it would be great to get Hugh [Jackman] and Famke [Janssen] and Patrick [Stewart] and Ian [McKellan] and Halle [Berry] and everybody back together again to do another installment, our next chapter.”

When asked if he was disappointed about not receiving a proper “send-off” in the universally-loathed X-Men: The Last Stand, Marsden laughed and said:

“Well, the thing is I appreciate all the fans that have said that he didn’t get his due, or whatever. But for me it’s very difficult to look back on that experience with any sort of disappointment or regret. I feel really lucky to have been in those movies and feel very proud of what I do in those movies; it’s difficult when you have however many — 12, 15 — new characters that you’re trying to introduce to an audience in 90 to 120 minutes, to give everyone their due. That’s one of the reasons you’re seeing so many spin-offs, because every character could have a spin-off. You could have a Cyclops spin-off, you could have a Jean Grey spin-off — there’s an enormous wealth of backstory and character that you could make a franchise out of each of these characters. So in our X-Men they were always written from Wolverine’s standpoint. He was the lead protagonist. But that could have easily been Storm’s, or Beast’s — it just so happens that the ones I was a part of were very much focused on Wolverine, who was a very popular character in the comics. But I think there’s a lot more story to Cyclops, there’s a lot more depth that exists in the comics. But again, I’m also really realistic about the challenge of introducing and bringing all that depth to however many characters there are within the average running time of a movie.”

I have to say, as much as I hated X-Men: The Last Stand (and truly, there are few movies I enjoy less), killing off Bryan Singer’s Cyclops was one of the few things I felt the film did right. There wasn’t a moment in either X-Men or X2: X-Men United where I felt that the character had a single shred of emotion or…well, character. Whereas the comic book version of Cyclops has become an incredibly complex, zero tolerance badass, the movie version can only be described as boring, boring, and really, really boring.

X-Men: First Class hits theaters 2011. Hop, starring James Marsden and Russell Brand, hits theaters tomorrow. For more X-Men 4 and 5 news, keep your eye on the main page.

Source: Movie Line

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  1. How come the dude playing that role don’t know that cyclops was the first X-man, so if there is a first class, he would be in it. He’s just not trying tobad mouth the movie so he canget picked up for the next one. Freakin Politics. Would someone call it like it really is, PLEASE!?!?!?!?

    • Probably because he just read the scripts he was given and went with whatever the writers were putting out there. Since these movies are clearly loosely based on things from the original series and whatever they decide to throw in from the newer books.

      Most of these people aren’t fans, they are just doing their job and following the comics hasn’t been a real priority since it’s clear allot of them haven’t read most of the source material.

    • First Class was based in the 60′s, to include Marsden as Cyclops with a younger Xavier wouldn’t make much sense. But at least Cyclops got a cameo in it :)

    • He was in the first class..and at the end u see him go to professor x

  2. we have been waiting for this very very long time for developing X-Men 4 and 5. we are so excited that there’s the continue of after X men The Last Stand. we want the roll for the characters are using older cast and adding new roll about big star which the most famous in the world.

    Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
    James Marsden as Cyclops ( He must return from his death )
    Famke Jenssen as Jean Grey / The White Phoenix of the Crown
    Cameron Diaz as Emma Frost
    Leonardo Dicaprio as Havok
    Orlando Bloom as Gambit
    steven seagal as Bishop
    Halle Berry as Storm
    Shawn Ashmore as Iceman
    Anna Paquin as Rogue
    Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier ( Return Again )
    Ian McKellen as Magneto
    Rebecca Romijn as Mystique
    Jennifer Garner as Scarlet Witch
    Jared Padalecki as Quicksilver
    Tyler Mane as Sabretooth ( Return Again )
    Ray Park as Toad ( Return Again )
    Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut ( Return Again )
    Tilda Swinton as Selene
    Kelly Hu as Lady Deathstrike ( Return Again )

    • Wait a second, Steven Segal as BISHOP?! Ok, I’m not going to mention the fact that Bishop is black, but Bishop is also IN GREAT SHAPE! The perfect actor for Bishop is Michael Jai-White; but if you don’t want an Afro-American to play the role, Scott Adkins.

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw that and went WTF?? And yes Micheal Jai-White is the only working actor who physically fits as Bishop…PERIOD
        END OF STORY!!!

    • Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!! Jennifer Garner as Scarlet Witch!!!!

    • dude capiro,diaz,steagal in an xmen movie u must be high on weed

  3. I’d rather Monica Bellucci as Selene
    I love Cameron Diaz as Emma Frost. and I love Jeniffer Garner as Scarlet Witch. I love Halle Berry come once more as Storm with her best friend Famke Janssen as White Phoenix, Rebecca Romijn Stamos as Mystique, and Kelly Hu as Lady Deathstrike
    I wish this movie could be better than Avatar Film
    Bryan Singer is very very good a director for X 4
    and I love to see James Marsden as Cyclops a leading man for X 4
    Patrick Stewart as Professor X is still alive bring him back
    Ian McKellen as Magneto, Kelsey Grammer as Gambit, I’d rather Scott Porter as Havok, Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, Michael Jai White as Bishop, Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler, Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut,
    Jason Isaacs as Mr Sinister and Michael Clarke Duncan as Apocalypse

    • Excuse me?
      Better than Avatar?
      How dare you dis on James Cameron’s Avatar!!!!
      I love CGI, Motion Capture technology, and by the way, the actors were real, a majority of the acting was real, some of it motion captured!
      Sure the unobtainium idea was weak, I could come up with a better name for a mineral. My never-breaking love for Avatar and all James Cameron’s movies (except for Titanic) will never die.

      As for X-Men 3, yes I feel like it had been rushed, we can see rushed films like Mortal Kombat 2 being referenced here. Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Professor X should come back in the fourth with some explanation regarding past events from X-Men 3, but I’d like to see the Sentinels in future X-Men sequels!

      As for personal attacks: someone attacked me and my favorite director James Cameron by attacking the greatness of Avatar! I don’t give a rat’s butt about the misuse of free will or someone having the guts to hurt my feelings by stating their lack of taste in Science Fiction movies like Avatar!

      Personally, I love Avatar, it moves me every time I watch it on DVD, I expect to love it more on Blu-ray!
      (note: no profanity was used, but someone attacked me by attacking Avatar… a movie I love and adore with all my heart, a movie I stand by 100%!)

  4. I think they should bring back Cyclops back. They can say Jean was fighting with hear self and she push Scott away leaving him blind and haved left his sunglasses. He can fall in love with Emma frost. Their is so much story’s that you can do for X-Men. I think (personaly) They should reboot everything and do it like the comics or tv show (90′s) let’s see what happens.

    • I really think that they should do a movie with Romulous, daken Wolverine and so on and so fourth i think it would be really kick as if wolverine had a son (Daken)

    • As, I cant wait. they will ome back, but they shouldn’t let rogue get her power cure and rogue should help them to help Jean.

    • As, I cant wait. they will come back, but they shouldn’t let rogue get her power cure and rogue should help them to help Jean.

  5. Of course I totally agree, X men 4 and 5 should bring Cyclops and Dark Phoenix back . James Marsden and Famke Janssen as Cyclops and Dark Phoenix Must be back. Remember especially for ( Dark Phoenix ) Jean Grey in X men 4 and 4 she should be a hero and I totally agree if she become more powerful it calls the White Phoenix of the Crown. and this X men 4 and 5 should be Triangel Love between Cyclops + White Phoenix + Emma Frost.
    I totally agree Cameron Diaz would be Emma Frost
    I totally agree X men 4 and 5 should have Apocalypse + Mr Sinister + Proteus + Bastion + Master Mold + Omega Red + Living Monilith + Onslaught + Lady Strike as Villains

  6. ok im so so so so so so so happy that he would like to come back for 4 and 5 cyclops is my favorite character in the marvel universe.for the next movies they should new characters like morph.well i know that jubbille was in 2 and a little in 3 but they should get into it with the next movies.thunderbird.banshhe.bishop.cable.havok.they could have the apocalypse story with angel turning into archangel.or the mister sinister story.omega red.i hope they could bring back jugernaut.quill.oh i forgot poeople bring back psyloke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!archlight and hopefully pyro.blob wouldnt be bad.and cant forget avalanch.bring in emma frost.bring back nightcrawler comon allan cuming.and do more with collousous!

    • They need to make the movies about the team from the 90′s cartoon and let them wear the same uniforms as the cartoon, none of that gay matching black leather. This time around Rogue would be her bad ass self after she permanently stole Ms. Marvel’s powers, bring Kelsey Grammar back as Beast, Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, James Marsden as Cyclops and the rest of the cast except for Hugh Jackman because I’m certain there is a more suitable Wolverine out there, like zzscott Caan. As for the Professor he would have to be played by the man that was in the coma in the last stand because I believe that’s where he transferred his consciousness. I’d also love to see Alan Cumming reprise his role as Nightcrawler but I doubt that will happen because he hated the blue make up, that’s why he wasn’t in xm3tls.. I wish that they’d redo Juggernaut the right way he is my favorite villain and Fox abattoir did him a great injustice I mean they didn’t even let Colossus fight him for God’s sakes Wolverine and Shadowcat was a horrible choice for a battle to the holder of the cyttorak ruby i really wish that Fox would stop ruining my childhood heroes and just revert the rights back to Marvel, You had your chance you failed now just admit defeat

      • Dudes I’m all in favor of bringing back the crew!Please don’t kill off the love affair between Cyclops and The Phoenix (Jean Grey).Only her love for him keeps her awesome power in check.Also it’s about time Wolverine and Storm get new love interests.Looking forward to again seeing the great professor X.

  7. I feel as if Angela Bassett should be storm!!! Halle is to IDK wrong to me. Stormhas strong features and is was more aggressive and Bassett could bring that out! Somebody ANYBODY else be Rogue OMG i love Rogue but not the movie version.

  8. There need to bring Hugh Jackman Halle Berry Famke Janssen James Marsden back. X men 4 should have the Apocalypse’s story. I’m so proud there should be the Dark Phoenix as villains turn into White Phoenix of the Crown who more powerful again about her force and she is become a hero.
    there also need to put Inner Circle The constant intrigue, backstabbing, blackmailing and politicking that plague the Hellfire Club have resulted in many changes of the Inner Circle, as new players seek out membership in order to obtain influence, power and wealth. The following lists the membership of each incarnation of the Inner Circle and the title they held; in descending order of rank are Kings and Queens, followed by Bishops and Rooks.the members like : Sebastian Shaw, Selene, Emma Frost.
    and the villains for X 4 are :
    Apocalypse Mr Sinister Bastion Holocaust Proteus Silver Samurai Master Mold Lady Strike Domino Deadpool Archangel and Omega Red
    my choice for

    Selene is Monicca Bellucci
    Emma Frost is Cameron Ciaz or Charlize Theron
    Scarlet Witch is Jennifer Garner

    Deal or No Deal ? people…? please give me your reason completely

    • Please don’t bring Halle Berry back as Storm. She is so garbage. I prefer an actress who knows that as Storm she is an Omega Level Mutant with the power to affect the entire planet.
      The movies need to show their greatest weaknesses as well as their greatest strengths. Like Storm’s behavior when she becomes claustrophobic. Halle is a weak actress And please don’t bring up that she’s an Oscar Winner. She sucks period!!! Just a pretty face. Give me Angela Bassett or Gabriel Union or Sanaa Lathon.

  9. Since cyclops is ‘dead’ or so we think in the third movie, they should bring him back in someway and make sure he comes back as a leader and a badass. in the first three movies cyclops was a total b****, and i dont think thats how he really is. step back from the wolverine storyline and go to the x-men as a whole. ps i thought nightcrawler should come back cuz he was boss

    • Here’s a question, why didn’t Xavier know that Cyclops was missing or Dead.

      • Perhaps Xavier didn’t know, because Cyclops’ mind wasn’t particularly strong in comparison to Phoenix – whom he did sense. I think the sheer power of Jean/Phoenix would have overwhelmed or smothered anyone elses presence…

        Also, Cerebro had been dismantled in X2 by Styker’s team, and X3 is set not long afterwards – so Xavier perhaps hadn’t finished rebuilding it, ito be able to use it. This is of course speculation and headcanon..

  10. This is great news that they are making a 4th and 5th. They couldn’t of just left it the way it was! I personally think that all 3 movies were great, really went all out. BUT!!! Cyclops’s death was unnecessary to say the least. Granted when Prof X died I was very shocked, I really wasn’t expecting that. But I don’t think that they gave Cyclops a chance to really shine. It was all about Wolverine and to be honest, it was ever so slightly ANNOYING! Also they never let Rogue really step up and yet in the cartoon she was a proper bad-ass! Yes I too saw the scene after the credits of Last Stand and when you hear Patrick Stewart’s voice I was overjoyed! I personally think they could easily bring back Cyclops and Prof X without making it too complex and unbelievable. No time travel needed, could just be that Jean thought she killed them but instead her power aka The Pheonix could of just transported them. Maybe even making them lose their memories. As we saw…. the “Cure” didn’t look like it was holding. There for Magneto, Rogue and Mystique may all come back. And where the hell did Nightcrawler go to?

  11. I personally feel they need to take a step in a more realistic way(aside from super powers being obviously not realistic)kinda like Batman did in the dark knight. it’s happening also with The Amazing Spider-Man. and they def need to have the centinals play more of a role and give Hugh Jackman less of one

  12. u know what for x men 4 we just need cyclops emma frost madelyne pyror to decieve cyclops men and no bishop or cable also include vertigo, sinister pls no magneto d new era is here

  13. Cyclops should come apsolotly they made a big mistake taking him out. PLEASSSSSSSSE bring him back he has too!!!!!!

  14. i have not seen the 2 or 3 but i am devastated to hear that he has been killed.
    But that is great they are making 4 and 5

  15. I doubt they would put anything about dimensions into the plot, although they have powers I think they’ve tried to keep it as realistic as they could. Personally I loved XMen 3, I nearly cried when Jean Grey died (yes im a dude) and all the actors chosen to portray the xmen were perfect! It would be awesome to see a plot about Apocalypse but it would be difficult to balance it out with the resurrection of Jean Grey without making the storyline too crazy. But that’s where it could lead onto a fifth movie. Also it would be great to see more from Jubilee, Gambit, Havok, Blink and Magma.

  16. All thou I have always loved the superhero Cyclops X-men 3 did set the stage for a X-men 4 who better to become Apocalypse Death

  17. They need to do a reboot, Cyclops and Prof X getting killed… common.. thats a bit much but I personally think they introduced the pheonix entity way to soon could have done an entire movie about the shiar and the dark pheonix saga.. killing off prof X should have been the start of the age of apocalypse where magneto takes over lead of the xmen.. killing off cyclops I could see them going into the sinister saga where cyclops isnt actually dead but sinister has him and running his experiments but they killed off jean!! so that means no nathan (cable) or his clone (stryfe) and no rachel (pheonix) I dont recal Cyclops dying in any x men comic so that shouldn’t have happened ever.. the almost killing of prof x could have beent he start of the x-cutioners song saga and a good one that was but they did a good job of killing him in the movies.. I say reboot is the only way to fix all the horrible mistakes they did to these characters.. GET IT RIGHT and you can make them for years and years to come…

  18. also they are called X-Men movies yes Wolverine is a cool character.. but the movie wasnt called Wolverine and the X-Men.. I believe they did a cartoon about that already and it almost seems this trilogy is heading down that path.. that would be a bad move IMHO

  19. I am a HUGE X Man fan and I and extremely pleased that they are planning X Man 4/5! However when will they display one of the most noticeable chracters- Jubille? I know she has had cameos in a 1 of the films part she is a vital part of the team!

  20. If we going to talk about original characters, what about Polaris (Scarlet Witch’s sister and Havock’s girl friend)could be Meganb Fox

  21. I have been saying since X-men 3 that the easiest way to bring back both Cyclops and Jean Grey is by introducing one man and one plot (Mr. Sinister)

    in X-men 2 we saw the fire bird reflection (X-men 3 had no fire effects), this lack of continuity can be taken advantage of. Mr. Sinister created a Jean Grey clone (as he did in the comics) and placed her in the lake as bait for Cyclops. Mr. Sinister kidnapped Cyclops and left the clone behind to distract the X-men. He uses the mental bond between Cyclops and Jean Grey to try and locate the true Phoenix; to figure out why his clones lack the true raw power of the original (Mr. Sinister is also being controlled by Apocalypse in this scenario, and if I was writing this have him in league with Selene as part of a project to evolve the mutant race into a true race of immortal gods; as both have tried to do with themselves).
    So basically, cyclopse was kidnapped, the Phoenix in the movie was a clone, and we can continue on from there.
    Also lets introduce X-23 in the next Wolverine movie and have it happen after X-men 3.
    (although given First Class; I have the feeling rather than try to salvage X-men 3 like my above suggestion they might be going the “easier” way of just erasing it from continuity and create a replacement; like a divergent timeline).

  22. Keep Jean grey, toad, saber tooth, lady death strike, jugernault and Scout dead because you will destroyed the story line. let rouge and mystique get there powers back because the cure was no success because there was’nt anything to cure.
    plus i’m not pump up for x-men 4. i love the new series way better it caught my eye. its much darker. in because wolverine isnt in it i’m not a fan of wolverine he annoys me. kill off wolverine on x4 or x5 that i will love to see. the new characters i will love to see Quicksiver, Scarlet Witch, and Polaris magneto’s children im a huge fan of magneto but i want a sequal of 1st class sorry original fans but the new generation got them beat especialy when it comes to the story line. but i’m not compareing because there totally different and both good films. but i’m sticking with the new. so make them both. and why now? why didn’t you made x4 before origins of wolverine. you know by now the old cast crew has gotten old. just saying because back then i couldn’t wait for x4. and now they made a new xmen series 1st class, starting way back to the beginning like they did to batman. you know the original can’t compete with the new because the new won. you can get the best actors and actress but the story line will not be has good has 1st class. i in person looks for a great story.

  23. I personally think Hugh plays Wolverine perfectly, he’s a great actor and has no trouble playing the temperamental badass that is Wolverine.

    Back to the main topic though, I think they definitely need to bring back Cyclopes, he was too much of an integral part of the X-men to be killed off and with the lack of a ‘definite’ kill I think that’s what they’re going to do and if the Professor doesn’t return he’d become the badass he’s supposed to be and leader up. I also think Jean won’t be coming back though the clone idea is intriguing, Professor X needs to come back. Rogue should study up the martial arts, not too sure what she’s going to do now since the cure. Gambit, he needs more coverage, nuff said. Nightcrawler return. More of Archangel. Diaz as E.Frost? I doubt she could pull off the emotionless badass as well as it was done in First Class.

    X-5. Bring in the new gen, Hellion, X-23, Dust, Jubilee e.t.c.

    Villains: As much as I want it to be Apocolypse, the story line has been disrupted too much for that to run smoothly, so I’ll run with Mr. Sinister and eventually a Stryker return as Reverand. In any case we need Sentinals.

    Lastly I noticed a ‘kill off Wolverine’ comment. Really? I know there are a lot of Wolverine haters around but kill off Wolverine? He is the face of the X-men. Why would they kill him off?

    Lastly, reboot. Hell no. I hate it when new actors pop into a character I’ve already put a face to. They may have messed up Rogue, Prof. X, Jean and Cyclopes but they’re smart enough to fix it.


  24. ok i cant b bothered reading all the comments. i agree that it was stupid that they killed cyclops and prof x, lets not forget how stupid they are by mystique being human!! WTF! she out of all ppl managed to b shot? and rouge the idiot takes the cure? wat happened to the angry FTW rouge? x4 should b a major step up especially wid d technology now. bring bak cyclops ofcourse prof x should b in it nd betta make sure mystique is a mutant! dnt make the movie about wolverine ova him being d hero all the time. shine out storm more bring out her angry sxc side mre! nd plz tell me y colossus was in d movie? jst for chucking wolverine?

  25. I think the cast should be as follows
    Patrick Stewart as Professor X [definately must return]
    Ian McKellen as Magneto
    Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
    Halle Berry as Storm
    Kelsey Grammer as Beast
    Famke Janssen as Jean Grey [definately must return]
    James Marsden as Cyclops [definately must return]
    Lucas Till as Havok
    Josh Holloway as Gambit
    Christian Bale as Quicksilver
    Anna Paquin as Rogue
    Shawn Ashmore as Iceman
    Daniel Cudmore as Colossus
    Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler
    Ben Foster as Angel
    Ray Park as Toad

  26. Im sorry if i sound like an a**hole but christain Bale as quicksilver hell no i think it should be Jesen Ackles from supernatural. And i 2 was mad when they killed off the professor. Sorry geting off topic but do u think that there should be a movie with Daken,wolverine,romulous and all the bad guys from the daken dark wolverine comics. If so me 2.

  27. first of i would like to say that as a young child i collectedbot dc and marvel comics and i had no idea in the year 2012 that comic books would be so priceless but if the studios are going to make movies out of the comic book chacters the best film would be the comic book seris that marvel and dc came up with back in 2003 and that seris was the justice leauge vs. the avengers the whole setup and how enmenies of the justice leage and the avengers ploted the whole setup that brought this universal war between these two earths this movie would be the best movie in comic book history batman vs. captain america superman vs. thor flash vs. quicksilver woder woman vs. she hulk that would be the flick that would have everyone talking

    • wheni spoke about the idea of the movie about the justice leauge vs. the avengers i mispelled wonder woman like i said i collected both marvel and dc comics the movie would be a hit with every chacter from both dc and marvel it would be like betting on the superbowl when it came to watching this film that is full of action

  28. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but I thought that X3 was way better that First Class. First Class changed way too many things, even more than what X3 did.

    I’ll never watch First Class again, whereas I will still watch X3 from time to time. Just my opinion.

    • I disagree X1-X3 Changed everything
      X1 changes
      1. Rogue was never a student, she joined the X-men after she drained Ms Marvel of her powers when she was part of the brotherhood

      2. Pyro was never a student

      3 No character association between wolverine and sabertooth (they’re brothers)

      4 the original 5 x-men was Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, angel and Iceman, we didnt see Angel and Beast till X-3, Iceman was an adult not a teenager

      X2 changes
      1. No character association between wolverine and lady deathstrike, (asian chic with the nails and healing powers liek logan), in fact she didnt even have a name in this movie, especially considering he was suppose to marry this girl.

      This whole movie was the worst
      Killing off Xavier, Jean and cyclops, although we dont see him die.

      No character association between juggernaut and Xavier (they’re freakin half brothers)

      Angel’s appearance was useless as well as Beast, Mulitple man was a bank robber (really?!?!) dont even know what those alleged Acolytes were,
      lame depiction of the morlocks. This movie was by far the worst of them all.

      New class, was better than all 3 X movies. The issues i had with new class was they dont have the first x-man (cyclops), but they bring in his younger brother (havok), Mystique was never with Xavier, Beast was the lone original x-man, no jean, cyclops, angel or iceman. theyre we so many more issues with new class, but it was less horrible than the X-man movies

      • they didnt kill off xavier they just transferred his mind into another body and cyclopse didnt oficcially die it will be easy to make something up to say he is back, as they did with jean

  29. Please make X-men 4 and 5 bring back the guy who played cyclops